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Author’s note:   This is a taboo comfort story. It is not written to be gratuitous, nor to offend. In its beginnings, it wasn’t written with the intent to even share. This story contains incest and piss, and food-play that at times involves the latter. I will update these content warnings as the story progresses, though I have omitted those I do not feel should receive warnings at my discretion. I did not write this story with ‘realism’ in mind, but do view my characters as humans, and have done my best to write events on that level, while fantasy, to be believable. The story and writing are not perfect, but I hope it can bring you as much enjoyment as it does me.    If you want to support this smut, here is my Patreon .    Current wordcount: 94,000~ Last update: Apr.21.23    Monday Chapter 1 - A Sister In Need The warmth of the car proved enough to make Jen's head droop, her mind fuzzy after the intense phone call and journey. That call took place over four hours ago, bu