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Author’s note:


This is a taboo comfort story. It is not written to be gratuitous, nor to offend. In its beginnings, it wasn’t written with the intent to even share. This story contains incest and piss, and food-play that at times involves the latter. I will update these content warnings as the story progresses, though I have omitted those I do not feel should receive warnings at my discretion. I did not write this story with ‘realism’ in mind, but do view my characters as humans, and have done my best to write events on that level, while fantasy, to be believable. The story and writing are not perfect, but I hope it can bring you as much enjoyment as it does me.  

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Current wordcount: 94,000~

Last update: Apr.21.23



Chapter 1 - A Sister In Need

The warmth of the car proved enough to make Jen's head droop, her mind fuzzy after the intense phone call and journey. That call took place over four hours ago, but the words, and the sobs, remained charred into her memory, waking her back up the moment they drifted to the forefront once more. She clung to that conscious thought, using those memories - painful as they were - to anchor herself to the waking world. She knew she shoudn’t sleep here, even if the exhaustion made a fair case. The drive to London took less than a couple hours, but took place on top of clearing out the spare room and making the house presentable again. Would five minutes be so bad, she asked herself, before banishing the gremlins. She needed to be ready, for Maisy.

The dashboard clock blinked in warning, flashing 1:45am with a faint orange glow. It admonished her that even if she could justify a five minute nap, her sister Maisy ‘s scheduled touch-down happened in under an hour. If Jen didn’t manage to wake up from her danger-snooze, Maisy would get off the plane and be stuck standing around in the terminal like a genderflipped Tom Hanks knock off. She wouldn’t want to leave Maisy on her own, even if she didn't assume her big sister bailed on her at the last minute, not when Maisy needed her the most. The mere idea of her sweet little sister brushing her pink-gold hair from tear stained cheeks to see a void of strangers, and seeing no source of comfort between them, made Jen's nails bite into the worn plastic wheel cover. Jen met her own eyes in the rearview mirror, intense blue pools with deep bags beneath, and fought to keep them clear.

Unlocking her phone for better distraction, Jen poked the little plane icon downloaded right after her sister’s phone call. Jen liked the app, enjoyed seeing the location of each plane in the sky dancing around one another; benign in the age of pocket supercomputers but still, neat to her all the same. Among the hundreds of little crosses, Maisy’s flight sailed the sea, a slight distance from the country’s border, leaving the continent and all its baggage behind. Not all the baggage Jen corrected herself; Maisy didn’t need that kind of unpleasant surprise at the luggage terminal. Maisy didn’t have much, not even her own phone, always relied on that no good boyfriend to have his, until he took his phone, and any shred of decency he had and vanished on her half way through the holiday. Thinking of that class act only tore the wheel cover more under her remaining grip, until she forced herself to let go with the other hand too.

Jen sighed, and scrolled the map, looking at Spain where the plane took off from. Jen knew that a holiday abroad tested any relationship’s longjevity, but most couples on the rocks still made it home before the knot came undone, so far as she gathered. That little shit of a boyfriend decided he had enough, and just walked out on her, taking both their return tickets with him. She cound understand bitterness, but stranding her sister abroad? Maisy had, on the spot, contacted Jen via the receptionist's phone and told her everything; Jen shuddered to think what would have happened if she hadn’t given Maisy her number to keep in her wallet, her sister not even owning her own phone. She didn’t care about the money to get Maisy home, though they'd go after the bastard for it if they could, but right now Jen just followed the chibi plane icon, willing it to travel faster.

Jen braced for a renewed wave of ‘I’ll pay you back’s, but wouldn’t have any of it. She prided herself on her role as the splashy big sister, and could at least more than afford the role this month. More than that, Maisy needed her, the least she could do regardless of means. She could stay at her flat for as long as she needed to get back on her feet, and if she really wanted to, she could stay indefinitely. As much as she liked total independent living - with her own flat, not a rental at long last - single tenant life got lonely at times. A pretty view of open fields made every day a joy, but having someone to share it with could only make the sun shine brighter. The thought of asking her sister to move in outright as soon as possible crossed Jen's mind, sailed over, and landed right in the circular file of 'not right now.' Maisy had to be drowning in her thoughts as it was, even so high in the sky.

Waiting for the plane’s touchdown before heading over to arrivals made a lot of sense to Jen, especially to her weary legs begging her to rest, but staying in the car seemed too risky now as her eyelids fought to close the day. Even the brightness of the phone screen seemed unable to keep the urge at bay, and so, resigned to prudence, Jen pocketed the device. She stretched herself out - an easy feat given she cleared five foot seven on a technicality of shoes - and turned off the vehicle. The car’s battery systems slept once more, heat vanishing with unnerving speed from the old tin can, and the low hum of electronics subsided, Jen could hear her own shaken breaths. She needed to not let her anger at Maisy's ex get the better of her; Maisy didn’t need a tirade against someone she may still have strong feelings for.

Jen stood from the car and closed the door behind her, a loud cracking echo of thunder in the silent parking lot. The old blue Ford Focus thrummed with the impact, as if worn to its bones, a feeling she had to say she shared. A slight breeze in the car park caught her long black hair, whipping it up against her cheek, and piercing the thin fabric of her jeans. She straightened herself out, pulling her top down from where it had caught under her breast, revealing a little of her pot belly. As annoying as her large chest could be at times, at least it would help keep her warm in this chill. She smirked, only wishing it actually worked like that outside of pubescent fantasies, albeit ones she herself had as a gay-as-fuck kid. The jumper she wore - a dark purple turtleneck, hugged her close, showing her curvy figure with a few extra pounds. She liked her shape, but were she going somewhere more sociable where people might stare, she would have considered a looser number. Or not, she didn't mind a little exhibitionism. She liked the comfort too, soft and smooth, a good choice for hugs. She hoped it proved absorbent enough for tears.

Jen traversed the sea of bustling travellers, as she made her way deep into the land of the living, busy even in the early Monday hours. She tried to walk with confidence and hide the fear of getting lost in the chaos of the giant building. Despite the relative crowds, the lack of the full day’s throng helped, combining with wide corridors in making the airport feel empty and busy all the same. She could see the old habits of COVID as people gave each other a wide berth, eyes down, coffees as torches to lead the way; Jen cursed herself for not thinking to get one. Along the walls Jen saw several people huddled up trying to get comfy as they waited. Jen could relate to that too, and thanked herself for staying in the warm and padded car, as few on the floor looked comfortable. With the tension coursing through her, a back as rigid as the runway tarmac from sitting on the floor would not have helped anyone.

After waiting for about twenty minutes more, the arrivals queue from the lastest landing began to file through. Jen imagined in the day, finding your weary traveller would be close to impossible, one upside of the late arrival time. Even so Jen mused, smiling as she saw Maisy’s pink brush of wavy hair, bobbing in the crowd towards the baggage claim, her sister had a knack for standing out. Jen waited, and waved her sister over after she collected her things, meeting those identical deep blue eyes that transformed her into Jen’s mini doppelganger. Jen spread her arms, and without a word took Maisy into her arms; the jumper’s absorbency held up, and if anyone noticed, they did the decent thing and gave the pair space. Passengers and families filtered out around them as Jen held her shaking sister, until quiet returned to the world, a moment of relative peace, and perhaps it seemed to Jen, Maisy’s first chance to breathe.

The drive home from the airport came with a soundtrack of rumbling tires catching the odd bump or pebble, and the occasional squeak as the wipers fought the morning drizzle. Jen didn’t want to pry, but asked a few safe questions. 'You need any painkillers' or 'do you want the window down a bit', the kind of banalities that made it clear Jen would listen if needed. Maisy responded, beyond monosyllabic as she did too, a lot more pep in her tone than Jen herself felt in truth. Maisy put on a brave face when doing so, but Jen saw how she sunk back into herself after each query, a whirlpool dragging her back down. Even over the car’s various complaints about doing its one job, Jen picked up on another small rumble.

“Hungry?” Jen asked.

“I guess.” Maisy seemed to consider her words, then sighed and let them out as was, ”I haven’t had anything for a few days now.”

“Oh Maisy you need to eat, you must be starving you poor thing. Let’s go to McDonalds or something. Milkshakes?”

A little flicker crossed Maisy’s lips. Jen knew how to push the good buttons, and the fond memories that Maisy had of their little trips to McDonalds together when things were tough. They’d never found a moment so heartwrenching or strife inducing that the MD heart attack machine couldn’t bail them out. Maisy’s eyes looked a little watery when she responded.

“I’d like that. Thank you Jen.” Maisy said, her voice a small mouse, not frightened, but timid. Jen knew that she should keep at ten and two on the wheel, but risked releasing two to put a quick pat on the knee of the most important part of her life. The rest of the drive home saw things start to pick up a little. The dark thoughts took a back seat as in the front they chilled in the McDonalds car park and gorged for a little while, talking about the weird things going on at Jen’s work. Four years older than Maisy at 24, Jen long since entered the meat-grinder of employment, still at the same company she’d worked at since her teens. Jen regailed Maisy with enough amusing anecdotes to get a few smiles from her sister, passing the night into the early light of day.

As they drove the last leg back, Jen kept the conversation stream going, a strong rope to pull Maisy away from the whirlpool. She even managed to get a few real laughs out of Maisy, on her holiday from university and in a time of her life that she should be enjoying herself and letting her hair down, not fretting over boys who were never going to grow up. With her roommate - now ex - gone, she instead had a joyous time of flat hunting alone ahead of her. The circular file relinquished the suggestion with reluctance and Jen asked the question, but as it turned out Maisy meant to ask the same of her. Maisy beamed, and accepted the offer on the spot. It didn’t surprise Jen she’d want to; Maisy lived in the same town after all, barely twenty minutes from Jen’s place. Jen knew Maisy loved her, a bond of siblings stronger than most from her limited experience asking others, helped by how Jen overcompensated in reaching out in spite of Maisy’s lack of phone.

When they reached the apartment and the pair stepped over the threshold neither found themselves awake enough to deal with a topic anywhere near as important as that of housing. Jen showed Maisy to the office, a small room to the right of the flat, now made out as her own room now with her desk moved to the regular bedroom. She showed Maisy the empty dresser and told her to make herself at home as soon as she wanted, then gave her a quick hug and forehead kiss, before parting to give her the privacy to settle in for the night. As she reached her bedroom door, she looked back, sighed, and let the worry play on her face. Jen knew Maisy could overcome this hurdle, but wanted nothing more than to help her find the way.

Jen lay in bed a few hours later when she heard the sounds trickling down the corridor. Inevitable and expected as those noises were, and braced for, they tugged on Jen’s heartstrings like no other pain could. The little faint sobs from the closed door trailed over to her. They were gentle sobs, not a meltdown, but a moment of profound sadness that trickled from the open bedroom door. Despite the exhaustion Jen couldn’t just ignore that, and it wasn’t as if her sleep schedule mattered; she texted her boss to let her know she’d be using up a week of leave, for a ‘family issue’. Jen decided to go and grab a dressing gown all the same; though her sister would be unlikely to care, walking in on her in just panties seemed a little out of place. It helpedtoo that the gown had enough fluff and sponge to it for a good cry; her wardrobe apparantly ideal for people in a crisis. She tied the robe tight, which pushed a little of her cleavage to the surface. But a good cry needs good pillows she figured, so left them bosom and made down the corridor.

The door to the spare room sat a little ajar. She still wanted to knock, not just to give her sister privacy, but to avoid scaring Maisy out of her skin. As she reached to knock she heard another stifled sob. She stopped, because now she was closer the sobbing sounded a little off, though she wasn’t sure why. Soft and drawn sobs, rather than a choke of emotion trailed from the door as she peered. A window in the far left corner of the room let a little of the street lighting in, but from the mirror on the wall next to this Jen could see the glare of a bulb. Maisy must have not even tried to sleep yet Jen reasoned, as she was far from the type who was bothered by the dark. Jen could see her sisters bare foot in its reflection but not much more. She seemed to be lying on her back though, which seemed odd for crying.

As she watched, she saw her sister’s foot shift, her toes starting to pick up the sheet a little in  gentle clench. She sobbed again, but this time almost a purring cry, and not as distressed as Jen first believed. There was less gulping of expended emotion, and more exhaling of released tension, a far more cathartic cry that gave Jen hope Maisy was doing fine, and yet still didn’t sound quite right. Curious more than anything Jen lent her head in to see what was going on. Her eyes went wide as the penny dropped. Maisy lay on her back, propped up against her pillows. Her face wasn’t hidden by hands in tears; instead, her right was furiously working her pussy, whilst she bit into her left, her small perky breasts heaving as she went in for a controlled burst on her clit, two fingers close together pushing to release it from its hood. She must be in the maximum throw of pleasure to be working it directly with such passion Jen thought, watching as the little bean caught the light between her rubs.

She turned to go, but before she could, the familiar slushing grew in volume, a noise that told Jen that the fireworks were about to go off. Maisy pulled her chin in tight, her face scrunched in pleasure and let out a moan that was probably a lot louder than she meant to. A small spurt painted the sheets before her as she released all her tension, her pussy glowing in the light. Jen watched in a state of hypnosis as Maisy's hand moved up to stroke her bare skin, her pussy pulsing in the throws of her small orgasm. Jen’s eyes glued themselves to her sister’s throbbing clit, then to her chest as it rose and fell with fluttering sighs of relief. Her sister continued to sigh in the afterglow of her cum for a few twitching seconds, then relaxed into short heavy breaths. Laying there, unashamed and uncovered, she appeared the model of contentment, and in spite of her face feeling as if it were ablaze, Jen felt the smile on Maisy’s face etch across her own.

Jen had the sense to make a quiet but swift retreat back to her bed, light as she could go on the tips of her toes. She disrobed and lay on her back as fast as she could, keeping her eyes shut tight, but letting the left open a crack to see what would happen. A torrential ocean heaved in her chest until she forced the waters calm, and waited. Sure enough, a few moments later Maisy emerged in her underwear, the skin on her much slimmer lower belly shining with what Jen knew was trailed wetness. She turned on the way to the bathroom to look directly at Jen, stopping her heart as she tried to stay as nonreacting as possible. She could feel her chest heaving, but tried to make it look like normal sleep.

Maisy tilted her head, making Jen’s heart skip a beat, and about fifty more as she stepped towards the doorway to look into the bedroom. She stood almost completely naked, her eyes a little below Jen’s line of sight. For some reason as she stood there, Maisy’s hand brushed above her crotch. Then a moment later she turned to go without a word. Jen had no idea if Maisy caught her or not, but didn’t dare move until her sister retreated to her room once again. She opened her eyes, and it was then she realised she hadn’t pulled the covers over herself. Her ample breasts were proudly on show, perfect globes with, she was surprised to see, fully erect nipples. Maisy checked her out, taking an eyeful of her exposed body. Jen couldn’t feel self conscious about that having just watched her sister cumming, which seemed far more intimate. As for her own state, she suspected she knew what was up. She reached down, and found that, sure enough, she was soaking wet.

The whole experience was a whirlwind to take in. But right now she was shattered, so needed to sleep. But shameful as it felt, she needed to cum, and badly. She could feel arousal trickling down, and it took all her self control not to succumb to a climax on the spot. There was no way she could sleep unless she did, one way or another, and so the panties were off and balled by her pillow in moments, and she got straight to work. Jen didn’t need to tease herself as her fingers began to swirl her clit like a fidget spinner. She was already on the edge, but kept her noises to absolute silence but for her rustling as her orgasm hit her. She humped her palm and let herself writhe in pleasure for what felt like an age. Sleep came to her very quickly afterwards, and before she knew what was happening, morning light was seeping through her curtains.

Chapter 2 - Breaking The Ice

“Morning Jen.” A cheery and far too chipper voice trailed from the doorway. Jen blinked her eyes open, a little punchdrunk from the turmoil of her Sunday evening, and saw Maisy smirking at her in a devilish way from the doorway. “You awake?”

“Huh? Erm, yno. Tired.” Jen winced as she shifted, though did at least feel less irritated by her bed clothes than she expected to; having slept nude for years, she’d assumed not doing so would grate on her.

“Aw, sorry, should I have let you sleep?” Maisy sounded so sweet to Jen’s ear, even if her body screamed it wanted to be asleep. Jen managed to blink her vision a little clearer, and made out more of Maisy’s form at the door. She walked over and into clearer view, her bob of pink shone brighter than the sun even through Jen’s half asleep blurry vision.

“Nah, better I don’t sleep in.” Jen said, outshouting her fatigue as she fought to keep her head up, fearing if she let it lul she would pass out again. “How long you been awake?”

“Bout an hour. You book the week off in the end?”

“Sure as heck hope so or my boss is gonna wonder where I am right about now.” Jen tilted her head and eyed the clock that sat behind a ball of tissues.

Maisy climbed onto the bed, and sort of lay atop her in a hug.

“I’ll make us breakfast ok? Least I can do.” Maisy’s tone had a playful lilt that Jen didn’t associate with breakfast, but the prospect of food did more than anything else so far to lure her from the land of nod.

“Thank you sis.” Jen smiled. She squeezed her sister back, feeling her close against her. She lay on her back with her legs apart, with her sister now lying between them, so she wrapped her legs around her for an extra squeeze that made Maisy giggle. Jen supposed Maisy’s fatigue must match her own from how breathless the little laugh came out, and so released her and shook her head with a smile as Maisy gave a small wave from the door. Her top looked a little darker around the hem than when she entered the room, but Jen supposed her brain remained sluggish from sleep and misrememebered.

Alone now once more, Jen shifted down the bed a little, planning to sit on the edge. As she did, her bum met a slight wet patch on the bed. The memories of the previous night drew into conscious vision against the sensation, and as they did, Jen became suddenly aware that the tissues blocking her view of the clock were in fact a ball of panties; she had fallen asleep before putting them back on. Jen stared at them, and looked down, seeing her entire exposed body on show. No wonder the panties hadn’t disturbed her sleep…

Dumbfounded, Jen realised that her sister just walked in, saw her completely naked, with a pool of wetness by her pussy no less, her legs spread for all to see. She felt a little embarrassed, her cheeks flushing at the unexpected view she gave her sister, but then realised far from recoiling, Maisy came in to cuddle her close. That little smile made more sense now, but wasn’t the reaction she expected to get from her sister. Her mind pulled up the image of the darker hem, and realised she’d smeared her sister’s clothing with her wetness, about as taboo as you could get without straight up jumping your sibling. More than that, as for her own reaction, she couldn’t deny the arousal of the experience, and the renewed soaking that replaced what Maisy inadvertently wiped away. When they’d lived together they had seen each other naked before, and had talked about masturbation sometimes. So in a way, this didn’t feel too odd. That smile though.

In the flat’s main room a table of bacon and eggs were waiting when Jen walked in. By far the largest room in the apartment, there were two countertops, one against the wall and one freestanding, with a little corridor between them in the open plan kitchen and lounge. Two barstools sat behind the counter, vintage shiny pickups from a trip to Brighton a couple years before, on one of which her sister sat, playing with a fork. Today she wore a light strap top, seemingly no bra but as a member of the itty bitty titty committee they were always more optional, and a skirt that was a touch shorter than Jen was used to seeing on her, with no tights in evidence. Maisy looked up as Jen entered the room, holding her orange juice with clinking ice cubes, and eyeing her sister up and down with amusement.

“Didn’t feel like getting dressed?”

“Nah, I’m on holiday.” Jen stretched in what she hoped was a casual way, even as her heart thrummed. It wasn’t so much the nudity as the clear signs that Maisy watched her anything but respectfully. Jen could see her pupils dilated, but decided not to say anything. “If I need to go out then fine but no point. Is that ok? I can go chuck on a gown?”

“No!” Maisy said, so sudden it made Jen jump, “Please, do whatever you’d do alone, it’s nice to see you like that.” Maisy smiled, and toyed with her food as Jen sat beside her. “By the way, I hope I wasn’t too loud last night.” She stretched the second ‘I’.

“What do you mean?” Jen asked, halfway to starting on her food. She saw Maisy’s cheeks pink a little, but her cheerful smile remained.

“Well I didn’t hear you but I was worried I might have been a bit too loud?”

“No really what do you mean?” Jen said, wracking her brain; her exposure gave her a pleasant but disorientating brain fog, and she couldn’t think of Maisy making any noises. Apart from…

“I had to get off too, I think it’s just the stress. I mean…” she suddenly looked a little sheepish. “I, er never mind I didn’t mean…”

“Oh, sorry I genuinely didn’t put that together.” Jen wanted to slap her forehead, but knew she’d just as likely spear herself with the fork. She put it down, and made a split second decision. “I may have erm, seen you doing it.”

“Really?” Maisy looked shocked, though not embarrassed. In fact as Jen looked, she seemed to straighten up, not a hasty motion of affrontment, but slow, more like curiosity, or maybe, a little pride? “What did you see?”

“I thought I heard you crying, and um, I saw you rubbing yourself.”

“Oh my.” Maisy, rather than bashfully turning away raised her eyebrows in a bob. “How long did you watch?”

“I, saw you cum.” Jen smiled, her own far more bashful than her sister. Maisy giggled.

“It was a good one. I’m, um, sorry for getting the sheets damp.”

“Oh don’t worry about that,” Jen waived her hand, “wetting is hot.” Jen held her smile even as her brain screamed, demanding why in the everloving fuck she’d added that tidbit.

“Hehe, if you’re sure. I didn’t hear you though?”

“I didn’t want to disturb you, I was worried you might be shy.”

“Is that why you lay stark naked in a pool of cum for me to find you this morning?” Maisy deadpanned, and there it was again, the little smirk. Jen snorted with laughter.

“You’re as on the nose as ever. I’d have covered up but I think I was pretty out of it by then.”

“No need. I’m glad you didn’t.”

“Anyway you don’t seem phased?” Jen said, feeling the need to drag the conversation along, as for the second time since walking in Maisy implied she quite liked Jen’s nudity around her. That was, welll it was good wasn’t it? Hadn’t she walked into the lounge stark naked hoping Maisy would approve? Was, that why she did it? Jen had the dawning realisation she hadn’t made any conscious choice in any step of this exhibitionism, and yet couldn’t deny she liked where they headed, even as she had no idea where that was just yet.

“Eh, you’re my sister.” Maisy shrugged, but Jen noticed she was looking not at her eyes but her chest as she said it, the last word a little more breathless than she normally spoke. “I don’t have to be embarrassed. Was I good?”

“It was very cute.” Jen said, and Maisy beamed at her; Jen could eat that smile right up.

“Awwwww, thank you.” She let Jen rustle her hair, a gesture that as kids might have earned Jen an elbow to the ribs. “I’m glad you liked it.”

“You seem a lot brighter today?” Jen said to change the subject, as she could feel herself pulsing; her sister’s carefree attitude was turning her on in a way she knew a sibling really shouldn’t be. She had liked it, a lot, and was liking this more and more by the second. But, she loved taboo porn, so arousal made sense. That alone didn’t cross any lines, a harmless fantasy she tried not to overthink. While Maisy even now flicked her eyes down to Jen’s nipples, Jen found it hard to believe she shared such out-there ideas.

“Yeah, yesterday travelling on my own was hard, but if I’m honest I’m perfectly happy now.”

“Really?” Jen didn’t mean to sound surprised, but Maisy nodded with confidence.

“Mhm. It’s a weight off my shoulders. I don’t miss him at all, or more I got that out of my system, but yeah getting through the end of the holiday by myself was so stressful I think it, I dunno, cortorised the wound? I don’t know, I’m down to just chill now. Fap away the pain right?”

“Amen.” Jen smiled. She badly wanted to lock herself in the bathroom and jill, even before Maisy threw out that final line as if it were no big deal, but didn’t want to be too obvious about it. Even if Maisy seemed totally relaxed about her sister’s sexuality, as well as her own, the ‘moral’ part of Jen’s consciousness piled stop sign after stop sign in front of her, demanding she u-turn back to safer ground, and put on a damn gown already. The voice held little sway in most parts of her life, but it screamed louder than ever as Jen’s mouth took over. “You can get off whenever or wherever you want here, do what you need to be content.”

“Yay!” Maisy said, the little peep so adorable that Jen felt a shiver run down her spine, right to a certain throbbing centre. In spite of her inner puritan, Jen wondered about asking if she could go masturbate, but saying it aloud might make her heart explode, and more besides. For the last several years, Jen experienced some rather less than intended climaxes at times of heightened tension. The warning flames lapped at her crotch, but as she focused on her food she felt them subside, at least for now. They ate breakfast, then moved to the sofa and turned on the TV to relax the day away. Maisy sat on the floor in front of Jen, who crossed her legs to maintain some modesty.

TV was TV, which was to say boring as all hell but good room filler. After devouring her bacon and eggs, Jen started to absentmindedly play with Maisy’s hair, and found herself platting small pieces of it. Maisy giggled at her sister but made no move to stop her, unusual in a way given just a few years ago even touching Maisy’s hair without asking got a less than happy reaction. Then again, they’d done this countless times growing up for one another, an excuse to let one talk while the other focused on their words, hands busy, and without the usual effort of eye contact that came with a normal conversation. The one worked on, in this case Maisy, could speak as if by herself, and let the other on occasion prompt, but for the most part listen. Also, Maisy seemed a lot more mellow even than the breakthroughs of the last few years saw her achieve. Soon, Jen had her legs one either side of her sister, so she could reach the sides, where her hair was longer. As she did, Maisy explained what had happened between her and the boy who abandoned her in Spain.

She finally admitted her homosexuality to herself, but still wanted to make a success of the holiday. Even with her best efforts, their relationship - going on four years by this point - had problems far bigger than sex to overcome. She’d tried to be understanding, knew she was hurting him, but he’d declared he was sick of her. It had stung, but she felt like she drifted from him for years before the blow up, weighed down by guilt over her lack of attraction to him, even though she still cared for his well-being. She spoke about the experiences with a calm cadance, less a trauma voice and more one of distance, with a tinge of melancholy that was only to be expected. Jen’s chest burned with pride how mature her little sister sounded in picking herself up and moving on.

“When did you realise you were gay?” Jen asked, finding the last few strands she could weave. Maisy tilted her head a little, not so much to loose where Jen held, but enough to signal her thought.

“I think…” Maisy started, drawing the words out to consider, “I think I always knew, kinda. Like we never had sex, and he never pushed for it after I said I was ace, but then I would just masturbate myself silly in the bathroom every night.”

“Oh?” Jen said, the sound coming out a little hoarse at the suddenness of the declaration. She felt a little extra weeping between her legs, which now she paid closer attention responded to the closeness of Maisy’s head in not unpleasant ways; she didn’t know how to feel about the pleasant sensation of Maisy’s hair as it ticked her inner thighs.

“Yeah. I may as well have been dating the shower head. At least the shower head gave massages. But eh that’s mean, and I do feel for him. It’s no one’s fault, or, maybe I should have spoken up sooner, but at least I did.” Maisy shrugged. Jen finished platting the last part on one side, and Maisy turned to face her. “Oh wow, Jen you’re soaked! Did I do that?”

“What?” Jen looked down and saw with her legs spread, her shining lips were on full display. She tried to cross them but it was impossible with Maisy sitting where she was. “Oh, sorry…”

“Don’t be.” Maisy smiled. “Was it what I said?”

“No! Um, ok maybe. It’s nice hearing how you pleasure yourself.”

“And watching I bet.” Maisy said. She said it so abruptly that Jen didn’t have a moment to come up with a response to cover her ass, bare as it was, and blurted out a response.


“To be fair I’m sure I’m pretty wet right now, it is pretty cool having your hot older sister looming over you like this.”

“O-oh?” Jen said, and Maisy laughed.

“It’s nice.”

“Is it?” Jen blinked.

“Yeah don’t worry.” Maisy said looking at it. “Perfectly natural to be aroused when talking sex too. Still damn you really are wet aren’t you?” She said this as she raised a finger, and to Jen’s shock ran it up the length of the exposed vulva. Jen was so caught off guard she couldn’t stifle a small moan. “Oh whoops, my bad. That’s probably crossing a line isn’t it?”

“No, no that was good.” Jen said, feeling her whole body tremor. She’d managed to brush right across the length of her clit, the tip pretruding from her labia and in purest ecstacy a the unexpected touch. Her hands, placed back onto the sofa either side of her now gripped the fabric hard. In her mind, she thanked the degenerate part of her that got the sofa treated with its special coating, because a fresh waterfall threatened to flow from her.

“Oh really?” Maisy said coyly. She placed her finger back, this time on the hood of Jen’s clit, sending electricity to the tips of Jen’s toes. “You don’t mind if I, touch you a little?”

“Sure, if you like.” Jen said, astounded how the words bypassed every filter, blazing past the ‘STOP BEFORE YOU SPEAK’ and ‘YOUR BIOLOGICAL SISTER??’ warning signs. But Maisy appeared to see no such flags as she placed her finger back onto Jen once more. Jen let out a throaty quiet moan as Maisy traced down to the hood of her clit, and moved the skin in tiny circles, slick from a cascade of arousal. Jen closed her eyes, amazed her sister was just casually fingering her like this. Listening, Jen could hear the slick sound of her wetness as Maisy’s fingers made steady rhythm, and the occasional sound and sensation of her sister slicking her fingers from Jen’s dripping opening, and returning to her steady work, no urgency, more a gentle massage.

Maisy kept doing this for god knows how long, leaving Jen in absolute heaven, her breathing even but quickening as her sister carried her ever higher. Maisy mumbled about ‘trying something’, but Jen could only nod and sigh in bliss. Just as she lost all memory of any sensation other than this gentle climb, a sudden shock hit her, a change in the sensation she couldn’t understand. Jen opened her eyes and looked down her laying naked body, seeing Maisy in an adjusted position. Where she’d sat with her head a foot or more away from Jen’s pussy, now that distance reduced to nil, as Maisy’s nose brushed the top of her groin, and her mouth out of view, though Jen could feel exactly what her sister used it for. Maisy used her tongue to work Jen’s clit in sharp circles, with a dexterous flair that she learned from god knew where. Jen gasped.


“Oh I’m sorry!” Maisy said with muffled words, pulling herself away, face still in front of her sister’s pussy, her cheeks glistening and a trail of saliva between her tongue and Jen breaking just as her focus did. She spat the ice cube back in the glass with a clink. “Did I go too far?”

“No I’m cumming!” Even free of her sister’s direct touch in that moment, the surprise, the joy, the breaking of a barrier in her life Jen never realised needed to go, proved enough. Her pussy convulsed as she spasmed. A small jet of cum shot from her and caught Maisy’s cheek, with a few more trickles seeping down the leather sofa. Maisy leant in and licked a few more times until her sister subsided. She looked wide-eyed up at Jen with pure joy.

“Wow! That was so cool!” Her face was covered in Jen’s cum. She looked so beautiful in that moment, sparkling in the morning sunlight. Jen smiled at her, her head a fog, as Maisy moved to sit beside her.

“Sorry I caught your face like that.”

“Are you kidding? That was so hot!” Maisy blushed. “Unless you think you should, clean it off?”

Jen nodded. The last remaining strand of her rational side nodded too, until Jen scrolled past tissues, towels or a suggested shower, and to her own as well as Maisy’s astonishment, leaned in, and began to lick the cum off of Maisy’s cheek. Maisy squeaked with surprise, and Jen pulled back a little, looking into Maisy’s shocked face with an expression of sultry confidence. The barrier, flimsy as it turned out to be, broke. Jen leaned forwards, and their lips met. Maisy tasted sweet, her mouth still delightfully cold from the ice cube, the hints of orange juice mixing with the pink of her tongue as a floral melody met Jen’s warm tongue. The two began to dance in place. Jen held the kiss for several seconds, before she pulled away slowly, and watched Maisy slowly open her eyes.

“Holy shit Jen…”

“You ok?”

“Never better.” Maisy grinned, sheepish but sincere. They held each other’s gaze for a little while, and then both started to giggle. Giggles became full laughter, and Jen soon hugged Maisy close, never feeling closer to her in physical and spiritual form as she did that morning, the benign sounds of morning TV and the chirp of birds outside drowned by their happy laughter.

Chapter 3 - Watering The Plants

Jen did decide to get dressed after the excitement, and following the intense sexcapade of post-breakfast shenanigans, both agreed they could afford to go on an energy binge. Deciding that back to back McDonalds even then was pushing things too far, they decided that Subway would make a nice - and dubiously healthy - change.

“Right, don’t take this the wrong way,” Jen said as she led her younger sister to the front door of the flat, “but what’s actually gotten into you?”

“What do you mean?” Maisy said looking up with a sudden glint of fear in her eye.

“I don’t mean anything bad by it, but you more or less seduced me on sight after less than a day together. Where did this side of you emerge from?”

“I don’t know. I guess when I was on holiday I realised that I’d been living a few lies. I knew I was gay, but I, well you know I found you attractive for, yeah years now.”

“Really?” Jen was surprised by that. Maisy had complimented her while they grew up together, and they did seem to bicker less than her friends and their siblings - so long as Jen didn’t mess up her hair - but the bond felt platonic. If she was honest she had on occasion thought about her sister in that way, rubbing one out on occasion at the thought of how she looked getting out of the shower, but only as a vague fantasy not often visited. In fact, on those rare occasions, she often felt little more than shame for a stretch once done. Now, she didn’t, which she put down to Maisy’s unexpected enthusiasm about the prospect.

“You see, I love you, I love you being my sister, and I love knowing you’ll always be in my life. But I’m also attracted to you, and I’m not hugely hung up on the idea of incest; we’re sisters, who really cares?”

“Creepy people on the internet?” Jen suggested. Maisy just snorted.

“Don't check my browsing history, I’m one of them.”

“Honestly? Me too.”

“You are??” Maisy laughed, a bright light cackle in the cold breeze, “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. You always were the handsy one.”

“What do you mean by that?” Jen said, stopping as her brain hit a short circuit. She didn’t remember ever groping her sister, and for that matter she still hadn’t; this seemed like a terrain she should navigate the cheeky part of her mind pondered, but for once another voice proved louder. Maisy must have seen the sudden pained worry on her face, which already burned colder than it had even in the full on breeze.

“You used to squeeze me a lot, come on. Remember?” Maisy looked at her sister with a shine of coy, but there was confusion there too, “you’re telling me you never realised you were coping a feel?”

“I was not!” Jen said, not liking the defensive shrill but adamant; there was no way she’d do that, right?

“Oh you did, trust me. You seriously never realised?” Maisy’s smile remained, but waivered.

“No! I wouldn’t just grope my sister.”

“You just let your sister eat you out, you have weird standards.”

“Granted but when did I ever grope you?”

“More than once.” Maisy winked, appearing to try and inject the levity again, “ever since we were teenagers your big spoon hugs always wrapped around my chest. It was nice! I liked it.”

“Yeah, because I was holding you close. I wasn’t being sexual, and I didn’t grope you.”

“Huh. See I remember at least once you playing with my nipple.”

Jen discovered what true cold felt like. The bottom of her stomach turned to an open maw to an endless pit. She gulped, and could feel her face flush, only making the wind bite more.

“I have never done that. I’d, I would remember if I had done that…”

“You might have just been on autopilot. Like I said it’s ok! I liked it! I assumed it was playful and on purpose.” Maisy stopped herself, took a breath, and then moved to stand in front of Jen, putting her hand on her sister’s shoulder, “I trust you, and trusted you then, with my life, always have, always will. I knew you weren’t doing anything bad. I never thought of it as anything more than a silly moment between sisters.”

“Yeah, but I, that feels a little like I was abusing your trust…”

“Jen come on, you don’t even remember doing it. I’m sorry I brought it up, honestly they are only happy memories, ok?”

“Are you sure?” Jen heard the quiver on her voice. Maisy wasn’t mad about it but she felt like a monster. Maisy shook her, a playful jolt primed to stop her taking an absent step back into the haze.

“Yes! I masturbated over those times all the time growing up.”

“Woah.” Even in her state, the thought of her sister’s pleasure acted as a smelling salt. She shook her head, and then an odd thought came to her lips. “So wait, have you been planning this?”

Maisy laughed.

“Yeah, I totally planned to walk in on my hot naked sister 7 years in advance and start a sexual relationship; want to see the step by step plans and room layout sketches I did? I was 13 so they’re in crayon.”

“Oh shut up.” but she was giggling. Maisy was such a charming and funny person she mused.

“Are you ok? Look I’m sorry I-“

“Nah don’t worry, I’m ok.” Jen smiled, meant it too. The guilt remained, but Maisy stood here, confident and healthy as could be, and she trusted her too; if Maisy said it was ok, then to her, it was. Was that enough? “I think I’ve had the same thoughts for a long time, I just never imagined I’d act on those fantasies.”

“Fantasies? Do tell?”

“Oh well when I say-”

“No,” Maisy put a finger on Jen’s lips, which on instinct Jen licked, eliciting a giggle from Maisy but she held her ground, “no backing out, you owe me fantasies. You always told me your other ones growing up. Remember the one where One Direction just turn up one day and their washing machine was broken so they had to-”

“Ok no really, shut up, enough.” It was hardly necessary; Maisy had already been on the verge of cracking up and this sent her into a silent giggle fit. “Are you quite done?”

“And they couldn’t remember who’s shirt was whose, so you had to match the smell of the boy to their shirt and-”

“Enough!” but she couldn’t help but burst out laughing at that; as embarrassing as childhood fantasies might be, you kind of had to laugh.

The pair found themselves about half way to Subway, walking by one of the small parks that broke up the town of Holstont. A former village to a few hundred people grew into a commuter spot of several thousand, and cannibalised much of its own soul in the process. Grey concrete blocks not unlike the one she called home filled much of the outer town, minus the lush green fields Jen could see from her windows. The town centre hosted a few beaten up chain shops and a station, and little else. That meant the small green pockets offered one of the less depressing areas to wander, and after Maisy pointed, Jen figured why not, so they took a detour into the lush green.

With the winter sun glaring down on them, Jen turned to her sister, walking with a cute little spring in her step. The way the sun caught Maisy’s shoulder made her skin glow and Jen’s heart flutter at the sight. She stole a glance at her in full as they stepped into the open grass, her slender form playing spells on her mind. She then realised Maisy had caught her looking, and that mischievous smile that became a staple of the last twelve hours crossed her small face.

Jen braced for mockery, but instead Maisy just gestured with her head, a small covert motion which held little point given no one else was out and about. She took her sister by the hand and led her through the canopy of trees. They followed the path for about half their walk, but then Maisy with a small tug led her sister instead down the path towards a more dense pack of trees.

“Where are we-” but Maisy put a finger to her sister’s lips; this time Jen gave no playful lick, if only because she was trying to figure out what the heck Maisy could be up to. They stood now secluded by the woodland. A blanket of leaves from the autumn lay trodden flat to mulch beneath them, interspersed with a few early blossoms of the coming spring. With the only sounds coming from distant cars hidden from view by the high bushes, the hideaway gave Jen an urban fairytale vibe, the kind that Holstont had laying in secret all across the town, despite its best efforts. The path behind them lay half as obscured, but Jen could still make it out, and assumed any passersby would be able to do vice versa. Maisy leant back against a tree with a fiendish grin.

“I have to be honest Jen, I am going to need a favour.”

“Oh? What’s wrong?”

“Well,” Maisy said, her legs splayed with her arms behind her back, looking up at her sister, “I thought today being sunny would help me out, but I can’t seem to dry off.” She flipped her fingers behind her back, hitching around her skirt, and with a fluid motion her underwear dropped to her knees, glistening in the rays through the trees. She lifted the front of her skirt, and for the second time Jen looked at the most pristine pussy she’d ever seen, sparkling as if a secret of the enchanted forest. “See, I’m soaked.”

Jen smirked. Her heart did a somersault, seeing her sister expose herself like this where anyone could walk by, but could feel herself matching Maisy drip for drop. She squattted down until Maisy’s arousal was at eye level, and made a mock consideration with her hand on her chin.

“Hm, I guess that is kind of my fault. What do you need from me?”

“Oh I want, need you. I want you so much.”

Jen giggled.

“That is so corny.”

“Just come and finger me already.” Maisy said, and at last the mask slipped a little, actual desperation trickling from her words just as it did down her thighs. “Pretty please?” Maisy let her top strap fall. Her breast slid into view exposed to the air, her nipple standing hard and to attention. Jen could feel herself cream a little at the sight. Her sister had gotten good at seduction. Jen straightened up, taking a small step forward so they stood up against one another, and took her sister’s chin into her hand. She guided her face up, and brought their lips together, no surprise like the morning. When they were younger, they had made out at least once, more as a joke than anything. Jen didn’t know if Maisy ever saw it as a joke, not now she knew her thoughts from the time, but there was no doubt in her sister’s sincerity as their tongues wrapped tips once more.

Jen let her hand drift down under the waistband of the skirt and panties, and to her sister’s mound, and brushed her light coat of pubic hair. She could feel Maisy’s hand reach her ass, and purred at her caress. She wondered in the back of her mind how high the actual risk of getting caught would be, and what the heck the poor dog walker in question would say. They could probably scram, and it wasn’t as if they were prominent members of the community - or what community the dying town had - but even so, was this wise? No, it wasn’t, and she didn’t care. She let her fingers reach over her sister’s hood, and touched her finger tip to her sister’s most sensitive spot. A soft almost silent moan left Maisy, as Jen used a little finesse to send the skirt and underwear to the floor.

Maisy slid Jen’s jeggings off without protest, both items balled into Jen’s backpack, along with Jen’s top - also braless for the expedition - and finally Maisy’s. Even so close to where they could be caught both with no shame disrobed each other, straightening up nude as could be before one another, the breese electric on Jen’s skin, piercing on her soaking cunt. When Jen saw Maisy’s nipples up close she had to go in, and her sister gave the most unfair moans of pleasure at this. It was driving Jen insane, and drove her down to kissing her navel, down to her thigh, then lightly parting her legs.

A small amount of sunlight glistened down and it made her sister’s thighs weep with arousal. For her own selfish pleasure she buried her face and nose into the space, felt the cream of Maisy’s pussy run across her cheeks. Knelt beneath her little sister, Jen began to return the morning’s favour. Maisy's clit was hard and firm, and bobbed against her rough tongue, eliciting small peeps from her sister as for the first time she heard her unconcealed pleasure; no music could ever compare. Fingers came to trace the back of Jen’s hair. Dutifully exercising her tongue Jen gave her sister the most loving attention she could manage, and felt the pulse of gratitude mixed with the moans from above. Any thought of getting caught vanished; the last to hang on was a dull amused recognition that if anyone did see her, there was no way that anything would let Jen stop her. Maisy however, seemed to be of a slightly different opinion.

“Aah Jen, Jen you need to stop a sec…”

Jen kept going.

“No, Jen, I, I need to um…”

“What’s up?” Jen said emerging for a second then going right back in.

“Iiaaah, I, I need to pee.”

Jen kept going.

“Jen I need to pee. Oh fuck that’s so good but st-ahhh, oh wow, please I can’t…”

Jen pounded into the clit in short abrasive brushes mixed with soft circles that then built in speed.

“Jen I mean it I, oh wow, Ohhh. Oh I think I’m going to cum in a minute…”

Jen went even faster.

“Oh shit I’m cumming, Jen move, please oh shit, oh shit oh shit-" Maisy pushed Jen back a little, making her fall a little prone but still upright. Maisy stumbled back a half step against the leaning tree, bucking wildly. “Fuck!” A jet of pee shot from her and caught Jen across the face and chest. Jen was alarmed but did not flinch, suddenly very wet down below from something other than her sisters pee. “Oh I’m so so sorry! Oh fuck!” Maisy said, then sprayed her sister with more pee. The second wave of her orgasm hit her unstimulated and she cried out Jen’s name as she soaked her head to foot.

“Aim for my mouth.” Jen leaned in and Maisy groaned. Her third stream hit its open target as Jen worked her hand furiously into her sister.

"Uuurngf fuck!"

Jen gripped her sister's thighs and drank her cum, until her lips were against her sister's below, lapping up the last drops. When at last the vibrations of climax mellowed into the shivers of cold, Jen hugged about her, and ran her arms tight up Maisy’s body until she had her pulled into a tight embrace.

"You ok sis?"

"Thank you so much, oh fuck that was so nice…"

"Awwww." Jen squeezed her now cum-covered sister, feeling as the fluids ran down both their nude bodies, "I love you so much."

"I love you too sis." Maisy hugged back.

Chapter 4 - A Juicy Burger

The pair took a short while to clean up with their water bottles before they continued their walk. By some miracle, Jen had a pack of tissues in the bag, and they’d burned through the whole pack when it came to drying off. She made a mental note to pick up one of those microfiber compact towels for her backpack, with little doubt this wouldn’t be their last risky outing. What followed was about half an hour of intimate chatting and lively discussion, wandering the park in circles and giggling at every eventual passerby or dog walker, oblivious to the missed show. Both realised they could not remember why it was they had set off in the first place, and decided they may as well head to town for food. It was only after sitting themselves down in McDonalds with a pair of large meals that Maisy blinked, and then started to laugh in silence.

“What’s up?”

“We literally were trying to get healthy food and not McDonalds. That was like, the one goal of going out today.”

“Oh? Oh! Oh whoops…” And both started to fall about giggling. “Oh man, I’m such an idiot.”

“Nah you were light headed.” Maisy said, taking a long slow sip of coke. “My brain is still buzzing from that.”

“Hah, yeah I guess so.”

“I mean that was so hot.” Maisy said, twirling her hair. “You are so good with your tongue.”

“Hehe, well…” Jen said, with a playful lick of her lips. She couldn’t help but feel the sauce somewhat ruined any eroticism the gesture had, but it made Maisy smile either way. “I’ve had a lil experience.”

“Oooooo do tell?”

“Well, there were a few girls in college. And sleepovers of course. You remember Nix right?”

“Omg, I used to fantasise about you two! Did you really? Oh that’s so perfect.” Maisy looked like she’d just found out they were going to Disneyland. It surprised Jen, but only a little; Nix was one of her oldest friends, large and proud, and rocking the big tiddy goth girlfriend vibe since their teens, albeit with a sensitive side beneath the blase calm. Jen smiled with wistful memory.

“Yeah, she was my first actually. We were up at like, 2am, and I think it started cos we were, comparing? And then we looked up pictures. No yeah I remember now!” Jen said, knocking the table in a triumphant thunk, “yeah we saw pictures of, you know shaved women, and we wanted to try it.”

Maisy’s eyes bugged. She had her mouth half open, but didn’t ask any questions, as if hanging on her every word.

“So,” Jen continued, “we got the electric razor. Nix’d done her legs with that one before so she offered to do mine first. I was nervous as fuck, but like, really curious. She ‘helped’ because I was shaking from nerves by pulling my PJ bottoms off, and um, underwear too.” Jen blushed furiously, even though this story was tame compared to the sisters’ exploits that day alone. “I sat on the edge of the bed, and she started to oil my skin. I could have died, but I thought it was embarrassment at the time and just kept my mouth shut.”

“Oh wow…” Maisy said.

“I know? So she turns on the razor, and when it presses against me, even nowhere near anywhere dangerous, for either reason, but like it felt so fucking nice. Maybe it was just being exposed I dunno, but she worked slowly and yeah. I’d masturbated plenty but it took me a while to realise I was shaking from being horny. I don’t actually think Nix knew because she was asking me occasionally if I was ok.”

Maisy leaned forwards, hanging on her every word.
“So uh, she got to the skin around my labia, and you know how awkward that is when you’re trying to do it for the first time, she tried a brute force way but that didn’t work, but it did make the shudders grow. She then tried lightly pulling on the hairs, and running the razor across, and you have no idea sis, like, I felt tears in my eyes. It stung in the nicest way ever and I swear I’m not into pain. She was leaning right in front of me between my legs. And then…”




“Are you masturbating?”

“Mhm. Please keep going…”

Jen picked up her burger, and leaned forwards. Maisy met her eyes with a needful gaze.

“She leaned in close to get a better look, and then, she did one of those disappointed snorts. But her breath caught my clit, and just fucking came. I groaned and bucked my hips, I didn’t have any control. And when I realised I wasn’t stopping I could feel her fingers furiously rubbing me, I’m not talking trained rubbing but the kind of urgent full crotch rubbing as if she needed me to keep cumming, and fuck did I.” Jen slid her hand under the table.

“Did, please tell me you…”

“Oh she begged me to do her. I didn’t even bother with the razor, I just went to town on her and she was wonderful.”



“I’m gonna cum, kiss me, please…”

Jen shuffled around on the bench, and could see her sister’s lowered jeans, her hand working her exposed pussy. She leaned in, one hand still under the table, and the other around Maisy’s shoulder. She brought her lips forwards, and whispered ‘I love you’ as she brushed her lips to her sister’s. Maisy gave quiet shuddering moans in response, and though her hand wasn’t on Maisy’s crotch, Jen felt the telltale spray across her hand.

“Oh are, are you…?”

“No, I’m being a freak.”

“O-oh?” Maisy said, whispering into her mouth. Jen leaned back, and pulled up the soaked burger from under the table. Maisy’s eyes went wide at seeing the dripping burger, even as Jen had a moment of sheer panic that she’d gone too far, grossing out her sister with her raging hormones. She opened her mouth to apologise. “Eat it, please.”

The burger tasted so fucking good. She took a slow, shaking bite, and as she gulped down the sweetness and her sister’s cum, Jen tensed.

“Are you ok?”

“I’m cumming.”

“Just like that?” There was so much longing in Maisy’s voice.

“Oh my god…” Jen said, putting down the burger and gripping the edge of the table. “Oh fucking jesus…” A hand lay on her knee.

“You’re ok, cum for me Jen, I love you.”

“I love you too…” The sisters hugged close on the bench, the food waiting for them, cooling off, Maisy leaning her head onto Jen’s shoulder and brushing her leg as Jen came back down to Earth.

“We’re both insane, you know that right?” Maisy said in a conspiratorial whisper. “We’re in fucking McDonalds.”

“Hah, yeah we are. It’s not out of my system at all.”

“Me neither.” Maisy said, a small giggle under her whisper. “Man Nix was really hot wasn’t she?”

“Mhm. I wish I hadn’t lost contact with her.”

“Aw. Why did you?”

“Life I guess.” Jen shrugged. “I mean it’s hard when you’re an adult you know?”

“Well, I’m not going anywhere ok?”

“Thank you. Um, Maisy?”


“Are we dating now?”

Maisy blinked. She opened her mouth, closed it, and then met her eyes again.

“Would, you like to?”


“Omg…” Maisy whispered. “You’re my girlfriend. I’m so fucking happy.”

“Me too.” Jen said, a tear in her eye. “Thank you.”

Neither paid much attention to time that day, the rush of all the excitement and pent up release eclipsing the passage of time, but by the time they left the town’s McDonalds - after ensuring the floor was clean because fuck inflicting their kinks on wageworkers - the sky fell to an auburn haze. Had the clouds cleared their path, stars would no doubt begin now to poke through the canopy, and both saw those hidden stars in the others’ eyes as they exchanged heart-thumping glances.

“You, realise it’s not even been twenty four hours since I got off that plane?”

“God.” Jen snorted, a nervous but sincere smile spread wide across her face. “Time flies.”

“Feels less?”

“I don’t know what it feels.”

“For me it’s like, this has always been. I can’t remember the times before this.” Maisy said it looking up into the hazy sky, her eyes glinting. “To be honest, I still feel like I’m flying.”


“You know when a plane takes off, and you feel it in your gut as the world loses its grasp on you, as if nothing can restrain you, and no natural law binds you down?”

“Pfft usually I’m just trying not to overthink the danger thing.”

“I dunno, maybe it’s pretentious-”

“No! Sorry I wasn’t-”

“I know you weren’t,” Maisy gave her hand a reassuring squeeze, “we see some stuff differently. For me, that feeling, that rush, I’ve just felt unbound.”

Jen smiled, but in her own gut a small pang brought her own thoughts down to Earth.
“Can I broach something in the, um, safety of both us knowing this is a hundred percent what we want?”


“How the fuck will people react to this?”

“Hah, didn’t seem to bother you when you ate my cumburger in the middle of a restaurant.”

“Empty top floor and you know what I mean.”

“I know. I just, don’t know if I wanna think about that tonight.”

Jen thought about nudging back, but the tone of Maisy’s voice spoke to a deeper well, its waters obscured but echoing up, distorted but there. Maisy had pain, and now wasn’t the time to pour more in. Jen squeezed her hand back, extra tight, and felt the smallest amount of tension ease from her sister. She returned the affection, and they walked for a long time beneath a paling sky, silent, but happy.

There seemed little point to separate beds when they got home. As Jen pointed out, she’d probably have offered Maisy to share the bed if not for her zombified state at the time they got home. It made her wonder if Maisy would have felt bold enough to masturbate that night, and if that catalyst may never have come to pass. Sure, she’d offered Maisy to move in already, but who knew if the story would play out the same way. Maybe after a night’s sleep, her sister would have changed her mind. The mere thought of changing minds paused her movements.



“You look worried, what’s up?”

“Sorry, invasive thoughts.”

“About us?”

“About not wanting to lose this.”

“You think we will?”

“I hope not.”

“Jen, I wanna get this straight right now. We’re sisters. Whatever happens, we stay sisters. I need you in my life even if you wake up tomorrow and decide this was the worst mistake of your life.”

“I’d never.” Jen said, hurt in a way Maisy would even suggest it.

“Right, and neither will I.”

“Life’s complicated isn’t it.”

“Doesn’t need to be.” Maisy said. She reached for her pyjamas, and then tilted her head, shrugged, and pulled off her top. Her small perky breasts glowed in the bedside lamp’s faint light. She reached down and de-bottomed too, straightening up naked. Shunting the PJs onto the floor, she pulled herself under the covers.

“Heh, yeah I guess you have a point, on both counts.” Jen smirked as her sister wriggling under the covers, then began to disrobe.


“Hm?” Jen stopped. Maisy had wide eyes, as if surprised her sister was getting naked.

“Strip for me. You remember you used to do it in that joking way, when we were younger?”

“Oh yeah.” Jen giggled at the memory. “All the risqué way down to my shirt, how sexual.”

“Oh I would cum hard every time I used those memories.”



Jen moved around to stand at the foot of the bed. For her part, Maisy shuffled to the middle. Despite their adventures of the day, Jen could hardly breathe as her heart tried to force its way up her windpipe, planting her feet and trying to feign confidence. She could see from Maisy’s expression that she was as scared as she was.

“One thing actually.”


“Yeah bedside drawer.”

Maisy cocked an eyebrow, leaning over to the draw and flashing her back and top of her butt, sending butterflies through Jen’s body. She pulled open the drawer, and Jen saw her brow furrow.

“It’s so, you know, the sheets don’t get damp.”

“You didn’t use it last night? Or were you just that wet?”

“Imma be honest I was too horny to think when that happened.”

“I see, if you’re not too horny to think now, I guess I need to do my part too.”

Jen snickered, and then after Maisy adjusted herself under the covers, the soft towel in place, she climbed onto the bed. Standing over Maisy, the nerves began to trickle away, replaced by an odd feeling of power. She’d never looked at herself through the BDSM lenses before, but the rush, or rather empowering flow that filled her in this pose made Jen wonder if she wouldn’t uncover one day her status as a dom. None of that mattered though as she saw Maisy looking up at her, only her head and bare shoulders exposed, as Jen grabbed the bottom of her jumper, and began to lift it in gentle tugs. She would ‘lose’ her grip every now and then, and as she teased Maisy more and more, could see the pent up frustration on her sister’s face. It tasted like nectar.

With a slow ascent much like the many fake outs, she turned her back, careful not to trample her sister’s legs, and bent over, her ass facing Maisy as she pulled the jumper up and over her head. She shook her hair straight-ish again, about the only part of her that had any pretence of straightness anymore, and gave her hips a slow gyration. Underneath, she saw as Maisy cocked a leck up, and the slow motion in circles of the fabric. Not even a small tease, Maisy couldn’t help but reach right for the prize. And then, Jen had a wicked idea. She bent lower, ass closer to Maisy’s face, and then reached, and wrapped her fingers slowly around her sister’s arm. Maisy jumped, but didn’t protest, as Jen lifted her arm.

“Now now, you can watch, but you can’t touch~”

“Oh that’s so cruel.”
“Yeah it is. Enjoy the show~” Jen smirked as she stretched back up to her full height, seeing Maisy’s pupils dilate at the smooth sway of her hips. The thought that she’d practiced this as a ‘joke’ when they were both kids made it all so absurd, not least because she’d managed to stay in denial about what those sessions meant until years later. But as she began to tease her jumper up her sides, for real this time, any sense of absurdity left her, replaced by an overwhelming sense of grace and control. She was, at least for the next few minutes, an actress, and needed to maintain her grace and poise.

The jumper managed to tug her shirt halfway along with it, flashing bare skin as she lifted it up and over in an arc so graceful that she had to hide a smirk of pride. Her hair fanned as she did, catching the embers of the day through the lidded windows, casting a shadow across her body until it lay still and the jumper fell beneath her. She began the same tango with her shirt, keeping an ever watchful eye on Maisy to ensure no hands decided to go wandering. The desperation radiated from her sister’s glossy gaze, but the sheets remained dormant and behaved, no ripples of disobedience. Jen’s smile grew wider and more wicked; she needed to up her game.

A hand slipped down her front as she bent over again, ass facing Maisy, and reached to cup and brush back against her crotch in a wave of her own. She let her hips buck as she repeated the motion again, and then, foregoing grace for speed, gripped the sides of her jeans and pulled them down a good few inches past the base of her ass, her fifth change of underwear for the day on full reveal. Maisy drunk sweet girlcum from a view far more explicit than this more than once today, and still gasped at the unexpected view. She did so again as Jen gave herself a fast and abrasive spank, the sound seeming to echo on the tides of Maisy’s ragged breathing. She performed the wave across her crotch again, feeling the slickness, and then in tandem with a second spank, slid her hand under the fabric.

Pure bliss trickled up from her core, a breeze across an open field that her soul breathed in, as she let her fingers dance across the slick protruding lip of her labia. Even as such an idle plaything, it stole her breath from the gasp it elicited beneath her, Maisy’s delight or indignance that her sister was allowed to touch herself with impunity in her face. Jen let her fingers smooth their way back, parted them, and pulled the crotch of her underwear aside to flash how soaked she was at Maisy, wafting the scent of her arousal. She kept the peep show brief, rearranging as she gave a glance over her shoulder to grin at her sister. Maisy appeared transfixed, actual drool on the edge of her lip, in a state it seemed of pure subspace.

Jen straightened, and as she did lifted the shirt faster still, completing a fluid disrobing of her top and leaving her in matching light pink underwear, with jeans still above her knees. She held the shirt balled in one fist, and had a sudden image of herself as a superhero on some overproduced Hollywood poster, felt that same empowerment, but with a genuine captivated audience mere feet away. Jen turned to face Maisy, and began to slide the jeans down the last part of their journey, unhooking them from each foot. She made to turn away again, but got mischievous, and whipped the covers away from her sister. Maisy made no move to preserve her modesty, her hands gripping the sheets as if by way of self restraint, her legs parted, a glisten of moisture between them as the plume of her arousal escaped into the room.

“You’re behaving, that’s good.” Jen said, praising but with the faintest hint of smugness as she bent to her knees, straddling a leg either side of Maisy’s form as she leaned back, playing with her hair as she wafted and fanned it out. “Are you going to be a good girl and keep behaving?”

“Yes Jen~” Maisy breathed the words, the begging implied but not dared to be uttered.

“But may I ask a favour~”


“This bra is so pretty, but it’s so tight, and it’s been such a long day, can you, help me remove it? I’ll need you to sit up.”

Maisy followed instructions, until she sat up, eyes level with Jen’s chest. At Jen’s prodding, she reached around, and with commendable dexterity unhooked the bra with ease. She made as if to lie back but Jen placed a hand on her bare shoulder, feeling her sister tremble. With a shuffling of shoulders, the bra slipped down, off of her free arm and then hung on the one brushing Maisy’s soft skin, her nipples as daggars into Maisy’s face. The soft warmth of her sister’s breath only stiffened them further, and as she leaned in, she chose not to begrudge the momentary contact with her tongue, even as it fanned the flames between her legs. She pulled away, feeling the strand of saliva as it bridged between mouth and nipple, and looked down at her passified sister.

“Good girl. Now lie back~”
“Yes mu. Sis.” Maisy said, a momentary jolt erupting in Jen’s chest at the syllable, but passed as soon as it arrived. She looked down to see Maisy back in a viewing position, legs apart, hands not daring to touch skin lest she cave and fuck herself silly. Jen stood to her full height, and stepped until a foot lay either side of Maisy’s head. She smiled down, and then, without ceremony, dropped her panties, hearing with a satisfying light but unmistakably wet slap as they hit Maisy’s face. She took deliberate effort to slip her feet out to leave them in place, and then stepped back, crouching over her with a smile.

“You’re so beautiful Maisy.” Jen said, as Maisy lifted the panties from her face, taking time to inhale their scent.



“I love you.”

“I l-love you too Maisy.” Jen said with a quivering voice. “Fuck.”

“Fuck? What’s wrong?”

“Fuuuck.” Jen said, reaching down to pull up the skin above her vulva. Before Maisy could react, the first jet of her squirt splattered up the length of Maisy’s body. “I tried to hold it-”

“Trib me, quick, I won’t last long.”

Jen swept her leg over as Maisy raised hers, and the warmth of their contact set off the full explosion. Jen’s shuddering vibrations and the spray eitherside of Maisy’s crotch set her sister off into what sounded like a gigantic toecurling climax. Jen was leaning forwards, gripping either side of her sister’s face as she hungrily dug her tongue into her, kissing her as if feeding for the source of her life as they fucked in gentle throws of shuddering passion. When Jen subsided, Maisy ground onto her until the next climax hit, and the next. The sheets beneath them became sodden, the poor towels failing to hold the line as their desperate love-making stretched on, and on, and on. What seemed an age later - her sister somehow now on top as she humped the last wave of her final climax - Maisy fell onto Jen's sweat-drenched body and into her arms. Below the neck both were covered in a generous layer of cum, but Maisy’s eyes gleamed with something else.

“Thank you Jen…”

“Thank you too. I want us to always have this.”

Jen squeezed her sister tight, just as she had that morning, a lifetime ago it seemed, though Maisy had at least worn clothes that time.



Chapter 5 - A Cheeky Idea

With sunlight streaming in through her top floor window, Jen awoke to the sound of distant sizzling. She curled up beneath the covers, reluctant to leave their warm embrace even as curiosity began to entice her into the waking world. Soon the smell of bacon and eggs began to waft through the modest apartment. In spite of the blankets snugness, the allure proved far too great, luring her from the duvet, even as she carried a blanket as a shawl to retain the warmth against her naked skin. They’d fallen asleep nude, clothes feeling wrong somehow when they hugged, and after Maisy drifted off Jen hadn’t wanted to risk waking her.

The kitchen-lounge vibrated with the hum of the music playing from the countertop radio. Jen hadn’t gotten a ton of use out of the gadget, having long since transitioned to Spotify, but the no-phone Maisy appeared more than joyous at the chance to jam to random music. Jen wondered if ‘jamming’ was still a thing in 2023, but her thoughts shifted from such concerns on seeing Maisy’s attire. She wore the bright red thin apron that she herself bought Jen a couple of years back during a baking binge, and nothing else. Her cute perky butt poked out of the back, and though Jen could see it covered her chest, the fabric had enough give to show off a generous view of the side of her nipple. It didn’t look trashy or even sexualised, rather just plain adorable, the kind of outfit she might have seen her sister wear many a time growing up, albeit probably in underwear rather than buff.

“Morning sleepy, I hope you’re hungry because I am bad at portion sizes.”

“Oh I am, but, wait did you use all the bacon?”

“Yeahhh I kinda panicked and just kept adding more, and then there wasn’t any more and I just, added more to match.”

“You are silly.”

“I’ll pay for-”

“No but we’re gonna be eating a lot of bacon today.”

“As if that’s a bad thing.” Maisy said with the kind of glee that masked a hint of worry. Jen moved to hug her from behind to ease that, not wanting her sister to feel any sort of anxiety right now. All Jen wanted was her to be happy and to feel safe. “Oh by the way, your phone buzzed a few times. You left it on the countertop.” Maisy gestured with a shoulder as she flipped perfectly cooked bacon slices onto a plate. Jen walked over and picked up the device, unlocking it to see a couple of missed messages over Facebook. She had privacy enabled to hide messages contents until you clicked onto them, so it wasn’t until she did that a small intake of breath escaped her.
“Something up?” Maisy turned, her face not quite slipping but a tug on the side of her mouth, a skittishness that Jen hadn’t seen before. She might even have asked about it were her thoughts not locked onto the name.

“No, nothing bad but, you wanna hear a freaky coincidence?”


“Well, remember McDonalds yesterday?”

“Hah I won’t forget that in a long time~” Maisy said with a giggle, one that caught in her throat as she paled, “wait, we weren’t-”

“No, but, you’ll never guess who just pinged me out of the blue?”

“Oh? Wait, no seriously Nix??”

“Yeah! Like 9am today, ‘hey, long time no speaky, saw you with your sis in town, dunno if you saw me. catch up sometime?’ with two x’s.”

“Oooooo do you think she’d mind if I came?”

“Nix adores you course she’d like that. I wonder where she saw us.”

“Well, there’s like a one in five chance it was when one or the other of us was cumming so it might be an interesting conversation.”

Jen snorted. She was quite sure as laid back as Nix was, the message might have opened with that had her old friend seen any of the day’s fireworks. The thought of what Nix might say crossed her mind, but she shoved those thoughts down; now wasn’t the time.



“What have you said to her?”

“Huh? Oh! I haven’t yet, but er, you want me to float a meet up?”

“Heck yeah! Go for it!”

“Well ok,” Jen looked down at her phone again, “I forget when does term start again for you?”

“Urgh, don’t. Um like, end of April? So in a week or so, but for one week and then it’s all exams.”

“Have, you been studying?”



“Been a kind of rollercoaster month, dunno if you noticed. Like, even before the wincest breakthrough it was kinda a hot mess. I was gonna start revising this week.”

“You, wanna hand with that?”

“Are you sure?”

“Well I am your sister. And girlfriend. Fuck that’s cool to say out loud.”

“I’m glad you think so too.” Maisy beamed. “If you’re ok to I would love that. But yeah this week if Nix is free.”

Jen sent the reply, full of sincere joy to hear from her best friend of several years. Keeping up with anyone post graduation proved a struggle, but when they’d last touched base Jen got the feeling they’d fallen into a nice stasis arrangement; they went for long periods not talking, but picked up where they left off when they did. It still made Jen’s heart heavy to think of neglecting her oldest friend, but the muscle found foothold and started to lift as Nix started writing  her reply.

“free whenever lol you still local” Jen read aloud, trying to emulate the lowercase aesthetics. “We, could suggest today. How’s your energy levels?”

“You tell me.” Maisy said, wiggling her butt. The eyeroll tried to materialise, but Jen found it was quite hard to pull off when you couldn’t take your eyes off a cute butt; that wasn’t fair. She settled for a snort, that came out a little more like a small whistle, making Maisy laugh. “And I thought I was the bottom.”

“You are absolutely the bottom. You still have a cute one.”

“Why thank you, I have good genes.”

“I know, we have the same ones.”

“Fuck me are we already at memeing on incest?”

Jen couldn’t think of a comeback, so settled for corpsing, even if it was at her own joke. That set Maisy off before long too, and the moment was just nice, calm, funny and silly, the exact kind of moment Jen treasured growing up together.

“I really missed you, you know.”

“Oh?” Maisy wiped a tear from her eye, looking at Jen with a smile, but head tilted all the same.

“I know we didn’t drift like some siblings do, but I swear the last three years since I moved out-out, we didn’t get to talk as much.”

Maisy looked pensive, but while Jen assumed it was regret for that at first, there was a darkness to the welling in her eyes that caught her attention, a jolt of hidden meaning the likes of which, perhaps ironically, only those with the closest of bonds could spot.

“Yeah, I get what you mean.”

“Was there, more to it than that?”


“Than just, me not being around?” Jen had a strange sense of a hitherto absent precipice, the ground crumbling underfoot. Maisy looked at her, and there was a quiver to her lip for the barest moment that made it look like she fought the urge to bite. She opened her mouth, and then the smell of burning bacon hit Jen’s nose at the same time Maisy turned.


“It’s ok, just scrape it off.”

“Fuck, sorry I should have been…”

“No no you’re fine hun, really you are.” Jen squeezed her from behind. She helped guide Maisy to the bin, at first a gentle motion as she seemed paralysed in shame, and gradually getting more of an amused reaction out of her as Jen puppeteered Maisy to the bin in a penguin waddle. The blanket fell away at some point in the antics, but even though their bare skin brushed against one another, the moment didn’t arouse sexual feeling in that moment. Jen hadn’t even realised she worried about losing the non-sexual aspect to their relationship until that struck her, but her mind remained on her pensive sister. After helping her distribute the mountain of food, they moved to her table and began to devour the healthier meal. Jen remained naked, but Maisy didn’t mind, or at least comment.

When they were full, both moved to the sofa. The apron was a little cumbersome, so after a few minutes they lay, with Maisy in Jen’s lap, nude and chill as Maisy appeared to war with a food coma.


“Mmm, no more food…”

“I wasn’t gonna suggest food.” Jen snorted. A part of her wanted to, or sex, or games, or anything other than what she knew she needed to ask. But if they were going to clear the air, sooner was better than later. “I wanted to, ask, was it him?”

Jen could feel her body tense at her words. She shifted, ordinarily in such a way against her crotch that might arouse her in more casual moments, but here only left her more aware of this enforced discomfort. She only hoped Maisy would shut the conversation down if needed. Then, her body seemed to relax, not quite a deflation, but a long sigh, as if putting down a heavy bag one carried for many miles, finally at a point of rest.

“He didn’t like me talking to anyone. You, probably guessed the phone thing?”

“I did worry that might be why.” Jen said, feeling a burning in her chest. Maisy always avoided the subject before, while she dated that layabout. It seemed a little too convenient that after her phone ‘broke’ that one time that she wasn’t keen to get a new one.

“It went beyond that. If I was calling someone, he would insist on being nearby. But he also told me to not mention that ‘in case it made him look bad.’”


“I was dumb enough to fall for it.” Maisy shrugged. Gen gripped her tighter.

“Not dumb. You were in a horrid place.”

“You wanna know the worst part?”


“If I wasn’t gay, I would probably still be with him. Heck, I told him we didn’t have to break up because of it, it’s not like we ever had sex or, did anything.”

“I can understand that.”

“Really?” Maisy turned to lie sideways on her lap, though shifted to not impale Jen on her hip bone. “But it’s so stupid. I didn’t like him but, I was willing to just keep everything the same so that, everything was the same. You date someone for four years, you just, you get attached you know?”

“How early did you realise you didn’t want it?”

“Please don’t judge.”

“I won’t.”

“On the plane home. It’s, not a one way or the other thing, but that journey was the first time I spent more time wanting to be away from him than with him and stable. I just, I don’t work on my own you know? And, it’s gonna sound really dumb…” Now her voice hitched. Jen squeezed her a little tighter, trying to signal without words she didn’t have to say it. When she didn’t, Jen offered it instead, on instinct, risking error but connecting the dots.

“Because you didn’t think you could just be with me?”

“Kinda. I don’t know if I realised I wanted to be with-with you until that moment in McDonalds, oh god that sounds so fucking stupid.”

“We all have our epiphanies somewhere.”

“Real romantic place though right. But, yeah I wanted to just be somewhere I felt safe, and that I didn’t have to leave. He wasn’t abusive you know, physically I mean. He was controlling but, and I’m not defending him here-”

“I know he had his good traits. I’m not quite able to accept ‘not abusive.’”

“Guess I’m too dumb to tell the difference…”

“No, no you’re not.” Jen squeezed her, and Maisy rested her head on Jen’s chest, rising and falling with her breathing. “It’s been really tough for you. But, at the risk of jinxing it, it’s all kinda worked out right?”




“What’s up?”

“Our parents are gonna kill us for this. You know they are. I mean, if this has to remain our secret, that’s how it has to be, and it’s worth it but, how will we ever be accepted by anyone?”

“I don’t know.” Jen said.

“Thank you for not just saying it will be ok.”

“I know that’s not the kind of thing that comforts you.”

“You’re what comforts me.” Maisy said, nuzzling in closer, and going still. They lay like that for a long time, only the sound of the sink bubbling with washing up and the sway of trees faint through the double glazing, as fast winds picked up outside their walls. Jen stroked her hair and enjoyed the smell of her strawberry shampoo, the same - if she wasn’t mistaken - she’d used when they lived with their parents.

Parents. That lingering doubt remained, and all the weight that came with it. After the rush of the last 24 hours, time between escapades became too scarce to dwell on it, but now the elephant returned. Both their mum and dad had liberal views, but this might be a step too far even for them. If either of them had a penis, there was no doubt in Jen’s mind that utter panic would follow that news from a practicality point of view. Was it such a big deal sans the P word? Jen snorted, realising there were two P words they were without, one causing the other. Maisy didn’t react to the sound, seeming out like a light. Jen took note of the bags beneath her eyes, and revised the narrative of the morning. It was another thing to ask her about, when she was ready.


‘oh cool. can i come see ur new place? be great to see both of you.’

‘anytime, we aren’t going out today so just buzz’

Jen put the phone back down, and again lost herself in the quiet, in the feeling of closeness and intimacy she hadn’t known she needed in her life. Did Maisy know she was her first legit girlfriend? Sure Nix was her physical first, but they’d kept things casual, and Jen was happy to let that be because she didn’t think there was much for her in a relationship, with all its thorny dimensions. Even with roadbumps lain in plain sight - and doubtless others hidden ahead - she had to admit for the stolen moments like this, there was no life without it.

“Mrh…” Maisy stirred, turning to get more comfortable.

“Did you doze off?”


“Didn’t sleep so well?”

“Nothing bad.” Maisy said, as if reading her earlier thoughts. “I’m, nervous as fuck about all this but it’s good nerves you know?”

“I know. I feel it too.”

“I’ll be ok.”

“Nix’ll be over some time today, dunno when.”

“Oh nice.” Maisy stretched, and seeing those breasts arch so close to her face, Jen felt the tingle of excitement that hid during the quiet times. “I guess we should get dressed.”



“I mean, we could not.”

“And then just rush to get dressed when Nix turns up?”


“Jen.” Maisy giggled. She stopped, though still smiling when she realised Jen wasn’t laughing. “Omg, you’re serious aren’t you?”

“What do you think?”

“When did you last even see Nix?”

“Two years I think?” Jen pondered. “Properly it’s been more like four. But I saw her in passing.”

“So now you wanna go in with everything on display?”

“Here’s the thing, it’s a hell of an ice breaker.”

“You want her to know, about us?”

“Unless you don’t?”

“I’m fine with telling her, but, how do you think she’ll react?”

Jen pondered. The honest answer was she had suggested it as a joke, and felt that strange calmness that comes with the kind of epiphanies you should almost always heed, the calm that should be roiling nerves because one mustn’t ever do that thing, that perhaps means do it, and right away.

“I dunno. But it’s not like she hasn’t seen me naked.”

“True. She hasn’t seen me.”

“Well age difference to be fair. Actually, she has seen you naked, but you were babby.”

“Am still babby.”

“Don’t.” Jen said, trying to be stern but the snort betraying her. “Are you comfortable with this?”

Maisy pondered.

“Let me put it this way.” She said, and lowered her hand. When she raised it again to the sunlight, the wetness gleamed between her fingers. “I think it sounds like fun.”

They made a pact not to play until she arrived. That as it turned out was at times easy, with spikes of hardness, in difficulty, her nipples, and her throbbing clit. Maisy was just having to fight a wandering hand every now and then, but she didn’t have Jen’s “problem”. The spontaneous orgasms that she quite often enjoyed, albeit quieter than she would with Maisy, became a constant threat as she kept catching glances of her sister in provocative poses. Maisy even offered to get dressed after Jen had to nope out of the room and splash water on her face, feeling the embers grow into a roaring fire that she doused with seconds to spare.

“Is it normally this bad?”

“Hah, um it can be. Like I’ve had ones out of nowhere more than once. Normally not super strong but sometimes.”


“Maisy if I tell you at least one of us is gonna cum.”

“Fair point.” Maisy said. “Still, I envy you.”


“Like just, getting to cum like that? The idea of just losing control and not being able to hold it back?”

“I get ya. I guess, I like feeling in control. I don’t mind them, but I prefer when it’s like how it’s happened with us, not when I’m on a bus and start having multiple climaxes.”

“O-oh, ok yeah don’t tell me more I felt that.”


“Fucking hypocrite.” Maisy stuck out her tongue. Jen laughed, but it turned into a cough at the door buzzer. Maisy froze up too. Jen moved over, and picked up the phone.

Chapter 6 - Nix In The Bud


“S’me.” It was the first time in almost half a decade she’d heard Nix’s voice, and though their friendship often featured benefits, a tingle went down her spine at the tone. “Brought beer. Buzz me in?”

“Nice, um yeah one sec.”

As Jen hung up the phone, she could hear the thump of both their heartbeats. On instinct she moved to give Maisy a hug.

“You still ok with this?”

“Yes…” She said, but her voice quaivered.

“Ok. If you need to run to the bedroom I can just say I hopped out the shower.”

“I’m ready.”



Footstep. Footstep. Footstep. Pause. Knock.

Jen stepped forwards, and pulled open the door.

“Hi Nix.”

“Hey. Ha, long time no see.” Nix said. She wore her hair in pastel-pink blonde, shaved on one side, and wearing her favourite style of puffy black-pink coat. She stepped forwards and gave Jen a hug, seeming to pay no heed to the nudity. She then took a step back. “Long time since I’ve seen you like this too.”

“We’re pretty casual.” Jen said. She smirked, but inside her heart was going ballistic. The fact she was exposed to the hallway didn’t help. Thankfully Nix stepped in, letting her close the door.

“Oh, wow hello Maisy. You know I was gonna share the beers either way right?”

“Pfft, hi Nix. Missed you.”

“Aw, I missed you too, come here.” Nix pulled her into a hug too. “I feel, overdressed all of a sudden.”

“Do you mind?” Jen asked, keeping her tone as casual as her birthday suit, but with the safe word implied.

“You kidding?” Nix grinned. “Is your place and I’m not complaining.”

Jen took her coat, revealing her cute gothic dress and frills, along with fishnets. If ever there was a statement for scant clothing winning the hotness battle over nudity, then standing side by side with her in that moment Jen may have accepted it. They all walked into the lounge and ended up on the sofa, Jen and Maisy together, Nix on Jen’s other side on the tangent of the sofa’s L.

“So when’d you become nudists?”

“We’re, not exactly nudists. I mean, we both like nudity but yeah.” Maisy said. She didn’t quite word vomit, but they came out at an uncanny speed, making her pink a little.

“Oh? That’s cool. Do you have many people over?”

“Eh not really. Actually Maisy only moved in a couple days ago, and before that I don’t even think our parents even came over.”

“Oof. It’s nice you two are comfortable with it though.”

“Yeah. Actually, there’s more to it than that.” Jen said. She felt Maisy take her hand.


“Yeah. We’re um, dating.”

“Get out.” Nix’s eyes bugged. She looked between the two, as if waiting for Miasy to tell her sister off for the joke. When instead she didn’t, and as Jen’s heart threatened to explode from the fear, Nix broke out in a huge smile. “That’s amazing!”

“Y-yeah?” Jen said, feeling Maisy vibrating like a certain little friend in her bedside table.

“Good for you two! Am I the first to know?”


“Wow. Well, double high five and gratz on the hot girlfriends to both of ya.” Nix mercifully didn’t make any move to carry out such a high five, as with how much Jen shuddered then there was a non-zero chance she’d have accidentally palmed Nix in the face.

“Thank you.” Maisy beamed. She seemed to have hit her calm. Jen hadn’t. And as Jen realised why, she had a brief moment to think ‘oh shit’, planting her feet parted on the floor. If Nix noticed she had her pussy on full show she didn’t seem to mind.  “I’m glad you’re ok with it.”

“Hey, you don’t need anyone’s approval, not like you can get knocked up, I’m happy for ya. Um, Jen?”


“You ok?”

"I'm, going to cum." Jen said in a blank voice. She fell back. This part of the sofa had no back, so she ended up flat. She let out a deep whimper, as she came about as hard as she ever had. "I'm cumming!"

Her eyes barely remained open, but she watched in mild horror as a geyser of squirt shot from between her legs and sprayed across the room, hitting the wall. She let out a long crying shuddering breath as waves of orgasm hit her, though mercifully with less of a torrent, until the world stopped crashing and she could only hear her own ragged breaths. Her vision was a little blurred, but a dark shape with a smaller amber one appeared in front of her.

“You, should probably rehydrate after that.”

Jen accepted the beer, pulling herself up and feeling both better and mortified. She opened her mouth to apologise, but no words came out.

“Maisy, um, maybe an indelicate question.”


“I, really need to cum after seeing that. You mind if I just go lock myself in the bathroom?”

“You don’t have to do that! Stay if you want.” Maisy said, exhuding confidence from god knew where. Jen felt her head begin to clear as the cold bottle started to cool her down, enough that she saw the extent of the damage. Her squirt missed the coffee table, but in doing so managed to soak the length of the carpet, and caught the bottom of the wall beneath the window. She winced a bit at the thought of it staining, but then remembered she owned the flat and there was no landlord to pose awkward questions.

As her vision expanded, she realised Nix was kicking off her shoes, and noticed at last that as well as going barefoot, she’d removed her dress, sitting in just an undershirt and her panties. As Jen watched, she hitched her thumbs around the waistline of her underwear and pulled them down, revealing that she had indeed stuck with shaving. She turned her head to see if Maisy minded this sudden move, and saw her sister furiously rubbing herself, eyes scrunched shut. Jen took a sip of beer, shook her head and put it on the table, as Nix pulled off her top, revealing her own bare chest. She wasted no time, lying down and starting to pull at her labia in the gentle slow play Jen watched her do so many times before. Jen wondered, not for the first time, if the whole world had gone mad. Then she lay back and began to masturbate.

Maisy was the first to cum. She arched her back, groaned loud and shuddered, while Jen and Nix stopped to admire her. Nix shot Jen a look, and in an instant Jen knew what Nix craved. She had no doubt or hesitation, nodding at once, then scooting over to her panting sister and beginning to gently kiss her. Maisy returned the kisses, their tongues in gentle dance until Maisy gasped. Jen strugged to contain the smirk as she licked as her sister’s shuddering lips, while Nix licked at her other ones. Jen held that smug smile until she felt the jolt of familiar fingers at her own crotch, and whimpered into Maisy’s mouth.

“I’m so glad we showed her…” Maisy moaned. Soon, both lay back, with Nix leaning between, expertly fingering each sister with one hand each. Before Jen knew what was happening, she knelt in front of Nix’s pussy as Maisy sat on her face, her sister’s juices running down Nix’s neck. She bent down and the taste of Nix took her right back to all those happy memories, feeling her writhing against her tongue. Jen climaxed hands free long before Nix did from the motion, but Nix’s own thundered from her as her thighs clamped and shuddered around her.

And then, all three sat, Nix in the middle, a sister leaning on her either side, panting and breathing hard.

“That was, legit my first threesome.” Nix said at last, leaning forward to finish Jen’s abandoned beer.

“Really? Damn, I’m honoured.” Jen said, fishing out a fresh one for Maisy, then herself. Maisy nodded in either agreement or thanks, and just held the bottle to her chest.

“Can, we do this again?” Nix asked. She sounded uncharacteristically sheepish.

“Fuck can we make it a regular thing?” Jen replied with a laugh.

“That was really nice…” Maisy managed at last, having taken a few sips. Nix put an arm around her and Maisy closed her eyes, beaming. “Thank you for being so understanding.”

“Pleasure was, well I suppose not all mine.” Nix said. Jen snorted, and took a long swig. “Is it bad I’m still stupidly horny?”

“Pfft, can’t blame you. I’m just knackered.” Jen said.

“Same…” Maisy said.

“Either of you mind if I masturbate?”

“Go for it. Should I sort food?”

“Oooo yes please.” Nix said, spreading her legs and beginning to rub. Maisy looked down with cat like interest as Jen got up and moved to the kitchen area. “You two are legit the best.”

“Thank you.” Jen beamed. She cut up some sandwiches and brought over a platter. By the time she got back, Nix was in full concentration, and Maisy gently licked at her nipple. Jen smiled, and sat down on the free space adjacent.

“You ok with sandwiches?”

“Mhm. Sorry one sec gonna cum.” Nix said. She scrunched her face, and Maisy straightened, moving in and kissing her. Nix made a noise of surprise, muffled, that turned into a long moan as her legs shuddered. “Oh, oh fuck me, Maisy.” Nix shook, and let out a higher noise when Maisy moved to start rubbing at her clit. Nix withdrew her hand, and Jen watched as Maisy took control, leaning over to lick at her chest as she pounded her fingers into Nix.

“Can you pass me a sandwich Jen?”

“Mhm.” Jen smiled and leaned over, feeding her one. “You need some water?”

“Fuck I’m gonna cum again!”

“Yes please.” Maisy said. Jen picked up an empty glass from the table, and placed it between Nix’s legs. Jen leaned over to whisper in Nix’s ear.

“Nix, cum fucking hard. Maisy’s thirsty.”

“Nnnng fuck!” Nix groaned, and the sounds of splashing against glass and fluid came from below.

“Thank you.” Jen said, leaning down to give her clit a little kiss. Maisy was still fingering her, but a little lighter now, letting her have some breathing room. Jen raised the glass and examined the liquid, about 10 mililitres if she had to guess. Impressive, but not quite enough to sait Maisy. She decided that for her sister, she was willing to go one more round, so placed the glass on the table and began to finger herself over it. Maisy giggled as she saw, with Nix almost too out of it to comprehend. As raw as Jen felt, she managed a few spurts as she crashed into her orgasm.

“Here ya go, drink up.” Jen panted, handing it to her sister. Maisy smiled, and took a slow sip.

“Holy shit you two are wild…” Nix wheezed.

“Want some?” Maisy asked. She tipped the cum into Nix’s lips. “It’s nice isn’t it?”

“Fuck yes…”

The drink seemed to at last said Nix, and while they remained nude in large part because all three were far too warm after the shenanigans to dress. The sandwiches vanished fast, and the oven pizzas barely outlasted them. Jen didn’t even remember putting them in, far too distracted by the free show. Nix slumped back and let out a long whistle.

“This was a good day.”

“I know right?” Maisy said. She stretched out on the sofa. “I just wanna sleep right now.”

“You can nap, if you want I can come get you if you wanna snooze in bed?”

“Nah I can here.” Maisy curled up, and sure enough in moments she was out like a flame in the wind. Nix looked at her, and then at Jen.

“So this was a surprise?”

“Mhm. Feels, right though.”

“You two have such obvious sexual chemistry I’m honestly amazed I never considered it.”

“Well, people don’t usually assume incest. I sure as heck didn’t.”


“Well she says when we were growing up I’d occasionally grope her, which, I hope isn’t true, might just be her joking.”

“I’m sure you didn’t mean anything by it.” Nix said. She seemed to get the actual worry lying beneath the stated one. “If she ever felt uncomfortable about it, I’m sure she would have said. This is the same girl who would flip out if you messed with her hair remember?”

“Heh, yeah I was an utter bitch at times…”

“All siblings have that kind of thing. Besides, could you two be any closer now?”

Jen weighed that, reaching for another beer. The container of twelve was already half empty.

“I guess not. Can I ask something dumb?”

“Is there any question dumber than a meta question?”

“Pfft, ok sorry my bad. You’re not, like, I dunno, jealous?”

“How do you mean? Because we used to be a secret thing?”

Jen froze.

“Something wrong?”

“Were we? I mean, I we never made it official?”

“I thought the time you doused me in so much squirt I choked made it kinda official.” Nix said. She sounded a little pensive even with the smile.

“I did always want it to be.” Jen said. It was a confession that got a raised eyebrow from Nix, but shocked herself just as much. “I’ve not always been the best at communicating this stuff.”

“Hey, it’s ok. And besides, if you two are happy for me to ‘hang out’ like this, I’m hardly jealous. But um, how’d you even start?”

“One sec.” Jen looked at Maisy, gave her a little nudge. She groaned, but then opened her eyes.


“Do you mind me talking to Nix about what we’ve done and how we got there?”

“I just ate her out like three times, you can tell her everything, sleep…” Maisy grumbled and curled up.

“Ok but your consent matters.”

“I consent, let me sleeeeep…” Maisy gristled, but she gave Jen a tired smile.

“You have no idea how cute you two are I swear.”

“Tankoo…” Maisy mumbled as sleep took her once more.

“Well, Maisy was still with, you know.”

“What the jerk from before?”

“Yeah. But they broke up when she told him she was gay. He abandoned her in Italy with no plane tickets. It’s just lucky the fucker didn’t steal her passport too.”

“Fuck, are you serious??”

“Mhm. I bought her ticket home, told her to stay here. Then that night I thought I heard her crying and went to check on her.”


“Well, she was actually masturbating.”


“Like, I had to get off after I saw her cum but I forgot to get dressed after, and she found me naked in a pool of cum in the morning.”

“Pffft you fucking idiot.”

“Hah, yeah, ‘sept she didn’t mind. And um, well then things escalated…”

Jen told her every detail. Nix beamed at hearing that Maisy masturbated hearing about their old adventures. In a delightful symmetry she’d already started masturbating again before that point, a little more casual but in obvious delight.

“And then yeah, we decided to stay nude to force us to break the ice and tell ya.”

“Oh man, I am so glad you did.”

“You gonna cum?”

“Cumming…” Nix scrunched up and let out a low satisfied sigh, her legs vibrating as she fought not to clamp them, the sound of her slick wetness growing as she soaked her fingers with glee. “Fuck I dunno when I last came this many times in one day.”

“Day we bought that strap on home?”

“Oh my god I forgot about that!” Nix had to stifle her laugh so not to wake Maisy. “Why’d we stop using that thing?”

“I guess because you preferred fingers?” Jen shrugged. “It was always me on you after all so your preference.”

“Well you are the dom. And I am a massive sub. You always knew how to keep me happy.”

“True.” Jen smiled, and then ran her fingers through Maisy’s sleeping hair, “I am very lucky Maisy is a natural sub. She’s so good to me.”

“She’s adorable. Is she a squirter?”

“Not as dramatic as me, but she can use Water Spout.”

“You’re still the undisputed Hydro Cannon. See your lil ‘quirk’ is still about?”

“Better than it was. I’m not just randomly cumming for no reason as often.”


“Look I know you found it hot but it was so embarrassing!”

“You used to be so good at hiding it, I’d be so smug when I spotted your cummy face in class.”


“Oh god rememeber when it happened in front of the class? Like no one noticed but I knew as soon as I saw your leg give.”

“Mr. Andrews just thought I’d sprained my ankle bless him.”

“Not gonna lie I came in class that day too.”

“You did?”

“I was idly touching a lil at one point, but as soon as I realised what happened, I just edged my way up all lesson and came in like the last five minutes.”

“Deviant.” Jen smirked. “I hope the three of us have a lot of fun together.”

“Me too.”

“Where you living these days anyway.”

“Eh, I had to move back in with the folks. Art’s a tough gig and when I lost my part time job in Tesco that hit the bottom line hard.”

“Oh? Why’d you lose it?”

“Cutbacks. They wanted to scale down that store. I mean, this town’s dying a lil bit as it is. Just didn’t need me anymore.”

“Mmmh…” Maisy groaned, and stretched, her perky tits arching. Both women took a moment to appreciate her, which when she noticed she seemed a little proud of.

“Hey um, Maisy?”


“You wanna share the bed going forward right?”


“How would you feel if we had a third housemate?”

Chapter 7 - Make Me An Offer

“Wait what?” Nix said, looking at Jen with shock. Jen shrugged.

“I mean, if you wanted? This is my place, mortgage not rent. And I had set up my old office room as a spare room anyway thinking Maisy might stay in there. I think it’s larger than your old bedroom?”

“Can, c-can I see it?”

“Course!” Jen said, getting up and guiding the trio to the room on the left of the corridor. The room lay as it had when Maisy dumped her stuff on returning home, suitcase still in the middle, but otherwise untouched. Maisy made the bed, so it looked quite inviting, and Jen felt her chest flutter a little at the memory of that incident. “What do you think?”

“Wouldn’t, I dunno, I be like a third wheel in your thing?”

“No!” Both said in unison, then looking at each other they both giggled.

“I’ll pay rent. I am at my parents so…” She trailed.

“We can figure that out.” Maisy said. Jen liked she was taking a prominent role in this. “You don’t have to beg.”

“Hm.” Jen said, a wicked thought crossing her mind. Nix looked at her, tilting her head. “Actually, I’d quite like her to beg.”

“What-” Maisy began, but Nix saw the glint in Jen’s eye. She let her face soften for just a moment, and saw the expression returned from Nix.

“Oh?” Nix said.

“Yeah.” Jen leaned on the doorframe. She gestured to where Nix stood in the room for her to approach. Nix took a few steps until she stood right in front. Jen put a firm hand on her shoulder, and pushed her to her knees. “I’d like you to beg.”

“Please, may I live with you two?”

“Hm. Maisy, do you think that’s good enough?”

“I dunno. She’s offering to pay, but is money the issue?”

“No, no it’s not. What else can you offer?”

“I, can cook?”

“Pfft, my job.” Maisy said. She stuck a tongue out which was supposed to be bratty, but it was so adorable that both other women almost broke character.

Nix looked between them, and then looked at Jen’s crotch at eye level. She leaned forward, and kissed at her thigh.

“I’m listening.” Jen said. She shared a smug smile with Maisy, then her sister leaned down, and put her hand on the back of Nix’s head. Just seeing her take on a switch role to play this out made Jen gush with excitement. She watched as Maisy used gentle but firm force to push Nix’s face between Jen’s legs.

“Jen hun, do you need to go to the bathroom?” Maisy asked.

“I don’t know. Nix, do I?”


“What was that?” Jen asked, letting Maisy release ger grip enough so her pussy didn’t muffle Nix’s words.

“Please. Please go to the bathroom.”

Maisy pulled her head back, holding her hair with care but a firm grip. Nix kept her eyes open, looking up at Jen, and though she was playing along with the meekness, she looked so happy in that moment that it melted Jen’s heart. Jen put a hand above her vulva, pulled up, and began to piss into Nix’s face. She opened her mouth and gulped down her pee, as more splashed down her bare chest and onto the laminate floor, pooling around her. Jen watched as Nix started to pee too, and smiled as she felt the familiar feeling build.

“You taking a piss on my floor now?”


“You better clean that up.”

“Ok.” She got down on her hands and knees, and began to lap up the pee off the floor. It was too much.

“Pull her head up.”

Maisy did so, Nix’s eyes wide as Jen groaned deep, and shot a jet of pee right into her face. She groaned with deep lust and squirted with orgasmic force over Nix, drenching her. Maisy pushed her face in and Jen felt her frantic tongue suckling her clit as the orgasm thundered on. When at last she subsided, Jen reached down and helped Nix up,pulling her into a tight hug.

"I'm so happy you're here." Jen said.

"Me too." Nix said, smiling. She was drenched in cum, but looked serene. Jen hugged her close, as Maisy seemed to move to clean up the floor. A brush against her navel, a noise of surprise and quick glance revealed she was licking at Nix's pussy. Jen held Nix in a tight embrace until she shuddered in orgasm. "Thank you…"

Jen helped her to the shower, then came out to find Maisy masturbating in the corridor. She was covered in pee and cum too, and Jen watched her go with more than a little pride.

"Can I pee too?"

"Fuck it right?" Jen said with a snort. She watched with curiosity as Maisy propped herself up, butt against the wall, and then began to piss all over herself. She let out a sigh and then went back to furious rubbing. Jen stepped forwards, and stood over her, Maisy staring up. Jen concentrated, and a trickle of piss ran down her thighs.

"So pretty. Cumming…" Maisy groaned.

By some miracle, the three women managed to find a calm truce after that. The slightly sobering task of cleaning the corridor helped a little there, but in no small part sheer exhaustion helped at last quell the flames. Getting dressed helped too, though there were a few close calls in that process too. More than once in the tidying process they’d catch each other’s eyes and just start laughing, at the absurdity, the obscenity and the sheer audacity of their escapades. By the time the apartment was clean and ‘aired’, Jen checked her watch, and had to do a double take at seeing 5:15 in the evening, far earlier than she expected. She told this to the collapsed forms of Maisy and Nix, who both looked like they could sleep for a week.

“God I still haven’t done any revision…” Maisy groaned, in much less pleasure than her other such noises that day.

“Oh? You need a hand with that?”

“Jen’s said she’ll help but like, I could use all the help I can get? I should probably check the reading list.”

“You haven’t already done that?” Jen asked, trying to keep the tone of chastisement out of her tone, and hearing her absolute failure. Maisy shook her head, looking glum.

“I’ve been carrying a lot of stress. I feel, like a billion times better thanks to you two but there’s so much catching up to do.”

“We should get started then?” Nix said, but then wheezed when she tried to move. “Damn it, I’m getting old.”

“I think even in our teens that kind of session would floor us. Honestly I kinda feel we should just order in and watch some movies tonight, make a start on the revision on a good night’s rest.”

“I’m just aware I’ve been putting it off…” Maisy said. She had smiled at Jen’s suggestion, but the guilt drove deep shadows across her face. Jen plonked herself next to her sister and put an arm around her. “I don’t wanna look like I’m not taking my studies seriously.”

“We’ll figure it out. But right now you’re dead on your feet, and neither one of us is gonna be much help to ya. What are you feeling for food?”

“I guess Indian or Chinese?”

“I could go for Indian.” Nix concurred. “I can cover the cost too.”

“No, let me do that.” Jen said. Both looked like they wanted to argue, but sheer fatigue stayed their protests. Pulling out her laptop, the three juggled the device until a mountain of food lay on the horizon, and then turned to the all important task of movie selection. Nix alluded to Netflix and Chill, but at best it got snickers from the others because none of them had the stamina left. A few mindless comedies fought for supremacy, and in the end it didn’t matter which won because Jen was quite sure they’d all conk out before the third act anyway. Sticking on a cooking show while they waited for the food, Maisy popped a question that Jen hadn’t even thought to ask.

“So, are we a throuple now?”

“I, hadn’t really thought about it. What do you think Nix?”

“You’d, be cool with that? I won’t lie the idea crossed my mind but, I didn’t wanna intrude.”

“You’ve given us both multiple orgasms today to the point we can barely walk, did you hear us complaining once?”

“Yeah, but a couple is different. Do you actually see me romantically?”

“Rememeber that night in college, where we bought in the mountain of instant noodles and the three of us just marathoned every scary movie in your collection we could?”

“Oh yeah that was amazing.” Nix said.

“Well, to be honest, even before the world went crazy, I have thought back to that night a lot. I’ve always thought that if I ever did want a relationship, which before a couple days ago I never really did, it would be like that. And without even trying we’ve set up a homage to that.”

“I felt that too.” Maisy said. “I’m guessing then it was more you thinking about Nix, but I thought about you.”

“It wasn’t that defined. It was the experience with both of you.”

“And how do you feel about poly?”

Jen couldn’t contain the burst of laughter.

“Fuck me, I’m in an incestious relationship with my own sister, you think society is gonna look on me kinder for monogamy? And fuck it life is far too short. I’m a greedy bitch, I want both of you.”

“Greed is good.” Maisy nodded.

“It just feels weird that we kinda, fell into this doesn’t it? No drama?”

“Life’s less dramatic than it seems like it should be.” Jen shrugged.

“I had quite a lot of drama this week.” Maisy chimed in.

“Ok granted, but between us, we’ve always been chill. Why inject drama into a place where it doesn’t naturally live? Maybe it’s why we work so well.”

“I hope this works out.” Nix said.

“If it doesn’t, it won’t change how I feel about both of you. I hope the same would be true back, but I’ll say here and now, I support whatever both of you decide to do.”

“Aw come on, stop being so silly you two.” Maisy said, putting an arm on each. “Don’t drown in the big stuff, we’re happy, let’s just enjoy every moment and hope for more of them.”

“Maisy coming in for the kill.” Nix grinned. Jen gave her sister a sardonic look.

“Weren’t you the one agonising over study time like five minutes ago?”

“I’m a hypocrite, deal with it.” Maisy beamed. Jen decided that she could do that. The door dingled, and then a few minutes later the three sat around eating, laughing at the dumb movie, and sure enough Jen looked over an hour or so later and both were out for the count, with her own eyelids turning to lead. She snuggled up with her two best friends in the world, and let the ambient noise of the daft movie guide her off to sleep, feeling full, fulfilled, and at peace.

When Jen woke, it was close to midnight. Netflix seemed to pick up where they left off on the cooking show, adminishing them for their lack of engagement with the passive aggressive ‘Are you still watching?’ message. Outside the wind picked up, whistling by trees in a threat of storm, but still too quiet to grow into such intensity. For now, it rumbled, in that delicate eye where such weather grants comfort, when not outside at least. The sounds of her snoozing girlfriends harmonised with the gale, and in that moment, Jen knew tranquility she hadn’t since the naivety of childhood. It lasted for a few precious moments, until the reason she woke gave her a poke.

The harsh light of the bathroom as she switched the light on offended her eye, and she debated peeing in the dark, but by the time her thoughts got in order, she’d acclimatised to the glare. Jen shuffled to the bowl, and looked down at the porcelain. Then she looked at the floor, tiled but with the heating pipes underneath, so her bare feet remained toasty. The images came back to her, and she considered. A brief flash of worry if someone saw her, but then, wasn’t that silly? Wasn’t the urge because the others got to experience the thrill but she hadn’t?

Jen pulled her lounge trousers, and then her panties. Stepping out of them, she lifted her jumpers off, and piled them in the corridor, hopefully out of the splash zone. That made Jen smirk, remembering that that very spot was the splash zone but a few hours ago. She didn’t bother closing the door, laying down on the floor while clutching a bundle of towels destined for the wash anyway. One went behind her head, while she rolled the other, and placed it against the wall. While Maisy hadn’t used one, she didn’t fancy how comfy the walls might be, and wanted to be comfortable right now. She shuffled her way up the wall, until she was face to pussy with herself.

Jen liked the look of her own vulva; she’d heard the conversations of her peers growing up, about protruding labias not looking like the girls online, but she’d always liked the flowering appearance, like a gentle petal that sent tingled through her with a brush of one finger. It was always her left labia that did it, never the right, even though as the flower gently opened at her idle play, you couldn’t tell one from the other. That was just how they decided to coexist, one prominent, one secluded. Between them, the centre of her pleasure beckoned her, but she resisted it. Jen never understood how guys could miss the clitoris, but then she didn’t much understand them in general. She hadn’t taken so long to admire it in a long time, and for a while, she just pulled her skin back and watched it in gentle rise and fall, though the longer she looked, the less it fell.

Jen blew gently onto herself, and felt a charge pass through her body at the sensation. Her bladder whined, and she allowed it a moment’s reprieve, watching as a tiny spurt of pee leapt from her and trickled down her stomach. It ran as searing lava that turned to a mild stream as it settled, and the sight of it bursting from her forced Jen to supress a groan. She pushed, and a large spurt shot and caught her in the face. She hadn’t meant to and the unexpected faceful made a small gasp escape her lips. It was too much, and her hands holding the line moved in to caress herself, giving into the ecstasy. She kept her fingers from her clit but worked the hood with love and passion, trying to prolong the feelings of build up for as long as she could.

“Oh, there you are.” Maisy’s voice trickled from behind her. Jen glanced back to see her sister wiping at her tired eye. “Sorry just gotta go pee.”

“Mmmmh, me too…” Jen said, and without another word blasted herself in the face once again. She felt the warm splatter and let out a satisfied purr. She couldn’t hear Maisy, wondered if she’d stepped past or was waiting outside. She heard a small shuffle, and opened her eyes in time to see Maisy’s pussy in front of her face. Jen opened her mouth but before she could say a word, Maisy let loose a long stream, and her aim was incredible, drowning her mouth within seconds. Any pretense of edging fled Jen as her orgasm hit like a freight train. She let out a sound like a sob as she jetted pee straight up, splattering over both of them in a quite literal golden shower.

Before Maisy could move away Jen sat up and grabbed at her hips. Her sister let out a noise of surprise, but before she could speak up Jen dug nails into her thighs and buried her face between her legs. Far from protests, the noises Maisy let loose were gutteral, joyous and even desperate as she ran fingers through Jen’s hair. She came up for air, and turned to see Nix sitting on the closed toilet lid, just watching with a sleepy but happy expression.

“You want in?”

“I am, far too tired, but it’s nice to watch.”

“Mm, as long as you’re happy.”

“I am. I really am.” Nix said, sounding at total peace as Jen dove back in. Before long Maisy’s legs began to give out, and soon the three say on the floor, Maisy resting her head in Nix’s lap as the latter stroked her hair, smiling in a doting fashion while Jen devoured her. Her hunger turned to gentle nibbles, and then to a soft and sleepy lap as the sisters quietened down. By the time Jen rested a cheek against her sister to rest, the inferno of the soaked pillow seared her skin, the soft pulsing of who knew how many residual orgasms massaging her. Maisy let out a fluttering giggle.

“Oh, oh wow.”

“Wow is right.” Nix agreed. “You are insatiable Jen.”

“Hah, yeah I um, lose control sometimes.”

“You can always lose control like that…” Maisy chuckled, sounding winded. She shifted, and Jen felt her clit throb against her cheek. “I am so lucky…”

“We all are. Best throuple.” Jen said.

“Best throuple.” Nix nodded. She let out a long yawn.

“Sorry if we woke you.”

“Pfft I could have slept, but as if I’m gonna ignore Maisy whimpering she’s gonna cum as if her life depends on it.”

“You were?” Jen looked at her sister who looked dazed even now.

“You went wild. You realise you’ve been eating me for like the last hour right?”

“Wait really? What time is it?” Jen looked stupidly at her bare wrist.

“Like 2am.” Nix said, looking at her phone. “I only remembered to send a message to say I’d be out for the night when you woke me so it all kinda worked out.”

“Damn. Sorry if I wore you out Maisy.”

“You’re fine, phew. I mean I could keep going, not gonna lie it was real good.”

“Oh, if you say so.” Jen said, and shifted about.

“Wait you sure?”

“Course.” Jen said, beaming, and began lapping at her sister again.

“Oh fuck, I’m so sensative…”

“You’ll be feeling this tomorrow.” Nix said, rocking Maisy’s head in a gentle motion.

“It genuinely feels, unnf, like I’m slipping in and out of cumming with every ahhh touch.”

“Oh I’ve been there. One time, I just forced myself to sit on my wand until I could barely keep from passing out. I was lying on the floor afterwards and couldn’t even tell if I was still cumming or not. I kept pissing myself all night after that because I couldn’t control myself.”

“Ye-yeah, that’s this, but like super warm too…”

Jen kept lapping. Then she rested her lips around Maisy’s clit and began to suck it into her mouth, running her tongue in circles.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.”

“Are you ok?” Nix asked.

“That’s so intense I-ahhh, ahhhh oh, oooooooh.” Maisy squirmed, and then Jen felt her begin to piss once again. How she had anything left inside her was anyone’s guess. “Sorry…”

“I think your sister is into pee, you’re fine.” Nix said, comforting her. There was something magical to the trio, Jen, a being of hunger and lust, Maisy, the helpless but safe victim, and Nix, providing the during and aftercare in real time. Maisy shuddered close to violently but her whimpers of insistence she was ok let Jen delve even further. By the time that Jen surfaced, Maisy appeared to lose all use of speech, and spoke in nods and shakes. Jen slid up her body and hugged her close, feeling her intense tremours as Nix retreated, returning with a warm blanket that - after they dried her off, they wrapped her in.

“It’s funny, it’s almost, ritualistic. She let you break her down to atoms.”

“Should I have stopped?”

“No. She didn’t want you to, and we’re safe.”

“And you’re all good?”

“It’s, funny. I am turned on, but I didn’t wanna join in. There’s, I dunno like a spiritual side to it?”


“Yeah. Watching you two go at it like that, I felt a need to be a witness and not to disturb. It was, like looking at a beautiful painting in creation. I didn’t want to mess it up, but I supported the artists until they finished best I could.”

“You were amazing.”

“How about you though?”

“I’m, yeah I do need to cum again but-”

“I can help.”

“Are you sure? Don’t you need to sleep?”

“Nah, I’m cool just staying up a bit longer.” Nix smiled. “And not gonna lie, I know what you’re like when you’re giving for too long, and it’s never not a great show.”


Chapter 8 - Make Yourself At Home

They decided to move to the lounge. Maisy appeared to have gone to collapse in bed, making Jen wonder for the first time about sleeping arrangements. While hers was large, could it fit three? Nix asked her why she looked pensive all of a sudden, and she pondered aloud about if they should just sell her bedframe and get something gigantic, or even try moving the small bed into the main room. Nix just shook her head.

“Nah don’t worry about that. Not meaning to be anti-social but I am definitely a lone sleeper most of the time. If, that’s ok?”

“Oh, no no now you say it I remember, yeah you used to always prefer that on our sleepovers. I mean if that makes you comfortable why not right? I guess, me overthinking that might have been one reason I didn’t realise we were a thing back then.” Jen felt her face flush, and couldn’t meet Nix’s eyes. “I’m, sorry that I managed to be so dumb.”

“I mean, we were teens, I dunno if it counted or not either. I’m ok with now being a thing instead. And I never took it personally that we drifted, people do that. Heck, I had your Facebook, I could’ve reached out. God I’m still a bit mindblown by us being a thing now, and having both you and Mase? I think I’d have bled out from the nose if you’d told horny-teen me that.”

“As oppose to horny-adult you?”

“I dunno how but I feel I’m the least sexual of us three. Not a place I expected to find myself.

“It’s so nice though right? Like, it feels right.”

“It’s stability, and feeling at home. God that’s probably weird to say, this isn’t my home yet.”

“It is. Far as I’m concerned. Or do you mean you need to make it more your own too?” Jen looked about the lounge, still ‘decorated’ in as much as a few curios from odds and ends shops to fill out walls and the cabinet could count. Nix nodded.

“Bit of both I guess. I feel safe here so, maybe it already is. Dunno what my parents will say yet.”

“I mean you’re just moving out to somewhere where you are still nearby, and you moved out before. I’m sure they’ll be happy for you.”

“And, should I tell them the, you know, nature of this?” Nix made a point of meeting Jen’s eyes as she said it, avoiding any ambiguity. Jen met the expression with one of firmness.

“You are the only one who gets to decide that Nix. We’re, not telling our parents, yet anyway.”

“I guess it is a lot harder for you two huh.”

“Mm, I think it’s more that we don’t want them to worry, and they’ll be fine with us being old spinsters. They don’t care about grandkids so like, there’s no pressure there. It’s not like they need to know their daughters are fucking like rabbits.”

“And with rabbits?”

“Amazingly I don’t own one right now, last one’s motor burned out and I just switched to the big one.”

“The, big one?” Nix raised an eyebrow. Jen laughed.

“I’ll introduce you at some point. I think you’ll be very excited, or if nothing else amused.”

“Lol fair. And, um, if they did find out? Your parents I mean.” Nix looked like she hated herself for dragging the conversation back again, and even Jen had to sigh, having tried to use the idea of her secret monster-toy as a lure to guide them away from this topic. “If you don’t want to…”

“I dunno.” Jen gave an honest shrug. They settled themselves down on the sofa. Jen leaned back and felt the plush padding of the sofa against her skin. Nix moved next to her and put an arm around her shoulders, letting Jen rest herself against her arm. The warmth restored some of the cold brought on by uncomfortable future hurdles. After a short silence, she sighed. “If, they found out, I guess we’d need to defend it.”


“Well it’s not like we can get pregnant. It’s also not like we’re advertising it, so we’re not doing anything to put ourselves at risk. You know, apart from all the risky public stuff but, we should probably not do that.”

“Risky public stuff?”

“We’ve um, had a couple of daring moments.”

“Ooo, but why the need to stop?”

“Because if we get caught and then people find out we’re related, it’s hard to dispute it then right?”

“Right, but if that’s your thing then you have to be true to yourselves. You really like public stuff then?”

“Y-yeah.” Jen said, as she felt Nix move her hand between her legs. She shifted her thighs apart and let Nix caress at her. “It’s such a thrill. I guess I got it from all those times I went off without control, it’s hot people not realising you’re climaxing. And it’s also hot when they do.”

“I always loved when you did. After that first time with the shaver and you telling me about it, I got such a rush every time I spotted you. The piggyback was the best time.”

“Haah, yeah, sorry about that…” Jen blushed, but also purred at the gentle touch as Nix ran her fingers up her length.

“Jen you came and peed down my back, I thought I was gonna cum on the spot too. Closest I ever came to pulling off your party trick.”

“O-oh…” Jen said, feeling as Nix ran a finger up her closed lips.

“Yeah. God if we weren’t on the sofa.”



“I scotchguarded all the furniture…”

“Oh you dirty thing, this is why I love you.” Nix gave her a sultry look that made Jen very happy the sofa did indeed have the scotchguarding. “Did you do that so you could just piss yourself on the sofa?”

“Hah, yeah.” Jen wasn’t sure what Nix was doing, spreading her own legs. She wore her undershirt and panties, the shirt riding up. “That and if I squirt it means I can clean it up fast. But I do like, you know, wetting still.”

“You gave me that fetish you know. I never thought I’d be into it, but after we started doing stuff, and especially after that day I got super into wetting.”

“Really? You never mentioned it?”

“I guess I worried you’d find it weird. Seeing you and Maisy though I like to think, maybe I’m in good company?”

“Very. And if you’re asking, yes of course you can.”

Nix smiled at her, still working her fingers across Jen. Her face tensed a little, and the purple panties began to darken, a trickle of fluid streaming from her. Jen watched, savioring the sound of dripping on the laminate floor. How many times had she done that by herself here, and yet seeing Nix do it was on a whole other level. When she stopped, Nix opened her eyes again and smiled at Jen. Jen leaned back, and pulled her vulva up tight. She sighed, and began to pee onto Nix’s stomach and crotch, never taking her eyes off of Nix as she did. The fires began to trickle up inside her as the warmth spread.

“We’re so gross aren’t we?” Jen said, giggling.

“Haah, yeah. But it’s nice.” Nix said, her face so compassionate that were Jen not dying of arousal she might have shed a tear.

“It really is. Do you want me to-”

“Just focus on your own pleasure. You’ve been so good to me today, it’s your turn to relax.” Nix said, moving her hand back to Jen’s somehow wetter-than-before pussy.

“You’ve been mmph, really good to me too.”

“Yeah but this is relaxation time. You don’t have to dom me every time Jen, you can just enjoy the feeling. You’ve earned a break.”

Jen relaxed, feeling her shoulders loosen as if a marionette with cut strings, sinking into the pleasure. She let her hips raise as if one string remained, and as Nix began to slide a finger inside, her thumb balancing on her clit, the sounds of her breathing took on a moaning quality. A few more spurts of pee streamed around Nix’s fingers from sheer relaxation, and Jen shuddered with happiness every time Nix stopped to lick her fingers. She knew some might find their play disgusting, but for her, it was about comfort with every part of each other’s bodies. She knew from some past chats that Nix wasn’t into the other form of scat, and never got the impression from Maisy nor had any interest in exploring that herself, but no function of either of their bodies grossed her out. They were natural, pure, and beautiful.

“Don’t you wish we could just do this forever?”

“Gods yes…” Jen said, feeling herself beginning to throb in anticipation. By now her hips left the sofa, back arched as Nix reached from underneath and above, one hand for her most intense point, two fingers on the other exploring deep inside of her. She could feel drool at the side of her mouth as Nix expertly edged her, no urgency, and with all the finesse they developed together at countless sleepovers and ‘study evenings’.

“Shame we both have jobs and stuff.”

“Unf, not now…” Jen said, but managed to push out a laugh. It wasn’t so much the thought of work as the brainfog of the ascent that made words hard in the moment, but Nix nodded in either case.

“Guess we’ll just have to win the lottery.”

“I’ll cum to that.” Jen said.

“Pfft, I missed you, you goober.”

“I, missed you, too…”


“Y-yeah, ynng…”


That did it. Jen growled as she flew across the line, shuddering as she felt herself soak the world below, a radiant waterfall as she released all the worries of the world in the most beautiful way imaginable to her. She let the shuddering breaths answer Nix’s smirks, and lowered herself with gentle ease until she lay sprawled on the sofa once more. Nix leaned over, and the two lost themselves in a slow and gentle kiss, saivouring one another. Despite the explosive climax, sexuality was the furthest thing from Jen’s mind as she danced with the familiar long lost tongue, only a sense of restful peace among flowers.

“We, really should sleep.” Nix chuckled. She got up, and helped Jen to shaking feet, her legs bucking under the sheer volume of climaxes over the past two days. Two days, Jen had to snort at the wildness of it. Life could do that, turning upsideown in ways you never could foresee. As Nix led her into the bedroom, Jen saw that Maisy was out for the count, curled up in the throw blanket rather than the full duvet. Nix made a game of ‘tucking in’ Jen, but had the sense to not wake Maisy with silly antics, blowing her a kiss from the door. When it slid to a close, Jen turned over, and thought for the first real time about the trio’s future.

She’d never feared what lay ahead in the fog of the unknown. Some of that came from the same blind resilience that saw her ignore feelings of loneliness for so long, but it was also just the mark of someone who preferred ‘making do’. Wasn’t the flat testament to that on its own, decorated with strangers clutter rather than built in her identity? In the turbulent world they all lived in, making do was no sin, but it could close doors without meaning to. She wondered if she had known about her feelings for Maisy, or that Nix saw those earlier dalliances as marking more than an FWB, but ‘made do’ along the safer path. For the first time, the smile slipped. How much time had they lost? How much did they still have?

Beside her, she could hear Maisy’s whistling breathing. As kids, Maisy once asked her big sister if she snored, and Jen told her about this noise. When the young Maisy asked why she whistled, Jen in a ‘helpful’ move told her that her nose was haunted. After the panicked questions that Jen couldn’t alieviate, the scolding from their mother, and more than a few sleepless nights trying to comfort her when she came to sleep in her bed, Jen managed to correct that misjudged childhood moment, though her mother had said ‘kids make mistakes.’ That was one of the times she’d spooned Maisy, where supposedly she did more than hug. Was that a mistake? Was, this, this wasn’t a mistake right? She was an adult, 24 counted, and 20 did too so Maisy could think for herself. Two 24 year olds no less now they had their throuple. She had no doubt how she felt but, what about mum?

Jen turned over again, now facing Maisy. Her sister must have still felt overheated, because now as Jen focused her eyes, she could see she too remained entirely nude below the blanket, her shining little butt catching the faintest starlight. Jen had to suppress a small giggle at how silly that was, but in a way, that was the pureness of their taboo relationship to her. Her sister wasn’t a sexual object, but a beautiful human being who knew Jen on a level people struggle to reach after a lifetime, and accepted all her flaws with grace. She loved Maisy with all her heart, and knew her sister felt the same. In a way, things becoming sexual was a trivial side note, maybe, in a strange way, an inevitable consiquence. She could declare celibacy tomorrow and knew both that her feelings towards her sister wouldn’t change, she wouldn’t leave, and they’d still be happy. Sex was just fun, but it was also a sign of how much trust they held.

No, no sex was more than fun, she reminded herself. Jen spent the better part of thirteen years masturbating - not non stop but it had felt that way at times - and that was ‘fun’. Having someone you felt safe with, a deep emotional bond, that trancended simple fun. Her body became a doorway to a higher level of feeling, an adventure that taken hand-in-hand strengthened both of them, and as a trio meant the world couldn’t hold them back. She looked at Maisy, as she rolled onto her back, the blanket forming a robe to half cover her nudity as if a powerful caster. Maisy let out a soft sigh, and looked so content that Jen lost all the worry in her chest.

She was still wet, so it didn’t take her long. Jen rubbed herself to a fast and silent climax, sans the fireworks that a longer build up risked, and sighed as she felt the warmth flow from her crotch and heart throughout her body. The night time rub complete, she lay back, but while her clit pulsed its thanks, her heart still held a deep craving. Jen wasn’t sure when she decided to, but she lay and gently lapped at Maisy’s pussy. The effort wasn’t to arouse or awaken, or even to give her another climax, but just to feel her in that moment. Maisy’s breathing quickened, but Jen slowed her motion each time she spotted the bursts, keeping it measured.

In the bathroom earlier, Jen’s focus remained on her sister’s pleasure, on working her to ecstasy. This wasn’t the same; she wanted to savior her flavour, to know her, to pick out detail and live by it. Drinking her sister like a wine tasting, she let her tongue explore inside Maisy’s warmth, and the sharp taste of her warmth opened new doors entirely, whole volumes of depth she hadn’t considered. Her pristine clit bobbed with her breathing, as Jen explored beneath her hood, under and over the nub of pleasure, and around its gentle palace.

“Mmh. You may as well make me cum…” Maisy murmoured. Jen started, looking up to see Maisy rubbing her eye.

“Sorry! I should-”

“Mmhr, you’re fine. Please make me cum though, I-” she let out a small bleeping yawn, “I need to sleep…”

“Sowwie.” Jen said, but dutifully got back to work. She bobbed her head and chin in with her licks as she felt the small thrusts of Maisy’s hips. Maisy let out a shuddering breath as Jen felt the flow into her mouth. Unable to resist, Jen picked up the pace and saw Maisy writhe beneath her as she squirmed and squeaked in the most adorable responses ever, until she gave a gentle push away on Jen’s forehead.

“Ohhhhhh, I am so sore…”


“You’refine…” Maisy squirmed. “Now sleep, pls…”

Jen watched her drop off, smiling in a guilty but also happy way as her sister’s breathing steadied, and she curled up, looking shattered but with a warm contented smile on her face. Soon the little whistles returned, and Jen lay back, looking at the ceiling, and found herself in two states at once. How could you, after all that, feel anything but joy, contentment, and a sense of fulfillment that trumped all dread; by the same token, with such forbidden love, how could you not lie awake at night, fearful of the idea all could vanish with one mistake. She smiled, curled up too with similar contentment to sore little Maisy, but it took a long time before Jen could fall asleep.


Chapter 9 - Just The Essentials

Jen at last found peace. No sooner had she curled up under the duvet, the sun forced its way through the small window, demanding her attention. Even with a week off from work, there was a threatening aura Wednesday held that forced time to race on by, a week halfway done far too early. Jen pushed away the existential dread, and then the covers, and rolled over to see Maisy had already fled the bed. She pouted, but then heard the chatter from the kitchen, stretching and pulling herself up to go see what the chatter was about.

Both Maisy and Nix wore pjs, in Nix’s case actually Jen’s, which was unquestionably cute. Jen thought about going back to dress, but there was something more decadent about greeting her girlfriends without a care in the world, earning a butt pinch from Maisy.

“You managed to chill now?” Maisy asked, giving her a stuck out tongue.

“Maisy, I am never chill.” Jen stuck a hand down, and pulled her fingers up in front of her face, splaying them to show the sticky wetness. “But yeah my bad about last night.”

“Did you go after her again?” Nix asked.

“Woke up to her going to town on me.” Maisy said with a bereft sigh.

“Dammmn, I need to sign up for the wake up call.”

“This was still like 3am, you don’t want the wake up call.”

“I said sorry!”

“Did you at least finish her?”

“Oh I melted. It was fucking great, but 3am sis, seriously.” Maisy had a flat tone, but her smile betrayed her a little.

“I’m sorry!” Jen gave her puppydog eyes. Maisy leaned back on the counter.

“You say that but I know you’ll do it again.”

Jen walked over and booped her nose.

“What makes you think that?” Jen asked, then bent down, and pulled her shorts down to her ankles. Maisy gave another sigh, but hopped up onto the counter and kicked off her shorts all the same. Nix took over the cooking of eggs as Jen passionately licked at Maisy’s clit, her sister giggling away at trying to maintain the conversation with Nix.

“You got any plans?” Nix asked as she decanted the eggs onto a plate.

“I’d love, to go to, fuck cumming…” Maisy lost it as she gripped the back of Jen’s head tight. “Town? Oh fuck…”

Nix shook her head, walking back from the coffee table to rejoin the others.

“That could be nice.” She said, as Maisy released Jen’s hair. Jen took a deep breath, then forcibly turned as Nix shoved her face between her own legs. “Yeah I need to pick up some things for here. Ooooh yeah just like that…”

“Anywhere in particular?”

“Electric toothbrush, just generally hygiene stuff. Maybe some food shopping. Oh hot damn Jen how, uhhh, you’ve gotten ahhh fast at this.”

“Oh she will make you cum like other people breathe, it’s wild.”

“Hah, no kidding why am I so close?”

“You did watch me get eaten. And you’re getting to admire me now.” Maisy said, wiggling her hips, her pussy still dripping onto the counter.”

“Fair, point fuck I’m actually gonna cum…”

Maisy hopped off the counter, pushed herself into Nix’s arms and pressed against the back of Jen’s head, pulling her into a kiss. Jen heard the muffled burst of Nix’s orgasm as the throbbing started in earnest. She kept lapping away until at last Maisy moved back and let her up for air. She knelt on the floor, and took a few deep breaths, until she felt the warm busts on her front and back. Feeling her sister’s pee down her back as Nix splashed her breasts was too much, and she bent double as her own orgasm thundered through her. She lay on the floor and curled up with a big smile, until Maisy nudged her.

“You might wanna go shower, eggs are getting cold.”

Despite the explosive start, the trio managed to eat their eggs without moving on to one another, and even survived a change of clothes to go out into the wider world. The bus ride to the centre of town saw no hidden roaming hands on the backseats, or even accidental climaxes to the bumpy roads from Jen. In fact, their laughing and joking, the sharing of memes on Nix’s phone and sense of mini adventure transported Jen back to ten years before, back when there were no sexual connections between any of them, just a close bond of siblings and friendship.

In the end, they visited a lot of the small town’s shops. Groceries came last, with trips to look at pretty stationary, dumb gadgets, and then a venture into CeX for good measure. It was in this last one that Jen took Maisy aside, and gestured.



“It’s time, pick.”

“Pick, what?” Maisy seemed uncertain, but not about Jen’s meaning. She was looking at the phones clear as day.

“It’s not just me spoiling you.” Jen said, dropping her coy tone to one a little more somber and serious. “You need to have a way to contact us if you need help, or so mum and dad can reach you too. I can afford it, and honestly it would help me sleep at night.”

“Just, a flip phone then I guess?”

“Maisy you love YouTube, let me do this for you. You’ve, changed my life these last few days, and I wanna give something back.”

“You give me plenty.” Maisy said, turning beet red. Jen had to smirk at that. She eyed the cabinet.

“OK, I’m buying you the new iPhone.”

“Wh-no! That’s too-”

“Bad because I’m gonna do it. Unless you prefer Android?”

“Get her an Android, Galaxy’s good and then we’re all Androids.”

“Yay hivemind!”

“Are you sure…?” Maisy asked, sounding the most shy she had in days. Jen pulled her into a hug.

“There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

The phone wasn’t cheap, but seeing Maisy’s joy as she got to explore it for the first time was worth every penny. Jen just spent the time in the supermarket taking it in, while Nix picked up a bunch of odds and ends. Jen offered to split the cost, but Nix waived her off with thanks.

“Besides,” she leaned in, “you covered Maisy’s phone.”

“I guess. I hope I wasn’t too forceful on her.” Jen let out a small sigh. They both looked at Maisy wandering about glued to the device as if it contained all the mysteries of the cosmos; thanks to the internet at least, it had a fair chunk of them Jen conceded.

“She looks happy. She is happy. S’all gonna be ok.”

“I hope so. I know it’s all been, hah, fun and games and all but, I do wanna do right by her. And you.”

“I feel you are. But hey, you wanna split a cost, I’ll accept you refilling the beers?”

“Hah, ok gotcha. You keep an eye on this one so she doesn’t walk into any walls.”
Jen ended up picking up a few more items than just some beers. Now they’d tripled the size of the house, there was a need to ensure the snacks stockpile kept pace, and before long she’d filled the small trolley that she hadn’t planned on needing. Thoughts of lugging the lot back on the bus almost saw her backtrack, but then between the three of them it wasn’t the most insurmountable load. As she rounded the final bend, her own phone bleeped.

“Hey, you ok if Nix and I look in another shop real quick? You happy to meet us when you’re done? Xx”

“Course! Xx <3”

Jen smiled as she pocketed the phone; the message timestamp came from a few minutes ago, so she imagined they might long since be on their way to whatever this mystery shopping visit was. She didn’t want to say it, but based on a wandering glance from Maisy earlier, she had a good idea what they were up to. She shook her head, still smiling ear to ear as she walked to the checkout. As she did, a stand caught her eye, making her think of one of the many dumb jokes she and Nix shared the previous night. Her birthday was June 27th; Nix was October 31st, and Maisy was a May baby, on the 14th. That still needed a bonus number, so she went with 3, three for throuple.

As Jen stepped out out of the supermarket, her phone beeped again.

“All done, meet you at the bus stop? xxx”

“Um, to be honest I bought a lot. Meet at taxi rink. Xxx <3”

“Ooooooo okies! Love youuu xxx”

“Love you too Maisy xxx <3”

The taxi was, as Jen found out lugging the multiple bags even that far, the right call. When Nix caight sight of her with the three overstuffed carriers and the beers she raced to her side at a speed reminiscent of her brief stint in track and field, diving to grab some of the burden away.

“Jesus, you should have had us come to you!”

“I mean I have several times now haven’t I?”

“You fucking idiot…” Nix said, almost dropping the bag from corpsing. Maisy, having at last clocked her sister was back raced over now, giving Nix a puzzled look. “Don’t worry, just Jen being, Jen. Did you wanna go anywhere else before we ship out?”

“Um, not sure we can with…” Jen said, lifting the bags she still held. Nix looked at her own and looked as if she would have palmed herself if it weren’t for the load.

“OK, fair point, but this was fun!”

“Where’d you two go off to?”

“Ah, you’ll see.” Nix said, but her sly grin confirmed Jen’s suspicions by itself. Her eyes wandered to the backpack on her back and she could feel herself pulse just a little at the mere thought. She really hoped she was right about this one. “I’ll cover taxi.”

“You already covered the shopping!”

“I, did until you bought four times as much.” Nix said, sticking out her tongue. “‘Sides, I’m not that broke yet.”

Maybe it was the presence of a stranger in the front with Nix, or her arms’ protest, sore from the torrent of shopping, or Maisy’s eyes remaining surgically affixed to the smartphone like the most intense of withdrawal symptoms, but they managed once more to behave on the journey back. Nix asked Jen to hold the backpack, and there was a deep and burning temptation to take a peek, but she decided to play along. Try as she might not to, she did feel the boxes inside, as well as a long tube, one she had a very definite sense wasn’t a ‘tube’ at all. When she’d bought food, her mouth watered a little as food shopping on anything but a full stomach does; now she had to hold back drooling, praying that once more they were on the same wavelength.

When at last the trio managed to wrestle the piles of shopping upstairs, the afternoon glow spread beyond the flat’s windows. Bustling the groceries and toiletries away between Jen and Nix - resigned that Maisy needed some time to enjoy just having her own phone again - the pair collapsed either side of her on the sofa a few minutes later, panting as if they’d just run yesterday’s gauntlet all over again, and sore in far less fun ways.

“You wanna watch some mindless TV? Or Netflix?”

“God yes, I need to just, ‘not’, for a while you know?” Jen agreed. “What you feeling?”

“In terms of TV or in general?”


“I could go for some dumb reality TV. And tired, contented though. Kinda horny.”

“You too?”

Both Nix and Maisy nodded, though amusingly Maisy didn’t look up from her phone to do so.

“Think this one’s a little too hypnotised for anything too demanding.” Nix smirked. Maisy stuck her tongue out at her. “Ooooh, or maybe she’s limbering up. Don’t suppose you wanna demo what we bought today do you?”

“Good idea!” Maisy bounded up.

“Bag’s in my room.” Nix turned her eyes to Jen as she bounded out.

“I fucking knew you went to the sex shop.”

“As if we’d go anywhere else. We wanted to buy you a present.”


“I dunno if your brain was too fried after all the, you know,” Nix waived a casual hand, “but I remembered one of our old fun times we talked about, and I realised, I kinda wanna try it again.”

“Which one?”

“How you getting on Maisy?”

“Just need a sec, umf…” Maisy called. She sounded a little tense, only adding to the question marks in Jen’s head. Just what the heck was the memory? She was trying to list all the times she could remember in her head, when the world shattered as Maisy stepped back out of the room. She stood naked, and looking a little flustered, but Jen’s eyes for once focused on the one covered part of her body. The harness formed a tight bind around her small hips, but her eyes locked on the large thick dildo she sported as an ‘erection’.

“Oh fucking hell~” Jen wheezed out the words. She could hear a buzz, and based on Maisy’s gait she guessed that went both ways, but it wasn’t until she walked up to her sister to inspect closer that Jen realised how true that was. “Is this, a double ender?”

“Yep.” Nix said. Jen marvelled at how much smugness she fit into that one word. Jen ran a finger up the length of the phallus, not a true facimilie but ribbed and textured in ways that sent tingles down her spine at just a finger’s touch.

“And both sides are the same length?”

“Mhm…” Maisy said.

“Fuck, that’s like eight inches. That’s buried in you right now?”


“Does it feel nice?”

“Yes…” She said, looking a little weak at the knees. “I’ve, never used one before, so it hurts but, it’s good…”

“Shit you said you had?” Nix said, stepping up to her side. “You sure you’re ok? Fuck I’d have-”

“It’s fine, really…” Maisy put on a weak smile. “I really need to fuck one of you though…”


“Jesus, if you’re sure Maisy please, fuck me.”

“You’re gonna want the lube to be safe. You, did use that right Maisy?”

“I, couldn’t have got it this deep without it…” Maisi said, as Jen guided her to the bedroom. Jen didn’t even remember ditching her pants, but could feel wetness rolling down the length of her thighs so guessed they couldn’t have escaped the lounge.

“How do you want to fuck me?”

“I, I don’t even know what I’m doing…” Maisy gave a quiet laugh, and now Jen heard enough she could hear the telltale signs, the ragged breathing, the soft moans. Maisy was the most horny she’d ever seen her sister, and that alone forced her to fight a premature climax; Maisy appeared to war against the same impulse for once.

“Let’s keep it simple. Jen, lose those panties. Maisy, I’mma guide your hips ok?” Nix said, stepping behind her. “Just say ‘stop’ if it gets too much. Ok?” Nix got a shaky nod from Maisy, and a firm if excited one from Jen as she balled her panties. She tossed them and Nix caught them with remarkable dexterity. She lifted them and inhaled. “Fuck me I will never get tired of this. Ok, you both ready?”

“So fucking ready.” Jen said, breathing out the words as her eyes locked on the dancing dildo before her. “Maisy?”

“R-ready.” She said, her face firm, clearly battling pleasure far more than nerves. Jen raised her hips, and groaned as the tip of the dildo entered her. Nix held Maisy’s hips, as Maisy gripped the toy, and eased it gently inside her sister. Jen let out a gutteral sigh as the halfway point stretched her as wide as she thought she could go, and then felt as the tip came to rest deeper inside her than she realised possible. She gave a starry eyed lustful smile up at Maisy, who looked at her with all the love in the world.

“Is, is that ok?” Maisy asked.

“This is perfect. T-take me.” Jen said, and groaned with the joyous sensation of deep movement.

“Damn Jen, you can take that thing so damn well.”

“Hah, you should see the one in my drawer.”

“I, will do so.” Nix said, nodding approval as she guided Maisy in a rocking motion of circles, clockwise hips rotating to retract and thrust in a smooth rhythm, working the inside of Jen’s vagina from all angles. As Jen drank in the sensation of the dildo’s top brushing against that most rough and sensitive part inside her, she found her hips bucking with involuntary lust, desperate to concentrate the sensation on that spot, to ride it, to feel as her sister fucked her. She caught a glimpse of Nix, somehow more smug than ever, until she pulled Maisy’s head around and buried her tongue into Maisy’s panting mouth, muffling her sister’s sounds of ecstasy.

“I’m gonna cum…” Maisy moaned as she came up for air. Jen saw Nix release her thighs, and realised that she’d not guided her for some time now. Maisy leaned forwards, splaying her hands on the bed either side of Jen, and began to fuck her at a far more intense pase. Jen cried out as she felt the dildo pushed into her to the absolute limit, and somehow further. Far from painful, it sent the tide of her orgasm into overdrive, and as Maisy pulled out, Jen geizered both women with more squirt than she’d ever believed could be inside of her. She shot with such force that as stars clouded her vision she saw it hit the ceiling, as well as giving Maisy and then Nix a faceful as she whimper-laughed with joy. She could feel the bed beneath her soak through, and a small, sensible part of her realised with mild horror they didn’t put the towels down, though Jen wasn’t sure how much difference it would have made.

As Jen straightened up, she saw the extent of the damage. Maisy trembled, drenched in sweat and cum, and Nix, who still remained fully dressed, looked like she’d just stepped out into a typhoon, even appearing a tad windswept and dazed. She looked down as Jen whimpered her last, then as the clean up was needed anyway, jetted pee at the pair too, her poor bladder a mess by that point. She saw Nix helping Maisy unhook the harness, and then watched as she squatted, and let the dildo slowly slide out of her to thunk on the floor, buzzing with more ferocity than Jen appreciated in the heat of the moment. Spent, Maisy collapsed onto the bed next to her.

“How, is it, even when I’m on top, you do this to me…” Maisy panted. She managed to open her eyes and gave Jen an almost drunken smile. “I love you.”

“I love you too. Both of you.”

Chapter 10 - Luck Of The Draw

Nix flopped onto the bed between them, and put an arm around each. Jen mentally thanked the stars above that she had multiple absorbent layers on the bed in case of night-time explosions, but made a mental note to swap them out in the next 20 minutes, assuming her brain and legs decided to work by then.

“I dunno about you two, but I’m hungry now!” Nix said, shaking her head.

“Yeah? What you feeling?”

“Does it make me the biggest failure of an adult after we just did food shopping to say take out?”

“If it does, count me in.” Jen said, as much because she wasn’t sure any of them were up to standing at the hob right now as to play along with the chill vibes. Nix delegated the task to Maisy, as it seemed that her new phone gave her the ability to recover from mental frazzlement faster, and Jen took to pulling off the sheets, and packing away the monster toy. “Oh, Nix you got a minute?”

“Hm?” Nix said, looking up. “Need a hand?”

“No, not that.” Jen beckoned her over, and then as her girlfriend looked perplexed, pulled open the bedside drawer. She watched her eyes bug out of her head as Jen pulled out the toy inside. “Oh my god, you actually did it you crazy fucker.” Her eyes latched onto the long multicoloured tentacle, about ten inches long and unbelievably wide as you approached its base, hefty enough Jen held it in both hands.

“Nix, meet the big one. We always said we’d get something from Bad Dragon right? I got it a couple years back and my god, it’s good. To be honest, I’m kinda tempted to leave it out as a free-for-all thing, but yeah I said I’d show you.”

“Hah, you mind if we take it into the other room? I need food but you have no idea how curious I am to try it.”

“Toys growing on you?” Jen asked.

“I dunno about that so much as, you know when you see something and you just kinda gotta know how it feels?”

“I mean you’re talking to the person who clicked ‘Add to Cart’ so yes, I can relate.” Jen smirked. She placed it in Nix’s hands as if bequithing a weapon of great power, which in a way she was, and then walked into the lounge with her, lugging the balled bedding. Maisy was busy  writing on her phone, but looked up as they entered. She smiled, and then her jaw dropped at what Nix was holding.

“What the fuck?”

“Hah, yeah that one’s mine.” Jen said, a little more sheepish; she knew Nix would approve, but Maisy was a bigger unknown on this one. She didn’t look repulsed so much as flabbergasted by the toy, but Jen had to note that she clearly knew what it was at a glance. “Though I do plan on getting more so if it’s not your thing-”

“I’m too raw right now but I’ll ride that!” Maisy said. Even Nix was suprised by the reaction.

“Turns out we’re all monster fuckers deep down then.” Nix said with a laugh. “Happy days. Clearly we need to build a collection though.”

“That’s no cheap feat. You know how much this set me back?”

“Isn’t it one of those, what is it called-”

“Bad Dragon.”

“That’s the one. They’re really expensive right?”

Jen nodded, but just knowing her sister even knew what that site was filled her with the best kind of butterflies. Thoughts of money though tapered the joy, as she had to admit there was no way she could afford things like that if she was taking on a financially supportive role. It wasn’t a question that came up much yet between them, but while Maisy had a recurring summer job and Nix a regular part time one, there was no doubt they’d need to have a money talk sometime soon. Later though, she reasoned, looking at Nix pointing to a few take out places on Maisy’s phone while her sister failed to pay attention as she studied the tentacle.

They ended up on actual TV for a change; Jen had a TV licence but only because she didn’t need the stress of the threatening letters every other week. It didn’t make much difference as they ended up just chatting about the weird and wonderful direction their lives now took, and then downed a ton of food instead of paying attention.

“What about holidays? Would you two, I dunno, wanna go somewhere someday?”

“Hm.” Jen said. The food lost some of its lustre as the M word popped back into her head again. “Sure I’d like to, but with the mortgage and all.”

“Oh,” Maisy looked incredibly guilty at that, and Jen caught more than her fair share of it in her own gut for causing it, “that’s fair, sorry I-”

“No, I mean it, I would like to. We just need to figure out, you know, money and stuff but not tonight ok?”

“You sure?” Nix said. Her usual chill cheek was absent from her face as she leaned over from Maisy’s other side. “Like, the last thing I wanna do is leave you out of pocket. This has to be a balanced relationship. I’m happy to just give you my paycheck.”

“That, strikes me as the opposite of fair Nix.”

“Not really, like you earn much more than me, and I don’t need money for personal needs so much so it makes sense to pool it.”

“Nix, no. We’ll figure something out.”

“And I have my-”

“Maisy, both of you, I appreciate it, but” Jen sighed, “this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and the logistics are, really the last thing I wanna dwell on. I just want to focus on special time with you.”

“Okies.” Maisy said. She didn’t use her mousish guilty voice that came out so often in the pains of growing up and making mistakes, but there was a sadness to it that made Jen put an arm around her and squeeze tight. “I trust you.”

“And I trust both of you.”

On the TV, they’d switched to one of the faux-gameshows that bookended the national lottery draw, some weird panel based game vs a crowd of people, and with such a convoluted set that now they’d missed the rules there was no way in hell they’d ever figure out what was going on. If Jen had ever seen TV pull off a better metaphor for navigating the fog of the future that was adult life, she couldn’t remember it.

“You wanna put something else on?”

“Eh leave it on, it’s good background noise.” Jen said. As the show cut away to the Lotto and Euromillions draws, she remembered her impulse purchase of earlier that day. She snorted at the thought of just how much easier that would make everything.

“Whatever happens, we’ll be ok.” Maisy said. She snuggled in close to both of them, and they watched as the Lotto numbers trailed through. 19, 47, 38, 39, 04, 01, and the bonus ball of 07. “Man, give us a time machine and we’d be set for life right?”

“If only.” Jen said.

“To be honest I’ve heard people are usually miserable if they win.” Nix shrugged. “They don’t invest it properly or they burn through it really fast. Oh and they announce they’ve won it, that one is a no no.”


“Yeah pro tip, if you ever win the lottery, step one is go to London and speak to a lawyer, step two is claim it anonymously, and step three is mostly act as if you haven’t won it.”

“Aw, so no supercars?”

“Jen you don’t even like driving.” Maisy said, rolling her eyes.

“I might, if it was a Bugatti and not a Focus.”

“Hey I like your car. It’s comfy.”

On the TV, the first ball of the Euromillions dropped. 31.

“I didn’t know you didn’t like driving?” Nix asked.


“Oh yeah, I don’t mind it. No it’s more I just can’t, zone out to it you know?”


“Oh I get ya. Yeah I never did learn in the end. I wanted a motorbike but mum talked me out of it.”


“O-oh yeah?” Jen said, but now her eyes remained glued to the screen.


“She made me look at a bunch of the nasty pictures you know?”

“Huh, yeah…”

“And the first lucky star is, ball number 5!”

“Jen, you ok there buddy?” Nix asked. “What’s wrong?”

“And the last ball, number three!”

“Hahm three for throuple, how about…” Maisy said, and then looking up from her phone, noticed Nix’s look of deep concern, and Jen. Jen, didn’t know what she looked like. She could feel her mind leave her body though, so while rationally she knew the out of body experience that gripped her in that moment, as her whole body ran cold, wasn’t a real phenomenon, she could ‘see’ herself. White as the sheets before she ruined them with cum, and shaking like the broken dryer would in an hour.

“And there is one lucky winner tonight of the £39 million draw.”

Jen reached into her pocket, and though she couldn’t truly be seeing it from above, watched as her wallet came out of her back pocket. She opened it up, and pulled out the small bit of paper.

“I-I-I, b-bought, birthdays because, three and, it was…”

“Nix peered at her, then down at what she held.”

“Maisy can, can you Google those numbers?” Nix said, her voice very calm.


“The, the Euromillions jackpot, for today?”

“Sure?” Maisy did, and then read them out, “It’s six, ten, fourteen, twenty-seven, thirty one.”

“And the star thingies?”

“What’s going on?”

“Please…” Jen said, a whimper unlike any of the ones that escaped her over the magical week. Maisy looked back down, but her hands trembled now.

“Um, three and uh, five.”

Nix stared at her. Maisy looked down, and only now registered the ticket. She squinted, and then yelped.

“Oh my god…”

“Holy fucking shit…” Nix said, her voice a whisper.

“Um. You know what? Maybe it’s time we have that er, money talk.” Jen said. “One sec. I need-”

“I have a card protector in my bag I think, from, one sec…” Nix bounded off the sofa and went sprawling. Maisy went to help her but in an ironic twist, both had lost the use of their legs properly without any form of misbehaving. Jen put the ticket onto the table, and read it again. She looked up, and remembered the rewind capabilities of the box, whizzing it back to show the numbers, and above them, thirty-nine, thirty-nine…

“I’m gonna put it in this, and then it’s going onto the fridge. I, I guess we go to London tomorrow.” Nix said, as she performed the simple action, keeping the mindblowing piece of paper safe.

“Jen, are you ok?” Maisy sat beside her, putting an arm around her and looking at her wide eyed. Jen turned her head slowly and gazed at her. Her fists gripped the sofa either side, and one last harmony with the week completed, all the way back to Nix’s arrival.


“What’s wrong?”

“Pull, down…”


“Pull my, pull jeans down, quick…”

Maisy blinked, then her eyes went wider still and she quickly went to fumbling with Jen’s waist, She got in front of her and managed to pull her jeans down her shaking legs, the underwear with them. Jen opened her mouth to thank her, and the orgasm tore her world apart. For one moment, there was perfect silence, as Nix walked back around the sofa, still in shock too much to make sense of what was happening. Then as she noticed, Jen scrunched up her face, and the climax blasted her with waves of unadulterated pleasure. It was the closest she’d ever come to passing out on the spot from one, and she straddled that line of consciousness hard as her hips bucked.

As she came down, she opened her eyes, and there poor Maisy sat, drenched in cum yet again. She stared at Jen in awe, and as Jen collapsed, she saw Nix doing so too.

“Too much?” Nix asked.

“I couldn’t control it…” Jen said. Then she heard a noise. She thought it was a whimper, but as she turned, she saw Maisy still looking up at her, and in an uncontrollable fit of giggles. Jen blinked, and then heard as Nix began to lose it too beside her. Her other girlfriend collapsed onto the sofa and began to heave with laughter, as Maisy crawled up her sister and into her arms, laughing so hard that tears streaked down her face, though she was so sodden it was hard to tell. And then, Jen started to laugh too. Of course that would happen now. One day, people might ask them ‘what did you do when you found out?’ and now they’d all have to come up with a plausible lie in place of ‘squirted in my sister’s face like a fire hydrant.’

“Oh holy fuck…” Nix wiped at her eyes. “This can’t be real.”

“There’s, no way…” Jen managed at last, pulling Maisy closer into a tight hug as she trembled, emotions clearly as much in overload as Jen’s own. “I, I need a shower…”

“You need a shower?” Maisy said, a note of indignance in her tone.

“You techniclaly just got one Maisy.” Nix said. She got the finger that one deserved, but Maisy did it with a smile.

“I, ok look I’m gonna go hop in. If you wanna join…” Jen said, her voice dazed. She barely registered the look the other two shared, and pulled herself up to her feet. Maisy let her go, and Jen stumbled down the corridor. It turned out that her legs didn’t work too well either, as if she’d drunk several shots or one tall glass of nope. Her vision span as she made it to the doorway, grasping the frame. A steadying arm came to her side, holding her up and guiding her into the room. A lightness at her waist made her realise she’d left her trousers far behind her, and arms now removed the rest of her garments. She watched Maisy step forward to turn on the shower. When had she gotten naked? Jen would have shrugged were her shoulders not made of lead.

“Water’s hot, come on.” Maisy said. She smiled at Jen and held out her hand, even as a pair behind her guided her forwards. Jen felt as Nix’s stomach and nipples brushed against her back, and then all three stood in the shower together. It was a large shower, a good four feet squared, but their bodies pressed against one another in the tight space. Jen found she didn’t mind; it kept her on her feet, and as Maisy’s tongue found hers, even as Nix’s caressed her neck, all the discomfort that came with shock melted away, leaving a cloud of calm to drift away on. Neither touched her below her waist, and if her girlfriends explored each other Jen couldn’t see it. It was a moment less of sexuality, but grounding, reassurance, calm.

Chapter 11 - What The Fuck Just Happened?

And all too soon, it was over. A pile of towels lay across the bed, as the three of them sat, each wrapped in one of their own. Maisy had her phone back, and was busy Googling law firms, while Nix rubbed Jen’s back with one hand. Jen’s towel hung around her waist, the water still dripping from her chest where she’d not yet dried the skin. Her girlfriend’s hand felt warm on her back, a guiding light that helped keep her afloat, away from a panic threatening to encroach on her.

“Is, it normal to be this scared about it?”

“The fuck should I know?” Nix shrugged. “Probably?”

“I think I found one. They actually have a phone-line open late, should I, call them?”

“Yeah, probably best to get the ball rolling and all.”

“I’ll buy us some train tickets.”

“Let me.” Jen said. Nix raised an eyebrow. “You’ve paid for so much today.”


“What?” Jen met her eyes with equal firmness, and then went blank. “Oh, ok fair point.”

“That, is a fair point though. That’s your ticket.” Nix said. She said it not with caution, but Jen caught the note beneath it. She shook her head with jagged refusal.

“No, our ticket. I picked those numbers for us. Birthdays.”

“Huh?” Nix tilted her head. “Wait, 10 and 31?”

“And 14 and 5 for this muffin.” Jen said, patting her sister on the head. Far from affronted, Maisy preened at the attention, then blinked.

“Wait, you used our birthdays?”

“Mhm, and then I added a 3 because, well, throuple.”

“You, are shitting me.” Nix said, her face a flat slate. Then she broke out into a silent, then loud fit of hysterical laughter. The towel fell away as she lost all composure. Nix had a knack of dragging others along with her laughter, and this was no exception. “This has been a wild week.”

“And it’s Wednesday!” Jen said, and that led to further corpsing. Maisy had to excuse herself, bent double and towel also fallen away as she lifted the phone. Jen poked Nix to try and clue her in, and Nix managed to get herself back under control.

“Phew.” Nix gave Jen a drunken smile.

“Hello? Is that Patrick & Matthew’s? Hi this is, Maisy Blanc, can I book, oh? Ah yes I’ll hold.”

“What about family?” Nix asked. Jen blinked, and then what Nix meant hit her like a wet flannel.

“Oh, um, god I don’t even…”

“I can not mention it to my folks just yet?”

“It’s, not that. If word gets out, that’s a lot of attenton on us right? Like you said before?”

“When did I say that?”

“Before we were multi-millionaires.”

“Oh. OH. Um, shit yeah I see the problem…” Nix said, for the first time since this lifechanging moment her face slipping into pensive reflecton. She drummed her fingers on her large thigh, making a pleasent little thumping sound against the wet skin. “If we do tell people, then yeah it, it increases the risk.”

“Bet the newspapers would have a field day with just the polyamary part.”

“No kidding…” Nix whistled out her nose. “I guess, if we were to tell family we want to keep it under wraps. Did you want to give some of it to your parents?”

“To both our sets of parents, no question there, but, I dunno wanting to keep it secret to preserve normal life makes sense, but if they found out the actual reason…”

“That is the actual reason Jen.” Nix said, and while she said it in her comforting voice that didn’t diminish her firmness. “No amount of money is worth your privacy.”

“True. Is it weird I wouldn’t wanna move?”

“Not at all. This is a nice place. But it might be nice to get a bigger shower.”

“Hah, yeah fair point.” Jen lay her head on Nix’s shoulder.

“OK.” Maisy walked up to them, moving the phone to pocket it on her naked hip, cringing a bit and brushing the brain-fart off. “We’re, gonna go speak to someone tomorrow at midday.”

“Did they want proof?”

“I paid up front, I think they don’t mind timewasters paying that much.”

“How much…?”

“£800 retainer.”

“Fffff, are you serious?”

“Jen, it’s ok, remember what we’re going there for.”

“I guess. I’ll pay-” Jen started, and then her brain donked her on the head again; it would sink in eventually.

“They said to call the number on the ticket now, and to say we’ve spoken to them, the legal people I mean, so they don’t arrange any of their own. Just a courtesy thing.”

“They arrange legal advice?” Jen said.

“Mhm apparently, but it’s ok to do it the way we have too. I’m gonna call them now.”



“Take a bunch of pictures of the ticket, we should have done that to begin with.”

“Good point, they did say it might be good to make copies. Right be right back…” Maisy wandered off. She had the swank of a lawyer herself, all be it stark naked; actually Jen found that added to the glamour. Maybe it was the adrenaline but she wanted nothing more than to devour her in that moment.

“Maybe get in a nap?” Nix said, nudging her arm. She still had a worried frown on her face, but her searching eyes made Jen shake her head.

“I’m fine. It’s really just, shock.”

“I’ve not seen you go off from shock like that before. It was amazing but, I just want to be sure you’re ok.”

“You’re thinking about the brain conversation aren’t you?”

“I’m just thinking about you being ok.” Nix said, but Jen knew.

“If it’s neurological then so far as I can tell, it’s still harmless. I meant what I said back then, about going to the doctors if it got worse.”

“I’d just hate for your cool party trick to turn out to be something we could have headed off. Sorry I’m, being the worst I’ll drop-”

“No, thank you Nix it means a lot. It does. And, I’m sorry if I seem flippant about it. I think it was just a lot to process, that’s all.”

“You always said ‘overwhelm’ did it. I’m amazed you didn’t just explode in our exams.”

“I did.”

“Get out, you came?”

“There was a puddle under my desk after the last English paper, I went off twice.”

“How in the everloving fuck did you keep that to yourself?” Nix gaped at her, but Jen could see her pupils dialating. It was nice, a distraction, one needed more than Jen would have expected after that type of news.

“I had like four pads on, it was the dumbest idea ever but, it sort of worked.”

“What like on top of each other?”

“No you doof like, arranged.” Jen gestured to make the point. “It got most of it.”

“Well damn. I’d have pulled you into the bathroom after if I knew.”

“Kinky.” Jen smirked. She wasn’t sure she felt the same hormonal levels telling the story as Nix appeared to hit hearing it, but her heartrate reached a pace below hummingbird at last. “I’m just, I dunno, aware it’s weird but not too worried for now. And that was, a rare exception.”

“Apart from when I first came over and you came over.” Nix said. Jen rolled her eyes at the pun.

“That was, not so much shock as relief and, happiness? You have no idea how happy I was you just accepted us on the spot. That we’re all a throuple now is, it’s more than I could ever dream.”

“And then you won the lottery.” Nix deadpanned, but Jen shook her head.

“Maybe it’s the shock speaking but, I’d trade every penny to have what we have. I don’t think about money like that. Heck, I only bought the ticket because of your joke about winning the lottery.”

“Oh my god, you cannot be serious right now?” Nix wheezed out a laugh. “I make an offhanded joke and we win a multi million jackpot?”

“Talk about a winning sense of humour.”

“Oh god, no, bad,” Nix grabbed a pillow and battered Jen with it, “bad!”

“Ppppft stop!”

Nix did not, and while she didn’t hit hard she bapped Jen a good few times with the pillow in a goggle fit, until she managed somehow to straddle atop her. Jen didn’t fail to notice the redness to her cheeks, or the uneven breathing.


“Hm?” Nix stopped, looking uncertain.

“You can just go for it, it’s ok.”

“You sure? I wasn’t sure if-” But before she could finish her sentence, Jen raised her own hips. Even after the accident, this much adreneline left her in desperate need of a climax. Nix straddled across them, her crotch a little above her pelvic bone, and the brush of skin stole her words. Nix let out a long nasal breath, and then, shuffled back. Jen felt one leg come free, and lifted it, feeling Nix’s smooth hand grasping it, as the dampness between her legs met the sodden mess of Nix’s. It took them a moment, Jen leaning back, both tensing to concentrate, until both felt the other’s most intimate point, and the electricity of contact on their own. Nix gripped Jen’s hip with her free hand, and began to gyrate.

“That’s so nice…” Jen said, realising how much tension remained locked up inside of her. It was one of the strangest parts of the spontaneous climaxes; the few people who knew about them would make jokes about ‘no wonder you’re always so relaxed’, but there was within that a lack of understanding of release. Those spikes were a burst of heaven, but just that, a moment of extreme satisfaction and then a quite rapid come down. Relaxation, at least for Jen, came in a steady build, and gentle winding down, and Nix to this day, understood her to perfection. She lost herself in the motions, for once letting her lead, though in truth she did lead Nix, had her total loyalty in each motion, only then able to let the stress slide away.

“When we didn’t see, each other, I would think, about us doing this, every night…” Nix said in barely a whisper as she continued the slow motions.

“Would you touch yourself?”

“Every night. Every single night.”

“Is it all you ever dreamed?”

Nix gave a hard blink as Jen felt her shudder.

“So much more…”

“You’re so close already.” Jen gave her a small smirk. She felt the bed bob a little, as Maisy came to sit beside them, and saw her place a hand to stroke at Nix’s back. She smiled down at Jen.

“Are you feeling better?”

“Yeah…” Jen breathed out. “Did they-”

“Later.” Maisy said. “Relax. You need this.”

“Thank you…”

Maisy lay on the bed beside her, stroking her hair in slow sweeping motions as Nix fucked her, and the strange sensation of receiving medical care floated through her mind. This was their little throuple’s equivilant of a massage or soothing bath, though Jen supposed both of those would be lovely as well, if only she had a bath. As that lament drifted into her mind, it bumped into the elephant in the room, and she blinked. She could afford a bath, heck, a jacuzzi if there were room which, there wasn’t. She couldn’t help but laugh, not least as she was starting to feel incredible. Jen met Nix’s eyes, and saw her shuddering with intense pleasure.

“Cum for me Nix.” Jen said, her voice more solid, steady. It caught Nix off guard too and acted as a power word as Jen watched her back arch, felt the nails bite into her skin in that most delicious way, and a whole new level of slickness between them as the gasps escaped Nix’s mouth. That did it, and the butterflies inside of Jen turned into flames that coursed heavenly fire through her body as the orgasm took full control. She laughed with glee, so happy, so relaxed and ascendant, relishing the shudders of Nix’s embedded fingers that clung to her hips for dear life. A gentle spatter of liquid souded from the base of the bed and the carpet beyond it.

When Nix managed to straighten up, her lower stomach and crotch gleamed, soaked with their shared arousal. The less dignified moments after such bouts took over, as Nix grabbed one of the towels and began to try and clean herself up best she could, while Maisy began to do the same for Jen, careful to be gentle without spiking her hormones all over again; she had such intrinsic knowledge of Jen’s every reaction, it blew her mind to think they’d started fucking two days ago, but those terms were too crude for the act. Hadn’t Maisy hugged her in her moments of grief and loss, of joy, pride and hope? Of course she knew her sister’s body, dancing across the fine line between the emotional and the sexual when the loving feelings ran this deep. This wasn’t mere sex.

“You look a lot less pale now.” Maisy said, kissing her forehead. “All good?”

“Yeah, I needed that.” Jen made a few stretches, feeling her whole body begin to unlock once more after all the intense tension of the evening. She felt Maisy shuffle away, and picked up the towel to do the last of her own drying off.

“What’s on your mind?”

“I guess, my mind is just a blank right now. It’s too much to take in right now and make sense of. I can see why so many people would make really dumb decisions with that kind of windfall.”

“Mmm, yeah, but we’re going into this eyes open. Look at N-nix, she’s not the type to lose her head and, blow all that money.”

“You’re right.” Jen nodded. She turned to face Maisy. She lay against the pillows, legs spread as she rubbed herself with fast flicking fingers, just as she had on that first night. She had thought to grab the towel at least to sit on, though Jen wished she had more soft ones for comfort as well as absorbance. Then again, there was another thing she could pick up now. She rubbed Maisy’s leg and watched her smile at the touch. “I’m a lil paranoid about going out and buying loads of stuff and blowing it myself.”

“I, think that’s normal.” Maisy said, the words fighting a small moan. “We, need to think about budgeting, investing, uuuh and what we actually need. And if we’re going to keep wwwwugh, working…”

“You ok there?”

“Feels so good…”

“Good.” Jen patted her calf. “I, dunno if I wanna keep working or not. Nix shouldn’t, this is like, the perfect opportunity for her to focus on the art. Do you want to keep studying?”

“Y-yeah. I’m not doing that for m-money.”

“Good, I’d have been said if you wanted to drop out.”

“Gnn, it’s gonna, gonna affect the funding, I need to, declare it for student, ffffff, finance.”

“God how are you able to have this conversation while making that cummy face?”

“Just a freak I-I guess.” Maisy managed to unscrunch her eyes to give Jen a sheepish grin. Jen crawled up the bed to lie on one arm and beam at her, returning the forehead kiss. “I, hope me declaring it there doesn’t, cause it to leak…”

“I think you’re the one leaking right now.”

“Sh-shutup…” Maisy said, her face a grimacing smirk of laughter. The noises of her wetness were so loud now they drowned her words.

“We’ll figure it out.” Jen said. She leaned in and gave Maisy a peck on the lips. Then another. Then she licked at them as Maisy moaned. Pushing in her tongue, she felt as the tremors grew beyond the boiling point.

“I’m cumming…” Maisy groaned, and Jen kissed up her cheek to her ear.

“Good girl.” Jen whispered into her ear, licking at her lobe as Maisy scrunched and let out the most beautiful whimpers yet. Ignoring the edge of the towel or her own temporary dryness, Jen reached over, and pulled Maisy gently onto her side, their knees bent and woven together, and rested her forehead on her sister’s. “The money isn’t what matters. What we have is. No matter what, you two are all I want.”

“Thank you…”


Chapter 12 - The Cherry On Top

They lay panting together for who knew how long. Jen wasn’t sure when Nix climbed into the bed too, the big spoon for once, her skin so soft and warm against the bareness of her own. Jen didn’t intend to fall asleep, but the sheer exhaustion of the day and the glow within her at the wonders of her new life stole the last of her consciousness, and when her eyes at last fluttered open once more, it was to a gentle chorus of her sleeping girlfriends. She sat up, looking at the time of 07:15am, and realised that they’d all conked out for a good ten hours. She blinked at the clock, wondering if she’d reset it by mistake, but the natural light flowing into the flat matched up with the improbable time. Even though she found that much sleep hard to believe, Jen had to admit she hadn’t felt so rested in years. As she rubbed at the skin of Maisy and Nix’s rears, as the most perfect arms of a chair, she caught sight of the early morning sun through the throughline to the far window of the lounge. It warmed her soul.

Opening the fridge sent a strange tingle down her spine. Part of it she supposed was her usual aversion to early morning interaction with food; with Maisy a firm morning person she’d kind of adopted her sister’s habits, but hers was a body that shuddered at food while half asleep. It struck her most that the feeling of looking at the tight packed foods and dairy on most days came with a quick mental calculation: days until her next shop, cost of raw ingredients, how much could she afford to have versus how hungry she felt that day. Jen had a small mean streak when it came to herself, and yet, as she looked at the produce, the impulse remained absent. She frowned, drummed the door, and forced her brain to wake up and resume those calculations. A foolish spending spree with the windfall gorging through a private feast might not do any harm on its own, but she could see how new habits might form from a ‘go on then’ mindset. Even if she could cook up all this food ten times over and know they would still have more to come, money remained finite.

Jen put on a smile even as the rest of her remained bare as could be, and started to pick out odds and ends. She wouldn’t be decadent, but she was cooking for three, and a big day lay ahead ahead of them. Given too that as soon as the others woke up there as a reasonable chance they’d start fucking again, keeping energy levels up mattered even more than normal. So, in the age old Bri’ish tradition, the fry up proved the obvious decadent choice. Jen kept an ear out for motions from the bedroom, but hearing none, she took her time in laying out her ingredients, and planning her preparations. Seeing every componant, seasoning, and utensil lined up across the counter helped Jen to break down the process, to see a full scope and each intrinsic part, assembling them in her mind on her own terms. The grill pan clinked onto the hob, no oil required, but liberally applied for that incomparable slickness that made this the one true breakfast. Jen dropped in the first sausages, and watched them sizzle to life.

Soon the smell of chopped onions frying in a dance with mushrooms, the airey scent of the tomatoes melting to the pan, and the aroma of meat in transformation into that mouthwatering centrepiece filled the entire lounge-kitchen, and it seemed, seeped throughout the apartment as a whole. As Jen decanted the first batch of sausages, the familiar rustle of sheets came from down the hall. Moments later, Maisy emerged, stretching and dressed, though she looked a little embarrassed when she saw Jen in the buff She gave Jen a playful light spank on her way past, and several noises of appreciation at the food.

“Is Nix still out?” Jen asked, leaning to smootch her sister on the lips.

“Mhm, night owl.” Maisy shrugged.

“Went to sleep quite early though?”

“Well, yeah but this flat kinda takes it out of you.”

“Pfft, fair point.” Jen said, starting to crack eggs into the pan. She yelped a bit as a splash of overzealous oil leapt to nip her stomach. “Ouch!”

“Aw, let me kiss it better.” Maisy bent down and kissed her navel; Jen pointed to the actual spot the oil caught, and Maisy giggled, pecking the small pink point before she stood up, smirking.

“What you get for cooking naked.” Maisy said.

“You did!” Jen pouted her lips. “Meanie.”

“I wore the apron. But no you’re right, and I am being mean.”

“Yeah. You should make it up to me.”


“If you catch my drift.”

“Is there a time of day you’re not horny?”

“Uno reverse?”

“Fair, can’t argue with that.” Maisy said, eyeing Jen’s body with at least as much hunger as she had the sausages. She crouched down again and surveyed the burn spot. “I’ll kiss it better again.” She held onto Jen with a wrap around, and her lips brushed with gentle care against the burn, this time her tongue poking out to trace across the coolness of Jen’s skin, the little hairs of her body standing to attention. Her hips electrified at the touch, and she let out a little bleep of pleasure as Maisy wrapped an arm around her thigh to hold herself up, Maisy looking up as she gazed down. “Goodness you are wound up aren’t you?”

“Mhm.” Jen could feel her wetness trickling down, and reached the point of Maisy’s arm, no doubt seeping into her sleeve.

“Turn down the heat.” Maisy said.

“Is, it getting too much for you?”

“No I mean literally, the pan, you have it on too high.” Maisy leaned past, and twisted the knob. “There, you can lean over it without burning your nipples off now.”

“Cheeky.” Jen said, and moved to do so. Her butt raised a little, and as she felt Maisy’s grip her thighs from behind, and her hot breath panting against her exposed cunt, Jen forgot any oil pain, or any unpleasent thoughts whatsoever. Maisy’s tongue ran a slow line from her perenium and nestling between her spreading lips. “Ooooo…” The noise escaped as Maisy performed a sudden loop with her tonguetip about her nub, and a small giggle as her tongue stretched to the top of her, then back down again. “Don’t fill up too much, you’ve got breakfast.”

“I have always got room for you.” Maisy said. She gripped in her fingernails, earning a soft coo from Jen, and then began encircling her target in slow circles with bursts. She swept her tongue in soft x’s, sending Jen across rising and falling waves, and before long Jen had to move the pan off the stove because she could no longer focus on the act of cooking. “Oooh, someone’s getting close.”

“Mhm…” Jen felt drool escape her lips as she made the noise, but couldn’t raise a hand to wipe it away, gripping the edge of the oven far too tight and small potatoes to the arousal that dripped to her ankles. The small potatoes in the pan ceased sizzling as the oil cooled.

“I’m gonna use my fingers, ok?”

“I trust you.” Jen said, and purred as she felt one tracing her entrance as Maisy lapped at her clit. One slid in, and Jen knew what Maisy craved, feeling it crook to meet the rough skin of her g-spot. “Oh, I see, mmm, you’re thirsty?”

“Mmmm.” Maisy didn’t stop her lapping, but made her desire clear as could be. “Can I have a drink?”

“Nnng, you’re gonna get your wish sis, you better be ready…”


“Nnng, I’m gonna cum on you…” Jen gripped the countertop, feeling her world crash in the best of ways. As she crested the first wave, she felt Maisy’s tongue retract, easing her back from the edge just long enough to turn and lean against the counter. Maisy no longer fingered her so gentle, two fingers hooking in, desperation painted on her eyes. “Cumming!” Jen cried, and began to spray her cum all over her sister.

“Spray over my breakfast…” Maisy said as she gulped the spray down. Jen took over rubbing as Maisy grabbed her plate, half filled but with its toast and hash browns at least, and just in time as Jen crashed a second time, squirting across the fry up, leaving a wet froth across the food. Maisy’s clothes soaked through, and she sat on the floor, cross legged, and pulled a knife and fork from the counter. Jen turned to lean her back against the oven, panting, as Maisy began to cut at the toast, and Jen watched her dip it in the cum, lifting it to her lips. It was too much. Jen now gripped the counter with both hands for support, but a handsfree orgasm ripped through her, splashing one last spurt onto the plate and Maisy’s face. “Thank you.” Maisy said, and leaned over to kiss her clit.

“Wowww…” Jen’s voice came out as a hoarse croak, shuddering with amusement and the best kind of overwhelm. She laughed as a small spurt of pee broke from her to patter on the floor, making Maisy giggle.

“You ok?”

“Yeah… Fuck you’re talented.”

“Got a good teacher.” Maisy beamed.

“Fuck that, you were a master with your tongue on Monday…”


“Didn’t I drench you then?”

“Not as much as today, but I didn’t do any inner play.”

“I still felt amazing Maisy.” Jen said, taking a deep breath and then sliding to sit on the floor in a pool of cum and pee in front of Maisy, reaching to grab and decant some sausages and potatoes onto Maisy’s emptying plate. She watched as Maisy finished her food, then abandoned her own clothes as the two went to sit on the sofa. After recovering, Jen put Nix’s portion into the microwave, and her own on the coffee table, but needed time to recover even now before eating. Maisy lay in her lap, looking peaceful, her chin obscured by Jen’s chest.

“Jen, can I ask for something, maybe a bit odd?”

“How odd does it need to be you need to ask after I squirted on your breakfast for you?” Jen raised an eyebrow with a playful smile, but saw Maisy seemed genuine in her nervousness, so pulled the brow down and adopted a more sympathetic posture, leaning to listen to her.

“Hah, fair point, but um, I dunno I worry you’ll think it’s weird.” Maisy said, her voice growing in timidity

“What’s up?”

“Would it, be ok if I, sucked your nipples? Sorry I know that’s a random thing to ask…” Maisy went bright red.

“Huh? Of course you can, why would that be weird?”

“Maybe because I don’t mean it in a horny way? I just, really want to suck on them because it just, I think it would be really nice.” Maisy blushed a deep red. How she was able to feel embarrassed at this point blew Jen’s mind, but she knew better than to be playful about it. Instead, Jen gripped her right breast, and directed it to Maisy’s mouth. Maisy looked at the rock hard nipple with a bit lip, and up at Jen as if needing explicit permission.

“You can do it for as long as you like, ok? Whenever you want. Even if I’m asleep, ok?” Jen smiled, as Maisy opened her mouth, and latched onto her nipple. She began to suck it gently into her mouth. “Don’t worry about being rough ok?”

Maisy lay at ease in her arms. The sensation wasn’t maternal, closer to a cuddle than any roleplay of a mother and daughter, but Jen could sense a glowing bubble around them. Maisy lay under her protection, and as she sucked and licked, Jen gave gentle strokes of her hair, feeling a warmth of purpose within her heart. She giggled a little as Maisy increased her intensity, but not in a cruel or judgemental way, and whenever Maisy met her eyes, she put as much love as she could into their shared glances. Cradling her, the world outside their walls couldn’t touch either. Jen looked up at a cooing sound across the room.

“You two are so cute.” Nix said, coming to sit by them on the sofa. Jen pointed her to her food when she came into the room, so she sat now with it on the table, and ate in quiet as she admired the sight of the sisters. “Is this something you’ve done before?”

“Nope. But it’s really nice.” Jen said. She ruffled Maisy’s hair, and grinned as her sister wiggled in satisfaction.

“Any risk of, you know?” Nix said, wiggling her eyebrows, but Jen shook her head.

“It doesn’t feel sexual. It just, it feels really nice. Like bonding. Maybe it helpes I’ve just had a few climaxes but, this is different.”

“Aw.” Nix smiled, but Jen didn’t miss what lay in that tone, and as she looked down at Maisy, she tried to pass on a suggestion with her eyes. At first Maisy looked puzzled, coming up for air, but with a small gesture and giggle, she moved to her opposite tit, the fresh sensation sending tingles up her spine. Jen looked over at Nix, tilting her head a little. “Oh?”

“Why not? You clearly want to.” Jen shrugged.

“I, would but is-”

“Of course. You’re a part of this Nix. You always were, even if we didn’t see each other for so long. Come, sit.”

Nix wore her frilly dress, the gentle fabric rustling as she shifted round on the sofa. Nix twisted, and lay so her head brushed Maisy’s ear. She looked up as if asking if Jen were certain. Jen nodded, so happy in that moment that she couldn’t help but beam, a stinging at the corners of her eyes. Nix opened her mouth, and began to suckle. Jen petted both her girlfriends’ heads, and enjoyed their little noises of contentment as she lay back, and wondered what she ever did to deserve such a peaceful life. Never had such an intense contentment filled her, a combination Jen never knew possible until moments like this became the default, in a house of uncontained love. She decided there was nothing she wouldn’t give to hold onto this forever, but too soon the moment passed, and both women surfaced. Maisy hugged her tight.

“Thank you…” She said, her voice quiet, not sleepy, but in a trance. Jen squeezed her back.

“Can we please do that more often?” Nix asked, unusually sheepish. Jen smiled, her oice holding a laughing cadence.

“You don’t need to ask, ok? Whenever you want.”

“Apart from if we’re in company.” Nix snorted. Her small smirk vanished at Jen’s flat expression. “For real?”

“I mean some people might not be comfortable, but if they are, you can always do it. I told Maisy she can do it when I’m asleep.”

“Holy fuck Jen how are you this perfect I swear?” Nix shook her head. “Dunno how you could be any more so.”

“I’ve made you a full English breakfast, it’s in the microwave if you want to heat it up.”

“I, stand corrected.” Nix laughed, sounding amazed.

“I would love to give too if you ever want that.”

“Hah, I mean you can, but you know how horny I get from nipple play.”

“When do we need to leave?” Jen asked Maisy, who looked at the clock and bit her lip.

“Maybe in like, half an hour?”

“Something up?” Jen asked.

“I know that wasn’t sexual-sexual, but I’m worried I won’t get a chance to do anything until later.”

“I know right? Though I like spending the day wound up.” Nix snorted.

“I don’t mind that but like, we’re gonna be talking to lawyers about millions of pounds, and I don’t feel like I should be in subspace for that.”

“Fair point.” Nix nodded. “Jen?”

“I spent myself a fair bit on Maisy’s breakfast.”

“What did you do, cum on it?” Nix laughed. When she saw Jen flat face again, the snort this time turned into a proper chuckle. “Oh my god you two, can’t ever leave you alone.”

“Well,” Jen said, working out timings in her head, “if you wanna masturbate Maisy I can pick you out some clothes?”

“Thank you.” Maisy pecked her cheek.

Jen dug out a nice floral dress-top and some pale jeans from Maisy’s luggage, realising they still needed to go and collect her things from her old place. It was a thought that hit her like a jolt, remembering it would involve coming face to face with her deadbeat ex if he’d slunk home yet from wherever he lay in hiding. She only hoped he wouldn’t have done anything nasty to her things, if he were even home yet; they weren’t supposed to fly back for a few days yet, but who knew with these things, or that kindof person. While Jen recognised how silly the thoughts were, she had the faintest paranoia that they’d used up a lifetime’s good luck in a matter of days, long overdue a reality check of some kind.

Jen considered mentioning this to Maisy - the risk not the paranoia - but she couldn’t bring herself to introduce any darkness into her gentle sister’s rays of sunshine. She placed Maisy’s folded clothes on the edge of the sofa, patting Maisy on the head as she furiously fingered herself. Her legs intertwined with Nix, who pulled up the edge of her dress to mutually masturbate with her, both women scrunching their faces and panting. Jen made sure to kiss each of their foreheads, and then got started on the washing up. A part of her also wanted to masturbate, unusual for the time of morning, but what stopped her went beyond thoughts of Maisy’s ex or breaking routines. There was a purity to that experience she wanted to hold onto just a little longer, and besides, it was nice to see her girlfriends get time to just enjoy one another.

By the time she came to sit back on the sofa, her girlfriends had begun to trib with full focus, Nix’s large breasts freed of her dress and bouncing as she panted. Jen sipped at a cup of tea and enjoyed the show, until Nix swore and groaned, and a few moments later Maisy let out a shuddering cry. Flecks of arousal caught the sunlight on both pelvises, the scent of cum strong in the room. Both women collapsed in panting satisfaction, chests heaving and gulping for air. Jen tapped the sides of their cups of tea on the table, then left to go and throw on an outfit for herself. She came back to both women more ‘decent’, helped them arrange their sex-hair into a more presentable look, and the three grounded themselves with their teas until the clock reached ten to ten. While all three smiled, and chatted without any sense of worry, Jen knew both well enough to see the tension. An unknown day lay ahead.

Chapter 13 - A Bumpy Ride

Less than twenty minutes later, the three stood on the train station platforms, no hint of the debauchery of their morning on their faces or persons. Nix stood out for her more gothic outfit, but even then few people spared them a glance as they shuffled about, trying to keep moving to stave off the windchill.

Maisy was back on her phone, though Jen knew the telltale signs of her drifting mind; her eyes kept focusing on spots of the pavement, and her shuffle saw her scrape the side of her leg with a trainer every now and then. Jen didn’t know if she gave off the same signs, but for all the intense and explosive reactions of the night before, there wasn’t a jolt in her body. Eerie quiet filled her thoughts as she listened to the station ambience, the clink of the metal toes on Nix’s boots, and the palpable sound of Maisy’s heart.

“It’s not gonna be late.”

“It might be…” Maisy looked a little green around the ears as she looked at Jen, all but confirming both her suspicions. “Not a good look if we are.”

“If we are, we call ahead, it’s a big payday for them, they’re not looking to bite heads off.”

“I guess.” Maisy looked uneasy, Jen guessing her overt mention of the money hadn’t helped. Just another thing to hide. Those words drifted into the calmness of her mind and unearthed a jolt at last. In the space of three days, two intense deep secrets, and while both were to her good, she had to admit the mild panic it spiked inside her wasn’t.

“Can see it, look.” Nix nodded, putting a hand on Maisy’s shoulder. It was a mark of how tense her sister was that Maisy flinched at the touch. “Sorry-”

“No, I’m sorry I’m just, I’ll try not to be.”

“You do you hun, you’re safe.”

The word made Jen smile, but also clutch a little tighter to the object in her arms. Nix had some Pokemon cards in her bag, and with them the hard card protector that now held the ticket, jumbo sized for the big cards. Jen had asked if she was ok with the Chicorita getting scuffed with the ticket in there, to which Nix rolled her eyes as she pointed out getting another one of those was a lot harder than getting another ticket. This was inside a ringbound journal now, and taped shut, turning it into a brick in her arms. Even knowing that there was no way for water, the elements or the general public to get in at their prize, it still felt weird to carry around such valuable cargo like this.

Thursday at half 10am meant that there was a little less crunch in the carriages, but still a fair amount. Nix ushered Jen into a pair, but as it seemed that was all they were going to get, Jen got Maisy to sit on her lap, while Nix took possession of the cargo. Even now, Maisy felt like a rigid cardboard cut out, unyielding and fragile in equal measure.

“It’s gonna be fine.”

“Mmh…” Maisy sighed after failing to speak, and the train set off for the short hop.

“You need to try and relax Maisy.” Nix said. “You need Jen to help you?”

“Oh?” Maisy said. Nix just met her eyes, and flicked them down. Jen cottened on right away, but it seemed like Maisy had too much going on in her head. Jen, who had her arms around Maisy’s wasit to hold her in place, snuck one below the waistline of her jeans. “Oh!” She peeped, but quiet enough no one seemed to notice.

“Would it help?”

“Yes…” Maisy said, as if embarrassed.

“I don’t have to if-”

“No, it would, I just feel bad.”

Jen stroked her back with her free hand, and lifted up her hair to whisper into her ear.

“Let’s make you feel good then.” She said, and felt the shudder through Maisy’s body, putty in her hands. Jen replaced her hand on Maisy’s lap, better to hide the bulge, and danced her hidden one along the frilly hem of her panties. The faint points of her shorter pubic hairs spring against her fingertips, and she flicked at the fabric and their tactile touch for a short while, enjoying the squirms as Maisy tried to keep a straight face. She let one finger breach the line, and then two, and they didn’t have to venture far before they reached the river.

“Oh wow…” Jen whispered.

“Shu-up...” Maisy tried to pout, but Nix’s knowing grin stayed her. Jen swirled both fingertips in the bounty, and then allowed one to slide into the crevice and followed her inner contours. The rumble of the train below meant that even moving steady as she was, there was a faint vibration to the movement, and when she found a firm obstacle behind a slick hood, Maisy had to stifle a cough to bury a soft adorable moan. Jen pressed her finger, and then the second, until they formed a light pinch either side. The skin of her clitoral hood moved with cloud-like flow, so soaked was she already.

As Jen looked over, she saw Nix pulling out her own phone. She made it look casual, but Jen did not fail to notice the app she hit within moments of the screen waking, as she moved to hold the phone against her crossed arms. The screen faced the women, and though no one else aboard could see as much, Jen could see the camera as it reflected them back. An important detail was that Nix had not hit the record button, leaving it as it was. Maisy looked down at it, and then leaned over, and pressed the red button. Jen felt her own underwear soak through at her sister’s boldness, never having the guts before now to ask to record, nor imagining their first would be so scandalous. Jen smirked; they were sisters, everything they did was a scandal.

As Maisy straightened back up, Jen began to guide her fingers in circles. As she did, she allowed more of the hood to ride up, until the bare ends of her tips brushed her sister’s most special point. She could feel how every time she pulled the tides out, and made contact or allowed the silken material of her underwear to, Maisy squirmed anew, her legs now firmly parted to ride Jen’s lap.

//The climax came soon after, and as it broke, Jen turned to the camera, and gave the lens a wicked grin. Her heart thundered in her chest, enough that in a vacuum she’d be nervous about an explosive end herself. But here, Jen remained in total control, and as she clung Maisy close as she shuddered and tried to muffle her pleasure, she never wanted to let go.

“Feeling any better?” Nix asked, after giving Maisy a grace period. She wasn’t able to articulate much more than a nod, but even so the briskness of it and the dazed smile spoke volumes. Jen leaned over and tapped the button to stop the recording, and as if nothing were amiss Nix reached to lock the phone, and pulled it back into her lap. For the remaining five or so minutes of the journey, that’s how they sat, Nix doing her best Maisy-post-tech impression, Maisy herself spaced out of her mind but lightas a feather, and Jen riding a wave of satisfaction that had little to do with any climax. When the train at last shuddered to a halt, she at last retrieved her hand, and as Maisy turned, licked it clean.

“Hungry?” Jen asked, as if nothing were amiss.

“Ravenous…” Maisy said.

“You literally just ate a huge breakfast didn’t you?” Nix said, but even as she did, Jen could feel rumblings of her own. Nerves repressed, it became clear to all three that they needed much more fuel than any ordinary day, and so they made a line for one of the many eateries in Charing Cross station, settling with a trio of burgers on the ‘open air’ seats of the inner caucus.

“What time is it now?”

“It’s, twenty to. Meeting is at 12:45 so like, call it an hour? Maybe fifty if we want to be early-early.”

“Let’s just head right over.” Nix said,her posture calm, but her foot tapping at the floor. “Just means we don’t go in frazzled.

“I think they’ll forgive a bit of frazzle.” Jen said, sipping at the takeaway coffee. Coffee and burger didn’t mesh as flavours for her all that well, but she too wanted to appear alert; for all she knew, the people they’d meet today might be their future legal counsel from here on out. “It’s cold enough out that I think we’ll all be more on edge than a mess anyway.”

“Those, aren’t synonyms?” Maisy asked, tilting her head.

“I see, on edge as the more rigid one, and a mess as the more scattered one. Right now, I feel on edge, it’s all together, we have this,” she held up the book with its precious cargo, “and we have a plan. It’s all in hand, but because it’s not happened yet~” Jen waivered her hand as if to say inevitability.

“I feel more a mess.” Maisy said shaking her head.

“That’s because you just creamed yourself.” Nix said as Maisy tried a sip of coffee. She managed to quip before it met her lips, and so the snort didn’t come with a lava tide. “Sorry.”

“You were the one risking third degree burns.”

“If that would cause burns that bad, you really shouldn’t be drinking it.”

“I can’t actually tell if it’s hot or not. Is it normal, for your mouth to go numb like this?”

“Could be blood sugar?” Jen said, eyeing her. “See how you feel after the burger.”

“I mean we have to go anyway.”

“One of us does. If you aren’t feeling well then only one of us has to turn up for quarter to.”

“Not that fair on you.” Maisy said.

“Who says it’d be me?”

“Please.” Nix said, rolling her eyes. “You’re our dommy mommy, you control the finances.”

“We’re equals in-” Jen began, and then saw the look in their eyes, and felt the tingles through her body. “Well shit.”

“Fetish discovered?”

“You do seem to have a knack for awakening things.” Jen conceded. It seemed, orgasm aside, that was what Maisy needed. She began to giggle, at first just a little, and then in that slow oncoming wave she turned into an artform her sister sank into full on corpsing. Jen shook her head with a smirk as Maisy’s mirth infected Nix, mostly laughing at her inability to contain it. Tension rarely found its long term footing between them, and seeing her girlfriends at ease helped lower her own heightened tension. “I guess I am sort of that figure.”

“You’re the glue.” Maisy said. Nix nodded in agreement.

“It’s not like you’re the straight-man-”

“As if anything about any of this is straight.”

“Right, but more you’re the one who we just, flow with. Can I be, sickeningly sentimental?”

“Ooooo please do.”

“We, haven’t talked much about what I spent the last few years doing. Which is ok,” she added this with haste as the potential faux par of that clicked for Jen, “I’, actually glad we haven’t. I know it’s probably no surprise, but when I didn’t go to uni, I just, fell into life on autopilot. The last four years, they’ve been nothing-years.”

Maisy patted Nix’s arm, and leaned over to kiss her cheek.

“Go on.” Maisy said in a soft voice. Jen only then noticed the tremble, realised this was a far more emotive moment than she expected. Nix could be like that, carefree, blase, but with an undercurrent of self doubt she buried deep as she could manage.

“I was so happy when I saw you two, not just because I missed you, but because it’s, so fucking hard to have friends as an adult you know? You drift out of the system and suddenly, this is all you are.” She gestured to herself. Jen decided not to turn the moment into a compliment quip about her role as the big tiddy goth gf that so many men and more than a few women craved. This wasn’t one of those moments. “I have people who know me, the Tesco Goth isn’t an aesthetic I wanted all that much but when I lost even that,” Nix sighed, “I was, in a really dark place.”

“I can imagine.” Jen said, leaning over to put her hand on Nix’s. Nix put her other atop it, and with the slight crant of her neck that came from the three inches in height Jen had on her, there was an air of kneeling to look up to about the gesture. It felt, right, but not in only the parallels with her position as Jen’s sub. “I felt like I was on the bottom of society. And the worst part, was I felt comfortable there. I don’t want to be a lazy slob, and it’s not about that-”

“People working in retail are the furthest thing from lazy.” Maisy chimed in.

“Exactly, but well, about as working class as you can be in this shithole country anymore. And long before any of this money nonsense came up, you saved me Jen. You too Maisy. We have a hierarchy, Jen on top, Maisy, and then me. And for the first time, I feel I have a place. I feel comfortable here. I will always follow you Jen. I wish, I’d been smart enough to follow you all those years ago.”

Jen leaned over, and kissed her forehead, feeling the quiver beneath her lips.

“You will always have a place. Just remember, the hierarchy is fun, but you’re our equal.”

“Not intellectual or in univer-”

“Means nothing.” Jen said, her voice firm now. “I am happy to be your dom. And my obedient little switch here is happy for that too.”

“Fucking love how you spoke for me there.” Maisy chimed in with a little shiver that managed to make her more adorable still.

“But that is a safe fantasy. The reality is, you are our equal, and if we have degrees-”

“I don’t even have that yet-”

“Going to have degrees if someone gets back to revising, then you have us beat in your own ways. It’s not a contest. And you are perfect to me. Now eat your burger silly.”

“Yes mommy.”


“Should I not call you that?”

“You know what, if it makes you happy, you can.”

“Does it make you happy? Mommy?”

“Yes.” Jen said, poking her nose with gentle affection. “Now eat.” She watched in happiness as they both did, sipping her coffee, and feeling, not for the first time that week, like she’d really won the lottery.

Chapter 14 - Meet The Lawyers

Patrick & Matthew’s turned out to be quite the opulent looking building. Immaculate in shape but weathered by time, the gothic architecture of the three story narrow building slotted into a bookcase of others in various degrees of upkeep, though few if any appeared sup-par. This was one of the more pristine examples, with arched windows paned with tinted glass that avoided the facade slipping into anachronism. The sign beside its door conjured the viewer back in time as well, all but for the established date during the 1980s, but had that started with an 18 instead of a 19 Jen wouldn’t have batted an eye. If a building could act as a business card, this one inspired the utmost professional confidence to her untrained eye.

“You, go first.” Maisy said, taking one look at the building when Google Maps dained to plant them in front of it, her face turning paler still. She’d perked up a little from food and the heart to heart, but until the business was attended to Jen doubted Maisy would rest easy. For some reason, even now as she gazed up at the golden brickwork shining in the late Winter, early Spring glare, she didn’t find a similar welling of nerves. If she really was the acting head of their unconventional household, the position seemed to endow her with the ability to push past those anxieties. She smirked; it was a new take on the mum-friend. Mommy friend? She shook her head.

“Sure. Holding up ok Nix?”

“Out of breath, but am fat.”

“You’re not fat.”

“I am but thank you.” Nix shrugged.

Jen rolled her eyes but decided now wasn’t the time to get into literal versus pejorative intent of calling oneself fat, and instead took the first step towards the doorway. Her watch on the hand clutching the brass rail put them here at 16 minutes to their appointment, about as precise to the plan as they could have hoped. She decided not to voice the hope for things to stay going to plan, knowing full well even thinking it wasn’t a good idea. As she reached the penultimate step, Maisy managed the first, and Nix right behind, as Jen reached out and pushed the doorbell.

The room they ended up in shone in red and pale greens, parliamentary in its schema, which Jen supposed made sense given the Westminster proximity. The man who guided the trio in was all smiles and charm, which made Jen think that they’d either independently verified the winning ticket, or had experience dealing with deer-in-the-headlights winners. That made sense, as they had come up quite high in the search results as Maisy scoured for legal counsel, though she had thankfully worked her various wizardry to research the place in detail; that girl would get a First on her degree in her sleep Jen mused.

“Ms Blanc?”

Both Jen and Maisy looked up, but while their greeter almost certainly meant her sister, Jen took the impetus.

“That’s me.”

“Would you all like to come through?”

They’d put out drinks. Soft drinks made up the bulk of the selection, but Jen noticed the wine and brandy bottles among the small cluster on the table, along with the kind of canopes mini arrangement you would expect to find at a high society function. Their greeter, wearing a full suit appeared to be the secretary, and after settling the trio knocked on the far doors to summon who Jen presumed to either be the fabled Matthew or Patrick, or if not them then someone else within the firm. When two women emerged, wearing immaculate suits of their own and with smiles to outshine the decor, Jen was a little taken aback.

“My name is Henrietta Patrick Schole, and this is my co-owner and sister Clara Matthew Schole.” Henrietta, who spoke with a faint German lilt to her voice that spoke of decades in the UK said. She looked to be in her fifties, which didn’t quite track for the founding dates, and their names.

“It’s often a surprise for people. Our father and godfather’s names. They had an eye for us to enter the family business and inherit the law firm, and it does make for an amusing table conversation.”

“That’s nice. This is actually my sister, Maisy, and this is my partner Nix.” Jen said, gesturing to the other two. This was a line rehearsed in the brief interval they had before leaving the house that day. While the polyamerous nature of the trio might not be so scandalous, the incesual angle didn’t seem, prudent, to bring up if it could be avoided. Maisy had to her credit suggested it, but Jen still felt the need to pour apology in her glance to Maisy. For her part, she looked far more at ease, had done so as soon as the two women entered the room, and gave Jen a reassuring smile.

“Now, first order of business, we’ve spoken to Camelot with you on our retainer, and we have some legal paperwork that we can go through with you, explaining the groundwork of Patrick & Matthew acting as your attorney, but first, do you have the ticket with you?”

Jen felt a little silly when she had to ask for some scissors. While yes, the safety of the ticket was of the paramount importance, the extraction in such a place of grand spectacle made her feel like a five year old with an ill-thought-out arts and crafts project. Mercy saw the tape fall away without too much of a wrestle, and with care and trying not to scuff the Chicorita card, Jen slid out the ticket, and handed it to the pair. A moment later, the secretary, whose name turned out to be Harris, collected the slip of paper to make copies, and returned as they were in the process of covering the legalease. He didn’t return with the ticket on its own however.

“We like to think you would want to hold onto the ticket for sentimental purposes, so this is covered by our retainer.”

Jen gaped at the beautiful frame. It had weight to it, solid mahoganny and with a plush felt backing, in which if you squinted you could see the faint plastic holding the ticket in place, not a blemish on its surface beyond the unfortunate scuff it picked up in her wallet; to Jen’s credit, that piece of paper was worth a lot less than thirty-nine million pounds while it lived in there.

“Don’t we need to submit it to make the claim?”

“That’s all been done by Harris for you. We have a standing agreement with Camelot to act as verifiers if clients come to us, and we imagine you don’t want to fret too much about the paperwork side of this longer than you need to. Was there any part of these documents you wanted to go over in more detail?”

Jen wasn’t sure how much she could take in, but playing the role of sensible adult, she dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s, and came away if not quite a legalease expert, then perhaps a little more in the know of what having lawyers actually meant.

“Now, you have a few options for the payout, the primary two options either a lump sum, or payments over an extended period which we’d set up for you with financial advisors. That choice is yours to make of course, but we do have some advice you may find beneficial.”

“Ok, yes please we really don’t wanna mess this up.” Jen said, her grin sheepish as her face pinked. She was so bad at talking in the kind of voice this setting required, but Henrietta seemed to find this charming.

“The option I would recommend is the lump sum. There are a few reasons for this, but it is important to start by saying this does introduce the risk of spending through the pool much faster if care isn’t taken.”

“What are the benefits?”

“In a word, investment.” Clara said. She was the more serious of the two, but not in an unkind way; she was merely a woman of fewer words, outside of the business discussions. “We can arrange for you to receive experienced financial advisors to manage and grow your funds and portfolio, and while there is always a risk in investment, the dividends should exceed what you would receive in the long term with deferred payments.”

“Is that like, property? Shares?” Nix chimed in. She looked focused, pensive but more in a considered way. Looking at her girlfriend, Jen couldn’t believe someone who looked that fiercely intelligent would ever neg on her own intellectual prowess, just because she lacked a degree.

“Both in all likelihood. I understand that you currently have a mortgage Jennifer?”

“Jen is, fine, and yes.”

“We can help you navigate clearing that, or if you would look for a larger property-”

“I think, we want to hold onto the flat.” Jen said. She realised perhaps a beat too late she’d used ‘we’ instead of ‘I’, but if Henrietta saw anything unusual about that she didn’t bat an eye. “If you two both feel that’s still the case?”

“Mhm.” Maisy said, still seeming to lack the ability to articulate beyond pleasantries. Nix nodded too.

“I suppose the most useful first question then, which I can pass onto those advisors would be, what do you see this money going towards?” Henrietta said. “And you may speak generally, as while it is our business to help you with your money, your money itself is yours alone.”

“That’s ok, I don’t think we have anything to hide.” Jen lied.

“Speaking of,” Clara said, meeting Jen’s eyes and sending a small chill down her spine, “there is the question of division. Would your preference be that payment is attached to your existing accounts, or for us to set about transferring you to new ones or-”

“We, would like Jen to manage the funds, if that’s ok.” Maisy said. It was such a surprise to hear her that Jen started at the sound of her voice. “Nix?”

“Yes, we all live together, and we don’t plan on that changing once we, you know make that move legit and all.”

“Jen?” Clara asked. Jen could not say for certain, but while there wasn’t an ounce of judgement on her face, she had the distinct impression that many subtext questions lay beneath a simple confirmation of her ascent. She chose the safer ground.

“That is my preference too, yes. Um, so there’s the mortgage, my university debts, and Maisy’s existing ones with student finance which, we’d probably rather cancel out now than wait. Um…”

“There’s, mm…” Nix began to say, btu broke off. Jen looked at her.



“Do you need the room for a moment?” Clara asked. Nix made to open her mouth.

“Just for a minute, if that’s ok.” Jen said, nodding and smiling at her lawyers as they moved back to their office. “Nix?”

“It’s really nothing.”


“Fuuuck, ok fine…” Nix bit her lip. “I, didn’t mention this, because it’s, stupid. And it’s also on me, and I don’t want a hand out to-”

“Nix, this money is for all of us.” Maisy said. “How much is the debt?”

“About six grand…”

“Nix, you know it’s normal for people our age to have debt.”

“It’s, I was dumb. It’s from, being reckless before. You know that bad patch I went through?”


“I, got into comfort spending. It was stupid, I bought art stuff and I just, went a bit overboard. Credit score is like a war hospital, it’s grim and there’s mess everywhere I don’t even want to try and figure out…”

“Then we wipe it clean. But I know what you’re really saying. I trust you Nix, I know you hate asking, and you hold yourself to such a damn high standard. Let’s clear the debt and any that any of us have, and have a nice clean slate.”

“Thank you.”

“What’s a mommy for?” Jen said. She saw Nix’s pupils dilate in real time at those words, a switch flipped in her brain.

“Thank you mommy.”

“You’re fine.” Jen giggled, “But maybe don’t call me that while we’re here unless you want some awkward questions.”

“I think they would get it.” Maisy said. Jen tilted her head. “Just a hunch. Not saying we say anything but like, I dunno, I think they might even suspect.”

“Jeez, well, I mean I guess if they do they haven’t said anything.” Jen could feel her face flushing, but it eased as Maisy patted her leg. “Ok, I’ll go knock on the door.”

After that, the rest of the meeting held little in the way of surprises, except that at the end, Henrietta confirmed the money should go into Jen’s bank account in the next three days. The thought that a week after that tearful phone call across the continent, she would be living with her two girlfriends and have eight figures in the bank sent her mind aflutter. Twelve million, with the rest going via their financial teams that Jen would video call next week. She’d opened her mouth to say she might need to move her work shift, only to realise she might want to consider retiring. That was a question for later though.

The mental health advisor from Camelot arrived near the end of their meeting with the lawyers, and the pair gave over the room as they retreated back into their own office. As Clara closed the door, she gave Jen a smile that she couldn’t quite figure out, but before she could scrutinise it much more the door closed, and the trio now focused their attention on Zach, a smiling and relaxed man in his forties who had the ‘cool uncle’ vibe down to a tee. Jen mentioned her state of shock at the result, but omitted the redecorating part of the story.

“It’s surreal when these lifechanging events happen.” Zach said after leaving the exact right length of pause with thoughtful nods; he had this to a tee. “You probably wouldn’t be surprised to know a lot of people panic when they find out, because it is a lot for you to process all at once, and not always a positive experience as you do.”

“We’ve, mostly been ok.” Maisy said, nodding to Jen. “We’ve not told anyone about it, and we probably won’t tell-tell people because, we don’t like the idea of how they might react.”

“That is understandable.” Zach nodded. “What we want to ensure is that you don’t end up isolated because of this windfall. You might know we at Camelot speak to everyone who wins more than fifty-thousand in one go, because for us, if people end up having a worse life because they won, we’ve failed in our job. Our job is to make the day you won the first day of the best side of your life, and from experience, that means finding ways to keep your social life or to have a new one.”

“What do you recommend?” Jen asked. She couldn’t get Maisy’s words out of her head.

“Counselling as a starting point. I myself act as one of the in-house counselling team, but we have connections to several local professionals around the world, depending on where you choose to settle, or if you choose to. It might sound silly to say that support groups exist but some do, discreet again, because change -  good or bad - is hard to deal with.”

“And we’d be able to do that as a trio?” Maisy asked. Jen felt her grip tighter to her hand under the table.

“Of course.” He smiled at Maisy. “I take it you two have always been close?”

“Yes.” Jen said, and somehow managed to keep a straight face doing so. Maisy didn’t, but as she was jittery in general from the long day Zach didn’t appear to read more into that. He smiled and turned to Nix.

“Would that be your preference as well?”

“Yes, we are more comfortable doing everything together.”

Jen snorted. Her entire nervous system started flashing warning lights at her, and by some mercy gave her the presence of mind to turn it into a small coughing fit. Maisy patted her on the back, which allowed her to hide her own suppressed reaction. Nix continued to speak, seeming more than glad for the distraction from the biblical slip of the tongue.

“If we pursue that, does it all come from the fund?”

“That part’s all laid out in the documents and stuff I have here for you to take away with you.” Zach passed Nix the folder, and then took a moment to check Jen was ok, seeming not to form a link between Nix’s accidental admission and the false coughing fit that had - as they so often did - become an accidental real one. “With your consent, we will stay in regular contact to make sure you have the support you need, and assuming you’ve finished your discussions with the lawyers today, you are good to go. Have you made plans in London today?”

“No, actually. We er, hadn’t thought ahead that far.”

“My best advice would be to make a day of it, the fresh air helps. A lot of people I work with have a habit of shutting themselves indoors for a variety of reasons you can likely imagine, and it doesn’t tend to be a pleasant experience. I’m hoping if nothing else, I’ve impressed that it is valid to find this stressful.”

“Good.” Maisy said, and this time Jen’s laugh could be open and sincere. Even now though, she wouldn’t say ‘stress’ was the word. Her gut so often drove her emotional state, and full from a big breakfast, calmed by a plan and with eyes on a future less driven by survival, she had to admit that her state boarded on a smugness, not least for her two attractive partners who would accompany her on this journey.

“There is one last thing we should talk about before we part ways for now.” Zach said, and his tone was a little more somber as he spoke. “You will find that, when people become aware of your funds, their attitudes towards you will change. You can imagine the extreme end, people who will assume you will give your money away freely, but try to be firm in the face of even simple requests. The best advice I can give, is never say yes to a request.”

“Never?” Maisy blinked, and even Nix looked taken aback.

“It’s harsh advice, but the logic goes that you should feel free to give what you want, but that becoming another person’s financier, it can sour the connections between you. You might find some people react badly to those refusals, but by and large, those same people will come cap in hand at every turn.”

“What about family?”

“Family, is tricky. You two are sisters, so I’m assuming, four parents?”

“All still about yeah.” Nix confirmed.


“I have a cousin, these two don’t.”


“I still have my grandma.”

“And our mum’s side is still around.” Jen confirmed. “No nieces or nephews, no other close family like aunts and uncles.”

“And just an uncle and aunt-in-law for me.” Nix finished.

“I am not for a minute telling you you can’t do what you want with your money, not my place, and indeed I would never tell a client what they should or should not do. But my advice would be to trust family to trust you, and to be gentle about the topic when it comes up if you share the details.”

That was what sent Jen’s gut into a roil. All that calm, all the peaceful sense that the world was right and fine, vanished. ‘Trust family to trust you.’ Zach had no idea; she suspected Clara did, and perhaps Henrietta if they consulted on such matters. Those words though, they didn’t require the speaker to know the actual battlefield this trio found themselves upon. Nix remained the most shielded, but her knowledge and coupulative participation? They were in this together, and asking family to ‘trust’ about that, that was asking a lot. Could they really risk saying no to family, lest anyone find out? Would family turn on them? A deluge of doubt flowed into her gut, and though Jen excused herself to the restroom with poise, there was no such presentation as she vomited into the toilet bowl.

“Jen…?” Maisy’s voice echoed with worry as the door clanged shut. There was no mess, as Jen managed to keep that contained and long since disposed of the evidence, but she still sat on the floor, legs hooked about behind her. Even the damn bathroom here had elegance to it, and while the floor might be hard, she suspected the stone gave it value beyond comfort. She didn’t know, didn’t much care in that moment; her legs were about as numb as her head.

“In here…”

“What’s up?” Maisy let herself into the cubicle, more of a break-off room of its own in truth. She closed the door behind her and got onto her knees next to her sister. “Was it, the trust thing?”

“Fuck, was it that obvious?”

“Not to anyone but me. Nix maybe but she didn’t say anything, I just said I’d go check you were alright.”

“How long have I been gone?”

“Bout 5 minutes. We’re heading out, but we can take a minute if-”

“No I really, really need to get out of here I think…”

“Jen, are you going to be alright? We can head home if it’s all too much?”

“Pfft, I was a rock until that happened.”

“You are still my rock.” Maisy said, squeezing her hand. “It’s ok, I know, I know it’s a tough subject.”

“God I feel like a selfish brat given it’s exactly the same for you.”

“It’s not though, really. I mean, it is, but I know as the older sister you, I dunno, I know you’re still feeling guilty about the whole, what we talked about thing. You know.” Maisy said, and for emphasis in case Jen didn’t get it, she squeezed her own breasts. The motion was so comic in that moment that Jen had to fight not to burst out laughing. It wasn’t that funny, but the volatile cocktail inside her didn’t need much shaking. “I trust you with my life. I want you to know, here and now, if everyone disowned us, even our parents, I wouldn’t let you go. I need this as much as you, maybe even more. You are my life, and Nix is too. This is all I could ever dream of, money be damned. And I never want to lose it.”

“Thank you…” Jen said. She hugged Maisy, both sprawled on the floor of this opulent room like a pair of clubbers who made friends with too many bottles. What should have robbed her of dignity and left her in a hopeless state, instead gave her strength. She held onto Maisy, and they rose together. Jen opened her mouth to say they should go, but found her sister’s tongue inside instead, letting physical affection say what words could not. This was no prelude to fucking in the bathroom of a law office, or even to heavy petting, but a short moment’s reprieve, a reminder of what they valued, what they would hold on to above all else. “Thank you…”

“C’mon, we better um, get going.” Maisy said, looking up at her sister with wide hopeful eyes that lit up Jen’s entire world. She squeezed Maisy tight one last time, and they left together to go and find Nix.

Chapter 15 - London Showers

Re-entering the streets of London dissipated the strange magic that held over the antiquated building, exposing the trio once more to the bustle and rumble of London proper. Jen led the trio, even if she still hadn’t found her feet yet, and the necessity of guiding the others helped her push past the first few uncertain steps. As to where she led them, that turned out to be much less of a ‘where’ and more picking a direction to walk as they chatted, and taking the occasional turn. They reached the Thames, followed its passage, and then ended up in St James’s Park, the departure from greys to greens a welcome novelty. Before long they came to some benches.

“London is so damn pretty.” Nix sighed as they all caught their breath. They’d only wandered about for twenty minutes or so, but that turned out to be quite a lot after the rollercoaster of the last few days, even on ten hours of sleep. “I dunno if I’d wanna live here but, I could get used to visiting.”

“So let’s visit more often then. We could make a monthly thing of it.”

“As long as we don’t burn through all the cash.” Nix said, her voice not quite somber but with added edge she hadn’t had before. “That stuff Zach said about keeping perspective, about the other people in the past who won and didn’t handle it well…”

“I mean, you knew all about that right? You told us about it before we even won.”

“Yeah, but it’s one thing looking at this group who’ve made bad life choices because of a major life change, and being one of them.”

“We’re not.” Jen said, and now even if she were a little out of breath, the commanding calmness returned to her, filling her heart with soft light. “For one thing, I don’t think any of us are that fussed about jet-setting right?”

“Maybe a few holidays…” Maisy said, sounding uncertain.

“Few holidays is fine hun, I’m talking jetting to New York because you want a New York bagel that day.”

“I mean, is it bad I would lowkey want to do at least one daft thing like that?” Nix said.

“No, but we plan it. We don’t just jump into stuff on a spontaneous whim.”

“Yeah like polyamerous incestious relationships.”

“Pfft shut up.”

“You’re right.” Nix said, looking a little perkier as she smiled at them. “But, is that gonna mean we can’t be spontaneous at all?”

“Well, no. And actually I think it’s more having a budget for spontaneity I mean. You know, say this month, we have £10,000 as a luxury budget. If we lived a hundred years, we could afford that a month based on the twelve million we’re getting on Monday.”

“...How in the ever loving fuck did you do that in your head Jen?” Nix asked.

“Er, 12 million divided by a hundred, divided by twelve…”

“Oh, I mean that’s still pretty impressive though.”

“Thank you, mommy appreciates the praise.”

“You’re lowkey enjoying that now aren’t you?”

“Maybe more than a little.” Jen gave her most innocent smile. “I have, I think four thousand in my savings account right now. So, hypothetically as it’s the 9th today, that’s week one and two of the month’s budget.”

“Not an excuse to blow it all though.” Maisy said. “It’s weird, you wouldn’t think twelve million would be that small.”

“I mean, it’s not, we’re not gonna live another hundred years, but it’s perspective right?” Jen shook her head. “You never know how much that’ll be worth in the long term. Heck we probably shouldn’t keep it all in one currency.”

“What in case the pound crashes?”

“I mean who knows right? Probably the financial advisors I guess.” Jen shrugged. In years past, like when she and her parents sat down to figure out if now was the time for a mortgage, crunching finances was about as fun as a rusty tampon. Jen shuddered at how surprisingly unpleasant a visual metaphor that was to pop into her head, finding herself for once the furthest thing from horny. That fitted the memory, and yet talking about finances now, maybe because of the sheer coffers now held, she didn’t feel a jolt of stress. That made sense, but Jen also suspected in the absence of the win, she’d have felt the same.

“Um, actually, we have more than that.” Maisy said, looking up. “I, have mine too. Remember, I have like what, three grand for my studies on hand?”

“True, but you also still have rent to pay on the other place.”

“Yeahhh, but that’s post-rent for this month, and-”

“Look, I get it. There is a huge, throbbing part of me that wants to go and splurge out too.”

“Jesus Jen sexually charged language much?” Nix smirked.

“I’ve had the longest stretch since I last came.” Jen pouted, also wondering if her ‘furthest thing from horny’ hypothesis were on shakier ground than she realised. “Point is, we can’t go too crazy on stuff on a whim. We need to take this slow.”

“Who knew mommies could be such buzzkills.” Nix said. She realised a beat too late that that sounded, exceedingly bad as she raised her hands. “I meant that as a joke, sorry argh, crap I…”

“It’s ok Nix. I know how you’re feeling. You know what, I know we had a big breakfast and all, but let’s compromise. What do you say we go find somewhere over the top to grab food, and we start planning all this out?”

“Oh? I don’t have any kind of notebooks on me.” Maisy said, looking to Nix who shrugged.

“Ok, tell ya what. I’m gonna say we each have, a grand, grand and a half. Today’s a special day. I’m going to use mine and buy a new laptop because that is, so long overdue, and we will go grab lunch after. We can sit and plan this all out, and then we’ll go wherever you two want to splurge yours. Sound good?”

“Fuck yeah.” Nix said, and though Jen knew she’d agreed with her logic, it was still nice to see her brighten up a bit. Maisy nodded too.”

“What kinda laptop?”

The answer to that proved to be a harder question to answer than Jen expected. After moving her savings all into her main account, stacking it up to over five thousand in cash on hand, they made their way across the underground to a handful of tech hotspots around the capitol. Jen felt somewhat vindicated by the simple task of ‘buy a laptop’ proving to be a significant list of questions she lacked answers to. The compromise as it turned out, was for her to spend a whopping four pounds on a notebook and pen, and for them to go to the restaurant first.

That restaurant turned out to be an art deco French and English blend with prices Jen had to
admit were far far more affordable than she expected on Maisy pitching it. She felt a teensy bit weird about going out for food on a whim to a place more fancy than Pizza Express, but the friendly staff and the gorgeous food soon assuaged her worries. Nix insisted on ordering them caviar because it was the funniest thing in the world to her, but Jen found to some surprise it wasn’t half bad. The salmon she had as a main blew her away with its creamy texture and fruity aroma, aided by the wine that she was quite sure would hamper decision making, though that they moderated given it cost twelve pounds a glass. The experience alone was one in recognising the tantalising nature of wealth, and the dangers of over indulging within it.

Cocktails followed food, and before long the trio forgot any notion of responsibility. The fruity drinks and growing tipsiness led to much giggling, and more than a few suggestive comments that Jen tried to shush, even if no one here knew the taboo nature of some of the suggestions. Maisy and Nix were at least self aware enough not to be disruptive, but the innuendo and light pecks had more effect than mere risk. Jen crossed her legs, and tried to steady her breathing, wondering if it was the alcohol. Loss of poise seemed a constant root, and the other two missed the signs. Jen smiled and laughed along, but while their faces grew redder from their playful chatter, her own blazed with the effort of holding back the inevitable.

Jen was just about to make a dash for the bathroom to let loose the thunder of the heavens, when she realised her girlfriends were standing to go. She looked down and realised the waiter handed the her the card machine. The option to tip stared back, and while she was in the mood to be sensible in general, this was a bit of a special case. The bill jumped by £100, and she gave her most winning smile to the waiter as he returned a sincere one of his own. The ability to do a kindness to service staff helped her wrestle enough control to leave with the others, and they began to walk down the street, Maisy holding her hand as Nix gazed around and mused on where she’d like to go. And then the feeling began to grow again.

“I’d like to go take a look at bikes to be honest?” Nix said, looking back. “You remember my old one?”

“Mm, you loved that one.” Jen said.

“Everything ok?”

“I’m kinda on the edge.”

“Oh, what’s wrong? Stress?” Maisy said, her worried little eyes so cute that they made the situation oh ao much worse.

“Not, on edge.”


“The edge.”

“Oh. OH. Really?”


“Why?” Maisy said. Nix moved in next to her.

“Is it gonna be a big one?”

“I think so…”

“Shit, um ok hold on,” Nix looked about, and then pointed, “there’s a public bathroom over there?”

“Not the most pleasant place…” Maisy said, but Jen had already begun to steer them. She would have said ‘that’ll do’ or ‘I need to get anywhere’ but even speaking made the growing fire lick at her and add lightness to her toetips. The swirl of the alcohol on her mind made it all the more surreal, not quite a panic but a hazy, almost giddy amusement, mixed with panic. The trio made it to the door of the restrooms, and the scent helped snap Jen back a step or two, pungent as public restrooms always were. “Least it’s empty.”

“Last cubical.” Jen said, and started to stride ahead. She didn’t know why she’d announced that, and when she got inside, it took her a moment to clock the other two were getting in as well. “Help.”

“I’ll do the top.” Nix said. She started to pull at Jen’s shirt even as Maisy swooped in to pull her draws to her ankles.


“So you don’t get the top wet.” Nix said. “Count down from ten.”


“You always said you could delay it if you did that.”

“Oh, I uhhh,” Jen was already starting to crash, even as she found herself in just her bra and socks, Maisy removing the latter, “ten? Nine…”

Jen closed her eyes. She sat on the top of the toilet lid, merficfully dry, for now. She heard rustling, and assumed that they were getting her clothes out of the firing line.

“Four…” Jen felt a touch at her thighs. It made her jump, and her eyes shot open. She gaped, as she saw Maisy and Nix squatting in front of her. They’d both disrobed at lightning speed, and the bag behind them buldged with her clothes and theirs. “Oh fuck-”

Three never came, but Jen sure as fuck did. Her thighs fought to clamp but the girls blocked it, grinning up at her as she bent back, and groaned hard. Her vision blurred, but she heard the gush of squirt as it hit the door, the bag, and splashed against bare skin. She looked down and couldn’t help but smile at the drenched faces. Nix took a glancing blow, but Maisy could scare open her eyes from the faceful she received. That did it, and a second spurt clocked her again, right into her open mouth. Maisy choked, and as much as momentairy guilt struck her, it only made her cum harder.

She leaned back, and then let out a small laugh of pleasure as Nix began to lick at her, tongue slick with her juices. There was just enough room for Maisy to make her way around to Jen’s side, leaning on the wall, and bending down to kiss her deeply. Jen’s second orgasm was less explosion, more a pleasent warmth that flowered as wetness slid against Nix’s dexterous tongue. She couldn’t make it to Jen’s other side, so climbed up her body, painting Jen in her own fluids. She hugged Jen close, and Maisy put her arm around Nix’s panting back.

“Hell of a dessert.” Nix said, face burning and pupils wide and lustful. She beamed, and Jen felt tears in her eyes. Maybe it was the alcohol, almost certainly a factor, but as inideal as the setting and timing were, feeling that loss of control didn’t sting like it used to. By giving up theirs, her girlfriends turned her most vulnerable moments into ones from which she could grasp agency back.

There was no way Jen was going to put off returning the favour, even if she did worry at any moment someone might come into the bathroom. She ate Nix first, and then Maisy as Nix retired from the cubicle for fresh air. Jen heard the sink running for quite some time as Nix tried to un-cum her face, and wondered how much hope any of them had of managing that. When it came to her own turn, it turned out that Nix’s solution was a few sprays of deodorant into her hair.

“I mean I’ll wash it out later. Better to smell purfumed rather than, well, yeah…”

“You saying you’re not proud to smell like me?”

“No!” Nix batted Jen’s arm. “Not falling for that.”

“Falling? For what?”

“You’re trying to guilt me into walking around smelling of your cum, at home sure, but out and about?”

“I’m not seeing a problem.” Jen said, though her shit-eating grin shone back at her in the mirrors above the sink.

“I’ll do it.” Jen turned around to see Maisy shrug. Her hair still shone, and while her face dried off, you could still pick out the odeur above the others in the room.

“I’m just teasing her.”

“I’m serious. I’ll walk around with your cum on my face and in my hair.”

“You sure you wanna do that?” Jen could feel her face falling, and her coyness fell away to an unpleasant sway inside her.


“I, appreciate the sentiment, but I don’t want you to make yourself vulnerable like that…” Jen said, feeling the words drop like shells to the floor. She could see Maisy’s expression falter. “Look, I have, a compromise.”

“Oh?” Maisy stopped her slide, curiosity beating out the embarrassment.

“Yeah, actually for both of you.”

“Ooo?” Nix said.

“Wash up, we’ve got a train to catch.”

Chapter 16 - The Sex Shop

The first time that Maisy and Nix visited a sex shop, the absence of Jen erased the potential taboo, at least  until they reached home. As they approached the shop, a bright red storefront near Camden with unashamed risque lewdness in its flamboyant window displays, Jen took both her girlfriends hand in hand to admire the windows. Polyamary wasn’t as shocking as once upon a time, but feeling Maisy’s clammy palms as they admired the mannequin wearing a proud strap on, hidden only by a playful tasteful hat, Jen could feel herself cream up. Again though, she felt control, command over their little union, so no accident threatened to break her.

Inside, Jen led the pair around the various shelves, greeting the staff and playfully telling both to keep up. Maisy looked nervous in an excited way, while Nix appeared at face value amused, but Jen knew her aroused gait too well to miss the occasional wobbly step. Jen would meet her eyes when she saw the telltale signs, and her pupils took up close to her entire iris, biting her lip when Jen smirked because Nix knew how crazy this drove her already. If she knew where Jen planned to take this, Jen suspected Nix might succumb to an accident of her own. Jen strode ahead, and ended up before the bondage gear.

“Hm, Maisy sis,  can you come here a sec?”

Maisy hid a choke; Jen hadn’t even tried to keep her voice down, outright addressing her as ‘sis’; while the shop wasn’t bustling, the boldness of the gesture landed well. For her part, Jen found the choke an oddly fitting reaction. Maisy stepped forwards, and Jen reached around her neck, sweeping her hair down her back to reveal the bare skin. As Jen ran her hands around her neck, she felt Maisy’s knees trembling.

“Are you ok?” Jen mouthed, a bare whisper. Maisy nodded, sharp, excited, nervous but happy. Jen reached around, and pulled one of the items off the shelf, next to the ‘try before you buy!’ sign; Jen intended to put on the kind of show that would make anyone watching race to buy. Jen pulled the collar around Maisy’s neck, and then met her eyes, asking the next question with a look. Maisy gulped, but in a way that told Jen she wanted this, bad. Jen smiled, and pulled the collar tight.

Maisy gasped, a slight rasp as she fought the restricted air in her throat. She heard Nix gasp too, hers strangled less physically, but just as lustful. Jen smirked.

“What do you think Nix? Too on the nose?”

“Oh my god…” Nix struggled to get the words out.

“What?” Maisy said, looking at her with puzzlement. Jen smiled and pointed to the mirror. Maisy moved, looked, and realised the mode of address was no coincidence. Black, with white letters, and clearly spelling a six letter word. ‘Sister’ “Oh my god…”

“Do you like it?”

“It’s amazing…”

“I’m glad you like it.” Jen smiled. She leaned forwards to undo the collar, and as she did, she kissed her gently on the lips, biting gently as her lower lip as she dragged back, holding the collar. She placed it back, and picked up a sealed, new one. “Nix, mommy needs a basket. Can you go ask the nice lady at the counter?”

Nix looked like she could have cum there and then, but managed a nod and scuttled off to the front of the shop. Jen caught the eye of the woman at the counter, and caught a wink from her; she had a feeling they would need to come back to this shop more often. SHe watched as Nix spoke with her for a moment, and then came back with a basket. She was red in the face, but grinning ear to ear, and her jaw dropped as Jen held up the next collar, for her. ‘Mommy’s Girl’.

“May, I try it on?”

Jen placed it around her neck with gentle care, and then pulled the same quick tightening stunt. This was less of a shock for Nix, not only after seeing Maisy get the same, but because the two practiced choking one another many times in their awakening; Jen hadn’t found much of a taste, but Nix was the type to love a firm grip around her throat as she slipped beyond the point of no return. That sorted, Jen allowed her to admire the new attire, and then returned it to the shelf. She parted ways with the pair to buy their new accessories to wear right away, but managed to sneak the all important component without either noticing. When she came back, both collars went on, and they turned to keep looking.

“Ah, we’re not done.”

“Oh?” Nix turned back, and then saw what Jen held. “Oh fuck my life.”

The leads went on with a simple clasp, and just like that, Jen guided the two about to look at the other fun niceties, on quite literally a short leash. Every now and then she let Nix’s go tighter still, and saw the flickers of her cummy face with every gentle tug. She didn’t milk it too much, to preserve the novelty but also just in case Nix was in the verge of an accident, but soon they came to a shelf that made Jen wonder if more accidents were in order.

“Jesus look how much they are.” Nix said, her head evidently clear enough to register the eyewatering price tag, upwards of £400 each, with a deluxe model nearer to £700. It was to all outward appearances, a strange pair of panties that managed to hold its shape even not worn. That turned out to be the material, fabric outside and cushioned and silky within, but between the two a stretchy silicone that hugged your body shape. Jen noticed the label mentioning that you could also send off for bespoke fitted versions, and wondered if that straight up added a zero to the price tag or not. The reason they needed to hug close to your body became all too clear once you looked inside.

“Woah…” Maisy breathed out the word like they’d discovered some miraculous ancient treasure.

“Need any help?” The attendant on this floor, a cute brunette with large glasses and lobes stretched even larger than Nix’s wqalked up.

“Is this for real?” Jen asked, downright impressed as she swept her gaze along the inside of the device.

“Oh absolutely. All the attachments are modular, and this is just the base set.”

“Wait, there’s more?”

Inside were no fewer than five distinctive sections Jen could see. You had your obvious in the form of a butt plug and rabbit-like dildo, though the latter had a curious hoop rather than ears. Further up was what looked like a thermal pad.

“Oh that’s an in built heat and massage pad, like a myoovi. It’s not quite the same of course but if you look here,” she pointed to an ultra subtle port near the top, “it does actually have a myoovi-manufactured add on. The one in the unit is more for soothing and long term comfort but I’ve heard it’s not a bad second option for period pain either.”

“This is insane.” Jen pointed to the back where she could see two other pads, “you’re not seriously telling me this thing has headed seating built in?”


“Get out.” Maisy said, gawking. She didn’t carry the most added padding so Jen imagined this one small detail sold her even if the rest hadn’t already.

“Oh it does cooling too, it’s all controlled from your phone. Or,” she gave Jen a knowing look, “I suppose from your phone.”

“What are the other attachments?” Jen felt her throat rasp a little, unaware that a toy could have this affect on her from looking at it alone.

“Shelf above.” The attendant pointed, and that was when Jen realised there was, a collection on show. Multiple butt plug sizes; rabbits to rods to realistic phalluses, and even two marked as Bad Dragon exclusives that looked amazing just sitting on the shelf, and those were just the toys. “Yes that’s a cup, and no don’t worry it doesn’t fly everywhere when you take the device off, you can unhook the underwear on the sides. That is the correct way to put it on and take it off so you don’t stretch the silicone inner layer.”

“Is that…?” Jen pointed to the large toys on the other end, far too large to fit inside.

“So, the deluxe has an external set of rings here,” she said, beaming and showing the three women as their jaws all dropped, “you can fit most standard strap-on sized attachments, but these are also compatible with the app so they make for a nice all in one.”

“How, how does the made to order part work?”

“Oh that’s easy, we measure the person up who will wear the toy, and the manufacturer sends one to you direct. It’s, an extra £500 but it does come with additional guarantees on top of the lifetime one.”


“Yeah so if you find it no longer fits, you come in, re-measure, and trade in the old one for a newer model. The inner and outer layers are machine washable and we have a variety of colours. Is this going to be your next savings goal?”

“Hah, no,” Jen smiled, and the woman appeared understanding, “no, we’ll take three.”

“Really?” She appeared excited, but not quite as much as her girlfriends did.

“Seriously? You really mean it?” Maisy said, eyes wide.

“Three deluxe with measurements, and,” Jen mentally totalled up the row of toys above, “full set of the add ons? Three cups and myoovis too I guess as that just seems like a nice to have.”

“That will be,” the assistant pondered, “About £5,100? We can do it for five?”

“No we can do full, I like this place, I think you’ll be seeing a lot of us. Is, card ok?”

It was. The assistant had a tiny bit of that ‘can you actually’ energy about the process, but sure enough the payment cleared, and she beamed.

“Right, which of you lovely ladies is getting fitted up first?”

“Can I?” Maisy seemed to tremble with excitement. Jen nodded her ascent, and the three and the assistant moved into the back room of the shop, where a changing facility sat along with some equipment, including an honest to god 3D scanner. “I’m ok with them staying.” Maisy said as the assistant, who introduced herself as Lucy, explained the process. The door behind them locked, Maisy bit her lip.

“You ok?” Jen asked.

“Nervous. About, you know.”

“Do you want me to do it for you?”


Jen smiled, and bent down to undo Maisy’s jeans. She could feel her legs vibrating like their new investment, clearly terrified, but Lucy explained she had seen it all before and Maisy could tap out at any time if she felt uncomfortable. That seemed to help, and soon, she stood in her shirt, her bare pussy visible just below the hem, as Lucy began to take the required data.

“You’re doing really well.” Jen gave her a reassuring smile, which Maisy tried to return best she could. Maisy’s face camouflage nicely with Lucy’s cherry apron, but to her credit she managed to stay in place. Jen wanted to ask if she could hold her hand, but didn’t want to undermine how brave she was being. Still, as much as there was a playful fun element, Jen had a twinge of regret putting her into this situation. Nix watched in rapt fascination as Lucy ran the scanner around.

“Can you lift your shirt a little?”

“M’kay…” Maisy did so, revealing her full hips, and Jen realised a detail she’d missed, one that explained a little more about how she toughed this out. Without the shirt in the way, the sheen from her thighs became all too obvious. A fire lit in Jen’s chest.

“You’re doing really well, it’s totally normal.” Lucy said smiling up at her. “You alright?”


“So are you three a throuple?” Lucy asked, moving around behind Maisy.

“Yeah, sorta a long time coming thing.”

“Nice. You mind if I ask something a little, indelicate?”


“No judgement obviously but, are you two sisters?”

Jen met Maisy’s eyes. They’d gone wide as saucers, but behind the shock and overloaded arousal Jen could see she trusted her.

“Yeah. Me and Maisy are.”

“Neat.” Lucy nodded, and carried on as she was. Jen blinked.

“Really is no judgement then?”

“Is more common than you’d think. Long as you’re happy who cares right?”

“Really happy…” Maisy said, sounding it, even as she had to bite her lip. Jen marvelled; she’d never pegged Maisy as the exhibitionist type, even after their handful of public fun and games.

“You get to do this a lot?” Jen asked, trying to spare Maisy a little.

“Eh, not this, not a lot of people can afford one of these but we do similar stuff, made to measure and the like. It’s fun. Is also ok for you to enjoy it too.”

“Y-yeah?” Maisy asked, her knees trembling a little.

“No shame here.” Lucy said, flashing Jen a smile. “Long as you’re all comfortable of course.”

“Very.” Nix said, a little too fast. She gave a small nervous laugh, but Jen supposed Lucy knew heightened arousal when she saw it a mile off.

“You have to deal with this a lot then?” Jen asked.

“Yeah but it’s all good.”

“How do you normally handle it?” Jen started to ask that just to normalise the situation, but as she did, an intent hidden until that moment slipped out with the words. Maisy looked at her, her pupils the size of coins. Lucy tilted her head.

“Well, there’s a few ways.”

“I think we all trust your professional judgement.” Jen said.

“Maisy, can I get you to stand with your legs apart to do the final scans?”

“Wha? Oh, um, yeah…” Maisy shuffled her feet apart. As she did, she literally dripped onto the floor, her labia having held a hidden waterfall the movement released. “S-sorry!”

“You’re fine, one moment, I’ll need to clean you up a bit. Is, that ok?” Lucy asked Maisy, but Jen got the impression this was one last check of the room. Maisy nodded, and Jen did too when she caught the assistant’s eye. She moved over to a side table and got some soft-looking paper towels. She knelt in front of Maisy, and with gentle care began to wipe up her wetness. Maisy shuddered, and couldn’t hold back a small peep when Lucy wiped up ther length of her vulva. “Ok, I’m doing the scan now.”

Jen watched as the faint blue light ran over her midriff, and captured every small contour of her body. Maisy held firm, eyes closed, taking slow nasal breaths as Lucy worked. Jen’s eyes followed a small trickle of arousal tracing its way down her sister’s shuddering thigh. When at last Lucy finished, she motioned Maisy to sit.

“May I?” Lucy asked. Jen couldn’t help but grin as Maisy nodded her ascent. The assistant smiled, knelt down, and using her still latex gloved hand, ran her fingers up the length of Maisy’s vulva. She ran them up and down in two small gentle motions, before she placed one hand onto her pelvis with gentle care, and slid her fingers inside her.

“Hell of a service you provide.” Nix breathed as she watched Lucy begin to work Maisy’s cunt with her fingers. She smiled.

“Perks of the job.”

“MMh, I’m already so close…” Maisy whimpered.

“You’re doing great, just relax.” Jen said, coming to place a hand on her other knee. “Thank you for giving this to her.”

“My pleasure.” Lucy said. She placed her hand firmer to stop Maisy lifting her hips, as her two fingers worked with forceful but gentle precision. Jen could see this was a woman who turned this into an artform. “I do hope you’ll come back.”

“I’m not sure I ever want to leave.” Nix said, not even trying to hide her flush.

“I’m cumming…” Maisy moaned, and then Jen watched in astoundment as Lucy retracted her fingers, and rubbed her clit as a small jet of squirt shot across the room. “Oh fuck, oh fuck. Oh, FUCK.” Lucy went back in and pulled out as another large spurt painted the floor.

“You squirted Maisy! Oh well done!”

“Oh my godddd…” Maisy trembled, her legs like jelly.

Chapter 17 - The Sex Shop, Continued

The second two scans took all of eight minutes. Jen knew because she eyed the clock on the wall the entire time. Once done, all pretence left them. Nix stripped all her garments, and while hers was more a trickle than a spout, by the time Lucy withdrew her hand there was a literal puddle around her on the floor.

“I don’t have your talents.” Nix said, looking down at it, though giddy enough she didn’t appear disheartened. Lucy raised an eyebrow to Jen, who stood naked in front of her now, eagar for her own turn.

“Interesting, squirting runs in the family?”

“We didn’t know Maisy had it in her to go off like that until today, but yeah.”

“Jen goes off like a firehose.” Maisy said, a little more recovered now and enjoying a complimentary coffee. This beat the ever loving shit out of a £100 discount Jen mused, that was for sure.

“Hm. You know, we have actually got in something a little special. Would you like to try it?”


Lucy walked them into one of the storage rooms, all three nude and shameless behind the dignified assistant in her still immaculate uniform.

“This is a unit we’re holding for a shoot happening later this month, it’s a rental because, oh my you do not want to know what one of these costs.” Lucy said, patting the machine. It took the form of a small bed, but for a few small, and one huge difference. The padding, restraints, and odd shaped pillows dotted about it made that much clear, as did the film that covered the surface like a strange plastic silk.
“A, fuck machine?”

“Yes, but this one is, a little special. You see these?” Lucy said, pointing to the arm ald leg restraints. “They track your blood flow and pressure. A couple of pads go on other bits of you too, to track your responses.”

“Is that a fucking Kinect?” Nix said looking up and blinking.

“Oh yeah, believe it or not that little shit is far more powerful than it’s given credit. And you’ll note the sensors on the posts of the bed?”

“It fucks you based on your responses?”

“You can program it,” Lucy said, but with a tone that said in no uncertain terms not to mess with the maestro. “Would you, like to try it?”

“You’re serious?” Jen said. She looked at the other two who had stars in their eyes. “You’d let me use this thing?”

“Fuck it right?” Lucy said, with a wicked grin that suggested the idea of seeing someone explode on this device would be a drem come true.

Jen lay on the bed, and felt as Lucy attached the various parts of the device to her body.

“Made by the same people who make your new toys, so hopefully this will reassure you of your purchase.”

“Hah, yeah.” Jen said, but she was vibrating. There was something kind of badass about this calm as could be woman setting her up to get her brains fucked out by a robot.

“Can we record this?” Nix asked. Jen looked to see Maisy had her phone out too.


“I want a recording of this are you kidding? Holy shit.” She tested the restraints. “This is, insane.”

“You wanna know the price tag?” Lucy asked with a coy smile. Jen opened her mouth, and closed it, which Lucy seemed to take as a no. She gave a wicked grin. “What kind of attachment would you like?”

“Do, you have one of the BD tentacles?”

“Oh my, you three get kinkier by the minute. One moment…” Jen watched as the final preparations began, mouth watering more than a little. She let in a sharp intake of breath as she felt Lucy position the chosen toy against her. “Ok, lie back, relax, and let the machine take the lead. In your palm, you’ve got a red button at the spot before the wrist? Just bang that into the bed and it’ll slow and stop right away. You use that to start it too. Ready?”

“So ready.” Jen said, eyeing the bright red button on her strapped down arm.

“Just shout if it isn’t stopping and we can kill it from here. When you’re ready.” Lucy stood back. Nix stood beside her, camera at the ready, while Maisy did too but at the foot of the bed; Jen knew by now how much her sister enjoyed the splash zone, and only hoped the waterproofing on the phone would be up to the task. She took a deep breath, and bopped the button against the firm surface of the bed.

She wasn’t sure if the machine registered her input, until she felt a gentle nudging input coming right back. She let out a small shuddering breath as the toy explored her, uncanny in how close to human movement it managed. She purred as the tip ran up and down her length, until finding purchase and beginning tentative advances inside of her. She relaxed, and wondered what it would be like to have one of these in your house to service you at any time of day; how the other half lived, or - Jen groaned as the toy decided to go bolder, sliding what felt like four to five inches deep from a shallow start.

“How you finding it?” Lucy asked, as if this were nothing more abnormal than trying on a pair of shoes, asking if the fit were snug enough; it sure as fuck was.

“This is amazing…” Jen said, beaming, surprised how little embarrassment she felt having this machine fuck her in front of a total stranger. Maisy might be the exhibitionist of the trio but there did seem to be a bit of it in the general family. Jen’s hips rose and fell as the machine grew bolder still, pushing itself to another length deeper inside, close to the hilt of the ornate tentacle. She could feel the texture inside as it caressed her, luxurious in its slow dance within her tight embrace.

“You look so beautiful right now.” Maisy said. She leaned in, filming up close to her sister’s cunt as the toy stretched it ever wider. “How do you fit that thing?”

“Mmf, years of practice.” Jen said, smiling at Lucy, “I have one similar to that attachment at home.”

“Always been a bit more bland myself, I’m the kind of basic bitch who buys the featureless rods and bullets.”

“Nothing nnng, wrong with that.” Jen managed to get the words out, but the machine already appeared to decide that it wanted its way with her, picking up in pace and pushing just a little deeper with each thrust now. She found it remarkable that it could respond to her tensing, on the rare occasion it didn’t quite find the right angle correcting on the spot, and never pushing her to the point of pain, even if it was hard not to sting a little with a toy this wide.

“So one neat feature is the machine is making, for all intents and purposes a picture of your vagina, it’s learning the shape and contours and with each thrust tailoring itself to your body’s reactions.”

“That’s insane.” Nix said, and Jen would have agreed if her breath weren’t caught up in deep intensive panting already. “How the hell does it do that?”

“Tech magic, I dunno. It’s a combo if the cameras picking up if her body is showing good or bad signs, heartrate, if she’s relaxed or tensed, and I think just it memorising which thrusts got the good responses and which the less good.”

“I love that people put this much thought into giving us pleasure.” Nix said.

“Yeaahhhaa…” Jen tried, and failed.

“That’s it.” Maisy whispered, gazing at her with a hunger only rivalled by affection in her eyes. “Lose yourself to it.”

“It’s so good…”

“I’m curious to see if you’ll match your sister’s squirt.” Lucy said, and something about the way she spoke about their incestual relationship with such calm normalcy sent pleasurable shivers from the tips of Jen’s toes to her buzzing brain, frazzled in all the best ways by the perfect rhythm of the tentacle. She gasped as it moved in position, and began to push into her down to up instead of its more direct path of before, feeling it brush against that most important spot. “Oh I think it wants to see it too.”

“It’s, it’s gonnaaah at this rate…”

“You’re doing so well.” Maisy said, phone held out to record, but her body placed right in the firing line. Jen had to marvel that even after squirting on her twice today alone, Maisy never grew tired of the showers. Jen looked over, unsuprised to see Nix watching with the phone in one hand, her other buried in her crotch running in circles. What suprised her, was seeing Lucy with a hand down her jeans, subtle, momentary, but she saw the woman pull out her fingers and admire the wetness. She turned, and looked into Maisy’s eyes.


“Yes, please Jen.”

“Nnnng, I’m gonna cum…” Jen scrunched up her face, and felt the machine change again, making light and shallow passes that ground against her inner walls. The crescendo grew and then burst, Jen crying out as it did. She watched the arm flatten down just in time before the explosion hit, and then her orgasm burst through her body like a shotgun. Her own spray jetted from her and painted Maisy’s cheek before clearing her head.

“Holy shit girl.” Lucy said somewhere a thousand miles away, but Jen wasn’t done, gripping the bed, the restraints locking how her body could react and by virtue of tension, turning her into a firehose. She heard rather than saw the second burst, Maisy’s gargle, and the sound of water splattering onto the stone floor. Jen opened her mouth to try and speak, and gasped as the tentacle entered her again. She’d just assumed the machine would stop, but the horny code seemed to have a true mind of its own, and before she could catch her breath, the arm fucking her harder than she’d ever known possible.

Every strap strained as she pulled on all of them, not from struggling but sheer involuntary spasms as a second, then third, then god knew how many orgasms rocked her. She felt herself blast more than once, both around and after the tentacle withdrew, and when she reached the point she wondered if she’d pass out, the machine began to purr and retract. Jen opened her eyes, and marvelled at the damage.

Maisy appeared to have gone through a typhoon. Nix watched on with an open mouth, while Lucy sat a short ways back, panting and smiling herself. Jen watched through her hazy vision as the assistant pulled her hand out of her jeans and pulled herself to her feet. Stepping up to help free Jen from the bindings.

“How was it?”

“Holy fucking shit…” Jen said, more a wheeze than speech. She started to laugh, croaking through a dry throat as Maisy helped her sit up and kissed her on the forehead. “Ok, just, out of, oh god my head’s so light um, out of curiosity, how much does that thing cost?”

“Hah, it’s a bit out there.” Lucy said with a smile. “I’d kill for one, we’re not allowed to use it ourselves but we’re allowed to offer a couple of demos at our discretion while holding onto it. Maybe that gives you some idea.”

“So, how much?”

“Two and a half million.” Lucy said. She sighed, looking at it, but then recovered. “Still, I’m glad you had fun.”

Jen looked at Maisy, then at Nix.

“What do you think?”

“I’d kill for it too.” Maisy said. Nix nodded.

“If you think it’s sensible. We’d have to be very careful otherwise though, like not making a habit of it.”

“Um, what are you guys talking about?” Lucy asked. Her wistful smile morphed into one a little more bemused. Jen turned to her.

“How much commission do you get on sales?”

“Oh, um, varies but the shop takes about, 30% on most? We take less so that we can secure more gigs like this from the larger studios, and we charge a lot for your average influencer off the street. Though, sadly this isn’t something we can do that on I’m afraid.”

“How much do you get in bonuses as the seller?”

“Me? Um,” Lucy tapped her chin, “I think on the sale we just did, I get what, a 2% bonus for making the sale? So, 5.1k, about a hundred bucks.”

“Does that cap out?”


“Then that settles it.” Jen smiled. “Can we arrange to come back next week, say Tuesday?”

“Er, I would love to but we can’t do another demo.”

“Oh not a demo. We wanna buy one.”

“I, what?” Lucy gave a nervous laugh. She looked between the other two, and saw neither looking confused or asif they were pulling her leg. “You, can afford that?”

“After Monday we can.”

“Holy shit.” Lucy said, and then she started to laugh, nervous still but it grew into a more sincere one. “Holy shit, you’re actually serious. Um, yeah I would, definitely be able to make it in that day, or-”

“Do you work that day?”

“No but I can-”

“We can come when you do.”

“You’d, do that for me?” Lucy said, appearing floored.

“You were very generous to us. And you looked after Maisy and Nix for me.” Jen smiled at her girlfriends who beamed back. “And, you accepted us, even though we’re unconventional.”

“Holy crap…” Lucy had to sit down, her legs back to uncertain beneath her. She looked up, and Jen saw her eyes watering. “That’s like, a deposit on a place outside London. You’re really sure?”


“But, how? Are you really, that rich?”

Jen paused. She looked at the other two, and then back to Lucy. The unasked question seemed to register for the assistant too.

“No, you’re right I’m sorry, shouldn’t ask. Hah I’m not trying to be a gold digger or sponge, I won’t ask-”

“It’s ok. Tell you what,” Jen tilted her head, putting on her kindest smile, “how’s about we make it when you’re next working after Monday, and maybe we can go for food after your shift. I think we’d all like to be friends.”

“Hell yeah.” Nix said. Maisy beamed.

“Wow. Thank you.” She smiled at them. “Ok, I’ll um, keep it under wraps for now if that’s ok, and, oh I’ll give you my number, have you got your-” Lucy seemed to remember all three of her new friends were naked, but then Maisy held up her phone.

“I can grab it.”

“Maisy’s sort of a secretary at this point.” Jen said, smirking a little at her sister’s pout. “We should um, go get dressed.”

“We have a shower, you wanna freshen up?”

“God yes…”

About fifteen minutes later, the trio were all dressed and showered, speedrunning the process by showering together. Jen was so sensitive from the machine that even with all three behaving, she still managed to cum by accident, laugh crying from the pain and pleasure of it. Recomposed, they left the back room and headed for the door, Lucy giving them a smile on their way past.

“Look forward to seeing you again.” Jen said. Lucy smiled.

“Likewise. And, you mind if I bring a plus one to dinner?”

“Sure? No problem.” Jen said.

“Thanks!” Lucy beamed. “I think my sister would love to meet you.”

“Oh that’s-” and the penny dropped. “Ooh?”

“Take care.” Lucy said, but as they left, she gave them a wink in passing. Her colleague on the till gave no such knowing look, a relief even if Jen suspected that her own cries must have carried even if the backroom had soundproofing. As they walked down the streets of Camden, Jen had to admit Lucy had a point: it was more common than she realised.

Chapter 18 - Paying Under The Table

“Is it, bad I want to go get dinner like, right now?” Nix said. “Like I know how fat that makes me sound-”

“Nix stop being mean to yourself. Besides, I need refuelling after that workout.”

“Yeah no kidding…” Maisy said with a dry laugh.

“Did it look intense?”

“You wanna see?”

Jen paused. She’d forgotten until that moment that there was a video of her experience, and the realisation that there was now video evidence of her giving her own sister a faceful of squirt conjured mixed emotions. There was excitement, but…

“Maisy, you have set that thing’s privacy to-”

“Nothing backs up online.” Maisy nodded.

“Ok good. That would be, unfortunate.”

“Mine’s set to that too, probably for the best given you can see Maisy in the splash zone proper on mine.”


“I swear, you have a literal fire hoze hidden up there. It’s a super power.”

“Not sure I’ll be saving the world any time soon with a big O.”

“Ooooo what would your superhero name be?” Maisy asked as they reached the underground station.

“It’d need to be a pun.” Jen said, tilting her head in thought as they walked through the crowds. The fact they were talking openly about her unusually strong squirting orgasms in a crowded place kept her right on the edge of that intense excitement and worry knife’s edge, but in a way she liked, edging on danger.

“Would it? Why not like, I dunno Orgasma?”

“That could be a pun if I could shoot more than just the normal, like plasma or fire or, stuff like that.”

“Oh my god I would watch that film. ‘Stop evildoer! *vigirously starts masturbating at them*’” Nix says. She snorts with laughter as Maisy goes into a silent fit, and Jen caught the eyes of one or two people who caught enough keywords of that to turn their heads. She felt a little nervous about that, and realised they were edging her in a different way.

“Hah, um guys, can we turn it down a bit?”

“Oh, sure sorry.” Nix said, pinking a little, “better not to draw attention.”

“Hah, more that I felt a bit like diving into a phone booth.”

“Oh? What do you mean?”

“You know, changing into alter ego.”

“Oh you mean that you, oh right.” Nix’s eyes involuntarily flicked down to Jen’s crotch, only trickling up the intensity as they walked side by side through the tunnels. “My bad.”

“No it’s fine.”

“What about Squirterela?” Maisy said, seeming to have missed the warning.

“Maisy, Jen’s feeling a bit intense maybe don’t-”

“Too late.” Jen said, putting an arm around both of them. Maisy looked startled but both bore her weight. “Oh fuck…” Jen managed to keep composure, but the orgasm shuddered through her body in several soothing waves. “I didn’t wet myself did I?”

“No you’re fine, I’m really sorry-”

“No, Maisy it’s ok, just a bit sensitive is all.” Jen smiled. Maisy looked reassured, but Nix still had a pensive look on her face.

“Jen, I’ve been thinking. I know we need to be careful with the funds and all, but, do you think maybe it might be a good idea to get a private consultation on this? You always said the faff of waiting times and them likely not wanting to take it seriously put you off, but…”

“But now I could afford it. Right.” Jen bit her lip. When the problem started in earnest, in her late teens and around the time her and Nix began to discover one another in a whole new light, Nix had played the amazing friend role of trying to talk Jen into seeking help. Back then, at least for a while, it had distressed her enough to almost do it. “It’s, not really a problem.”

“Right, but, I dunno I just, I know it’s probably benign but why not get checked anyway?”

“You really think they’d find anything?”

“Maybe? Just, think on it ok? If you’re willing to drop two and a half million on a sex toy then a few thousand on your health doesn’t seem like asking much. You can take it from my share of the-”

“No, and we share it all Nix. I’ll, OK we’ll start looking into it. If it makes you feel more reassured, that’s all the reason I need to do it. I’m sorry for making you worry.”

They’d just reached the platforms as the topic broke off, and Jen’s girlfriends guided her to one of the benches to sit down. Nix thought to get Jen to drink some water, and after a few minutes of watching the train come and go and gulping it down, she started to feel a little more in control of herself. That sense of lost control, the one that kept pushing her over that pleasurable edge seemed at the heart of it. And as much as Jen told Nix she didn’t see it as a problem, deep down she did share the worry.

“Hey Jen?”


“You know I love you right?” Nix said. Jen blinked.

“I, love you too Nix.”

“I just want what’s best for you. Sorry if me being pushy is-”

“Oh, no, no it’s not pushy at all.” Jen said, feeling the guilt welling.

“Jen’s just processing a lot right now, we all are. She appreciates you, and I do too Nix. I love you too.” Maisy squeezed Nix’s hand.

“I love you too Maisy. Thank you for all you do for both of us.”

“Pfft, all I do is sit on my phone and look cute.” Maisy said, before pouting at her lack of signal. “Or, just sit here I guess.”

“That’s all we need.” Jen said, giving her hair a light ruffle. “Hehe, your hair’s still damp.”

“I knowww, I tried to dry it best I could.” Maisy twirled a finger in her wavy hair and sighed. Jen pulled her hand back, and then had a thought, smelling at it.

“Oh you little devil.”


“You didn’t wash it did you?”

“I, tried?” Maisy gave her a sheepish smile. “Is it?”

“Very.” Jen said. Where before in the bathroom, that had become a source of worry though, seeing her sister sitting on this train, her hair reeking of Jen’s cum. “Oh no.”



“Again?” Maisy tried to hide her gape. She gripped Jen’s hand, and Nix who listened to this got up and moved to Jen’s other side, sitting to grip her other. Jen closed her eyes and tried to look natural as another orgasm thundered through her. The one blessing of the spontaneous bursts was when they happened in succession, while they remained intense, she could control herself better and better each time. Even so as this one lit her on fire, she marvelled at how sensitive the machine and various rounds before left her.

“God damn it.” Jen laughed, but Maisy patted her back all the same. “Ok, ok I will go to the doc.”

“Thank you.” Nix said, squeezing her hand again. “I’m sure it’s nothing.”

After that, the rest of their journey to central London proved much less eventful. While tempted to splurge on a fancy dinner, all three decided that that second, Pizza Hut was all they wanted and needed, and as nice as the finer place of earlier was, Jen found herself much more at home here. The London branch was several times larger than the one in their hometown, a titchy hole-in-the-wall take out rather than a proper restaurant. This was cosy, a lot smaller than most places around it in Leicester Square, but spacious and noisy enough that they felt able to talk openly.

“What a day man.” Nix lay back in her booth seat, half her pizza devoured already, though in that she still lagged behind the ravenous Jen, who sat back down at the table with her fifth free refill. “I could get used to living like this.”

“We should probably try not to be too lavish, when we set budgets and all.” Jen said, nodding at Maisy. “That bed is a huge chunk of our money gone, but I’ve been thinking on it, and if you adjust our cash on hand to be for eighty years not a hundred, it works out.”

“God I both find your ability to be methodical about this hot and aggravating Jen.” Nix rolled her eyes and earned a light cuff. “‘Sides, couldn’t it come from the rest of the funds?”

“Well, we don’t know what’ll come of those. We’re best assuming we have the twelve to live on, and that’s there as, a giant buffer I guess.”

“But you’re sure about the bed?” Maisy said. She didn’t say it in a skeptical voice, in fact sounded more worried Jen would talk herself out of it. Jen gave her a big grin.

“Maisy I am going to be buying a big plush chair to sit across from it and enjoying watching you two ride that thing for the rest of my life.”

“Oh my god…” Maisy smiled going beet red. Nix just snorted.

“Don’t suppose it can be my bed?”

“Acutally, that’s not a bad idea.” Jen said.

“Wait I was joking.” Nix gulped.

“Lucy said you can use it as a regular one, you just put a mattress topper on it and detach the arm of doom.”

“Oh, huh, I guess that does solve that problem.” Nix nodded. “Shit I’d be sleeping on the world’s most expensive bed, you’re not worried I’d crush it?”

“Nix, can I ask you why you’re suddenly negging on your weight so much?” Jen said, lowering her voice and trying to soften it too. Nix opened her mouth, raising a finger a little, then closed it and folded her arms. She eyed her food as she did, and seemed to deflate.

“You’re worth a fortune now. And you know I’ve been a mess these last few years. I know six grand in debt isn’t much compared to this but, it’s still a sign I’m broken. And yeah, I’m not in great shape. I dunno I’m sorry this is all spilling out now but, I dunno…”

“Nix…” Maisy put an arm around her.

“You aren’t the only person to spiral like that Nix. It’s normal. And I love you just as you are. Who gives a shit if you’re fat? If I can be, super honest, I love your body more for it.”

“You do?” Nix said, and there was so much longing in her tone, so much barely concealed sadness that Jen blinked. How long had Nix bottled this up? But then, the Nix she’d always known lamented her body, her looks, her self worth all the time. Growing up she’d just turned it into a punchline, and for the first time Jen realised she should have done more to push back against this for a long, long time.

“You know when you sit up, and you get thise lil folds, or how your stomach goes over the waistline of your underwear?”

Nix went a shade of green rather than red at that.


“You look so fucking majestic like that. I just want to kiss and feel every inch of your skin, to hold and squeeze you, to feel your weight and saviour it. I’d supposed you if you wanted to lose the weight, but if you want my honest view, you’re at your hottest, most beautiful as you are.”

“Holy shit Jen…” Nix said, her voice quaivering, “you’re gonna make me bawl in the middle of a fucking Pizza Hut.”

“Pfft, rememeber when we got Jack to give us all the bad orders that one night and just ate until we were sick at the counter?”

“Oh my god you didn’t!” Maisy said, eyes wide.

“Oh not at-at the counter, and I think actually only I was sick.” Jen said. Nix chuckled, a little of the colour returning to her cheeks.

“Yeah, oh god remember the chilli counter?”

“Chilli counter?” Maisy asked.

“So for some reason a ton of the run offs that night were from people ordering or accidentally getting halepeanos on their pizza,” Nix said, her tone nostalgic in a way that calmed Jen’s worries, “so we, as in me Jen and Jack who, did you meet Jack?”

“The gangily one?”

“He’s doing a PhD now you know.” Jen chimed in.

“No way! Good for him!” Nix beamed, and Jen could see she meant it. As Nix explained how they’d made a scoresheet of the most spicy slices eaten - a contest she won handily - Jen just smiled at her girlfriends. It still broke her heart that either would feel in any way not good enough, because to her they were perfect. Maisy giggled as Nix recounted with unnecessary detail how Jen’s hubris trying to catch up to Nix’s igh score undid her, and then about how the secret bet was the loser between them had to eat out the winner, resulting in payback as the chilli burned Nix in a less than pleasant way. She did at least have the grace to mention how Jen brushed her teeth and washed her mouth out several times after ‘the incident’ and before ‘the payback’.

“Man if Jack knew about that outcome.” Nix said, her chuckle more of a full laugh by now.

“Did you go back in after you finished?”

“Finished? Mase have you ever tried cumming when your clit is actually on fire? It’s um, yeah no I tapped out.”

“I have actually.” Maisy said.

“You have?”

“I er, actually quite like doing it.” She said, her face a little pink, but not looking away.

“Doing? You’ve done it more than once?” Jen asked.

“You know I like spicy food. Well, I used to try and wash my hands after as much as I could, but then I found out how it feels and, was actually my first squirt.”

“Get out, you squirted, not just came?”

“Not like a Jen squirt.” Maisy waved a hand. “Like a lil spout, but yeah I actually love the feeling.”

“I think I know what I’m getting you two to do at the earliest opportunity.” Jen said with a wry smile.

“Are you gonna make me burn too?” Nix asked. Jen was a little taken aback, and then realised she knew the answer to that one on the spot.

“Yes sweetie, I want you both to feel the burn.”

“Ok mommy.” Nix said. Jen leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“I love you~”

“Love you too.” Nix said, a small pout that broke into a smile as Jen smooched her cheek again, this time with Maisy mirroring on the other. The mild lewdness of the conversation excited Jen, but she held control here. She’d never quite realised before this week how important that was to her wellbeing, let alone the state of her underwear. A week. She smirked, and Maisy cocked an eyebrow.

“What’s funny?”

“Your plane landed on Sunday. Well, Monday but, no that makes it even-” Jen broke off shaking her head.

“Yeah…” Maisy said, her face going blank. “God, this week has been, wow…”

“For me it’s even less, but yeah, you’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster this week.” Nix gave Maisy a concerned look. “How does it feel?”

“Unreal? You wanna know the funniest part?”


“I keep forgetting I was even dating that guy before Sunday. I was with him for, like, four years? It’s like it never happened. It’s, like waking up after an unpleasant dream, and all the wrongs vanishing.”

“Aw.” Nix rubbed her arm, and Maisy leaned on it looking as content as the housecat that broke into the catfood bag.

“That’s, actually a good point. We still need to go get your things from the, the flat. Or, do you just want to leave them?”

“Hm.” Maisy’s cheer dimmed a little, but to a more pensive frown than sad. “I think, it’s important I do.”

“Yeah, I agree.” Nix nodded. “You need to close that door of your life.”

“Shall we do that tomorrow? Get it out of the way? Or do you need time?”

“Tomorrow’s good.” Maisy said.


“It also means he probably won’t be there. Don’t need the drama. To be honest, I’d rather just forget about the plane tickets and leave it.”

“That’s fair.” Jen said; she’d expected as much, even if her own ire made her want to go after the little shit in principle. It wasn’t her place though, and if this was Maisy’s wish, then she would respect that. “We can do something nice after.”

“Ok.” Maisy said. She had an expression Jen couldn’t decode, a little brighter, but that pensive frown still clung to her eyes. She wanted to check her sister was ok, but also didn’t want to tip her into a more intense melancholy, especially if she wasn’t already headed that way. “I’m sure it will hurt eventually. But, you know how much happier I am with you two right?”

“I’m glad.” Jen stroked her other arm. “This is more than I ever dreamed.”

“Well I dunno about you, but this is enough food for me.” Nix laughed, resting back with a sigh.

“You got any room left?” Jen asked Maisy.

“Yeah, you mind if I have dessert?”

“Course! What do you want?”

Maisy smirked. She opened her mouth, but as she did her elbow caught her unused knife, sending it clattering to the floor.

“Oop, one sec.” Maisy ducked under the table. Jen fished out the dessert menu for her to peruse, and then felt silly as Nix gasped, putting it back into the holder. She watched Nix shift, a small shuffle as she met Jen’s eyes and grinned.

“Oh she’s hungry…” Nix managed, biting back a soft moan. Jen pulled the menu out again, and had a look for herself. She rested on an elbow, leaning in for a close look. Her fingers found the back of Maisy’s jeans, and slipped down the back as she felt her sister’s bobbing, hard at work on her favourite course of the meal. Her mind travelled back to Lucy’s expert fingers; she hoped that the assistant, and her sister, might be persuaded to come and visit them at home. She couldn’t bare to think that she didn’t get to try the bed.

“Hm, still can’t find the fork?” Jen said, meeting Nix’s eyes as her face flushed and her chest began to bounce a little at her uneven breathing. “Let me take a look?”

“Sure.” Maisy said, and Jen hid her laugh at the intake of breath before the single word; she needed to learn to come up for air more. Jen leaned down, her hand pulled back to the edge of Maisy’s jeans. As she went down though, she yanked her sister’s jeans down, exposing her butt and the wetness around her thighs, rosepetals to the petals at the heart. She gave her lips a little peck, and then came back up. “No can’t see it.”

Jen shifted around, until she sat behind Maisy, resuming her pondering of the menu. She ground her elbow into the table to hide as she began to rapidly finger Maisy’s cunt, her fingers sliding like wind on the waves of the ocean. She looked up to watch as Nix bit back her orgasm, scrunching up and gripping the table with one hand, the other she couldn’t see but imagined locked onto the back of Maisy’s head. Jen picked up her pace and sure enough felt as Maisy clamped onto her fingers, vibrating them as she shuffled about. Jen pulled them out and heard a small gasp. She sat up, and heard as fabric slid back into place.

Maisy re-emerged from under the table, also bright red, and both she and Nix giggled as they saw the effect their little risque fun had on one another. Both froze up as the waitress came back.

“Did you want to order anything else?”

“Yes please, can I have a sundae?” Jen pointed at the option, and looked at the other two. “You two satisfied?”

“We’re good.” Nix said. Maisy mouthed a silent agreement, and could not meet the waitress’s eyes. None the wiser it seemed, she took their menus, and walked away. Jen grinned at them both.

“You two are so silly, you know that?”

“That was so hot…” Nix said, grinning but vibrating with pure nerves. “What if she’d seen? Oh god I’d have died.”

“We might have needed to bribe at that point.” Jen smirked. “Did you make a mess on the floor?”

“I went, but into my underwear. I think it’s gonna look like I wet myself…” Maisy gave Jen an embarrassed yet proud little smile.

“Good girl. Nix?”

“Underwear’s soaked but what else is new, I’ll go commando.”

“Ooooo easy access~” Maisy cooed.

“You’re insatiable.” Nix shook her head, but the little shiver at her words revealed her actual delight.

“Imagine what it’ll be like when we have those underwear toys.” Jen mused. “We can come up with a ton of games.”

“Or just cum up.” Nix said. She managed to keep a straight face as the waitress returened with Jen’s ice cream a bare second later, again thankfully not seeing anything. After that, they all picked at the sundae, and then called for the bill. The waitress beamed as she put it in front of Jen; she’d once heard that waiting staff had a innate superpower to look at couples - and by extension throuples - and just know who the dom was. She seemed to have picked that up quite well. Jen looked down at the bill, and noticed two slips of paper not one. She slid out the other.

‘That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Please come back. Y-’

“Jen? Why are you smiling like that?”

“Ready to pay?” The waitress asked. Jen nodded, and added a large tip. “Oh thank you!”

“No problem, and I think we’ll come back more often.”

“I hope so!” She smiled, and nodded to the other two. “I hope you had a wonderful time.”

“We did.” Maisy said, poker face back in full effect. Jen couldn’t help but wonder what she would say on seeing the note later.

Chapter 19 - A Moment’s Reprieve

Still so early in the year, the night took over long before their train pulled into Holstont station, the mismatched tarmac patches repairing years of cracked concrete turning into windows to the void underfoot. Jen avoided stepping on them out of habit, adding to the weave of her already tired footsteps. The thought of doing more chores tomorrow made her brain scream in rejection, but for the sake of her sister’s closure she kept her mouth shut about that. Not that the others seemed much better; Maisy looked dead on her feet, her eyes barely open as she held Jen’s arm, and Nix even after twenty minutes sat on the train still huffed a bit as they walked through the dark streets home.

“I guess I should use tomorrow to move my stuff in too right?” Nix said, as the three formed a line with Jen closest to the pavement, precarious in her tired state. “If that’s, woof why am I so fat? Um, if we can and it’s not too much?”

“Huh? Oh right, yeah that’s a good, good idea.” Jen said, the words succumbing to a yawn. “We could start with Maisy and then load your stuff into my car, back and forth.”

“You don’t think we’ve had enough back and forth for one week?” Nix snorted. “Is that gonna be too much though?”

“Why not hire a van?” Maisy said, her words duelling with her own yawn that sought to steal them.

“We could, but that might draw, draw attention.” Jen said, yawn number two trying to steal her consciousness.


“Hm, no it’s nothing.” Jen shook her head. “Van sounds good.”

“What kind of attention?” Nix said, and Jen wished she’d kept her mouth shut. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to say, more her brain struggled to find the sugar to fuel coherent verbal thoughts. She debated claiming the tiredness made her misspeak, but they deserved better than that, so she mulled her words.

“Well, was thinking it might seem, extravagant? If we’re not telling people just yet, it’s probably for the best we don’t make it obvious we hit a windfall. But I’m overthinking it, people hire vans to move, I’m being paranoid, don’t worry about it.”

“You know I trust your gut.” Nix said.

“Pfft don’t right now, after today mine needs a hell of a long rest.”

“That was so worth it though.” Maisy said, even if she appeared a little green at the memory of food.

“We’ll book a van, if it costs a lot, we’ll, oh for god’s sake,” Jen said, yawn number three breaching, “just, say to anyone else who asks we booked it a while ago.”

“Won’t that not add up?” Nix said, raising an eyebrow. “I only told my folks yesterday.”

“True, but Maisy got home Sunday night early-morning, and I did pitch the offer then. Honestly if I’d been thinking I would have booked a truck back then.”

“Light headed from Maisy’s tongue.” Nix nodded. “She’ll do that to ya.”

“Imma choose to take that as a compliment.” Maisy said, sticking her tongue out at Nix for emphasis.

“It was meant as one you doof.” Nix ruffled her hair, evoking memories of how they used to do this to tease a much younger Maisy back when occasional meanness was a sign of affection. She did it light enough not to mess it up all the same, and Maisy’s grin said her view on such headpats changed a lot since the days of her screaming to their mother. And there they were again, mum and dad, no matter how much Jen tried to avoid the thought they just-


“Hm?” Jen forced the noise not to turn into another bloody yawn, and looked back at where Maisy and Nix stood.

“You walked past the flat, we’re here.”

“Huh? Oh right, sorry I’m so out of it right now.”

“Bed, as soon as you get in.” Nix said in a stern voice.

“Who’s the mommy here?”

“Sorry mommy.”

“Good girl. But yes bed. Dear god bed.” Jen fumbled out her keys, then led the way to the front door. Following a weary ascent to the top floor, she managed to hit the lock first try by some miracle, granting them all salvation to rest. Nix barely waited about, heading straight for her room and blowing a small kiss behind her when Jen asked where her goodnight one was. Maisy hung by Jen’s side.



“It’s gonna be ok.” She said, in a mouse whisper. “With mum and dad, I mean.”

Jen blinked.

“What do you mean?”

“I know you well enough to know when you’re worried.”

“Damn, am I that readable?”

“To me.” Maisy said in a soft voice. She held Jen’s hand. “Come on, let’s go get ready for bed.

They took it in turns in the shower, a smart move given their track records, and by the time Jen finished brushing her teeth, Maisy was already in one of her old nighties. It looked so big on her, but in a way turned what could be baggy and oversized into a more dress-like glamour, the large neck drifting down to her heart and chest, and the arms tapered enough to make the look deliberate. Jen’s own was a little more figure hugging, as she stepped forward and hugged Maisy tight.

“Thank you.”

“What for?”

“Saying it’ll be ok. I dunno if you’re right, but, it helps to hear it.”

“We’ll make it.” Maisy said, squeezing Jen, and so much into those three words. She leaned back, and took Jen’s hands in her own. Growing up, they’d both inherited the curse of bad circulation when under stress, so it was with surprise that Jen’s freezing fingers locked with Maisy’s toasty ones. It made Jen pay closer attention, and as she did, she saw a layer below that kind, sweet Maisy the wrld saw. She could be shy, playful, naughty when you found out her little kinks, but beneath every layer, she glowed with strength.

“You really believe it don’t you?”

“We won the lottery didn’t we? They say rich people get away with everything.”

Jen snorted, but felt Maisy squeeze her hands, so returned her focus to Maisy’s every word.

“I want to make you a promise, here and now, ok? I haven’t like, planned this out, so let me get it out, and then you can say what you need to, ok?”

“You say when you’re done.” Jen said, reversing the squeeze now her hands no longer resembled popsicles.

“When I was eleven, and we heard mum and dad quarreling, do you, remember that night?”

Jen did, and nodded; the memory saw both their hands tense, but neither spoke of that never repeated incident before now.

“Do you remember what I said to you, when we curled up in your bed and you put on Fall Out Boy to drown out the sound?”

“Pfft, god I forgot that’s what I picked.”

“It’s actually the album I always listen to when I feel blue now.”

“It is?”

“Do you remember what you said though?”

Jen curled her lips into a ponderous expression, a little embarrassed to admit she did not. Maisy however seemed to expect that.

“Maybe it would help if I said what I’d been worrying about. I thought they were gonna get divorced, and you’d go with one parent and me the other.”

“Oh…” Jen remembered now. The moments she would look back at that night, her mind mercifully focused on them making up silly games or after their parents slept, how they’d snuck down to watch dumb late night TV. The memory early on, of how Maisy began to sob and shake in her arms, emerged from the darkness at her sister’s words. Few images brought her the level of anguish of seeing her sister frightened and distraught could.

“You said to me, that no matter what this world threw at us, you’d never let it tear us apart. You said that you would move heaven and Earth to make it so.”

“Yeah, I remember now.” Jen nodded, feeling the guilt in her chest. It wasn’t so much the childish promise, heartfelt in that way only teenagers seemed able to achieve, but with about as much weight as wishing on a star when you broke it down. Maisy had, just a few years later, gotten with that no-good deadbeat, and that pipsqueak alone kept them apart.

“Jen, you know you always managed to keep that promise, right?”

“No I didn’t…”

“You did.” Maisy squeezed tighter, not emploring, but soothing in her forceful tone. “You were the one person besides maybe mum who broke through when I got isolated over the last few years. But more than that, you were the reason I felt confident enough to tell the truth to myself, and to him. It maybe doesn’t, I dunno paint me in the best light to say it like this, but I knew you’d catch me. You always have.”


“So,” Maisy held up a hand, and Jen let her say her piece, even as she felt her eyes sting, “I promise that back. Whatever it takes, no matter what life throws at us, I will never let anything tear us apart. Even if the world found out we’re together. And fuck the world, who cares if you’re my sister? You’re my everything, and I don’t care what anyone thinks of us. And, if mum and dad didn’t understand, and I had to choose who I go with, I choose you, every time.”

“They’re our parents…” Jen said, and could feel the tear escape her eye.

“I don’t, I don’t think it would come to that.” Maisy squeezed her hands. “I think at worst, they’d worry, but when have they ever told either of us as adults what we can’t do?”

“I, I guess…”

“All I’m saying, is no matter who steps up, I’m standing by you. You’re stuck with me.” Maisy said, smiling, her own cheeks glinting with tears. Jen reached out and brushed them away, sweeping a strand of wavy hair from her eye. “Far as I’m concerned, my sex life is a private family matter.”

“Pfft, you prat.” Jen said, giggling as Maisy did too. “But you don’t think it’ll come to that?”

“You want to know what I honestly think?”

“Yes?” Jen said, her heart doing a leap of fear, unsure she wanted the illusion of safety shattered.

“I think dad would think it was odd, but shrug and tell us to be careful. I think mum already knows how I feel about you.”

“Y-you do?”

“Not fully or, I dunno but I feel like she caught how I looked at you growing up every now and then. I doubt she’d expect me to feel that way now, let alone be fucking you a half dozen times a day.”

Jen wheezed at that one. You kind of had to, it was so fucked up, but in a way, that was ok.

“Point is, she never seemed that bothered, maybe, I guess amused?”

“What did she catch you doing?”

“I’d um, stare at your butt more than once, and when you started growing these…” Maisy let go to give Jen a few squeezes, making Jen giggle again. “I mean come on, you remember that time they slipped out of your towel in the corridor?”

“Oh man that was hysterical, I was like ‘welp, glad you’re not the judgemental type’”

“Judgemental? Jen I was so sore from the amount of times I rubbed off to that that night I called in sick from going into school!”

They fell about in silent hysterics. It was so silly, not just the memory, but the daftness of anxiety about a world that gave no shits if they lived or died, but heavens forbid they had ‘forbidden’ pleasures along the way. They hugged, and Jen brushed her sister’s hair aside to kiss her forehead. Then, she let Maisy look up, and kissed her lips, a gentle brush, not lustful or with intents, but smooth and comforting, a tender expression she wanted nothing more than Maisy to be right. It was Maisy then who pressed a little harder, and then whose tongue poked and pierced her sister’s lips.

“Aren’t you tired?”

“Yes, but we can be slow. Or we can just kiss. This helps.” She said in soft words, and these too hid deeper unsaid thoughts that both read upon the other. Jen didn’t find herself having to banish those invasive ideas for once; here, with Maisy so intimate, they could flow about them, but not pierce their protective bubble. This was bedrock, and no barb could break it. Jen let the poking tongue in, and danced it with her own, running her hand down Maisy’s long wavy hair, twirling pink tips between her fingers as her other hand pressed her small back.

They sat together on the edge of the bed, and for a long time held each other’s hands, letting tongues do without words what they could never do with, even with time to say all that could be exchanged between lovers. No magical reserve of energy emerged, but that didn’t ruin the moment, as both lay down together, slow and still in glacial kisses that followed them to the pillows, until Maisy shifted down to rest her head against Jen’s built in pair. The felt so content in Jen’s arms, snug, and that bubble of protection grew ever stronger, with her as the ultimate guardian. They fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Chapter 20 - Turning Up The Heat

Maybe it was the ten hours the previous night, in spite of the long day in London, but Jen found her eyes fluttering open at 7am, the outside world barely any lighter than when she slipped away. Maisy rolled free in their sleep, curled into a ball and still out for the count, her breathing deep and slow. She looked so adorable in that moment wearing Jen’s nightie that it melted her heart, but she didn’t have it in her to disturb the slumber. Sliding herself out of bed as smooth as she could, Jen made her way on tiptoes to the door, and listened out in the flat. She couldn’t hear any sound, but knew Nix didn’t snore so assumed that made her the only woken house member.

The kitchen greeted her empty and dark, and in a haze of sleepiness she decided it could stay that way, at least for now. Not especially hungry, she moved to collapse on the sofa, and stretched away the fatigue still lingering in her sore legs. She bent her legs to massage her calves, moaning a little in less than pleasure at the stiffness. It didn’t help that she could feel a breeze, meaning she left a window open somewhere in the flat, and then slept on top of the covers. After the various workouts of the daytrip a breezy night did the weary muscles little good. When they managed to gain a little of their functionality back, and she spotted the errant window, Jen got up, closed it, and then returned to re-massage the already protesting calves once more.

She should just turn the heating up, Jen reasoned. It wasn’t as if that cost a fortune more than leaving it off what with standing charges, and she didn’t leave it off-off so the cost difference was altogether negligible. Even so she had a miserly streak to her that-

Jen blinked, and reminded herself yet again, that assuming they were sensible, that wasn’t really a problem anymore now was it? She managed to hobble this time to the errant thermostat, and cringed a little seeing 14 degrees, mashing the button until that one became a two, and hearing as the boiler kicked things up a gear. The narrow shapes of the apartment did at least mean the heat would build soon, a blessed thought as Jen moved to collapse on the sofa once more. She twisted, lay on her back, and then after finding no comfort moved to her side, her eyes drawn without fail back to the thermostat. Was that irresponsible? An ‘I can afford this’ here and ‘what’s the harm’ there added up, and fast. She almost got up to change it back.

Maisy emerged about an hour later. Testament to, and in a way reward for Jen’s restraint in keeping the heating up, she walked in nude but for a frilly pair of underwear, stretching and making a line for the fridge. On seeing Jen she made a sleepy wave.

“Is it me or is it hot in here?”

“You are hot, and in here so I would say it’s you.”

“Shu’up…” Maisy yawned.

“I put the heating on.”

“It was off…?” Maisy looked about for the thermostat, until Jen relented on enjoying her cute bleary eyed hunt and pointed it out. “What do you usually set it at?”

“I um, usually leave it on like, twelve?”

“Twelve? That’s freezing!”

“I, guess it’s a good thing you’re an arts major because-”

“You know what I mean. Isn’t good for you. Was money that tight?”

“No, but I didn’t need it.”

“Didn’t need or denied yourself it?”

Jen shrugged.

“Eh, well leave it on for now, but if it’s not just me I’ll stay like this.”

“Please do, the apartment’s never had such a good view.”

That earned her a stuck out tongue, but there was still a spring to Maisy’s step as she made for the bathroom. Jen leaned back again, and wondered why her head span so much. It took her a little while to trace the correlation; she was so used to the flat’s chill, that having the heating on at a proper level at this time of day knocked her internal dashboard out of whack. It was making her a little light headed, not quite sleepy but breezy. Deciding she needed to cool off a little, she slipped her own nightie off, and then lay beside it, cupping one arm under her chest to provide cooling distance between breast and stomach.

Lazy shuffling to get comfortable led her to her back. Her other arm crossed her chest too, at first for symmetry, then to hold her left breast in place out of security. As she held that pose, beneath her fingers she felt the nipple begin to harden, small tingles tracing up to her neck as she shifted on the cushions, squeezing her grip a little. As she did, her other hand moved up, and with crossed arms she began to start idle play with both, tugging a little and enjoying the sensation of the tighter grips and releases. She closed her eyes, and uncrossed her arms, allowing the correct hand to match to each as she removed any non-masturbatory pretense from her actions.

She felt a gentle brush on her forehead, and recognised the scent of Maisy’s shampoo as she leaned over to kiss her forehead. The tips of her wet hair danced on Jen’s skin, a tickle but closer to a feather than any obtrusive sensation. She sighed in happiness, and heard her sister giggle, then walk away presumably to start on breakfast. Jen let herself drift into a more meditative state, masturbating but leaving her exploits to the upper body alone, and feeling no special need to rush into more. Maybe she mused it was the sheer amount she’d done that week, or perhaps a sense that today, all she needed was calm, slow, and drama free rest.

“Um, Jen…”


“M-mum’s calling.”

“Hm?” Jen couldn’t process the words at first, and then felt them land like a hammer. Her eyes shot open, looking up at Maisy who hugged herself close, pale as a sheet, and held out Jen’s mobile phone. It no longer rang, but the screen showed it sure enough: ‘Missed Call: Mum (09:44) (1)’. Even as she stared at it, the device began to buzz again. She reached out, and took it.


“Jen? Jen have you got a minute to talk?”

“Er, sure what’s wrong mum?” She felt her gut twist, so many possible answers to that question shooting through her mind. She could hear the strain in her mother’s voice.

“Have you heard from Maisy?”

Jen blinked.

“Er, yeah actually, she’s here right now.”

“Oh thank god…” Her mother’s shuddering words, almost grieved in tone confused Jen, until the penny dropped. It was Friday. Maisy always called on Fridays, assuming she wasn’t staying over. And she always called from… “I couldn’t get an answer when I called, his phone just rings and I…”

“Mum, I’m so sorry I should, we should have called you right away.” Jen said. She regretted the word choice at once seeing Maisy turn green. “It’s my fault. Maisy had to come home early,” Jen looked at her, mouthed to her ‘it’s not your fault. I can tell her?’ with a head tilt to indicate the question. Maisy looked terrified, and Jen put her hand over the mic. “About him.”

“Oh…” Maisy seemed to calm. “Please…”

Jen did so, making a point to use as neutral language as she could; as much as she wanted to call the bastard every name under the sun, Maisy might not appreciate her doing so even now.

“Oh goodness. No wonder you two were so distracted.” Her mother sighed, sympathy not judgement, and well timed enough to hide the involuntary snort. Maisy, able to pick up the words shot daggers at Jen, which admittedly made it harder not to laugh, but the sadness in her mother’s voice sobered her up fast. “I’m just so glad she’s ok. Tell her I’m buying her a phone, I know she doesn’t want one but-”

“I um, may have jumped you on that one.” Jen said, not having to hide the small laugh this time. “Rest assured it’s rotting her brain as we speak.”

“Good. I’ll send you the money for it.”

“No, mum don’t-”

“It’s the least I can do. I should have done it years ago.”

“Mum?” Maisy called. Jen put the phone on speaker. “Mum, I, need to tell you something.”

Jen tensed; she was pretty sure she knew what this would be, but the fear boiled in her gut all the same.

“What is it sweetie?”

“He, was the reason I didn’t ‘want’ a phone. He told me I, couldn’t be trusted with one. I’m sorry I lied…”

Jen put an arm around her. She reached up, hands free now and brushed the tear from her eye.

“Oh Maisy. You did nothing wrong ok? Nothing at all. I’m just glad that Jen was there for you. I’m sorry that I-”

“Mum I should have reached out, that’s on me. It’s been,” she met Jen’s eyes, “a weird week.”

“I can imagine. Are you busy today? Resting?”

“We were, gonna go pick up my things, so I could move into Jen’s apartment proper.”

“Oh? That’s lovely to hear that you’re doing that, Jen?”

“Yeah it was, my idea, and I like having her here.” She ruffled Maisy’s hair. “She’s much less annoying now than she used to be.”

“Hey.” Maisy leered, and Jen winked.

“Well perhaps I could drive to help you? Your dad’s out of the country still but, if it would help?”

“We’ve got a moving van coming to her place for midday. If you’d be ok helping?”

“Of course!”

“And,” Jen cut herself off, “yeah, we’d appreciate it. Thank you.”

“No problem at all. I love you both so much. Please let me know if you need anything at all.”

“We will.” Maisy said, looking at Jen with a curious side eye. “Love you too.” As Jen hung up, Maisy tilted her head. “And?”

“I caught myself, because that’s a decision Nix needs to be in on, if we tell anyone about the money I mean…”

“Oh, that.”


“I, thought you were gonna tell her, you know…?”

“What? God no jesus, on a phone call?”

“Right? Or?”


“Do we, ever tell her?”

Jen knew the answer she had come to on that one long ago, an obvious emphatic no, in the same vain as the one she just gave. Maisy’s words, simple as they were, jammed those certain gears to a standstill. The idea of lying to her mother was all well and good in the abstract, but framed so direct? She didn’t realsie she’d stated shivering until Maisy put her arm around her instead, a coldness that even the heating couldn’t bypass.

“Jen, I don’t know what the fuck we do either, but you know I trust you on this, right?”

“I know. But I don’t know either, and that’s, it’s a lot of pressure…”


“No, no I don’t…” Jen trailed, any sense of the relaxed meditation lost. “Don’t apologise. I love you, I want this.”

“Are you sure?” Maisy said. She didn’t have tears in her eyes, but as she turned to fac Jen and her arm withdrew, Jen felt its quiver too. “Even if it means hiding it forever?”

Jen met her eyes. She put her hands onto Maisy’s shoulders, steady, resolved, but tenderness wouldn’t suffice. She leaned in, and wasted no time, pressing into Maisy’s lips and breaching with her tongue. She felt the surprise in Maisy’s tense shoulders, but as her arms moved to wrap, Maisy’s clung to her just as hard, nails going as far as to bite her back. Jen pushed her forwards and pressed her warmth into the sofa, pushing her knees between Maisy’s and forcing her legs wide as her sister purred.

As Jen buried her hand between her sister’s legs, arching to dive within her underwear, Maisy bent her neck back and began to close her eyes. She opened them wide in surprise as Jen pulled her head back to face her, uncertain, not scared but taken aback. Jen said not a word but stared into her eyes, close to unblinking but with a steady, stern gaze. Maisy opened her mouth a little, but all she could do was release a low and gentle moan as Jen’s fingers slid either side of her clit, a gentle but firm pinch on their way down lower. Maisy looked like she wanted to close her eyes and lose herself, but fought to hold Jen’s gaze, realisation dawning.

Jen’s fingers reached her opening, and in her mind, she saw Lucy’s skillful hands at work. She tried to imitate the same motions, making a mental note to ask the attendant for a lesson or two in those finer skills, but for now focused on easing two fingers inside of Maisy, feeling the slickness glide against her skin. Phone call aside, it felt as if Maisy was waiting for the first opportunity. This time though, as she held Maisy’s wide eyes with hers, she made the moment more significant, personal, and loving than ever before.

Maisy began to pant. Her mouth which remained a fraction agape at the start parted a little more, her cheeks flushing a crimson red as she started to lose coherent breath in the pace of Jen’s motions. The sound of her pounding wetness travelled up as Maisy seemed to try and hold the moans in, as if silence in this ritual was a must; perhaps it was. Jen leaned forwards, and let her forehead rest against the smooth sweat of Maisy’s, feeling the strands of her fringe brush between them. Jen felt her nipples brush the heaving skin beneath her as Maisy’s breathing became even less controlled.

“Maisy?” Jen spoke in a low, calm voice. Maisy’s lips trembled, but she didn’t respond. That was ok, Jen knew she had her full attention. “I want you. Now. Always. Forever. Do you understand?”

“I…” Maisy made the noise as a faint whimper. “I do…”


“Can I cum…”

“What was that?” Jen said, her voice much firmer than Maisy’s weak breaths.

“Please…” Maisy said, her pupils huge. She had tears in her eyes, and looked so perfect in that moment. Jen, at long last, let the smile show.

“Say it.”

“I want to cum…”

“And who are you asking?” Jen said. She saw the cogs turn in Maisy’s eyes, and then they managed to grow wider as the penny dropped. An almost spoken word, their own reality, and a token already extended to one, now granted to the other. Maisy smiled, and a single tear broke down her cheek.

“Can I cum, mommy?”

“You may.” Jen said, feeling a trickle on her own cheek. Maisy gave a small gleeful but weak laugh, and then cried out, as Jen felt her fingers clamped down on so hard she thought one might break. She held them there, let Maisy caress them back and then released her sister, hearing a loud pattering of water on fabric and floor behind her. Maisy half laughed and cried as a second loud splatter came from behind them, some of the wetness soaking her own underwear through. Jen smiled, nodded, and then straightened, easing Maisy upright. Then she pulled her into a tight bear hug.

“Please never doubt that I want this, ok? This life, with you and Nix, it’s all I want.”

Jen heard a sniffle. She turned her head, and saw Nix leaning on the counter. She smiled, and her own eyes glowed with a shimmering bloodshot contentment. Jen gestured with her chin, and then they sat together, Jen in her casual loose clothes, Jen and Maisy in sodden underwear and little else, half the sofa soaked in Maisy’s cum, and all three huddled together, safe, and ok.

Chapter 21 - Differing Needs

Time lost all meaning, but an indeterminate amount of that later, Maisy resumed making breakfast. She managed to stumble to the counter, her legs seeming to still not be under her control once more, a point that made Jen feel equal parts guilty and smug. Nix meanwhile joined them in their underwear mode, having decided why the heck not, and amazed Jen hadn’t had the heating on this whole time already.

“Good thing you have this scotchguarded though, cos even having it turned up this wouldn’t dry out fast.” Nix said, looking at the pools of cum across the fabric. “Ypu’d be getting through cushions every week.”

“Can you clean that up for me please?” Jen asked, meeting her eye. Nix grinned, a twinkle in her own.

“Yes please.” Nix stretched, and crawled onto the sofa from the far, unwetted end. She bent down, and began to lap up the floating fluids from the sofa. Jen patted her butt in thanks, and smiled between her girlfriends, one in an apron and preparing beautiful fried eggs and bacon, the other on all fours, licking cum off of the sofa, exposed for her viewing pleasure. Life as the head of their little household was sweet as could be. Even as Jen watched, Maisy shuffled out of her panties, hooking them up and looking about for a wash basket.

“I’ll take those.” Jen said. Maisy beamed, and lifted them with her toes, placing them in Jen’s hands. Jen took them, and took a deep inhale, sighing with satisfaction.

“Hehe, having fun?”

“Mhm.” Jen said, and wrong them out over the pan, leading to a satisfying sizzle.

“God I can’t give you an inch can I?”

“You can give me as many as you want~” Jen fluttered her eyelashes, making Maisy snort.

“Damn it, walked into that one. Go put my panties in the laundry you prat.”

“Fiiine.” Jen said, giving a cartoonish lick and then balling them on her way to the bathroom. When she walked back in, Maisy had all her ingredients spread out, and Nix was about halfway across the sofa. She too ditched her panties, and her bra, both in a ball on the floor. Jen walked over and tutted.

“Leaving your clothes strewn about.”

“You complaining about the view?”

“No.” Jen said, reaching out and slapping Nix on the ass. It elicited a squeak, folllowed by a gentle purr. “Oh you liked that?”

“Yes…” Nix said, and turned to keep lapping the sofa clean. Jen reached down, and with little warning, slid a finger into Nix, earning an abrupt pant. “Uff, careful or, I aaamight, make more mess…”

“That’s what I’m counting on.” Jen said, blase as could be as she started to slide her finger in and out, then switched to palming her, with middle and ring finger pressed tight against her clit. Nix kept working, but had to surface to pant and moan as Jen gave her no pause whatsoever. Soon Nix had to bury her face in the sofa to muffle herself, and the telltale clenching against the palm of her hand told Jen the orgasm struck. She still kept going, rubbing until sure enough Nix began to vacate herself across the sofa. “Oh dear, more work.”

“Fuuuck, you’re wild Jen…”

“Damn right.”

Jen decided to let Nix finish without distraction, and Maisy bemoaned her lingering soreness from round whatever-the-fuck-they-were-on, so Jen took a step back to let both finish, even fetching a towel to let Nix have some reprieve and room for food. Though different to pleasuring her, assisting Nix gave Jen satisfaction that warmed her heart, a mix of pride in her partners, and contentment that she had all she needed. And then, as they grouped around to eat and replenish themselves, Nix asked a question that caught her a little off guard.

“Jen, is it just me, or do you not care all that much about cumming?”

“Oh?” Jen stopped with the impromptu butty halfway to her mouth, pouting in confusion.

“Like, you and Maisy this morning. I get that was, something special. But like, me on the sofa just now, that was super cool but you had to be turned on too right. And, you know in general, it always seems like you rarely choose to cum? I know you do and all, but is it not something you enjoy?”

“I’ve cum so many times this week alone?”

“Right but, I dunno if it’s just me, maybe I’m reading too much into it.”

“No I’ve noticed it too.” Maisy nodded. “And it’s valid if so. Is it, more like a thing to do rather than fun for you?”

“Oh absolutely on being valid.” Nix hastened to add. Jen looked between them with a feeling of utter bewilderment.

“The heck are you two on about?”

“Well, it’s, look it’s not a criticism Jen, you just seem to, well it’s either, ok-” Maisy seemed to unstall her mental car and pull it into reverse, lining up her thoughts as she shuffled to face Jen. “So, you always seem to either cum because you feel you need to, or because one of us makes that move on you, or by accident, right?”

“I, masturbate for pleasure too?”

“You pleasure yourself sure! But like on the sofa earlier, when you were doing nipple play?”

“Fuck I wish I’d seen that.” Nix lamented.

“I, do like cumming.” Jen said, feeling a little defensive. She opened her mouth to continue, and paused. It wasn’t a lie, but just saying it, she could hear that unspoken connector, a bridge to thoughts she didn’t know she had. Nix supplied it, whether she wanted her to or not.


“This whole, spontaneous orgasm thing, it’s been seven years now, and yeah I am going to get it checked out now. I know I said it doesn’t bother me as much, but, I dunno.”

“It makes you feel vulnerable.” Maisy said it, not as a question but a certain statement. Jen blinked, not because she was wrong, but because she got to that conclusion before Jen managed to crystalise it.

“I guess it comes as no surprise to you two I like being in control.”

“Course. We love it.” Maisy said. Nix beamed and nodded in approval.

“But I guess, I started to associate orgasms with not being in control. I know how dumb that sounds, that it’s kind of the point and all. They help, but, I guess maybe I don’t play for pleasure, or plan to. But I do enjoy it!”

“Not necessarily.” Maisy said, her face pensive in thought, “About the being in control part. Remember when you forced Nix to eat you and pissed on her?”

“How could I not?” Jen said, a wicked grin crossing her face. Even the mere mention filled her with a warmth of heart and core.

“You had a spontaneous orgasm that time, or, sort of she’d been licking you. But-”

“But it was one of the first times I’ve seen you smile from one.” Nix finished. She gazed at Jen as if she were a book so long in her possession, only now revealing hidden pages and secrets long buried. “Well shit. Is that it?”

“I dunno? Maybe?” Jen bit her lip. She wasn’t sure she liked the implications of Maisy’s idea, but her sister seemed far from troubled by the thought.

“Don’t you see? We need you to feel you are in total control.”

“I don’t need you to-”

“No, listen to me.” Maisy said, her face still warm but her expression firm. “We, need it. You are our dom. We need you to feel as much pleasure as possible. That makes us happy. We love when you treat us well, and, fuck I will never forget our sex this morning as long as I live. But we want to do more than just make you cum. We want you to, to…”

“To feel you own us. That you are our master. And that pleasure is fun.” Nix finished.

“Guys, I-”

“Wouldn’t you like that?” Maisy asked, keeping on the firm push. Jen had to smile a little; she knew people who didn’t get how dom and sub relationships worked, thought that a sub could never be assertive. If there ever were a power bottom though it was absolutely Maisy. Jen thought, and then conceded; she already knew anyway.

“I want it badly.”

“Use us.” Maisy said. Nix nodded. “Do you want to cum now?”


“Then what-”

“Get on the floor.” Jen said. In an instant, both her girlfriends hopped off the sofa, and knelt in front of her. “Maisy, remove my underwear.”

“Yes mommy.” Maisy reached forwards, and slid her fingers into gentle fists about either side of Jen’s hips, easing the sodden panties down until they reached her ankles, and slid off. “What should we do now?”

“Massage me. Massage my whole body. But do not touch me here.” Jen spread her legs, and with her fingers her cunt. “You may look, and I insist you do, but you may not touch. Do you understand?”

“Yes mommy.” Both her girlfriends said in unison. Nix started with both hands on her lower calf, while Maisy scooted to her other side and began to run her hands over Jen’s stomach and side. Jen closed her eyes, and basked in the feeling of their firm touch. Neither asked why she didn’t want them to masturbate her in such direct manner; she guessed both knew. Whatever caused these spontaneous events aside, she needed to redefine them. She felt their firm touch, but so far the moments of weakness only came from lost control. This was, in short, an experiment.

She let Nix work both her legs, as Maisy ventured to her chest, to her nipples, then up to her neck and shoulders, down her arms as Nix caressed her hips, Jen leaning so she could cup her from behind too. She let them go for quite some time, and then, felt it. The sensation wasn’t the same this time, less an urgent warning or sense of danger, more akin to a growing spell deep within her being, coalescing, gaining strength. She watched Nix move to rub her opposite arm, and how her large heavy breasts swung with the movement.

“Ok.” Jen said. Both slowed, looking at her, no confusion, only expectation. “Back kneeling in front of me.” Jen said, and watched as both did. They sat shoulder to shoulder. “Now, I want you two to kiss. Kiss slow and with love and passion. I want you to perform your love for me. Understand?”

“Yes mommy.” both said, a quaiver in both voices as they failed to hide their smiles, facing, embracing, and locking lips. They knelt between her spread legs, just as Maisy had on that fateful first morning what seemed a lifetime ago. Jen did not touch herself, rather lay back and admired them.

“No matter what happens, I want you to keep going. Ignore all else until I tell you to stop.”

Jen watched them go, watched as their hands stroked each other's backs. They were perfect, and they were hers. Jen watched them lose themselves in their dance of kisses, both making sure to angle their faces so Jen could see their dance of tongues. Jen sighed in contentment, and surveyed her kingdom, and felt the power grow. It grew, snowballed, ebbed and flowed, then grew moreso as they became more passionate. It was such a simple difference, but as the feeling began to ascend to the peak, she knew Maisy and Nix had it spot on, and the feeling itself, was unlike any she’d ever experienced. Liquid gold ran through her veins as her hips became feather in lightness, raising of their own volition. Neither woman looked up, as commanded.

And then, magic happened. Jen felt as her centre of being blossomed open like a flower, the heart of her empire, the source of her power safe to emerge. She smiled, keeping her eyes open despite the intensity of pressure below, and announced it to the world. So many times she’d felt the burn, the build up, the desperate need beyond her control, but this was hers, maximum pleasure at her control without a single touch, from willpower alone. She laughed, and as Nix and Maisy made out both looked her way, their eyes locked on her pulsing clit. Jen’s toes scratched the floor as she clenched, legs spread wide as they could go, a powerful moan escaping her lips.

“I’m cumming!”

And the world burst with colour, her heart thrummed in her chest, her muscles spasmed in joy, and her clit exploded in fire and fountain, as a geizer of squirt unlike any she had ever seen before blasted into her kissing subs. And true to their word, neither stopped as Jen doused them with not one, not two, but four cascades of cum, drenching them several times over as she did. And as she let the fourth subside, Jen reached down, pulled her skin up and aimed. She sprayed both of them with a golden shower, and purred with the pleasure of the flow. As she ran low, letting out the last dribble down the cushions, Jen leaned forwards.

“Stop.” She said, and a moment later pulled both forcibly forwards, until Maisy lapped at her sodden thighs and Nix at her clit, thundering her into world crashing orgasms the likes of which she never knew possible. And as Maisy licked her to a seventh or twelth, who even knew, she tapped each shoulder. “Come, up here…” Jen beckoned to the sofa with a shaking hand. Both clambered up, shuddering and pupils so large their eyes looked black. “Masturbate. Cum for me.”

They did, even sore as they were, neother protested or questioned, even paced themselves to syncronise. Jen put her arm around each and just smiled, watching as both women brought themselves to toe curling climaxes of their own, giggling at how intense theirs were too. Maisy even squirted, not quite her fountain of the morning, but enough to earn woops of celebration from both Jen and Nix. Jen hugged them close, and then, lifted her bosom, smiling at both in turn. She leaned back, and as both suckled at her, she wondered why it took her so long to figure out such a simple thing.

Post clean-up, breakfast cleared away, and a small amount of housekeeping that didn’t involve tongues this time in the name of somewhat breaking the horny-cycle, the trio began to robe and adjust themselves. Maisy stowed the sex toys into her suitcase, and then the trio sat on the sofa, catching their breath and in a state of purest calm. Maisy soon ended up on her phone, and Nix went for her own, with Jen completing their trinity with hers from the counter, not to browse memes but to look at an all important list: contacts. She read through the names, gathering her thoughts, and then nodded, locking the phone.

“You two ready for a more grown-up conversation?”

“Er, sure?”

“What about?” Maisy asked.

“The winnings.”

“Oh, sure?” Maisy locked her phone and stowed it in the gown’s pocket.

“So, far as I’m concerned, we all have a veto on the money. That goes for letting anyone know too. We’re all equals in this, but I want it made clear here and now, we all promise not to resent or hold a veto against one another, and respect each other’s wishes.”

“Of course?” Nix said, “You do know I respect that already right?”

“I want it said more for your benefit Nix. Maisy?”

“Hundred percent.”

“My benefit?” Nix looked puzzled, if not a little wary.

“The question is about letting our parents know.”

“You can tell your mum.” Nix said without any hesitation. “I never had a problem with that. And your dad deals with people with money anyway right? Not like he’d out you.”

“Our parents, as in yours too. It’s only fair on you.”

“I’d like to tell mine, but are you sure?”

“Of course. If nothing else I think it’s only right. And as for us, well, maybe it’s just me, but I wanna keep as little from our folks as possible.”

“You, need me to sign something to say I’m ok with it?”

“Pfft. You can give me a kiss, that seems secure.”

Nix leaned over and pecked her cheek.

“Oh? That’s like signing with just an X.”

Nix rolled her eyes, put her hands on Jen’s cheeks and pressed her lips tight, looping her tongue around Jen’s, stroking its length, and then giving Jen’s lips a gentle bite as she retreated.

“Goddamn Nix.”

“I have good penmanship.”

“Can you still tie a cherry stem?” Jen asked.

“This wasn’t what I thought you meant by a ‘grown-up conversation’, I think, we’re getting distracted.” Maisy said, but with a giggle. “But um, can you Nix?”

“God, been years since I tried. Let’s buy some in.”

“Any vetos?”

“Really?” Nix said, tilting her head.

“Kidding.” Jen grinned. “But ok, we set off now then?”

“To Maisy’s? Well gotta get some clothes on but sure. How we getting there?”

“We’ll still take my car.”

“I don’t wanna get dressed…” Maisy said with a lazy groan.

“You want mum to see you naked?”

“She’s seen me naked, bleh. Mommy sees me naked all the time.”

“You really better not get us mixed up, I am not untangling that for you.”


“Get up, come on. Sooner we do this the sooner it’s done.” Jen said, getting up. She saw Maisy sigh and do the same, and reached out to take her hand. She gave it a long, deep squeeze, and felt no tremor in her sister’s grip. Maisy returned the nod, sober, but not downcast. “It’ll be ok.”

“I know.” Maisy said, and managed to smile.

It took them less than twenty minutes, the town not exactly large to traverse, and quiet at this time of day on a Friday. The gentle spatter of rain in intermittent bursts helped ensure they saw close to no passers by as they parked up, and approached the tall rectangle that stood as one of seven on this block, and where Maisy hadn’t set foot since…

Maisy stood in front of the building on the cracked pavement, staring up at the third floor. Jen put a hand on her shoulder, but she didn’t quiver. Instead, Maisy took a deep breath, and turned back to Jen.

“Sorry in advance if, you know…” Maisy trailed. She seemed to see-saw between grim determination and shaky ground, but never beyond nervous pessimism.

“No judgement. You need to go, you just say the word.”


“And, Maisy?”


“If you need us to do this for you, we can always get stuff for you with a list. Take pictures when you go in, and we can collect what you tell us to.”

“I don’t, think we’ll need that, but I will. Thank you.”

“What are sisters for?”

“Sex, apparently.”

“Pfft don’t.” Jen snorted

Maisy managed a weak smirk, then leaned to one side. Jen turned to see what she peered at behind them. A grey Nissan with a dented hood and immaculate windows that caught what little sunlight there was pulled in behind Jen’s Focus. The equally worn vehicle purred to a stop, and then with a clink the far door opened, a woman wearing a formal blouse and dark trousers climbing out, her shiny Doc Martins catching what little sunlight the day held. She had shoulder-length blonde hair in a ponytail, about Jen’s height, and eyes that matched the ones she turned away from, not quite a clone, but close to. She saw them and moved with haste, Maisy stepping up behind, and their mother pulled both girls into a hug.

Chapter 22 - Telling Mum

“I’m so sorry Maisy. How are you holding up?”

“I’m ok. Thank you for coming to help.”

“Jen, how are you?”

“I’m, bit tired but it’s been a funny old week. Just glad Maisy’s ok.”

“Oh? Nix? Nix it is you!” Their mother beamed, and Nix walked up, a little awkward in her step but smiling all the same. “It’s been a long time, are you well?”

“Very.” Nix said, smiling and beet-red. The chilly wind covered for her as a chillblane, but Jen made a mental note to check in with her on the way upstairs. “Nice to see you too Kate.”

“Don’t call my mum that, it’s weird.” Jen said, the words slipping out across time. Nix blinked, and then laughed. Kate rolled her eyes at her daughter.

“You do know I have a name right?”

“Yeah it’s mum, why?”

“Let’s get out of the cold, Maisy are you ok to lead the way?”

“Mhm.” Maisy nodded, her cheer a little faded at the words, but her resolve still strong. Kate followed Maisy, and Jen hung back a few steps next to Nix.

“You good?”

“Y-yeah, sorry just you know, lil nervous. We’re not mentioning anything about, us right?”

“If you’re not ready to.” Jen nodded. “She won’t judge.” Jen smiled, but she could hear the dropped last word. ‘That’. Now wasn’t the time though. They caught up to Kate, as Maisy moved ahead, having some space.

“How’s dad? You heard from him?”

“No, he normally checks in to see if I’ve heard from you two on the weekend.”

“Things, ok?”

“About usual.” Her mother shrugged. “He was like that when we were married too. Goes off into his own little world for long busy stretches. Sorry, I’m not trying to talk him down.”

“I know. Sorry for asking.”

“You’re allowed to ask about your dad Jen. This is new for all of us. New-ish I suppose.”

“How’ve you been?”

“Oh the usual, tired, overworked.” Kate gave her a gentle smile. “Nothing to worry about.”

“Um, did you want to go grab some lunch after this? If you have time I mean.”

“That would be lovely.” Kate said, smiling at Jen and making her feel warm inside. All that fear, and the truth was that her mother was the sweetest, most understanding person she’d ever known, and next to Maisy and Nix that said a lot. They heard the door to the apartment open above again, and Maisy called down.

“Kay, no sign.”

They met her at the door, Maisy standing aside to let them pass in. It was the first time in months Jen saw the inside of her sister’s old place. Her ex had a habit of talking Maisy into ‘come over to visit’ plans into ‘go out to hang out’ ones, though he also invited himself along most of the time. Jen saw the telltale signs of her sister’s efforts to tidy, the way she would leave cleaning supplies in strategic locations. She could also see the clear trail of his belongings, strewn down the sides of the corridor or haphazard in piles. Maisy gave them each an apologetic smile, as if it were her fault.

“Let’s get to work.” Jen smiled, brushing her arm as the others stepped inside. She still didn’t tremor, but the embarrassment made it hard for Maisy to meet her eyes. Jen darted her eyes to the open door, but no one was nearby. She leaned in and pecked Maisy’s lips. Maisy gave a nervous snort and shiver. “Better?”

“Hehe, a bit.”

“C’mon, this is gonna be ok.”

They worked through the whole flat. Jen was quite glad Maisy was cemented as ‘moving in’ to a furnished flat, as it let them look at every utility device and dismiss it. As it turned out, of the possessions Maisy wanted to keep, a disturbing amount of them remained inside storage boxes. Jen didn’t ask, but as she looked at shelves of her ex’s belongings, when her stuffed toys had to live under the bed, she had little doubt as to the reason why. A tiny part of her wanted to rearrange those shelves, but she knew it would create far more problems than it solved.

Soon, Jen and Maisy were shepherding boxes out, and Nix and Kate working in tandem to fill the cars. It took them all of fourty minutes to do the bulk, and then another twenty for a fine tooth comb search. That filled a backpack, and once done, it was his apartment. That went beyond the fact only his crap strew across everything now. They salvaged what of Maisy’s soul still lay hidden here, and now, this would never be her home again. Jen could see it in the space, but clearest of all on Maisy’s face, where the firmness gave to a relaxed calm, and even a small smile.

“You ok?”

“Yeah.” Maisy said, nodding as she looked about. “I think, I needed this for a long time. It’s funny how he probably won’t even notice at first right?”

“No kidding. Maisy?”


“We’re gonna buy you shelves, and none of that stuff is staying in boxes. You got that?”

“Hah, thank you. I don’t mind of some-”

“Nope, all of it, unless you wanna put the toys on the bed.”

“Well that’s where toys work best.” Maisy said with a smile, which fell to horror as she heard her mother close the front door. Jen kept her face passive, knowing that she wouldn’t have heard the sisters’ conversation.

“I don’t think we bother tidying this.” Kate said, looking about with if not judgement then pity at the state of what remained.

“No, I think it’s best we don’t touch any of his stuff.” Jen said, and nodded at the door. “Nix in the car?”

“Mhm, let’s leave then, if you’re ready to go Maisy?”

“Yeah, I’m ready.”

Maisy pulled the door closed with a click, and a couple of minutes later both cars pulled away. Nix said she would prefer to do her things on a different day after all, and Jen sensed that had less to do with exertion and more to do with nerves. Jen felt those too, and not least because she had next to no plan for how ‘going for food’ was going to play out. The cars crossed the small town to the two streets that made up its ‘centre’, such as it had one. The trip took less than three minutes, but Jen could feel her foot ease on the gas at every opportunity, as if desperate to prolong what was to come as long as possible.

“It’s gonna be ok Jen.” Maisy said, patting her knee. Jen tried to return the smile, but couldn’t. She hoped it looked like concentrating on the road, but her inability to even look at her sister in that moment filled her with shame. The money, how would their mother even begin to react? And why was this bothering her, it wasn’t as if-

Except they hadn’t told her right away. The epiphany hit her like a brick to the jaw, not least as she only realised in that jolt how much she’d clenched it since getting into the car. That had to have shown because even Nix noticed from the back seat there was a problem.

“Jen? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing I, just realised why I’m so tense is all.”


“Yeah it’s, one thing not to tell mum, and another to admit we didn’t tell her right away.”

“Oh, about…?”

“Shit sorry, the money I mean specifically.”

“Right, I getcha. Damn you have a point…” Nix trailed, and it took Jen a moment to remember that Nix was in fact a biological organism with parents of her own, it wasn’t as if this were a three way incest poly, though Jen did rememeber once saying Nix was like another sister to her, which - there wan’t time to go down thar rabbit hole Jen decided, shaking her head.

“No, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to put that in your head. They will understand, I’m sure, I’m overthinking this, it’s on me.”

“Oh I agree, you are, but like I guess I just realised I have no idea how to tell my folks. Like, how do you just drop that on them right? Do I say how much I want to give them?”

Jen frowned at that, not because she objected, but because that hadn’t even occurred to her. Shit, were they giving funds to their parents right away, and how did that even work? Was there tax shit that had to happen? Would they need to declare a gift like that? Surely there was a cut off but it wasn’t as if they were talking a few thousand here. Jen had a sense of spotting the first arrow flying at her, and feeling real smart for dodging, only to then realise the hail of its brethren blotted out the sky.

“You want my input?” Maisy said. Jen started, having almost forgotten she sat right there and, for the first time, realising how similar her voice was to their mother’s too. “Just be straight with her. You too Nix. Just say, we needed to figure out the legal stuff first, we were gonna reach out to them once we processed that legally and mentally, and this is that. And we would like to give her some but we need to figure out how that’ll work.”

“Huh.” Jen tilted her head side to side in consideration. “Well damn, when you put it like that.”

“Permission for Maisy to officially be the level-headed one?” Nix asked.

“Pfft, wouldn’t go that far.” Maisy said.

“I mean, you’re the one with the most excuse to have your thoughts elsewhere and you pulled that out pretty fast.” Jen said. “Don’t talk yourself down.”

“Aw, thank you mommy.”

“If you call me that in front of our mother we are going to have so much worse questions to untangle.” Jen said. That did it, the tension breaking on the spot, and Nix losing it in the back seat cackling.

“You know the actual issue we’ll have right?”

“What’s that?” Jen asked as they turned to pull up outside the row of restaurants.

“She won’t want to accept an money.”

“Oh, oh god you’re right. Crap.”

“Mm, I think we can make it work.” Nix said. “Like, there’s not wanting to accept money, and then there’s ‘we can afford this and you get to retire and spend more time with us.’”

“Holy shit Nix I think you need to accept the ‘level headed’ award too. God how are you two this smart?”

“We have a good teacher in Ms. Blanc.”

“Do not call me Ms. Blanc in front of her.”

“I’ll stick to mommy.”

“The fuck you will.” Jen snorted, and shut off the car. “Right children, best behavior now.”

“We promise.” Maisy said, her tone a little less than convincing, but the look in her eyes sincere. Jen shook her head, and then climbed out of the car along with her small posse, and faced Kate who climbed from her own. “Where we going mum?”

Jen almost, almost accidentally answered that, her brain a little too blinkered for common sense, but managed to bite the words back at the last second.

“Palace might be nice?” Kate said, pointing to the Indian restaurant on the corner, and they followed her across the street.

“You totally amost fucked up there didn’t you?” Nix whispered to Jen.

“Would have been pretty funny though.” Jen said, doing her best to own the moment, and praying it was only that obvious up close.

There weren’t many other diners out that night, so they had their pick of the tables. Jen took the lead in suggesting the window booth, ostensibly for the view, but in truth for the privacy it offered them from prying eyes and ears. Granted, depending on the reaction this news might get, the small alcove around the brick wall between the booth and front door might not do a whole lot Jen mused.

“So how are you feeling about moving in with Jen?” Kate asked once they were settled and starters were on the way.

“Great! This first week has been super nice, and yeah I feel more, comfortable there.” Maisy said, smiling all innocent and sincere, but Jen didn’t have to squint to see the tightrope. It did her nerves little aide that this was, in theory, the easier part of the conversation to navigate.

“You two always did get along so well. Do you think this is a short term thing or?”

“Nope, she’s stuck with me now. Squatters rights.” Maisy said, earning a snort from Jen.

“Should say, Nix is actually also moving in.”

“Oh? Are you going to move around the front room then?”

“No she’s in the office.” Jen said, and realised perhaps a beat too late that with all her confidence on this side, she’d walked into the field and put her foot on literally the first landmine. Fuck, how could she forget there were only two bedrooms? She was about to open her mouth to try and spin a yarn, when Nix jumped in with perhaps the smoothest segue Jen ever heard.

“Hah, well we might be doing some renovations on the flat in general. Nothing’s planned out yet but um, big changes.”

“Oh? You know that would probably be quite expensive right? I do have the money your father and I put aside for a deposit for you one day, but those kind of changes-”

“Actually, about that.” Jen said, before money depths could consume the conversation in a negative way. “Money, isn’t an issue anymore. It’s um, something we wanted to talk to you about.”

On cue, Nix pulled out the little leather binder, and held it in her hands. Jen could see the edge of the small picture frame inside of it, and felt her pulse quicken, albeit now they were in the moment, excitement alone drove the rush.

“What do you mean?” Kate said, looking perplexed, a touch concerned as she looked between them.

“So, we decided to just move in together because it was convenient, but because I was also, you know, a bit lonely in that apartment. Deciding to do it was something to celebrate,” Jen said, seeing from the corner of her eye as the second prop was under preparation, Maisy googling for those fateful numbers, “and we bought in some things for the night. And, for a laugh, I bought, well, this.”

Jen reached over, and took the binder from Nix. She opened it, and passed it to her mother. As she did, Maisy put her phone on the table facing Kate too, and slid it across. She took the frame, looked down at the ticket, frowning, and then looked at Maisy’s phone. Then she looked at the ticket. Then the phone.



“You’re joking…?”

“Amazingly, no, I’m not.”

“I, would you excuse me for just a moment?” Kate said, and before waiting for an answer got up and moved towards the back of the restaurant. Jen swapped a look with the other two, her excitement twisting a little into uncertainty.

“Should, I go after her?”

“Give her a minute.” Maisy said, patting her knee. “You know about her gut issues.”

“Oh, shit you’re right.” Jen said, not having even considered as much. Growing up, Kate had in moments of heightened emotion often needed to dash to the bathroom, and lo and behold she’d just inflicted that on her poor mother.

“Jen explain how you were ever going to avoid this being an intense moment?” Maisy said it with her serious voice, and Jen had to admit, she had a point. In either case, a couple minutes later Kate returned, her face a little flushed, but not looking upset or even nervous. She sat down slowly, and picked up the frame again.

“Have you, claimed it?”

“We have lawyers now.” Maisy said, and managed to say it in the derpiest voice Jen could imagine.

“Does, your father know?”

“Outside the lawyers, you’re the first we’ve told. We um, would have told you right away-”

“No no, if I won, if, I would want to get the legal stuff sorted before I even told you. This is, lifechanging. Lifechanging and, something you also need to be careful about.”

“Oh we know. They set us up with financial advisors and counselling.”

“Wow, I didn’t know they did that.”

“Mhm. And we’re ok. And, to be clear, we’re sharing the money.”

“This is wonderful, I, don’t know what to say.”

“Well,” Jen said, bracing for this part, “we would like to, give you some of it.”

“Oh Jen no, this is-”

“A chance for you to retire, and get to spend more time with us.” Jen finished. She gave Nix a wink, and she returned it. Kate opened her mouth, paused, and then closed it.

“You, have got me there.”

“So you would accept?”

“I,” Kate looked between her daughters and Nix, unsure it seemed what to say, “it’s a lot to take in.”

“We know.” Jen nodded. “But, it’s an opportunity right?”

“Would you make the same offer to your father?”

“Of course. Nix’s folks too. We’d, probably keep it to that just because-”

“It would spread too thin if you don’t draw a line.” Kate nodded. Jen supposed it only made sense that as their mother and arguably foundations of both daughters’ ethics, she would go along the same mental pathways. “As long as it wasn’t too much?”

“How much is left on your mortgage?”

“Oh? It’s paid, on the new place.”

“Would you like to live somewhere bigger?”

“Jesus that could snowball, aren’t you thinking about if you’d want to move?2

“Nope, we like the apartment.”


“That has nothing to do with if you would like to move mum.” Maisy said. “You always keep saying how you wish you had a garden, and nearer by to us.”

“Well, that’s partly so I can commute.”

“So how much would you need to retire in comfort today?”


“That’s what this money could mean. We’re not gonna jump into anything extravagant on the spot.” Maisy said, not quite meeting Jen’s eye. Putting that to bed she continued. “Mum it means you don’t have to work, you could just enjoy whatever pursuit you wanted.”

“You know that your father would choose to keep working right?”

“Course, it’s how he’s wired, but you are always talking about what you’d like to do when you retire, why not do it now when you can enjoy it more, and let us share in it?”

“I think I’d need to think about it.” Kate said. Jen wanted to just say ‘OK’, but also knew what that actually meant, so against all her own wishes, she pushed in.

“Mum, you always say you want to do whatever would make us happy. This, would make us happy.”

“Ok. Ok,” Kate shook her head smiling but Jen knew there was discomfort in that expression too, and wished she didn’t have to push for this, even if she knew it were right, “say, I wanted to move to Peaceside, into one of those cottages near your apartment Jen?”

“Oooooh those are so pretty!” Maisy said, and entered a frantic Google as Kate gave her a half amused, half exasperated smile. “They seem to go for, 2 million ish?”

“Ok not that then, um-”

“No, yes that.” Jen said. “Look at it like this if nothing else, grim as it is, who would you leave it to?”

“Morbid but a fair point.” Kate said, but Jen could see the converse; logic, that was the way to win over her mother. So long as the help was practical in nature, she would accept, if it meant a better life for her daughters.

“What are you earning at the moment?”

“Um, £72,000 a year.”


“Oh that’s way too much as it is.” Kate said; Jen couldn’t disagree with it being a lot, so decided not to push her luck.

“Twenty years until retirement, that’s about one and a half million.” Jen said, looking at the other two to see if either, and Nix in particular, objected to the logic so far. Neither looked remotely uncomfortable. “So if we say gave you five million-”

“Five million?!” Kate wheezed out the words, but Jen had her points ready to hand.

“You’re living alone, dad’s going to keep working and won’t need as much, and Nix’s parents still live together.”

“Also, my parents won’t want to move. They like their community. We’ll give them three million.” Nix said. Jen beamed at how assertive she was in declaring that and Nix glowed at seeing she’d done a good, from Jen’s expression.

“So we’ll give dad two million. That still leaves us just over ten million that the financial advisors are investing for us, and like I say two million of that is a, sort-of investment. We knew you won’t blow it, you’ll use it to live in comfort and pay yourself a wage.”

“That’s, still…” Kate looked like she wanted to argue, but the fact Nix made half the argument, and openly said she was happy giving her the largest share seemed to undo the arguments she wanted to make. “Ok, on one condition.”

“Name it.”

“The house should be in your name. If you’re going to use ‘inheritance’ as an argument, you shouldn’t be paying inheritance tax on that.”

“Ooh, mum’s already thinking like a Tory.” Maisy said.

“Fuck off.” Kate said, making Nix about spit out her drink. Jen smirked; Nix wasn’t aware that their mother had a coarse side.

“Ok that’s fair, sorry.” Maisy gave her sweetest, arguably least sincere apology face, and earned the raised eyebrow from Kate that that one deserved. “Jen, do we need to let the financy people know?”

As part of the talks with the lawyers, they’d agreed on the £12-million that would soon be with Jen, and the remaining £27-million to sit with their financial advisors until they had their first meeting. Those numbers were all set by Jen though, and all she needed to do was let them know she wanted more of the fund directly. She drummed her fingers.

“Well, giving funds, we need to figure out the tax involved, but actually if we do you rplan and buy a place in our name for you, that should be straightforward. Do, you wanna take a look at some places?”

“I, do not know what to think right now Jen if I’m honest.” Kate gave a nervous laugh. Their food arrived, providing a welcome breather for all involved. Jen had to admit, she’d woefully underestimated the impact this would have, even though she’d gone into this remembering her own ‘explosive’ reaction. It said a lot that her mother had a physical reaction too, albeit a much less pleasant one on paper.

As the starter moved to the main, so did the intense to pleasant mundane. The matter of the money moved from their minds, and instead the quattro allowed a more normal idle chatter to take hold, the kind of talk that holds little substance, but the utmost calm. What small part of Jen stayed on the previous conversation lamented how she wished it could have come after more pleasantries, and yet as she saviored the korma - not sharing her girlfriends’ love of spice, at least since the pizza incident - she had to admit it made for a nice palette cleanser.

Chapter 23 - Jumping The Shark

As food wained, so did conversation of any sort, all four it seemed more ravenous than Jen expected, and by the time they left the building, an early twilight hung over the town. Jen hugged her mother goodbye, and resisted any impulse to mention the subject of money on any level. As she watched Maisy do the same, she saw her sister lean in, her mother’s expression shifting as she did in a way that made Jen suspect more than a simple peck on the cheek occurred. As she retreated, she saw Kate nod, and then pull Maisy into a hug. Jen waved as their mother left, and watched the car travel around the corner and out of sight before turning to her sister.

“What did you say?”

“I told her it was going to be ok. And I asked her if she was going to accept.”

“That was the nod?”

“Mhm.” Maisy said. Jen signed in relief, then turned to Nix.

“When do you want to tell your folks?”

“I think I may do it as a call.”

“You sure?”

“No, I don’t know what to do.”

“We could go and speak to them? I don’t mind being there, you were for us?”

“I, lemme think on it. I wanna get my stuff moved out soonish, I guess, we could do it then. Is it weird I’m scared now?”

“I don’t blame you after how mum reacted.” Maisy said. “But we’ll be there. Better to do it than not right?”

“Yeah. Yeah you right.” Nix nodded, still looking nervous but a little more reassured by the idea of not telling them alone. That decided, along with a clear unspoken consensus that was enough for one day, the trio headed back to the flat once more, where the awaiting boxes of the day awaited unpacking. On getting indoors, all three concluded that there was no way in hell they had the energy to do said unpacking, except for the stuffed toys which soon decorated the entire bed. Maisy clambered into the centre of them and curled up, a happy bunny, clutching a happy bunny for that matter.

“God she’s adorable.” Nix said as they both watched on, then turned to leave Maisy be. They retired to the sofa, and both made noises of gruntlement and fatigue. “This was meant to be a rest day, we need to take a rest day.”


“Jen have you, um, considered what’s gonna happen on Monday yet?”

“Oh? You mean when the money comes in?”

“I mean when you’re meant to be back at work.”

“Oh, oh. Huh. No, I have not.”

“Where’s your mind at?”

“Where’s yours?”

“Pfft I texted the woman who’s been giving me odd job requests to say thank you and bow out yesterday. She was cool about it. Actually I should send flowers.”

“And working going forward?”

“Imma do my art. No distractions, no lingering fear of needing to prove myself, just enjoy it and see what happens.”

“Sounds nice.”

“And, you?”

“I don’t know…” Jen slumped back. “I know it’s not the cool kid opinion and all but like, I enjoy my job? I know that sounds stupid.”

“No, it’s valid.”

“I’m, I guess a part of me is worried I’ll be rudderless without it too? But, we’ve agreed to go see Lucy on Wednesday and I feel bad jerking their chain around if I book more leave.”

“How much do you have saved up?”

“Like, three weeks? I hadn’t used any yet.”

“So, use a day Wednesday? Heck if you’re that worried you could always not come up on Wednesday?”

“I want to though. Lucy seems nice, and the fact she’s bringing her sister is, you know, exciting.”

“You think they bump uglies too?”

“Wow, you really just call it that?”


“‘Bump uglies’?” Jen snorted. “But yeah I am willing to bet on it.”

“You know what I love about this relationship?”


“None of us ever said a word about being ‘open’ but we all just knew it was fine. Like, I know we’ve always been close, but being on the same wavelength like that?”

“It’s just so nice right? I’ve thought about that a lot you know, the wavelength thing. When Maisy and I started out it was like we just, knew? No drama, no friction, tension but only the kind you ride like a wave.”

“I’d call us stupid lucky but it feels like an understatement.”

“Do, you also have a little paranoia that it’s all going too well?”

“Um, maybe a little?” Nix frowned. “Is that a serious worry for you?”

“I dunno. Isn’t this when the wheels come off or a dramatic twist or a death happens? None of this has felt like real life so if it’s fiction, where’s the downfall?”

“Fuck me, can we just like, not have one?”

“Is that up to us?” Jen shrugged at her own question.

“I say it is. Hm. I also say I need coffee. Imma go check if babby wants one too.”

“Kay.” Jen stayed where she was, watching Nix go and wondering if real life was allowed to be this consequence free forever. It wasn’t as if she had a problem with that, but there came a point where a rug-pull felt so likely that the floor stopped feeling safe underfoot, and they’d walked well past thast already. Speaking of, Nix tiptoed back in, but her face went from the pondering expression of before to a new and devilish grin.

“You gotta see this.” Nix said in a wicked voice. Jen tilted her head but Nix gestured frantically. Jen followed her back into the corridor, and it took her a moment to process what she saw inside the bedroom. Maisy owned several stuffed toys, her pride and joy taking the form of a pink Blåhaj, which Jen saw her cuddle up to many times growing up. As it turned out, Maisy liked to do more than cuddle her shark.

“Oh my god.” Jen whispered, grinning ear to ear.

“I’ve heard of jumping the shark but I didn’t realise that’s what it meant.” Nix said, and earned a cuff to the back of the head as they fell about in silent giggle fits. They watched as their naked girlfriend ground herself into her steed, back arched, facing away from the door so that they could see her hair dance down her back, toes curling from exquisite release. As much as it was funny - even Maisy would likely admit as much - both decided to give her some privacy and move back to the lounge. Another few minutes, and Nix placed two steaming coffees onto the table.

“Gonna sound so dumb after the last few days, but I never dreamed Maisy was so sexual.”

“I know right?”

“You had no clue?”

“Well,” Jen tilted her head, “we did used to talk about sex stuff from time to time.”

“You mean when she was with what’s his face?”

“Eh, less so. I didn’t even know they hadn’t done anything together.”

“Never?” Nix sounded shocked, but all Jen could do was shrug.

“Apparantly so. No we mostly talked before all that.”


“We’d chat about puberty stuff, periods and all that when she started to get worried about it all worrying she wouldn’t get hers.”

“And then complaining when she realised they’re shit?”

“Yeah pretty much.” Jen laughed. “So weird to think about being desperate for them to start. It’s such a huge con.”

“What else did you talk about?”

“Masturbation a couple times.”

“Wait really?” Nix’s eyes bugged, but Jen see-sawed her hand.

“It didn’t lead to anything. Well, it kinda didn’t, she asked me how it worked, and in the end I mimed it for her.”

“No way.”

“Not in a sexy way, I mean literally fully clothed, me describing the bare bones basics, what not to get freaked out by, you know all that stuff.”

“And you never considered just, showing her?”

“No! Well, no, maybe I should have. I dunno…”

“Do you wish you had?”

“A lil. Might have been a magical memory given how things are now.”

“You did, sorta get to though, remember?”


“Well, you taught her how it works, and then she showed you how well she picked it up.” Nix shrugged. Jen opened her mouth, and then considered Nix’s point.

“Weird, I, hadn’t made that association in my head.”

“Do you think she would have wanted you to show her properly?”

“From what she’s said, she masturbated over me all the time for the most innocent gestures, so I think I’d have broken her if I’d just had a rub in front of her like that.”

“In a good way?” Nix said it with a smile, but even though the conversation was light hearted in nature, and they could hear the bed creaks of Maisy literally masturbating across the flat from them, Jen felt her own face fall.

“Can I ask you something, on the promise it stays between us?”

“Um, I…”

“You don’t wanna keep it from Maisy, you’re right,” Jen sighed, “sorry. I’ll just ask. Do you think, I accidentally coerced her into this, with how I acted growing up?”

“Jen, do you honestly think she’s not smart enough to know what she wants?”

“You’re right…” Jen said. Now even further from happy go lucky feelings, she could feel her eyes sting. “I just, I want her to be happy. I’m so happy how all this worked out but I’m also terrified about putting her in harms way. And you if I’m honest.”


“By association?”

“Pffft fuck that, who cares? Jen, I can put your mind at ease here and now with two words. Two words that will make you realise how little anyone half decent will really care.”


“Twins porn.”

“...Beg your fuck?”

“We can fuck sure, but think about it.” Nix said.

“Ok, but, oh wait.”

“There it is.” Nix said.

“But that’s when there’s someone else, there…” Jen trailed as Nix gave her a flat look. “I’m a fucking idiot aren’t I?”

“Maisy’s the smart one remember? You’re the master. Course you’re not an idiot you prat.” Nix said, modulating her tone for her last line as she gave Jen an ‘oh you’ smile. “You love her like you love me, you want us to be ok and you feel responsible for us.”

“I really do, on both counts.”

“Well, you’re doing a great job.”

“Thank you.”

“Hey Jen?”


“Wasn’t joking. If you wanna fuck we can.”

“Heh, that might help me feel better yeah.”

“That’s the spirit!” Nix beamed, and shuffled over on the sofa towards her. She lay on Jen’s arm, and beamed up at her, as Jen bent to kiss her plum lips, brushing a hand down her arm. She let her fingertips explore the ruffles of Nix’s dress, as she felt her girlfriend move to slide beneath her shirt. Where Nix moved with tentative pushes, Jen instead moved to unbutton the back of the dress, and slip the top half free to reveal no undershirt or even bra this time.

“Doesn’t the fabric chafe your nipples?” Jen said, her voice low and sultry.

“I, like when it does that…” Nix said, her tone bashful.

“Is that so?”

“Yes mommy.”

“Are they sensitive now?”

“Yes mommy.”

“Good.” Jen said, and let her fingertips meet the nearest, eliciting a sigh of tranquility from Nix. “Should mommy be gentle with you then?”


“Oh? Should I be rough?”

“Yes mommy…” Nix breathed out the words as Jen massaged her nipple between her forefinger and thumb. Jen gave her a wicked smile, and pinched, not abrupt but hard. Nix’s eyes opened wide and rolled back as she groaned. “Oh mommy…”

“Hm, now you know how mommy feels when you’re hungry.”



“I’m hungry…”

“Good girl.” Jen smirked, and lifted her shirt, exposing her black bra. She levered out her left breast, and held it in place with one hand as the other moved back to clamp Nix’s nipple. She leaned over, and began to suckle. “Make sure you drink up.”

“Mmf…” came Nix’s reply, and she began to suck Jen’s nipple harder, a little painful, but in a way that made her feel in total control. She twisted Nix’s nipple and watched her thighs clamp in joy, her cooing muffled by Jen’s skin. Jen could feel the tender skin under her fingertips stiffen, and as she drifted to the other side, found Nix solid and unyielding, even as she squeezed down and elicited even more tender moans. She made little ceremony as her hand drifted lower, lifting the hem and delving into the cotton underwear, finding Nix’s clit with deft precision. “MMFH!”

Jen squeezed the engorged clit, less force than she used on her nipples but still with more pressure than she ever had before.

“That hurts mommy…”

“Do you want me to stop?”


“Can you handle it?” Jen asked, increasing her pinch. Nix’s legs spasmed but she nodded through her whimpers.

“Please mommy…”

Jen pulled the underewar to Nix’s knees, and forced her to spread her legs wide, stretching the fabric to fraying point. Pinching and pulling her clit up, Jen pushed her fingers together. She slid two inside, a slow motion that sent a gutteral noise of pleasure out of the depths of Nix’s throat, her mind toppling into subspace at an alarming rate. Jen smirked at Nix’s scrunched face and fucked her harder and faster, the schlick of her fingers making sweet music. Soon Nix became incontinent, her pee coming in sharp bursts and spraying onto the floor.

“I, can’t, stop, cumming, mommy…!” Nix heaved, bucking wildly and tears streaking down her face. Jen leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, please don’t stop…”

Jen felt the sofa buck a little as Maisy sat on the other side, and began to stroke Nix’s hair. She was Jen noted, still very much naked. As Jen at last pulled her hand up, it dripped across Nix’s bare thigh, though she made an effort not to get it on her dress. She lifted the hand and tasted one finger, then offered the rest to Nix to clean.

“Oh, oh wow…” Nix said, breathing hard. Maisy giggled, and leaned in to lick one of Nix’s exposed nipples. “Oh fuck!” Nix cried at the unexpected touch, and began to cum again. The slightest touch seemed able to set her off.

“Oh good girl, keep cumming for mommy.”

“Ohhh fuccckkk…” Nix whimpered.

“Hey, Maisy, quick question?”


“Did you know you left the bedroom door open?”

“Aha, ye. You saw?”

“How you feeling?”

“I could go again.” Maisy giggled.

“Ride Nix.” Jen said, even as she pulled Nix’s head towards her, to lay her head in Jen’s lap. She reached around and between them they managed to remove Nix’s clothes with little protest, though Nix was also too exhausted to aid. Maisy kissed her stomach as it rose and fell, and then clambered atop her, resting her crotch a little above Nix’s navel. “Have you got a good view Nix?”

“Oh my god yes…” She said with a weak croak, as Jen wiped her cheeks.

“Ohhh you feel so good to hump Nix.” Maisy beamed, her cheeks pinking as she began to gyrate her hips. “I hope I’m not too heavy?”

“I’m cumming again…” was all Nix managed, as Jen stroked her hair and smiled down at her. “God is this what it’s like for you Jen…?”

“Lil bit, but I think you’re enjoying it more.” Jen placed a kiss on her fingertip and touched it to Nix’s lips, feeling her tremor. Was that enough to tip her into yet another orgasm? Could she even feel the boundaries? Jen didn’t know but saviored every shudder. Maisy started by doing the same, but her own pleasure soon appeared to get the better of her, the thrusts more determined, and then bending over she began to push down harder into Nix’s gut. Jen watched with glee as her sister cried out, and wetness spilled out across Nix’s stomach, trickling between her breasts. “Cum hard girls.”

Nix whimpered, and whether cumming or just at peak overstimulation squirmed atop her. Soon Maisy clambered off of and squeezed in beside Nix, both girls panting as Jen smiled down.

“Was she as good as the shark?”

“Much better…” Maisy breathed, and got a weak smile from Nix. “Hey, Jen?”


“Do you, want to cum too?”

“Do you have the energy for that?”

“No…” Maisy admitted, looking a little sad.

“Igota…” Nix tried, shook her head, and then sat herself up as best she could. “I, gotta idea…”


“Show her…”

“Show…” Jen started, trailing as she frowned, until she saw the weak motion Nix was making with her fingers. It was only then their conversation of before came back to her. “Hey, Maisy, do you remember when we had ‘the talk’?”

“You mean the talk-talk…?” Maisy still sounded winded but recovered faster than Nix, still huddling on the sofa.

“Yeah. The one where I ‘demonstrated’ how to masturbate for you?”

“Oh god, I still think about it all the time…” Maisy said with a slight punch drunk grin.

“I feel, a bit bad about it.”

“Oh?” Maisy looked shocked, but Jen just smiled.

“Well, I mimed it, but you wanted more than that, didn’t you? I feel you deserved more, too. Would you like, a refresher?”

“Oh my god, please?” Maisy said, eyes wide and beaming through the haze.

Chapter 24 - Class In Session

It took some effort for them all to make it to the bedroom. In matter of fact, it took Jen and Maisy supporting Nix under each arm as her legs had become certified jelly, and not the kind that even held itself up. They positioned Nix against the headboard, with Maisy sat beside her to help hold her up, and then Jen moved to the opposite side of the bed, removing her trousers and underwear to be as nude as her girlfriends.

“OK, so we’ll start with the basics. Sound good?”

Maisy nodded with eagerness; there was little worry about patronising knowing both of them loved this mode of talking, so Jen continued.

“So I’m going to teach you about masturbation, but we’re going to start with learning about what you’re working with, and the answer to that is everything.” Jen said, standing up, and pointing to each part of her body in turn. “Leaving the fun button and tunnel of love aside, there’s my neck, my hair, my chest, my breasts, arms, elbows, stomach, my pelvis and hips, my thighs inner and outer, all the way down to my toes. Masturbation is about carrying a feeling to every part of you, and it starts with being aware where on your body feels good.” Both of her audience members nodded, even Nix appearing more animate now.

Jen bent down, and brushed her hands up from her calves, through her inner thighs, twisting to veer up her sides and reach her breasts, running her hands against her nipples.

“The trick, is to find the parts of your body that give you reactions. Some will be stong, others not so much, but, it’s like, it’s like the notes on a piano. Some soft, some sharp, but to play you use a variety, and you use multiple notes to make your chords. For example…” Jen reached down once more, and scratched up her inner thighs. “The feeling of nails on my skin here sets me on fire.”

“Ooooo…” Maisy said. The spectacle was a little silly; it wasn’t as if either woman didn’t know this. Jen watched Maisy’s eyes, and wondered if that was true. She’d given Maisy the PG version of this talk, but it hadn’t contained this much detail. Back then, she hadn’t known all her zones, but over the years since the condition started, she’d learned many more. She could feel those fires building inside, but it didn’t bother her.

“Different zones can have different touches. Take the nipple. You can brush it,” Jen said, rinning each finger of her left hand over that breast, little spikes of pleasure aided by the tender skin left by Nix’s suckle, “or you can pinch, oraahh,” Jen broke her words as the pleasure caught her off guard. Maisy giggled.

“Feeling nice?”

“I am.” Jen beamed. “Or, you can do more complex mixtures.” She toyed with a nipple using her index finger, small swipes and pokes as her other hand roamed down. “And you can see, as I lose myself in this, my hands start to wander. This can be when you start to touch at yourself down here too.”

“Yeah?” Maisy said.

Jen let her hand reach her pelvis, running along the bone, dancing across the skin and savioring the smoothness. She parted her lips, and squatted down, scooting a little closer to her audience.

“If there’s a lot to learn about the body as a whole, there’s just as much contained right here. There’s a bare minimum you can do, guys going ‘in ‘n out’ and all that, and the clit steals the show if you’re skilled or lucky enough to have someone who is,” Jen gave a little wink to both her girlfriends, “but if you only appreciate these two features, you miss out on the less explosive sensations. For example, if I tug on my outer labia…” Jen did so, and trailed as she felt the pleasentness of its tingle. She lost herself in the glow.

“You ok there?” Nix said, her voice still horace but the amusement clear.

“Hah, think I made my point. And that’s the part no one gives enough love. Equally, every part can get a different treatment. You might want to dive your fingers in, but running a finger around your opening like so…” Jen had her legs spread, and could feel as her opening pulsed, watching her hypnotised audience. “If you get lost in chasing the finale, you can lose a chance to learn about yourself, and to relax.”

“And to get soaked.” Maisy said, her mouth looking much like her pussy felt, the faintest hint of dribbling on her lips.

“Well, now I’m this worked up, I should show you proper clit play.” Jen pulled at the top of her pussy, parting her lips and letting the small button pretrubrance at the peak shine. “I’ve spent a lot of time telling you not to rush here, but this is your best friend, and she will get you through all of life’s hardships if you treat her right. Nowhere else on the body has so many nerve endings, and this is why your whole body matters. If you prime your body, then every nerve will play its own notes. Don’t be afraid to lubricate with yourself,” Jen reached down, and slicked wetness up her length, purring as her fingers brushed over her clit, “or your mouth.” Jen raised her fingers, and dipped them into her mouth. Her taste set off further flames, and she felt the sensation growing deeper within her.

“How do you rub the clit?” Maisy asked. Jen knew it was part of the roleplay, and yet she could sense more than a little genuine curiosity too. Jen reached down and pulled her lips from the sides this time.

“Your clitoral hood is the best place to begin. Place two fingers just above where your clit begins beneath it, and run small circles. This will let the whole hood brush over the unexposed parts, and give you gentle waves. Start small, and then build, larger circles, further down, until you let your fingertips brush the clitoris directly, like, umm, mmm, like so…” Jen gave a sheepish smile, and pulled her hand back.

“Aren’t you gonna keep masturbating?” Maisy asked, sounding hungry.

“Actually, I want to try something, different.” Jen said, her expression mischievous. “You see, you may have heard I have, a condition.”

“Oooo, are you gonna…?”

“No, not as it is.” Jen clarified. “But, if you’d be willing, I’m curious to see if I can do it, on purpose.”

“Talk us through it.” Nix said, her tone desperate and longing. Jen suspected if her clit weren’t in desperate need of a sling she would already be brushing at it. Maisy held Nix’s hand, a little tighter as Jen pulled a pillow or two to prop herself up.

“I’m going to start by tensing and untensing my pelvic floor. Ooooh yeah, yeah that’s nice.” Jen said, smiling as she felt the gentle motions tease her, a little like gentle tides on pebbles, a shimmering passage not quite strong enough to move the ground, but enough to send tingles. “But, I would like your help here.”


“I want you to, cheer me on.” Jen said, and watched both girlfriends exchange a look.

“What like, pompoms and chants or?”

“More, encouragement.”

“You look so beautiful like this.” Maisy said, leaning forward a little to admire her pussy. “You have such perfect lips, and I love how far your clit pokes out. It makes me want to suckle it all day long.”

“Y-yeah?” Jen said, feeling her breathing becoming a little ragged.

“It’s so cool, how you can just go all the way without laying a finger on yourself. There’s something, pure about it.” Maisy said.

“And how powerful it is too! Your pleasure is so contagious I feel like I could go over just watching you.” Nix said, her own voice throaty too, and her legs apart enough that Jen could see the throbbing. She wasn’t touching herself, likely wouldn’t dare to after that session, but there was little doubt in Jen’s mind how badly she wanted to. Maisy saw Jen’s glances, and shifted her own legs, revealing how much she too glistened.

“Look how turned on you make us, just by being in front of us like this. You have full power over us.”

“Oh wow…” Jen could feel herself going light headed. Still squatting, she had to sit herself back onto the pillows, her legs apart and her core burning from the pose, though below that a larger fire coarsed.

“Look how graceful she is Nix,” Maisy said, not letting her eyes leave Jen’s pulsing for a second, “she’s pristine. And we are hers.”

“For life.” Nix nodded. “And I will never get tired of this. Jen, please, show us how you cum.”

“Yes Jen, do it, that’s all we want, we want you to cum hard.”

“Cum for us Jen.” Nix said. Each word was like a tongue across her, her legs turning to jelly much as Nix’s had, her breathing uneven, her head spinning. She could hear their voices but her body took on different form, sensations malleable as all feeling began to spin around a centre, all sensation coalescing in a way she’d never experienced before. This wasn’t like those spontaneous leaps, powerful through her resistance to them as if shaking a champagne bottle. This was a gathering of all the force in the world, slow, methodical, every ounce of her building in tandem towards this moment.

“Please Jen, you look so beautiful like this.” Maisy’s voice sounded so longing, so hopeful. “I love you.”

“We love you.” Nix said. “Please.”

Jen felt her body leave the bed. In truth, only her hips did so, but the blood left her arms and legs long ago. Her mind alone retained feeling, entranced but in control, with Jen moving towards the centre on her own terms, as if in slow walk towards the finale, confident in her stride. She felt what little sensation remained in her legs as they parted further, and saw as her girlfriends leaned in close, their faces enraptured by that they saw within her. Jen pushed her chin down into her chest, fighting not to scrunch her eyes, determined to see their every reaction.

“I’m gonna cum…” Jen said, having to forcibly gasp air into her tightening lungs.

“We’re ready.” Nix said. Jen met both their eyes, feeling her face burn not from embarrassment but the sheer inferno she stood before. She nodded best she could with her chin forced into her neck, and stepped over the line. The whole universe crashed.

“Fuuuuuck!” Jen cried, and close to screamed as the force of her orgasm tore through her entire body. She could hear gasps from before her, but the physical and temporal reality of life melted into an ocean of purest pleasure, one where no one feature of perception could escape the roiling waves, all as one as she cried and bucked. She could feel her thighs running with liquid, fell back, and felt the ocean’s spray across her whole body. She was laughing, her face sore, her mind folding in upon itself as the waves carried her beneath a perfect sun, weightless in her voyage.

She lay atop the waves as they bucked and roared, then as they cooled, and finally atop a still ocean of calm tranquility beyond the reaches of time and corporeal experience. To say how long she lay there, gazing up at a brilliant wash of blue would defy explanation, for here no time could pass. And yet, time did, in time, and before she had a chance to spend a lifetime a top those waters, the world returned, with two smiling faces leaning over her.

“You fell asleep. Or, it knocked you out? I dunno but you seemed ok so we um, didn’t wanna wake you up.” Maisy gave her an apologetic smile. Jen grinned drunkenly up at her.

“How, how long was I out?”

“Like a couple minutes, not long. If it got to five we were gonna wake you up.”

“How was I? What happened?”

“Oh my god Jen, I dunno even where to begin.” Maisy grinned.

“I straight up came.” Nix said, her own voice a little shaky.

“I didn’t think you’d risk that.” Jen said with a small laugh.

“Hah, I didn’t. Maybe just super sensitive or when you caught us both but like, I crashed hard without touching myself once.”

“I think if I’d been primed, I would have too.” Maisy said, with more than a little intimation she would be very willing to experiment with this. Jen still wasn’t sure what happened, but one part of the explanation stood out.

“Caught you?”

“Oh you squirted hard that time.” Nix said, chuckling. “Can’t you feel it?”

Jen frowned, but even as she did, she realised the sensation across her body was like she’d just stepped out of the shower. And then she noticed the dripping sensation near her chest, and her eyes focused on the ceiling.

“Did I…?”

“When you went over, you cried out so loud I was worried someone would come banging on the door.” Nix smirked at Jen as she spoke. “And then you shot all over us. Mostly me this time.”

“Is only fair, I end up getting the faceful a lot of the time, sharing is caring.”

“Thank you~” Nix leaned over Jen’s body to peck Maisy’s lips.

“And then…?”

“Well I came hard, and as I was dealing with that you kinda fell back over your own pillows. I would have reached to catch you but I was you know, cumming, and Maisy was distracted by that. You ended up with your hips in the air and, Jen it was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen!”


“You ever seen those volcanic geyser that burst out of the ground?”


“It was just like that. We scrambled out of the bed and just watched, you did it twice! The second one was the biggest, and then you shot a few small bursts over yourself.” Maisy beamed. “When we looked closer at your face we realised you were out cold. Breathing of course but like, holy shit was it, what was it like?”

Jen did her best to describe that eternal drift she entered, guessing she had to have passed out before the fall, which made sense. Jen had passed out before, once from alcohol, once from pushing herself too hard in her studies. In both cases, when she came too a few hours later, she’d felt like shit. There was none of the bile or grogginess, or feeling of unrest this time. In fact, she felt as if she’d slept in complete tranquility for a full night.

“Thank you so much.” Maisy said. Jen blinked, realising that behind her cum covered face there were tears on her cheeks. She hugged Jen, bemusing her further, even as Jen noticed Nix’s eyes were pinking too.


“I just, you, I dunno how to, it was…” Maisy tried to form sentences but they melted into a pure emotional pouring out. Nix hugged her other side, and Jen realised both women cried now. Nix didn’t sob, but she trembled as she gripped Jen tight. Maisy’s small heaves reminded Jen of that first hug after the flight, but there was no grief in her sniffling. Jen smiled, and pulled both in close. “I feel so close to you…”

“I mean, you are.” Jen said, earning the snort that one deserved. “I getcha. I’m so glad we’re all here.”

“Same.” Nix said, her voice firm but emotive.

When Maisy finally surfaced, after a long time of Jen rubbing her back and Nix retreating to put on food, she looked past Jen.

“Ah, we um, we may have a problem.”

“Oh?” Jen turned, and a tiny bit of reality returned to her as her eyes took in the scene. “Oh.”

Chapter 25 - Establishing Order

In porn, in erotica, and in hentai, that holy trinity of elicit material forming the backbone of her former solo life, there was one truism of unity: mess vanished, if ever made at all. If a woman squirted, or a guy burst his load, or a tentacle did, tentacle things, then you could bet that the next time you saw a scene in that location, you’d never know of the debauchery. As Jen looked at her bed, this most cruel falsehood of porn stared back at her. The bed was, to put it in the most delicate terms, a ‘mess’. And as Jen’s eyes moved to the ceiling again.

“I really need to start putting a cork in…”

“Hehe. Maybe best if we sleep on the sofa tonight while it dries out?”

“It’s more it soaking into the mattress I’m worried about. Maybe if we drag it to the window to air it?”

“Maybe. Please tell me you don’t regret it though?”

“No.” Jen looked at the mess and knew she should, knew that for a few minutes pleasure they’d be facing inconvenience for days. But it wasn’t a few minutes pleasure, Jen realised, looking at Maisy’s relieved face. Each of these little stolen moments, every act from the depraved to the tranquil and even PG, these were stills of the life they wanted together, framed as perfect mementos in an album already brimming, with who knew how many blank pages to go. Could she ever put a price on that? “No, I would never regret it.”

“Good.” Maisy smiled, then looked back at the bed. “Could always buy a new bed.”

“That really would be wasteful.”


“Yes.” Jen said, firm on this point.

“We bought Nix a two million pound bed.”

“That’s both different and kind of my point Maisy. We have a lot of money but it’s not ‘a lot’ a lot. We could easily burn through it in months.”

“Mmm…” Maisy looked a little disheartened, so Jen pulled her into a side hug.

“Come on, we don’t need a new bed. And if we do eventually, we can buy something fancy. Chin up.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Maisy said, looking placated but still a little pensive.

“Talk to me.”

“It’s weird how you’d think that much money could just buy you everything but it’s so, finite you know? You’re right, it’s limited, and it’s weird cos we’re set for life if we’re careful, but do you, I dunno, feel like things are more tenuous now than they were?”


“Wrong word, um, you know, fragile? Financially I mean?”

“Maisy, we’re being over-cautious. Maybe we won’t always have to be, but in the short term it’s just so we don’t lose our heads. And Christ we’re buying the expensive bed so we’re going to have fun with it.”


“No, no I didn’t mean that at you, I meant, god I don’t know Maisy, I think my brain is fried.”

“Mine too.” Maisy said.

“Don’t be so sad though, we’re in a good place.” Jen said, pulling Maisy closer. Their bare skin brushing together was starting to awaken things for Jen below but she ignored it. “And we are gonna be just fine.”


“Y-yeah.” Jen said, shifting on her feet a little.

“You sure?”


“You sound unsure?” Maisy said, gripping her tighter. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong I’m just abaaa, about to cum…”

“Oh!” Maisy said, and her little noise of shock pushed Jen over the edge. Maisy clung to her as hard as Jen did back as her legs buckled beneath her, a spattering of wetness dripping to the floor as if she were tapped close to dry; Jen was amazed she had any left in her at all. “Did I do that?”

“You are naked and rubbing up against me, it’s quite, quite pleasant.”

“Hehe, yeah fair.” Maisy said, going on tiptoes to give Jen’s lips a peck. “Was it nice?”


“But not as nice as the ones where you’re in control?”

“It’s not like it’s unpleasant like that, I’m just a control freak.”

“Nicest one I’ve ever known, or dated.” Maisy said with a smile.



“How, controlling was he?”

Maisy’s smile didn’t fall, but Jen saw the corners of her lips twitch, as if caught at the last possible moment. She was about to open her mouth to tell Maisy she didn’t need to answer when Maisy held up a finger.

“Very.” She said, her voice small. “Can we, go see Nix?”

Nix had poured their coffees away and offered them both new ones as they entered the lounge. Jen forgot they’d even made the earlier drinks, but remembered it came before Jen decided to turn Nix into a puddle on the sofa. The memory made her smirk as she led Maisy to the sofa, but her expression softened as she caught Nix up on what they were talking about. Once Nix and Jen had their coffees and Maisy a hot chocolate, all steaming as the three nude women huddled, Maisy took a deep breath, and began.

“You know how we met right, back in secondary?”

“Oh yeah?” Nix said, as Jen nodded. “I mean, I knew you were seeing someone, but not the details. Jen I think you told me that one time we met up while you were at uni?”

“We only met up once? Fuck me I’m a bad friend…”

“Actually I think you offered more than once, I was the one in a bad place. But that’s not important, sorry Maisy.”

“Is ok. All our lives and pasts matter here.” Maisy said, seeming a little relieved for the momentary change of focus. Seeming to realise both women were now back on her, she paused, and then pressed onwards. “Was a group project of all things. We were in a group of three and our third dropped because of illness or, something, can’t remember. So we spent a lot of one on one time. He was, you know charming, funny. But even then he was very much a ‘we’re doing this’ or ‘do it like that’ person. He liked things his own rigid way.”

“I see.” Jen said. She had met the guy of course, every time she wanted to spend time with Maisy for that entire four years, bar a Christmas and one visit home he wasn’t about for.

“He wasn’t ever abusive, I wanna make that clear.” Maisy said. Jen wasn’t sure if Maisy had that right, but her tone invited no debate so Jen held her tongue. Nix seemed to share the same sense, but didn’t have as much context as Jen. “He never hit me, never forced me to do anything sexual. We never even kissed, and he asked about stuff but if I said no, he respected that. I think, that’s why in hindsight the other stuff I kinda, let slide.”

“Stuff like?”

“He wouldn’t make any kind of threats, but he’d be forceful. ‘No, you’re staying at home tonight’, ‘We’re going to have this for food, no my mind’s made up’, little things you know? Like, I am in no way comparing you to him Jen, but take when you’re assertive. You say ‘we’re gonna do this’, or ‘we’ll do it this way’, but I know if I ever piped up and said I wasn’t sure or wanted to do it differently, you’d respect that. I mean, have you noticed how we don’t even have a safe word? How we haven’t even needed one?”

“We, probably should have one.” Nix chimed in.

“Yes but my point is Jen is assertive in a way that gives me space. With him, we didn’t have a safe word either, because I wasn’t allowed one. He respected I wasn’t sexual, and to be fair I thought I’d become ace.”


“Well yeah, but then I was still masturbating over you Jen all the time and didn’t know what to make of it. Like, I wondered if I was just doing it out of family affection or whatever.”

“I mean this in the nicest possible way but that’s the funniest shit I’ve ever heard.” Nix said. Jen have her a slight stink eye but Maisy giggled. “What? I mean have you masurbated over your mum like that?”

Maisy paused.

“Well this is interesting.” Nix deadpanned.

“Stop teasing her Nix.”

“Sorry mommy.”

“I swear to god…” Jen rolled her eyes, but Maisy giggled at that too.

“Hah, anyway um, I just assumed I wasn’t wired that way, but over time I guess I read about demsexuality, and I started to wonder if I was not feeling that way towards him because I didn’t like guys like that, or because I didn’t have that bond with him. I wondered if I was with him more out of comfortable familiarity than attraction.”


“All of the above.” Maisy shrugged. “We weren’t having a bad time in Spain or anything, but as we walked around the city it just hit me we weren’t even holding hands. Like, I never said I was against that. And the fact is if he wanted to do it, I’d have done it even if I didn’t want to. It gave me this, I dunno, lightbulb moment where, where I realised what I wanted was to be appreciated. I did a lot for him, but he just took it and didn’t seem to think to say thank you.”

“Sounds like a helluva guy.” Nix muttered. Maisy sighed. “Sorry.”

“No, I get it. He’s rigid, and not unpleasant to be around so me being a massive sub, I just went along with it. But when I realised I wasn’t getting that fulfilment, I felt we needed to clear the air. So I told him everything. Almost, everything, I didn’t tell him I fap over family members but, yeah.”

“And he flipped out?”

“Said I was stringing him along. And, well, he’s right. I should have told him from the start of those feelings, but I never felt able to.”

“Because he put up a wall.” Jen said; it wasn’t a question, but Maisy seemed less eager to take it.

“No. No one is that two dimensional. I think, he was also ashamed you know? It’s emasculating, and me not trusting him not to shut me down meant I never gave him a chance to let me open up until it got that far.”

“I understand what you’re saying,” Jen said, looking to Nix to make sure she would stay in check, and exchanging a nod to confirm it, “and if that’s how you feel, only you know the truth of it. But it sounds like if blame comes out of it for a sec, you two weren’t right for each other.”


“And he was controlling.”


“But,” Jen continued before Maisy could backtrack, “so am I. I’m controlling and possessive of both of you. The difference is we communicate, we have boundaries, and we have safe space to air our thoughts. Like right now. You know you can tell me to fuck off if I say something you don’t like, about him or anything. You can tell Nix to fuck off too.”

“Bonus with me is I have a tiny degradation kink so you’re getting me off if you do.”


“What?” Nix threw up her hands, and their little act managed to get a full on snort from Maisy, as Jen shot Nix a wink.

“I like being sub to you Jen.” Maisy said, blushing a little as she did so. Jen had to admit, sore and overstimulated as she was by that point, the sheer cuteness made her sister hard not to jump. Fatigue tipped the scale in her favour as she returned the smile.

“Whatcha gonna do about the bed?” Nix asked, bringing Jen back down to Earth.

“Ah yeah, well, I got one idea.”

It took all three of them about ten minutes to shimmy the mattress across the flat. Technically, the window behind the TV was a balcony, albeit only one that let someone three inches wide step outside. It seemed more like a railing added when whoever designed the flat realised you could step out of the window in a bleary state and plummet to certain death. As Jen tested the rusty old thing with her hand, she wondered if it would have done her any good if she ever had walked into it,

“There’s no way it’s gonna take the weight of the mattress. Lean it against the frame.”

“You not worried your neighbours are gonna smell your cum when they open their windows?” Nix asked.

“Shhhh!” Jen scissored with her arm and pointed to the window. “If their window is open they can hear you!” She whispered.

“I’m, pretty sure they heard at least one of the multiple orgasms this week.” Nix said.

“Well you can explain it to them if they ask.”

“Any of them cute?”

“Nix!” Jen shook her head, then tilted it. “Suzy in flat 6 is.”

“Oooo?” Maisy said, looking intrigued.

“I swear this is the sluttiest apartment in the country…” Jen sighed. “But yeah she’s cute, think she works in software dev cos she seems to work ungodly hours. Seeing as you’ll be living here you’ll probably end up hearing her playing League of Legends at some point.”

“Is she loud?” Maisy asked.

“Feel free to find out.”

“I, I think Maisy meant when she’s playing League.” Nix said as she heaved with quiet cackles. Jen caught Maisy’s mortified eye.

“Oh! She’s fine. Just a loud laugh.”

“You know, I actually got into League a few years back. Maybe I should say hi.” Nix mused.


“Yeah why not. Don’t worry I wouldn’t do anything.”

“I’m fine with you doing whatever you want.” Jen shrugged. “Obviously you’d need each other’s consent but like, who cares right? Just don’t get an sti.”

“Or pregnant.” Maisy chimed in.

“Yeah please don’t.” Jen shook her head.

“Noted. Fuck I love how relaxed we all are.”

“I know right? Well, you wait till my first period and I become a big grump.”

“You get grumpy now?” Maps asked. “You used to just get bleh.”

“Eh, yeah fair point.”

“I get grump.” Nix said. “Apologies in advance for any feet in mouth.

“Apology accepted, not my fetish. Like not even a little.” Jen said. It got a little laugh from both of them. “Maisy, you used to get hella grump back when we were kids.”

“Oh don’t.” Maisy flushed.

“Remeber that time you straight up punched me in the face?”

“Oh god…”

“What?” Nix stared at Maisy, beet red by now.

“I said sorry…”

“I was a thousand percent in the wrong for the record. I was teasing her and asking for it. I’m the one who should be sorry.”

“I still feel bad…”

“Aw sweetie I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up a raw memory.” Jen moved to hug her. Maisy accepted the move, squeezing and holding tight. “Kids do dumb shit.”

“I mean adults do too, look at us.”

“Fair point Nix, fair point.” Jen nodded. “But don’t be rude about mommy.”

“What you gonna do, spank me?”

“Yes, sofa, now.”

“Pfft.” Nix snorted. Then she noticed Jen wasn’t laughing. Instead she pointed at the sofa.

“Now young woman.”

“O-oh. Mommy I-”

“Sofa, now.” Jen said. She let go of Maisy, and sat down on the sofa, Maisy standing in place watching. Nix looked at Maisy who raised an eyebrow, and gestured with her eyes to where Jen sat. Nix walked over.

“You know I’m, still super sore.”

“You have two choices.” Jen said. “You can say sorry, and accept your punishment, or you can say banana.”

“What do you-” Nix started to say, then blinked. “Really?”

“Unless you have a better word suggestion. What do you say young lady?”

“Sorry mommy.”

“On my lap.”

Nix clambered onto the sofa, and knelt beside her.

“Please don’t spank me mommy.”

“You’ve left me no choice, the longer you put this off for the harder I’ll have to do it.”

“Sorry mommy…” Nix clambered, until she straddled across Jen’s lap, lying flat with her exposed bum just past Jen’s leg. Jen raised her hand, and stopped.

“Maisy, I feel your sister needs to know you don’t stand for her behavior. Would you do the honours?”

“My sister?” Maisy said, eyes widening. “Oooh, yes, yes please.”

“You take the left, I’ll take the right.” Jen said, as Maisy knelt in front of the sofa, lifting a hand. “On three?”

On three, both open hand slapped Nix hard. Unsurprisingly, Nix moaned with a whimper unlike any Jen heard from her before. They’d never done much experimentation with spanking beyond a few light touches, and Jen could already tell this wouldn’t be their last experiment.

“What do you say Nix?”

“Sorry mommy!”


“Uuugh, thank you mommy…”


“Ohhhh godd…”


Nix’s moans lost their coherance. After the eighth, both moved back their hands to see bright red cheeks. Maisy leaned in and kissed the sorest spot, making Nix shudder.

“Good girl. Have you learned your lesson?”

“Yes mommy…”

“Good.” Jen nodded. She rubbed the red mounds as Nix purred, and then slid her hand between them and town towards her soaked cenrtre. After less than a minute of gentle fingering, she felt Nix’s thighs clamp and she gave a gutteral groan.

“I fucking love my life…” Nix sighed, sounding in a state of blissful contentment.

“If you’ve got a better suggestion than banana by the way please do say.”

“Nan works for me, but wow you slap hard. That hurt so good…”

“Thank you.” Jen beamed, turning Nix over, and trying not to apologise as she winced at her sore behind. She leaned down and began to gently make out with Nix, while Maisy settled beside them and cosied up to Jen’s side. They hadn’t intended to do so, or at least Jen hadn’t, but they fell asleep like that, cosied together while the mattress aired out behind them, and the final day of that first week dawned beyond the window.


Chapter 26 - A Sweet Breakfast

In a trend far in opposition to her life until this point - a theme of the week - Jen once again woke first. She had to go to the bathroom, and after extracating herself from the pair and for once choosing to use the toilet for her pee, she grabbed the blankets from the bedroom, mercifully not soaked through in the incident. She draped it over the sleeping duo, and then checked on the state of the mattress, biting her lip at how sodden it still felt to the touch. The frown couldn’t last long as she admired in the early sun just how violent the burst had to be to soak so much of it, and through a mattress topper no less. Granted, not the thickest topper, but even so she wasn’t sure she’d ever blow that hard again.

The others seeming far from the waking world, breakfast a good couple of hours away even then, and the rest of the flat unusually tidy thanks to Maisy’s general impulses, Jen found herself with not a lot to do to occupy herself. In the end, she started doing a little reordering of the flat, taking down a few decorations that she’d placed to fill out the rooms, and leaving space for the others to make their own. Beside the window, on the side not taken up with a mattress, she took down a random picture pilfered from a charity shop, and looked at the nail with an appraising study. Nodding, she retreated to the various bags in the hallway.

The hook on the back of the frame proved stiff, and a little awkward to line with the nail, but after a few minutes mumbled disgruntlement, she managed to step back and admire the ticket, in pride of place close to the centre of the wall. She took a few further steps to lean on the countertop, and smiled. The smile faltered, as she looked past the effect, and to the ticket itself. She turned in the direction of the front door, but the angles didn’t line up. Even so, she turned back with a pout, and stepped up to the frame again, reaching out but stopping short of removing it from the wall.

“Hm…” Jen could see a faint reflection of her face in the glass, and the concerned eyes met. Pride, or caution? She held her ground for a little longer, before retreating, leaving the frame on the wall. They could always come up with a ‘funny story’ that made the ticket significant, it didn’t have to be a winning one. Maybe people wouldn’t ask. She sat back against the counter again, the rush of good feeling somewhat dented, and lent further still to avoid facing it any longer.

“Mm, Jen?”

“Sorry did I wake you?” Jen winced, worried her constant moving stirred her sister awake. Maisy leaned up from the low-back sofa and rubbed at her eye, but shook her head.

“Mmm, I’m sore…”


“Not a comfy bed…”

“Sorry for wetting the main one.” Jen said, an apologetic if naughty smile cutting her lips. Maisy seemed too tired for lewdness as she mumbled a sound vaguely like ‘snoturfolt…’ before she stretched, her perky breasts catching the sun and only increasing the naughty feeling within Jen herself. “Food?”


“Whatcha want?”

“Sugar, wakey food.”


“Mreh…” Maisy blinked her eyes hard, tilting her head as if to try and pour the sleepiness out of her ear. “Tea?”

“Sure. Um, ah.”


“Kettle, might wake Nix.”

“Am awake…” came a groan, and Nix curled up more.


“No want awake…”

“Want me to help you to your bed?”

In the end Jen did a half fireman’s carry style support, not quite dragging Nix to her room but aware the other girl would faceplant the floor if she let go. Nix moaned in satisfaction when she thumped onto the bed, a sound that caught Jen so off guard she felt her thighs slicken just hearing it. The noise didn’t seem the least bit intentionally sexual though as mere seconds later Nix appeared snuffed out, her breathing low and steady. Jen tucked her in and pulled the door to, turning to see Maisy sitting on one of the two counter bar stools, hear in her hands.

“You sure you wanna be up?”

“Mhm.” Maisy tried for a smile, but her hands propped her face into more smush than expression, though did seem to be forcing her eyes to stay open. “You alright there?”

“Huh? I’m ok, why?”

“Thighs are soaked.” Maisy pointed with a weak finger. Jen looked down, and realised the sunlight did indeed twinkle off of them.

“Hah, yeah you got me there.”

“Sorry I’m too tired to help you…” Maisy said, sounding genuinely sad. Jen opened her mouth to say it was ok, and paused. She smiled, and walked over to her sister.

“You said you wanted something sweet for breakfast right?”


“Ok.” Jen said. She moved beside Maisy, and clambered onto the lower ring of the barstool next to her. Maisy didn’t seem to notice, until Jen shuffled over, sitting now on the countertop, and put a leg either side of her. “Well, eat up.”

“Mmh?” Maisy looked up, perplexed.

“Just go slow. S’ok, there’s no rush. Enjoy the taste.”

Maisy looked from Jen’s face, to the pussy now where her head leaned mere moments before. She put her hands on Jen’s thighs, leaned forward, and began to lap. Jen leant her head back and purred at the slow motions of her tongue.

“I might not-” Maisy began before a yawn stole over her. She shook her head. “Might not have it in me to finish you.”

“I don’t need to finish Maisy. I just wanted you to have a nice breakfast. Eat up.”

Maisy gave her a bleary smile, and then lowered her mouth back to her sister’s cunt once more. Jen idly ran her fingers through Maisy’s hair, enjoying the tired little licks and extra pressure as Maisy leaned further in, using her as an impromptu pillow. She didn’t expect to climax, but less than five minutes into this little unconventional breakfast the familiar tingles began inside of her, tensing her legs as they fought not to clamp. Maisy appeared to notice, as while her pace remained glacial, her movements took on more complexity.

“Oh shit-” Jen gripped Maisy’s hair as out of nowhere she want into hypermode, any trace of her sleepy speed replaced by a rapid and overwhelming push. Jen pulled Maisy’s face in close and ground into her as the climax smashed through her body, legs clamping around her head as she whimpered in joy, the gentle patter of fluid on the tiled floor punctuating her moans. She squeezed with every wave of her orgasm until letting Maisy free, who leaned back, her face drenched in Jen’s cum, and her eyes no longer sleepy.

“That’s, way better than coffee for waking you up.” Maisy said after her own panting got under control. Jen opened her mouth to agree, and lost the words as Maisy dove right back in. Sensation became a blur and Jen found herself lying across the countertop as Maisy licked and fingered her, a hand splayed on her chest to feel her heartbeat and pin her down as she writhed in pleasure. Jen arched her hips and sprayed into Maisy’s chin and chest, cum splattering the floor beneath her and spreading across the counter.

When Maisy at last let her up, Jen panted and wheezed, the air knocked from her and her head in far more of a spin than when she woke. Maisy walked about the counter, and began to kiss her, swapping Jen’s arousal from her sister’s lips to her own tongue, drinking it down, and having to agree with Maisy - it did wake you up much faster. Maisy cradled her head in a lovers’ embrace as she moved from deep kisses to lighter ones, to simple pecks before lifting her head to smile into Jen’s eyes.

“You make the best breakfast Jen.”

“Hah, nice double entendre.”

“You all done?”

“For now, but are you?”

“I can manage,” Maisy smiled, “but I wouldn’t say no.”

When Nix walked back into the room, bleary eyed but looking a little better for wear after her short nap in a proper bed, it was to see Maisy bent over the countertop, whimpering as a determined looking Jen finger fucked her while pressing down on her back to keep her in place. Seeming to have made her peace with the strangeness of their new life, Nix moved to the kettle to start making coffee, and as the kettle boiled leaned on the oven to watch as Maisy thundered into yet another climax.

“You know some people I’ve asked say they have a sex drive maybe once or twice a week, but I swear we can’t seem to make it through the hour.” Nix mused aloud, pouring boiling water over granules and watching as Jen spun a panting Maisy over to lie on her front, only to resume her fucking. “Not that I’m complaining.”

“Runs in, the, fama-aaaa-” Maisy tried to say, before climaxing again, shuddering as if electrocuted as Jen seemed to finally decide she’d had enough. Jen helped pull her up, and then back onto her stool where she put her arms around the shaking Maisy as she quivered in the aftershocks.

“No kidding. You alright there Maisy?”

Maisy gave a weak nod, but a more distinct smile for all that. Jen ruffled her hair.

“Just returning the favour.”

“So what’s today’s plan?”

“Well,” Jen stepped around the counter to better speak to Nix, while Maisy continued panting, “it would probably be a good idea to go and see your folks? Get your stuff moved and all that. If you still want to get that done sooner rather than later?”

“Long as you’re ok helping with that. We don’t have the van today though.”

“How much do you have to move?”

“Not a ton, but the PC might be awkward. Would it be ok if we did it in multiple trips?”

Once Maisy managed to clamber back down from heaven’s gates, and all three found some form of robes, they made their way out of the flat. As they walked down the stairs, the door to the flat on the floor below theirs cracked its door, and a young woman in PJs with deep bags below her eyes poked out her head.

“Oh, hi Jen.” She said, her voice a little croaky. “Sorry thought you might be Amazon.”

“Hey Suzy, nah don’t they usually come nearer 3 to here?”

“Bleh, I don’t want to have to be awake at 3…” Suzy said, no hint of irony in her tone. She blinked a few times and took in the company behind her. “Oh, you’ve got company?”

“This is Maisy, and Nix.” Jen said, pointing to both. “They just moved in.”

“Niiice.” Suzy said, a stoner smile crossing her face as she said it, though Jen suspected it had more to do with sleep deprivation. “Just holla if I’m too loud.”

“You play League right?” Nix asked. Suzy’s eyes widened a touch, turning to Jen who gave a small shrug.

“I mentioned it, we’re actually just off to get Nix’s PC. Maybe you two should chat.”

“Sure!” A little more life appeared to enter Suzy’s tired face at that, and she nodded to Nix. “I’m in most days so like, if you ever wanna hop in just knock.”

Jen managed to keep a straight face at that, no easy feat after the more dirty insinuations of the previous night, but if Suzy noticed anything amiss with the other two she didn’t show it, waving them off as she retreated back into her den once more.

“She seems nice.” Maisy said, smiling at Jen. “You talk much?”

“Eh a bit. I think she can be kinda shy, but looks like she’s open to games Nix.”

“Sweet.” Nix seemed to have more than a little spring in her step as they reached the bottom floor and pushed out into the sun, all three women wincing at the glare on their fractured sleep. They shielded their eyes on the way to the car, and after a slow and careful drive, pulled into the main terraced portion of town, lines of redbricks of semi-even height, broken by the occasional more modern structure, a bookshelf with occasional oddities. One such oddity drew up alongside the car as Jen slid in beside Nix’s childhood home.

The shingles of the other houses hid beneath multiple solar panels, catching the day’s glare so much that craning her neck blotted out her vision at this angle. If the roof contrasted the rest of the street with a technology twist, the rest of the building adopted far more of a reclaimed by nature vibe. Dense deliberate ivy traced up a bolted mesh across the face of the property, interlaced with pockets of flowers and the occasional basket. A large yellow bag lay alongside the wall, holding Jen knew the ladder that Nix’s father would use to prune his masterpiece. The garden itself held a rush of wildflower, broken by a trodden path to the front door, kept free by a thin wire fence to hold back the overgrowth.

“Holy shit Nix, this is your parents’ place?” Maisy asked, open in her gaping at the structure. Jen realised she hadn’t ever come to see the house before, so hadn’t seen the even wilder states the building adopted before a full on arms war with the council. They all clambered out of the car, and as they did so the front door to the building opened to reveal a beaming woman, in her late forties, wearing an apron over a plump form and with tied back green hair.

“Nixie! Been a while.” Her mother said, her tone jovially scolding as she walked down the path. “And Jen! Goodness how long has it been? You’re somehow even taller!”

“Hah, hi Mrs. Rodgers.” Jen said, unsure why she was a little nervous all of a sudden.

“Pip, I’ve told you Jen ‘Mrs’ is far too much. And goodness little Miasy too! Not so little!”

“Hi.” Maisy blushed, but for her that bashful shyness was trademark.

“Well come on, I’ve put on tea so we can sit and plan, Nix I’ve dug out some boxes. Oh my sweetie I thought we’d have you at home much longer!”

“Sorry mum.” Nix said, looking a little guilty.

“Oh hush I’m happy! I always imagined you two might live together.” Pip said, looking between her and Jen, and with enough of a knowing expression that Jen wondered how soundproof Nix’s old bedroom walls really were. They followed her up the rough pathway, and into a hallway that overflowed with art and colour. Jen nodded at the decor.

“You’ve been busy.”

“Harry painted most of it, I’ve been on much more of a sculpting binge.” Pip bustled them through the long corridor to the kitchen, where indeed the table had settings for three.” “I didn’t realise you’d have little Mase so I’ll just get another cup, one moment.”

“These are beautiful.” Maisy looked about the various landscapes and still lives, her eyes full of wonder. She knew Nix liked doing art, but maybe she didn’t realise how much of that ran in her family. Canvases lay atop one another on the walls and leaning against the skirting boards, which Jen took to mean they still rotated what they put up and left down at any given time. Her eyes spotted one painting inparticular she remembered from years ago, and wondered what Maisy’s reaction would be. She didn’t have to wait long. “Oh my.”

“Hah, yeah mum like to, model.”

“Oh Maisy I’m sorry, I should have warned you. I can take it down if-”

“It’s ok.” Maisy said, blushing so fierce Jen worried the nearby canvas might immolate. She waited for Pip to get back to searching before stealing another glance at the nude portrait, biting softly on her lip. That made Jen smirk, and Nix raise an eyebrow, though she chose not to embarras Maisy further. Jen had to admit that, assuming the still was true to life, mother and daughter looked quite similar. She moved her own eyes away to see Nix now watching her, giving her the same raised eyebrow. It was Jen’s turn to blush, but she did a little better at hiding it from the others than Maisy.

“Now then,” Pip placed the last cup and saucer on the table, along with a small pourer of golden oat milk and brown sugar, “do tell how you came to decide to move in together? Jen, is this a rented apartment?”

“No, actually, it’s my own place. Over on Longchurch.”

“Oh I do love the views of the fields there, have you got a nice one?”

“Yeah there’s a lot to enjoy looking at there.” Jen said, taking a sip as the other two almost choked on theirs. She managed to hide her wicked grin but not the small bump of Nix kicking her under the table. “Oof, um but yeah the flat’s nice, but was getting a bit lonely. Maisy just moved in and there was still room to spare.”

“That sounds lovely. So it’s more a practical arrangement?”

“Well we’ve all always been close.” Jen said, knowing she straddled that line between reality and camouflage about as tight as she could go right now. While the others hadn’t appreciated her playful allusion before, both now kept stoic poker faces and trusted Jen to navigate the waters alone. Pip on the other hand turned to Nix.

“I had wondered if perhaps the two of you might be an item.”

Nix had twirled her finger through the handle of the teacup as she listened, other hand rested on her chin, but the sudden address and wrongfooting had a less than subtle reaction on her. To her credit, while the tea went flying, the teacup remained within her grasp as she sat up straight.

“Oh Nixie you must be more careful! Your dress!”

“I’m fine, mum, I just wasn’t expecting that.”

“Whyever not?” Pip said, and to her credit realised a beat later that the conversation might be mortifiying for more than just her daughter. “Ah Jen do excuse me and my nosey ways.”

“Oh it’s no problem at all Pip.” Jen smiled. Under the table she put a hand onto Nix’s. “We’re very close.”

“Well I shant pry into your affairs, any of you.” Pip said, including Maisy in her glances. Maisy’s poker face remained by virtue of shock at Nix’s blown cover, but Jen still thought she saw a glint of knowing in Pip’s eyes as she scanned over them. She nodded, and poured Nix a new cup. “In your mouth this time Nixie.”

“Yes mum.” Nix rolled her eyes, but smiled all the same at the fuss. Jen’s heart skipped a beat before remembering she wasn’t the ‘mommy’ in this setting. She had a moment of madness where she debated doubling down on the label and offhandedly mentioning Nix calls more than one person mommy these days, and decided in the same spur of the moment rush that was her anxiety talking. Why she felt so anxious here though she couldn’t say, though it had a lot to do with those knowing glances.

“So you’re living with your sister too, Maisy? How’s that been for you?”

“Oh it’s, nice.”

“Have you two always gotten along? I can remember when you were little I used to see you two bicker but I didn’t see much of you.”

“Oh no more than anyone else. I love Jen.”

“Awww, well that’s lovely.” Pip beamed. “I’m glad you can kiss and make up.”

“Hehe, yeah.” Maisy said, thankfully her blushes natural enough to not give away any lewd secrets.

“How are you all finding privacy living together? I suppose you’ve been living at home?”

“Actually I was living with my boyfriend until, well last week.”


“Yeah, we ended up breaking up.”

“Oh hunny I’m sorry.” Pip sounded bereft, even not knowing anything about their relationship. Maisy seemed to toy with venturing down that rabbit hole, but left her reply at a nod. She, and for that matter Nix seemed relieved the conversation moved past ‘privacy’, especially after the slip up with their own mother on the number of rooms. “But you’re all one happy household, I really hope this works out for you. And who knows.” She beamed, and there it was again. Jen kept her own smile neutral but the tone, and the way she looked at them made her gut turn. There wasn’t hostility, but she seemed far too knowing. Jen wanted to believe it was just acceptance of their face value, and maybe it was, but it sat wrong.

“You said there’s some boxes we can use?”

Chapter 27 - Cleaning Out

Nix’s room wasn’t ‘untidy’. Jen knew her well, and knew this room very well having spent much of their time growing up together in here, and had a lot of fondness for the old place. That said, she’d lost many things in this room’s clutter over the years, pens, phone chargers, her virginity, to name a few. There was an ecclectic order that kept you from calling it a mess, but ‘creative chaos’ remained fair game. There was a distinct sense that if you pulled one sketchbook or even a single pencil out of the fray, you’d ruin some intricate art piece.

“Nix, your room is a mess.” Maisy said in a flat voice as they stepped into the room.

“Yeah I know.” Nix said, shrugging as she avoided putting an accidental foot through a canvas, leaning it up against the wall. “I promise I will try and stop my room looking like this at our place.”

“You’ll get another spanking if you don’t.” Maisy said. She said it in such a deadpan voice that Nix shivered, and Jen fought not to choke, whirling around to thankfully see no sign of Pip nearby to hear that. Maisy appeared to realise a beat too slate where they were and went about the same shade as some of the sunset paintings downstairs. “Fuck…”

“You’re fine.” Jen said, trying to be more fine herself as she pushed the door closed, taking several attempts as various detritus fought against her. On the bed Jen could see a pile of plastic boxes awaiting them, and a few large reusable bags inside, though nowhere near enough for the room’s entire contents. “Good thing your mum’s fine with you keeping the room, you got any idea how much of this you wanna take?”

“Erm, I think imma take full advantage and for now take as little as possible. PC obviously.” Nix gestured, and Jen had to blink in astonishment. When she’d last visited about half a decade ago, Nix had a black case, no thrills but a functional PC that sat against the wall and hummed away. This one was bright pink, with a glass side panel and, seeing their admiring looks, Nix pressed the on switch to light it up in a rainbow of RGB goodness, the three fans on the front, CPU cooler and graphics cards all screaming in every colour Jen could think of.

“That is the gayest thing I have ever seen.” Maisy said in awe.

“Thank you.” Nix beamed. “It’s not the most powerful, but I got a few good deals from an old colleague whose partner worked for CEX, so a lot of it is second hand components. But she runs like a dream.”

“You know Maisy is going to beg you to let her play with it right?” Jen said, feeling her sister vibrate beside her.

“Maisy you can play any time you like.”

“Oh my god you’re the best Nix!” Maisy practically squealed the words, barely an octave from her orgasm voice as she grinned ear to ear. Jen shook her head.

“You know, you could probably afford to add more juice now, if you wanted to?”

“I, think I’d rather just keep her as is for now. You can go pretty crazy with PC parts.”

“I mean, we can, we can afford to kit you out.”

“Not exactly ‘sensible’ though.” Nix said. To her credit, it wasn’t said with any forlorn to her tone. “Let’s see how we go, ok?”

“Alrighty. Well there’s that, the screens, actually that’s a good point the desk-”

“This desk is held together with duct-tape and cum tissues at this point, I think I’d rather use the one at your place.”

“What about the monitor arms?”

“Did you say cum tissues?” Maisy said, seeming to snap out of her trance.

“Oh the arms just clamp onto any desk.” Nix said, ignoring Maisy’s ‘I’m not sure I’m asking in hopes of an answer’ expression. “So also keyboard, mouse, mat, erm, I think it’s better to think of it as the arms, monitor, PC itself, and then a box of cables and shit.”

“Ok you wanna delegate that to one of us?”

“You could do that, and then Maisy, could you help me pick out some outfits and bag underwear et cetera?”

They broke off into their two missions, Maisy fawning over the various frilly dresses that Nix loved to collect so much, and Jen slowly and methodically dismantling Nix’s workstation. She frowned as she did, looking about.

“Graphics tablet?”

“It’s the thing by the mousemat.”

“You’ve not got one of those screen ones?”

“Nah, too rich for my blood.”

“Ok, compromise. You can keep the rig as is, but you gotta upgrade there. You said yourself you wanted to make time for more art.”

“Mmh, I dunno.”

“Please Nix?” She lowered her voice. “For mommy?”

“Oh that’s mean.”

“You’re right, I’m a horrible person for wanting you to have nice things.”


“What do you say?”

“Thank you mommy…” Nix murmured, but she couldn’t help but smirk. Jen leaned over to give her a little forehead kiss, wanting to signal she was proud of Nix; she knew those kind of talks weren’t easy for her. Nix let out a small happy peep at that, and then Jen resumed her duties as the other two chatted away behind her. She was vaguely aware of a few wardrobe changes as Nix tried on a few outfits for Maisy, much to her sister’s delight.

It was as Jen was about halfway through bunching all the wires that she realised the chatter behind her had stopped. She kept going, but continued to listen, and then heard the more telltale sounds that turned her head. She had to smile, even as she put on a mock stern voice.

“Distracted already I see?”

“Sorry mommy…” Nix said. She wore a swimsuit, unashamedly showing off her tummy and folds in pride of her body shape. She sat on the edge of the bed, while Maisy sat beside her, hand buried in the bottoms as she met Jen’s eyes with a devilish look.

“She’s too cute not to.”

“Maisy you should be leading by example.”

“I am~” Maisy said, and even as far more dom than sub even Jen felt a tingle down her spine at the confidence of those words. Jen grabbed the rest of the wires, and sat on Nix’s old PC chair to start bundling them, able now to have a better view of the show. Nix seemed to be trying extra hard to keep her voice down but her face matched the outfit in its red flush, her breathing uneven and lip bit so hard the skin turned white. Jen kept up the pretense of work a little longer, but then shrugged, got up and sat beside them on the bed. She reached over and forcibly pulled the bikini top up, making Nix gasp as her breasts escaped the tight encasement. Jen leaned over and began to pinch her nipple as she grinned into Nix’s face.

“You really must keep your voice down Nixie, you don’t want anyone to hear us~” Jen cooed. That did it, as Jen suspected it might; she’d forgotten the ‘-ie’ her mother always used, and sure enough, invoking it saw her thighs clamp hard enough that Maisy yelped, though she too grinned ear to ear as Nix squirmed in an almost silent, and extremely powerful orgasm. “Oh good girl Nixie~”

“Fuck me…” Nix groaned as quiet as she could manage, the words vibrating out of her body with electric charge.



“Can you two keep your hands to yourselves long enough to finish the clothes?”

“No promises.”

“Good.” Jen smirked at Maisy, and then took a look back at the desk. “Well, actually the desk is all done so, somehow we’re more or less done. You sure you don’t wanna take more art supplies Nix?”

“Brain no worky.”

“Imma suggest you take a few canvases and sketchbooks.”


Jen looked back to see Nix laying back on the bed, furiously rubbing herself.

“Oh dear. I’ll, pick you out a few.”

Twenty minutes, two more boxes and another orgasm later, the trio walked back out of the bedroom, Nix’s legs a little more wobbly beneath her. Pip already stood at the bottom of the narrow stairs, and helped them carry the boxes to the car. Then with the vehicle locked, they retreated back to the table where Pip made a spread of sandwiches and bites for them all to snack on. As they chatted, Jen passed Nix the frame; this was her news to share.

“So um, mum, we have actually got some, news.”

“Oh?” Pip said, raising an eyebrow. “All three of you? Hm.” She made a noise of relaxed intrigue. Jen forced her face to neutral, but the way Pip’s eyes lingered on Maisy all but confirmed her anxieties. If Nix noticed it, her poker face stood up to the task.

“Well, we were celebrating moving in together, and Jen bought us in food. And, she bought us, for a joke or, I dunno was it a joke?”

“More just a whim.”

“Right, but um, this.”

Pip looked down at the ticket, her eyes scanning over the frame and the plush backing.

“Including the frame? Is it, abstract art or-”

“Not, including the frame.” Nix cut in, and put her phone on the table in front of her mother. Pip picked it up in her other hand, looked at the screen, back to the ticket. Then, she put both back down onto the table, very slowly, and met Nix’s eyes.

“Oh my god…”

“Yeahhhhh. Sorry um, that we didn’t tell you soo-”

“Bugger that Nixie, oh my god!”

“Yeah.” Nix gave a nervous chuckle, one that wheezed on the tail end as Pip pulled her into a tight hug.

“This is wonderful news! You’re set for life! All, three of you, are you sharing it?”

“Absolutly.” Nix said. “And um-”

“Don’t, even suggest it Nixie.”

“Mum I-”

“Your father and I have all we need, this is your good fortune. Are you, I suppose you won’t need to work anymore?”

“I was, gonna just do the art full time.”

“Oh my dream, it means you and I can see more of one another too! Oh this is perfect!”

“Pip, um, we have already done the maths on it and we’re all happy to give-”

“Nonsense, we have good pension pots and like what we do, I’m retiring in less than a decade and Harry already does part time. We would never ask that of you.”

“I’m giving my mum a chunk, and my dad too.” Jen said, not quite pleading but knowing even if she did this wasn’t a battle they’d win. Pip always was stubborn in the nicest sense when Nix and Jen grew up together.

“And I am sure they will be very happy. Our circumstances are different. Your mother has deserved a break in good fortune for years and I can’t wait to congratulate her on it. But we will enjoy your prosperity from here quite happy. Maybe keep us in nice gin as a compromise.”

“I think we can do that.” Nix smiled. Jen already knew they both thought the same way; a sum could stay aside for her parents, and if they ever did need it, it’d be there and waiting. She suspected that Pip would accept if an emergency came up, and wondered if worry over diluting the funds might be on her mind too; as an independent artist she did know her taxes inside and out, a requirement for survival.

“Can I tell Harry or would you prefer to?”

“I don’t mind, but I do wanna make sure I come visit more often than when I moved out the first time, ok?”

“Of course!” Pip beamed. Jen had wondered why Nix got bitten so hard by the horny bug, but as she watched her hug her mum outside a few minutes later, and saw a different type of shuddering, she got it. Jen got Maisy to help her arrange the boxes in the car boot, giving Nix her space. Nix avoiding the visit sooner, the nervous energy since deciding to go. She made a mental note to poke Nix to visit here as much as she could, and resolved to be there for her if these shudders came about later too. Two goodbyes to homes, both her girlfriends experiences vast in difference, but that same sense of closure hung about Nix as they all waved off Pip from the car.

“You know that she totally knows we’re a throuple right?” Maisy said after they rounded the corner. Nix froze up in the passenger seat, and Jen gripped the wheel a little harder.

“Honestly, if she does, I think she’s cool with it.”

“Really?” Nix said, seeming to be the only one of them not to pick up on the signals. Jen supposed she did have a lot on her mind. “How can you tell?”

“Just a hunch, and I mean, it’s not her kids to be fair. Probably a little easier.”

“You don’t seem worried?” Maisy said.

“Are you?”

“Maybe? I dunno.”

“What you think she’d tell Kate?”

“Told you not to call her that.” Jen rolled her eyes.

“She wouldn’t. I, didn’t get the impression she sussed us out, but mum’s a boundaries champion.”

“Aside from the art.” Maisy mused.

“I saw you checking her out, lil perv.”

“Actually I just found it funny how alike you look.” Maisy said, voicing Jen’s own thoughts.

“No seducing my mother.” Nix deadpanned, and that seemed to do the trick. Laughter replaced the slight somber mix of parting ways and buried secrets, and carried them the rest of the journey back to the apartment building. The smiles faltered into grimnaces as they lugged the various boxes upstairs, Nix cradling the PC with the look of an anxious mother, and arrived at the front door as a trio knackered. “We are in, terrible shape.”

“No, just a long week.”

“Fine, I am in terrible shape.”

“Best shape.” Jen said, making a point of admiring her girlfriend with a sultry gaze. That made Nix snort, but the momentary regret in her eyes faded too, so Jen considered it a win as they all pushed through into the apartment proper.

“When you gonna tell your dad?”

“God um, I guess I should just call him to find out when he’ll even be home.” Jen said, frowning once more.

“I mean, do you think he’d understand if you just told him on the phone?”

“Probably? I dunno I find dad hard to read on this stuff. And just in general.”

“I think he’d just like to know. I can tell him if you want?” Maisy said.

“Do you want to be the one to?”

“Yeah why not. You do a lot for me, least I can do. And I wanna share the good news so win-win.”

“It’s, it’s not that I don’t want to tell him, I do, I just struggle with calls for that.”

“Then we could, facetime him?”

“He uses a brick remember?”

“Oh yeah.” Maisy pouted. “Well, I’m happy to tell him, and I’m sure he’ll wanna see us both soon anyway, it’s been years since he’s had the chance to see both of us at once.”

“Wait, shit you’re right it has been hasn’t it.” Jen said. The sisters looked at one another; for all the great coming together - no pun intended - of the last week, they’d struggled to be available together since Jen moved out and Maisy started with her boyfriend. That wasn’t a nice feeling, not one bit, and Jen felt a welling of guilt in her at not doing the call with Maisy. “I, would like to tough out the phone call. For him.”



Nix received her marching orders for a stir fry, and the sisters retreated into Nix’s bedroom to sit on the end of the bed - their own still drying out. Jen gave Maisy the number because it was easier than fishing out the scrap of paper that was until this week Maisy’s address book, and watched as Maisy typed it in digit by digit, that same wairyness of before returning. It didn’t help that, again, simple calls might be ok but intense ones set off her anxieties like little else could. Maisy added the contact - ‘DAD’ - and then looked her way.


Jen nodded. Maisy hit call, and then the speakerphone icon. The phone buzzed once, twice.

“Hello? This is Ken Blanc?”

“Hi did, it’s Maisy.”

“Maisy? I don’t recognise the number? Is this a new phone?”

“Hah uh, yeah, and it’s my own phone now.”

“Oh, that’s good.” Their father missed the subtle hint, but then he wasn’t as in touch with Maisy, but that was understandable; their mother had seemed a little surprised at the break up even with regular contact. “How are things?”

“Um, hah, a bit weird. Why I was calling actually. How’s things with you?”

“Weird? What’s been weird?”

“Um, well the holiday wasn’t, great.”

“Oh.” He said it with a tone that surprised Jen, because even before he continued, she realised he was quicker on the uptake than she gave credit. “I did, wonder if you might be calling from a new phone for a reason. Are you safe?”

“Yeah, Jen made sure I got home ok. I’m, living with her now.”

“What about the flat?” He asked, and then before she could continue a small sucking of breath. “I’m sorry that’s insensative, if you need help with-”

“No, no it’s fine you ask. I’m, gonna be calling the landlord and letting them know. But um, I will probably pay out the rest of my half of the rent.”

“Maisy that’s not sensible. I think you shouldn’t be paying for a flat you aren’t living in, you can’t afford that.”

“Hah,” Maisy let this one out as more of a wheeze, and Jen took her hand, “funny story, um, I can actually.”

“It’s just not sensible. You’ve not won the lottery and that place is expensive.”

There was a pause.

“Hi, dad.” Jen said. “Er, you’re not gonna believe this.”

“Oh, hi Jen. Not, going to believe what?”

“We um, kinda did win the lottery.”

There was a pause again.

“In the sense of…?”

“No, just straight up the um, Euromillions jackpot.”

There was a longer pause. And then both girls had to grin as they heard his familiar bark of laughter.

“You’re joking?” He said.

“Nope. In fact the money goes into Jen’s account on Monday. We um, we’d have told you soo-”

“I can imagine you had a lot of legal process to deal with. Well, damn. Does Kate know?”

“We just told her.” Jen said, giving Maisy a look to say this little white lie was for the best. “In fact we’d have told you sooner but, I felt a bit weird doing it over the phone.”

“Have you spoken to any financial advisors?”

“We have some set up, they’re going to meet with us after Monday. Most of it we’re investing, and then, we have about twelve million to live off of.”

“And you two are going to live together?”

“Yeah, and Nix too, you remember Nix right?”

“Of course! Say hi to her for me. That sounds really good for you Jen, I did worry that apartment might be a little lonely for you.”

“A lil.” Jen smiled.

“Well, what lovely news. I’m really happy for you all.”

“Um, well dad about that, we, wanted to share some of it with you?”

“Maisy you don’t have to-”

“No, really dad.” Jen couldn’t put her foot down with Pip, but she could here. “We already figured out how. Nix’s parents don’t want any and we’re not done pushing back there, but we wanted to give you at least two million. Mum we’re giving that amount and buying her a new house. We can match that if-”

“Two million is a lot of money Jen, that would be better invested in-”

“Dad, you’re worth infinitely more than that to us. We know you won’t retire, but it gives you something nice to have for a rainy day.”

Another pause.

“I think, it would be best if we talked in person about this. I’m not saying no, I respect your wishes, but I can’t in good conscience take two million from you without first talking it though properly.”

“That’s fair.” Jen nodded. That was about as good as she ever expected this to go, and better even, because she felt quite at ease even with a phone call. Who knew the cure to anxiety was thirty-nine million pounds?

“So, three of you in that one apartment? Are you and Maisy sharing a room?”

Jen’s smile faltered, her face freezing up despite her best efforts.

“What do you mean?”

“Or, you and Nix? Sorry I didn’t want to presume.”

“Um, still figuring that out.” Jen blurted. Of all three encounters, she wasn’t expecting her father to be the one to sus them out in such blunt fashion. Or, had he? Sharing a room didn’t necessarily imply anything, right? She looked at Maisy, who was watching her, not with fear or judgement, but curiosity.

“Understandable. Honestly I’m really happy you two decided to move in together. I always suspected that might happen.” He said it with a wistful tone, and Jen found herself warring between breaking off the call, and wanting to know which person he meant when he said that. But then, ‘you two’, when there were two on the call…

“You mean with me?” Maisy said, Jen staring at her in shock as she’d forgotten Maisy could talk.

“Yes, you two make a nice pair. And hopefully it means I can see you both soon.”

“Of course!” Jen said, with a little too much enthusiasm. She wanted to get out of the room, cool off, but her guts were in a roil.

“Are you all moved in?”

“Yep!” Jen said, biting her lip. She opened her mouth for an anyway, and lost the breath.

“Well let’s catch up soon ok? I’ll let you get back to your evening, and I’ll text you both when I’m sure I’ll be back in the UK, alright?”

“Yep!” Jen said again, gritting her teeth.

“Love you both.”

“Love you too dad.” Maisy said. She hung up, and Jen cried out as the orgasm tore through her body like a chainsaw. She could feel tears in the corners of her eyes from the mixed frustrations, and felt Maisy reaching to hold her, heard her voice cooing, not in a lustful tone but a softer, more compassionate one, until Jen lay flat, breathing hard.

“I’m sorry…” Jen said, and didn’t notice the crying until that moment, even as the tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Jen it’s ok, you’re ok. I don’t, I don’t think he knows or suspects.”

“But you sensed it too, right?” Jen said, shuddering with aftershocks and that so-close to eliminated anxiety that now consumed her.

“He knows we’re close. But, Jen, if he did know, didn’t you notice how he didn’t sound bothered? Sounded happy? There’s no scenario here where he suspects and disapproves.”

“You don’t know he wouldn’t disapprove…”

“Not what I said.” Maisy gripped Jen’s arm, so tight it shocked her with the sudden pain, but enough to pull her attention. “Either he knows or suspects, and he’s fine with it, or he doesn’t know or suspect, and if it’s that then it’s no different.”

“I just, I hate it being secret…” Jen said.

“I know.” Maisy said, pulling Jen upright, and putting a strong arm around her. Maisy might be spindily, but she was tough.

“I wish I could just tell the world, that no one would have any right to care.”

“I know. I want that too. But most of all, I just want you.”

Jen sniffed. And then she gave a weak smile.

“Still such a corny line.”

“You like my corniness.” Maisy returned the smile. She leaned over and pecked Jen’s cheek. “No more tears ok?”


“But um, Jen?”


“I’m, sorry if this is really inappropriate, and I know it was involuntary-”

“You need to cum?”

“Jen I swear I was thinking more about your wellbeing than-”

“Was it hot?”

“Yes…” Maisy was the one to trail now.

Chapter 28 - Clear Skies

When Nix opened the door to say food was ready, she walked in just in time to see Maisy’s legs clamp around Jen’s head and her hands to force it down into her as Jen devoured her.

“You do know the food is out here right?”

Jen surfaced, and gave her a smile.

“Could you resist eating that if it was right in front of you?”

It turned out, she could not. The stir fry needed a few rounds in the microwave to reheat by the time all three re-emerged, giddy and naked, and with any fear and uncertainty left on the dampened sheets. Even with the nuking, Nix outdid herself on the food, and soon three dressing-gown laden women lazed about on the sofa, the stress a long distant memory, and the day ahead clear and bright. In part, that brightness came from the mindblowing fact that it was only one in the afternoon, after what already felt to be a full day.

“So, you’re gonna go in on Monday?” Nix asked, as she seemed to reawaken from her half nap.

“Yeah, though I guess I should look into reducing my hours.”


“Well I want to keep working but like, doing it full time? No, don’t think so.”

“Halfway between mum and dad then.” Maisy said, her words almost broken by the big yawn that took over. “I don’t get it to be honest.”

“Yet you want to keep studying?”

“I went to uni because I like study, not for a job.”

“I, guess this all means you could go the full route, become Dr Maisy at the end of it?”

“God, Dr Blanc, it’s got a ring to it.”

“I hope you two don’t mind me just doing the art thing.”

“No! We’re doing what gives us fun and structure. It’s just that this freak likes her work too much.”

“Guilty. But I like order.”

“Being in control.” Maisy said in a conspiratorial stage whisper. That got a giggle from Nix. Jen snorted, but with a little heaviness in her chest. “Oh come on I don’t mean anything by it.”


“Like you said, we all have our own comfort place.”

“I know you didn’t mean anything by it.” Jen said, inwardly cursing herself for the slip. Then, she shook her head. “I guess I’m a little self conscious about it still. That’s a me thing too.”

“After all you’ve done in front of, to, and over both of us it blows my mind that you could be self conscious about anything Jen.” Nix straightened up and stretched. Her back shuddered in a cat-like quiver before she slid her feet to the floor. “Imma go set up my PC if that’s ok?”

“Sure! Need a hand?” Maisy said, her keenness unmasked.

“Hah of course, and yes you can have a go on it.”

“I might just read for a bit.” Jen said, stretching too, and feeling the tension in her shoulders. She couldn’t see inside the others’ minds, but they always seemed to have a long stretch of contentment after sex, whereas she would wind right back up to her normal stress levels at the first provocation. As she watched them go, the thought of must masturbating again crossed her mind, but it felt too much like another temporary fix atop all the others. When the door closed, she let out the small sigh.

“Why can’t I just be happy…” Jen mumbled. She felt her chest rise and fall, even breaths so no risk of danger, but aggrivated ones too, as if the oxygen itself irritated her. The sudden burst of irritability surprised her, right until she did the mental maths. “Oh yeah.”

A quick check in the bathroom at least confirmed they had more than enough war supplies for when the first period hit. That none of the new ones were open, and her own supply was in the cupboard because she had weird organisational habits told her that neither of the others had started theirs, though she would have noticed if they had. She didn’t find the idea of period fun gross, but she also wasn’t thrilled by it either. The unfortunate nature of the beast was that her arousal levels often went through the roof, which was normal, but triggered ‘the problem’, which was not.

In the end, she settled for moving a few supplies to the bedside table, and then devoid of the energy to do much more, moved back to the sofa to crash again. This was the other side of the oncoming storm; her iron levels often dipped going in, not to the point of anemia but enough to leave her lethargic. In fact, when the ‘problem’ struck at those times, depending on the strength it had a tendancy to knock her out. She had supplements, but remembering to take them wasn’t a strong suit.

Deciding that the thought of that was a good enough prompt to take the damn things she moved to the counter, and pulled out the small glass jar. As she did, she could hear Maisy’s excited voice from the bedroom, and a smile returned to her. Life wasn’t bad, and she needed to focus on what to be thankful for rather than the minor gripes. As she smiled, her eyes traced along the outer wall of the bedroom, where it joined to the most empty corner of the apartment. There was a bookshelf here but in truth it was a terrible place for it as you couldn’t see it from the sofa, and you’d have to face the barstools away from the counter to admire it across the room.

Jen frowned, and then looked at the semi-barren corner opposite. Then she looked at her watch.

“Hey, guys, you mind if I go for a walk?”


“See ya in a bit.”

It was an impulse, the kind she knew that they did need to be careful about, but looking at that empty corner, and remembering when they first repainted the apartment all those years ago - well, two, but a long two years - how they’d talked about wiring the internet cables through the wall. The house had three wifi boosters, and with a little bit of discreet magic, they’d drilled these through to the various rooms rather than using up mains slots. That wasn’t hyper relevant, but what was important was the ease it took to drill a hole to say, have equipment on the other side of a wall.

She checked CEX, and sure enough they had one in stock. It wasn’t at the town’s CEX, rather in London, but what was a quick hop for something like this. The bank account looked just about rosy enough to take it, but it did amuse her she would be left in double digits by the end of this if they bought some software as well. One last day of low funds after that day, and then wouldn’t it be horrendous if the Lotto got back to them and reneged on the winnings for some technicality? Her spine writhed at the thought, but the intrusive nightmare had little basis in reality. She hoped it had little basis in reality.

By the time she disembarked, her head swum, perhaps from the less than pleasant images, but she imaged from the fact she was once again failing to take rest time. She made a vee for a bakery, grabbed a bacon melt and a coffee, and then wandered about London looking for her destination, all while checking her phone for the all important ding. She found the shop long before it came, first sitting herself outside and finishing her refueling, and then when time continued to amble along deciding to wander in.

Retro tech was one of those hobbies she could understand, but hadn’t ever felt the bite of herself. She supposed it had a lot to do with never owning any of the consoles or Nintendo handholds growing up; Maisy had a DS at one point, and Nix had owned just about all of the Nintendo ones. The thought made Jen frown, as she looked at a NES in so-so condition with an eye-watering pricetag. She thought back to those cable boxes, and remembered the room growing up.

She was making a mental note just as the ping came, and she soon found herself at the counter, accepting a large box with an amused look from the cashier at her response to the ‘you got far to go?’ question. Unwieldy as it was, she could manage it if she kept her phone stowed, so she made a digital note of the until-then mental one for Nix, and then picked up the huge container and began the process of lugging it home. As she reached the train, her mind wandered to the outside cupboard of the flat. She smiled, nodding to herself as she crafted the narrative of the reveal in her head.

By the time she was back in Holstont, even after half an hour not carrying the large box, she was already sick of the wretched thing. It was a saving grace that there were always spots to park for free near the station, so in a few staggering steps she had the large box loaded into the boot of the car, where until later that night it would stay. She had one window on the kitchen side that overlooked the road, so she’d just keep an eye on it for now from there, though for all its more run-down aesthetics, Holstont wasn’t a crime magnet. Behind the wheel, she checked the rear-view mirror, and smirked at the boot, picturing the reaction.

“Hey Jen. Good walk?” Maisy asked as she got in.

“Eh I ended up going for a drive instead.”


“Too much walking this week, but I still wanted to get fresh air and the car got windows.”

“Fancy pasta bake?”

“Oh fuck yes. You doing it the way mum used to with the hot-dog sausages and nachos?”


“Where’s Nix?”

“She’s having a nap. I think it’s just been a long day for her.”

“Is, she ok?”

“Yeah, and Suzy popped by. I hope that was ok?”

“Course! She come to see the PC?”

“Well more to ask if Nix had it yet, and then yes to see it. She was well jealous.”

“Well, maybe some time down the line we can look into a Christmas present, if she ends up becoming a closer friend and all.”

“Oooooo I like that. But yeah they chatted for a bit, then she left and Nix played a couple rounds with her, but I think it’s just all a lot to process right?”

“Why do you think I went for a walk lol.”

Maisy narrowed her eyes.

“Did you seriously just say the word ‘lol’?”

“I do that all the time!”

“Since when?”

“Since, ok maybe only the last few years.”

“Wow only a week in and I’m already having regrets.”

“Shut up.” Jen grabbed her from behind, and felt Maisy make a little happy squirm. “You, don’t think Nix has any, right?”

“No, I really do think she’s just knackered.”

“I wouldn’t ask her obviously, but I just wanna make sure you’re both ok.”

“Thank you mommy.” Maisy said in a cooing voice. Jen laughed, feeling some of the unease melt away. She wanted off of these waves already, and even though she knew the next few days weren’t going to be a lot of fun with the you-know-what to contend with, she hoped the intrusive thoughts were just period demons.

“Oh, um heads up, I’m pretty sure aunt flow’s coming for a visit.”

“Fair. You need anything to make you comfortable for that?”

“Eh I manage, I just didn’t wanna subject you to a nasty surprise out of nowhere.”

Maisy snorted.

“I don’t care. I’d still go down on you.”

Jen blinked.

“You, would?”

“I wouldn’t drink that, but it doesn’t wig me out having it be there. I mean,” Maisy gestured at her own crotch, “I’ve been having to masturbate through it almost as long as you have.”

“You get riled up too huh?”

“I’m always riled, this just makes it, messier.” Maisy looked forlornly at the simmering pasta sauce. “I’m guessing I’m not doing wonders for your appetite.”

“Pfft, you’re fine. I mean, when those all-in-ones arrive they have cups built into them.”

“You ever used a cup?”

“Nope. I’ve been curious I guess, but it was always one of those big expenses that I knew would be cheaper in the long run but just, never went for.”

“They’re not that expensive. Mine was about fifteen quid?”

“Wait you use one?”

“Sometimes. Depends on the mood. If I’m feeling bleh I usually do, active I’ll use a pad, too horny to think I just use a tampon, and um, sometimes, ‘use’ it while I’m at it.”

“Hah, been there. But I find them too weird to be honest. Pads all the way.”

“So, before we really do put ourselves off the food, how was your walk-come-drive?”

“Was ok. Gave me some ideas that I may or may not have plans linked to.”

“Oooo do tell?”

“Nope, surprise.”

“Aw come on, please?”

“Do you really want the surprise ruined?”

“No, yes, oh come on you know I’m useless when you get me all excited!”

“Heh, I’ve seen.”

“So it’s a sexy suprise?” Maisy said in hushed tones, as if there was anyone remotely in earshot who would find their incest scandalous at this point.

“You’ll have to wait and see~” Jen fluttered her eyelashes, eliciting a mock pout from Maisy, but Jen knew she had Maisy right where she wanted her. The real question would be, how quietly could she set it up?

When Jen felt certain Maisy’s breathing was that of deep sleep, she slid out of the bed, and stretched out. The tenderness below remained on a see-saw, but she’d long since equipped herself for the inevitable, and imagined there was a good chance it began a while ago. It was what it was, but her mind moved instead downstairs, as she soon did too wearing an overcoat, feeling a little excited by the single garment she wore below it. Opening the front door to the building, the breeze passed between her bare legs and upwards, sending an excited chill through her whole body.

The slippers papped on the pavement as she reached the street, and unlocked the car. No sign of a broken window or forced entry, she lifted the boot and all the same felt a wash of relief as she saw the box exactly where she left it, covered in parcel tape and a little beat up beyond that, but the contents painted in vivid black and grey imagery along its sides. She smiled, and bent to pick it up, just as another whistle of breeze passed by. Jen clutched the box and shuddered, feeling the wind on exposed skin. For a while, she stayed in the same pose, until her mind cleared enough to act. Bending her knees she hoisted the surprise out of the car, and began to carry it to the flat.

She had to place the box inside the door, massaging her arms as they protested her renewed insistence in lugging the cumbersome object. She stretched again, and felt the velcro holding the coat closed separating, looking down to see a v down her chest. She was about to do it up once more, when another breeze caught the opening, and she quivered. Her pad absorbed something that she knew wasn’t the time of the month, and her head clouded over. By the time she shook her head clear, she realised she’d left the building again, soor closed behind her. Unsure what was going though her mind, she made for the car, and checked again that all the doors and boot were secure. Nodding, she turned to lean against the boot, the coat still undone.

She heard the small noise of velcro, thunder above the silence yet too small for anyone but her to notice. The coat parted, and her bare chest and stomach glowed in the streetlight. This was a dumb idea, and she knew that if she had any sense she’d get inside at once. There might be no cameras around - ‘might’ carrying a lot of weight in that assumption - but there was no way to know that a late night walker or passing car might not round the corner and see her exposed body. It made her feel vulnerable, and yet, also powerful, and that latter rush built inside of her.

Her eyes flicked to the nearby buildings. No lights were on, but that didn’t mean there weren’t people in those buildings looking at her. She smiled, feeling as the coat slid from her shoulders, and then as she slipped forward a little, fell to the floor below the car’s bumper. This was a mega stupid idea she told herself, purring as she felt the glass against her bare back. The wind picked up, and she sighed at its caress across her body. She gazed up at the stars above, and realised just how exposed she lay, how small she was in the cosmos. She gasped, and then crashed.

Slumping to the floor, she frantically hooked her underwear down, hatching a glympse of damp unblemished whiteness. She bit into her hand and sprayed across the pavement, moaning a soft cry as the wetness seared in the wind. She watched the droplets on her underwear around her knees, her thighs, and panted as she released herself across the floor, feeling more wetness pool around her, chest heaving. She shuddered, and then heard the noise of a distant car, snapping her attention and seeing her frantically scramble her coat back on, straightening up with no clear sign of her debauchery, on her person at least.

The spray across the pavement went for a good metre from where she’d slumped, a pool of glistening yellow mixing with its base. She could feel the squirt and urine trailing down her thighs as she stood beside it, and let go a little more, creating two smaller pools at her ankles. She panted, and then looked about, seeing the headlights round the corner. The driver didn’t stop or pay the girl in the coat any heed as they drove away around the bend, as Jen continued to pee, staring at it. As dumb as she was being, she felt a rush of energy within her soul. Was it crude, an act of marking territory, or just a statement she could exercise her sexuality as she pleased? Jen didn’t know, but had enough sense - at last - to know she should retreat inside.

When at last the box moved from the entranceway to the cupboard outside the flat, Jen moved to the bathroom and inspected the damage in the mirror. It took a few minutes to clean herself up, mopping down the drama and leaving herself nude but clean. With that done, she moved back into the hallway, listening out for any signs that either girlfriend responded to her actions. No noises travelled from either closed bedroom door. Nodding, she got to work.

The first step was removing the screws and such from the large box, and digging out her tools. A hand-drill meant that with minimal noise, she was able to make the holes into the two non-brick walls, and secured the two base-stations to point into the room, with good coverage on the empty corner. They looked down on her, not cameras but with the same aesthetic, and the faint reflection of her bare body in them only excited her further. A day of relative restraint seemed to leave her pent up as could be.

Among the other things in the outside storage was a small stool. She pulled this into the lounge, and placed it in the corner, trailing all the cables down the wall to meet at this point, and then grouping those to go into Nix’s room beneath. With a click, the system powered on, two red lights appearing on the black vizer. She placed this and the controllers onto the stool, and then eyed the final step: the wall itself. Jen bent down and knocked on the plaster, feeling the hollow board that was the separator wall. Whoever first designed the apartment never planned for Nix’s bedroom, only making the lounge even needlessly larger than it already was. She roamed around, and found her hacksaw.

It took about twenty minutes to do a two minute job, Jen moving as slow and quiet as she could as she cut a small, methodical circle into the base of the wall. If Nix heard it, no sounds of waking confusion passed through the small gap, and as she pulled the small chunk free she saw the cables at the back of Nix’s machine. Unless she cut the hole even bigger - which wouldn’t make any sense for stealth - she couldn’t perform the final step of plugging it in, but that was ok. She let a post-it note on top of the headset do the job of delegating this task, then straightened up. She smiled at her little act of random kindness, and then began to sweep away the detritus of its set-up. Pulling on a fresh pair of underwear and padding it, Jen slipped back into the bedroom, Maisy still laying conked out on her side. Jen slid in beside her, and felt the warmth of the bed and her sister against her shivering skin, a wonderful contrast that enveloped her in comfort, and guided her into a gentle sleep.

Jen woke up to the sound of exclamation from the lounge, and even before the grogginess of sleep could leave her, she could not help but smirk.


Chapter 29 - New Reality

“Are you freaking kidding me?”

“Morning Nix.”

“When the fuck did we get a VR headset?”

“Well, my walk-drive might have been more of a walk-drive-train followed by some, crude redecoration.”


“I had to drill a hole through the wall into your room.”

“Wait what?” Nix peered about, then bent down and looked under the stool. “How the, how the fuck did you not wake me up?”

“I think you were knackered.”

“What’s all the noise?” Maisy wandered out, wiping her eye and looking bleary eyed at Nix and Jen. “Did something happen?”

“Jen casually got us a VR headset.”

“A, what?” Maisy blinked, and then her eyes caught the shiny vizer on the stool. “Wait what? When, what? Wh-what?”

“A VR headset, yesterday, a VR headset, and a VR headset.” Jen answered, earning a deadpan look from Maisy which switched right back to wonder as she bent down to gaze at it with longing.

“Does it work?”

“No I bought a broken one, that was cheaper.”

“I mean is it set up.” Maisy stuck out her tongue. Nix had already retreated, and Jen watched as the cables bounced about.

“Looks like it will be soon.”

Sure enough, the sound of PC fans soon trickled out the small hole, and before long Nix and Maisy were busy doing tech support through the wall, shouting to each other as Nix fumbled with the headset and Maisy worked the PC. A knock came from the front door, and Jen threw on a dressing gown not to flash the visitor. She opened the door to see a bleary eyed Suzy.

“Oh, hey. Sorry are we being too loud?”

“N-no.” Suzy looked a little shy, but she managed to meet Jen’s eyes with a smile. “Nix said to knock if I ever wanted to hang out. Is she in?”

“Suzy you gotta come see.” Nix called from behind Jen. Her neighbour looked at Jen a little unsure, but Jen stood aside and smiled as she stepped into the flat. Jen closed the door, and sure enough a few moments later she heard an exclamation from the lounge.

“Holy fuck, you have an Index?”

“Yeah! Jen bought it for us yesterday! We’re just setting it up now, how cool is that?”

“Have you tried it?”

“Not yet.”

“Hey Nix do you have a USB cable on that-” Maisy said, stepping into the corridor. She blinked in surprise seeing Suzy in the flat. Suzy however outmatched her expression by quite some way. In the back of Jen’s mind, she remembered having to grab the dressing gown, as she was still only in her panties. That was just how they slept now. And Maisy, hadn’t gotten dressed yet. “Oh, hi Suzy. Sorry I er, didn’t realise you were in?”

“I, sorryiwasjustpoppingbyto…” Suzy appeared to lose her mental spacebar, along with switching to tinny mono audio. Her eyes flitted to Maisy’s bare nipples for a bare moment, and then she managed to force her gaze up. “So, you’re almost set up?”

“Yeah, you wanna have a go?” Maisy said, looking to Nix who nodded with enthusiasm.

“Yeah go on Suzy, try it!”

“I, sure?”

“Sorry Suzy, I should go get dressed before-”

“No! I mean um, you don’t have to, it’s cool.” Suzy said, turning bright red as she shook her head. “I don’t mind, it’s your place.”

“Fair.” Maisy smiled. She caught Jen’s eye, and Jen had a sudden thought, following Maisy back to the PC as she booted SteamVR.

“You heard her come in didn’t you?” Jen whispered.

“Hah, maybe. Sorry was that too bold?”

“Bold, but she didn’t run away. Can’t take you anywhere can I?”

“Heh, nope.” Maisy booted the software, and sat back. “Least I still have my underwear on.”

“Most of it, for now.”

“Oh?” Maisy raised an eyebrow. “Should I take more of it off?”

“Maybe take it slow, I think you almost gave the poor girl a nosebleed.”

“You think she liked it?”

“I have a sneaky feeling she might.”

“Ready!” The call came from Nix outside, and Maisy got up so they could watch the other girl explore. As they did, one issue emerged. “Ah, darn we can’’t see what you see.”

“Well, why don’t we just hook it up to the TV?”

And so as Suzy began to wander about a virtual space, Jen and Nix began to move the TV stand closer. As they did, Jen felt the dressing gown come undone. By the time she had it near enough to plug it into Nix’s PC, it hung open exposing just about everything. She was about to do it up, but then had a thought.

“Hey Suzy, do you care if I ditch the dressing gown? It’s a bit warm in here.”

“Oh! Um, sure go for it…” Suzy said. As Jen slipped the gown off her shoulders, she saw Suzy lift the vizer, and couldn’t help but grin at her wandering eyes as her full chest and stomach came into view.

“You might struggle to see what you’re doing if you don’t have the vizer down.” Jen said.

“Oh um, I was just waiting to see if you needed me to…” Suzy trailed, and then shook her head and pulled the headset back on. “I just never knew you guys were so relaxed.”

“Is it ok?”

“Why not right?” Suzy looked about the virtual space, and as she did, the TV screen popped to life, showing the virtual lounge and all the weird and wonderful features. Maisy dragged the sofa around so they could all sit and watch Suzy picking up the random objects, throwing them about, resizing them and jumping about the room, slowly loosening up. “This is surreal!”

“Wanna try a game?”


They booted her into Slime Rancher, a favourite of Nix, and a whole different side to Suzy emerged the moment she saw the first little bouncing slime bobbing up to her.

“Oh my god they’re so cute! How have I never played this before?”

“I know right? Seriously it’s one of the best chill games ever made.”

“They’re so bouncy!” Suzy said with glee. Beside Nix on the sofa, Maisy reached over and grabbed Nix’s breasts and bounced them, giving her a wicked grin. Nix snorted with lewd laughter. They watched Suzy play, and then Jen became aware that Maisy was stilll gripping Nix’s chest. She wasn’t going further, holding them in a gentle but firm grip, which Nix appeared to quite like. She had her eyes half lidded, and a contented smile across her lips. Jen turned to look back, and saw that Suzy was peeking from under the vizer. She had a curious expression on her face.

“Are you guys like, swingers or something?”

“More like a trouple. Or, I guess an open throuple.” Jen added the clarification before thinking about what that might imply, but Suzy didn’t appear unnerved.

“You alright if I try for a bit?” Nix asked, and got up to accept the helmet. Jen caught the faintest wink from her as she slid it onto her head, and backed out to the hub world as Suzy came to sit between the two half naked women. She took a quick look across Jen’s body as she turned to sit, but then kept her eyes ahead as Nix explained with joy at the weirdness of VR.

“When you say open, what does that mean?” Suzy asked. She had her hands balled in her lap, and didn’t look at either of them.

“Well, it means we like fooling around with other women too.” Maisy said with a shrug.


“Yup. What about you?”

“Me?” Suzy bit her lip, and took a shuddering breath. “I er, I’m bi.”

“You seeing anyone?” Maisy asked, more casual than probing, or as much so as you could be when asking such questions.


“Fair enough.” Maisy smiled, and then turned back to watch Nix.

“How, does it work?” Suzy asked, turning to Jen. Jen smiled at her. She caught Maisy’s eye, and she gave a small nod. Jen leaned forward, and kissed gently at Suzy’s lips. She felt the jolt of surprise, and the lips didn’t part, but nor did Suzy pull away. Jen gave a light lick, and leaned back.

“Usually like that.”

“O-oh. Makes sense.” Suzy said. She looked like she might explode from sheer nerves, but she didn’t take her eyes off of Jen, though they did on occasion dart down.

“You are allowed to look, it’s cool.”

“Sorry, bit of a perv.” Suzy gave an apologetic smile, but Jen just laughed.

“We’re the ones sitting around naked. Look all you want. Touch if you feel like it.”

Suzy remained frozen for a long while. Jen was about to suggest they could get dressed if she wasn’t comfortable, when she reached out, and put a hand on her nearest tit. Jen gasped a little at the coldness of her hand.

“Sorry, bad um, circulation.”

“It’s not unpleasant.” Jen smiled.

“How would you feel about matching us?” Maisy asked. Suzy jumped, as if she forgot that the other woman sat behind her. She turned.

“What do you mean?”

Maisy gestured with her hand up and down her nude body.

“Oh. Um, is that ok?”

“Want a hand?”

Nix lifted the vizor, and watched as Suzy stood up. Maisy got on her knees, and Jen stood with her, reaching around her waist, and taking a hold of her loose-fitting tee. Nix watched as Jen lifted it over the other woman’s head, while Maisy reached and pulled at her tracksuit bottoms, pulling them to her ankles until she stepped out. Maisy straightened up as Jen turned her around to face her sister, and unhooked her bra, as Maisy pulled forward, releasing a pair comparable to Maisy’s own, if maybe a size larger.

“How’s that?”

“Y-yeah. Cool.” Suzy nodded. Nix smirked, and pulled the vizer back down. The three women sat beside each other on the sofa.

“Just a heads up, I’m on my time at the moment, so I probably won’t be doing all that much.” Jen said. Suzy tilted her head.

“What do you mean?”

“Jeez Jen, and you worried I might be being too forward?” Maisy scoffed.

“No I didn’t say, but ah maybe you’re right. Sorry Suzy. We’re all a bit new to this.”

“That’s ok, but did you mean like, masturbating?”

“Yeah pretty much.”


“Or just whatever happens to be honest.” Jen said. She gave an apologetic smile. “Don’t worry about it.”

They turned back to watch Nix, and Jen realised she was in a whole different game now. No, not a game, a video player. Nix appeared to be in the middle of a wrap around video scene, and it took all of a few moments to realise what she was up to. Jen shook her head in amusement; it took Nix all of 10 minutes in VR to turn to the porn.

They watched as two women on screen, a brunette and a redhead who looked like an irishified version of Jen started swapping flirty banter with the viewer, before they began to run their hands over one another. Jen had to admit were it not for the company she might have found the urge to let her own hands wander. She turned her head, meaning to ask Suzy if she minded, and gaped.

Suzy was watching the screen, but with one hand she pinched at her nipple, and the other she had already pushed into her underwear, leaning back for more mobility. She caught Jen’s eye and gave a nervous blush, but she didn’t stop. Jen smiled back. And then, deciding that she could still join in, reached her own hand into her underwear too. She had little doubt that Maisy would be matching them before long, and while all three watched the video at first, it wasn’t long before Jen met Suzy’s eyes again.

“I’m glad you feel comfortable.” Jen said.

“Y-yeah.” Suzy said, her smile still apologetic, but her cheeks flushed.

“How are you feeling?”

“Really good…” She nodded, the words barely a breath.

“You know, we worried that we might have been being too loud all this week. DId you ever hear us?”

“No?” She looked wide eyed, and her hand worked a little faster. “How many times?”

“I think we lost count long ago.” Maisy said with a small laugh, the sound of her own sclicks carrying above the video.

“That’s so cool…” Suzy said.

“Hey Suzy?”


“Have you, ever been with anyone before?”

Suzy looked shocked, and then embarrassed.

“No. Never been, brave enough I guess.”

“Would you, mind if I went down on you?”


“She wants to lick you.” Maisy said, reaching her arms around suzy and finding both of her nipples, brushing her fingers over them as her hand fell away.

“Wait, really?”

“Would you like that?”

“I’ve, always wanted to try it…”

Maisy turned, and pulled Suzy into a big spoon leaning back on her, as Jen scootched up her body, so that her own breasts brushed up Suzy’s body. She came eye to eye with her, and smiled into her wide, nervous eyes.

“The safe word is banana. You say that, and we stop, ok? If it gets too much.”


Jen smiled, and leaned in. This time, she parted her lips herself, her tongue pushing in to brush against Suzy’s teeth, and then, as her jaw eased, meeting her tongue. She heard the other girl’s surprised whimper, and realised she might not have kissed anyone in a long time either. Jen took her time, letting Suzy savior the moment as she held the kiss in place, and then gently bit onto Suzy lip as she pulled away, letting her tongue move to Suzy’s chin,m and then down to her neck.

“Oh my god…”

“Still ok?” Maisy asked as Jen kissed.

“Yess…” Suzy said. Jen looked up in time to see her turn, leaning back, and starting to kiss Maisy, who looked shocked at the sudden boldness, but delighted in equal measure. Maisy brought one hand up from playing with her nipples to brush Suzy’s cheek, and play with her hair as Jen made passionate intercourse with her neck, then her collarbone, and soon found the first nipple within her lips, hearing Suzy sigh.

As Jen moved to the second, she felt a presence beside them, and looked to see Nix take the first into her mouth. Stimulated on three fronts, Suzy’s body quivered under their touches, and Jen felt her squirming below, her growing lust all the more entrancing for Jen, and she had no doubt for the other two as well. Jen released the rock hard nipple, gave it a firm lap for luck, and traced down to Suzy’s flat stomach, to her bony hip, and then found the edge of her all-practical underwear. Deciding she’d tortured her long enough, Jen gripped each side, and pulled them down.

“Oh wow.”

“S-sorry I-”

“No, I love it.” Jen said, running her fingers through the thick bush of pubic hair above, then gripping it tight and hearing a whimper of pleasure. That done, the bright pink of her volva became all the clearer, flecks of her arousal in the patches of hair either side. Jen used both hands to stretch her lips wide, revealing a tiny button clit that bobbed with Suzy’s heaving breaths. She lowered herself onto it, and ran her tongue up.

“Omygod!” Suzy jolted.

“You’re ok.” Maisy cooed into her ear, holding Suzy’s face to her chest now.

“That’s so aaaaa!” Suzy tried, as Jen gave a second lick.

“Do you want me to stop?” Jen asked.

“I, no, please…”

“Ok. But I’m gonna go for it. You need to cum don’t you?”


“Say it.”

“Make me cum. Make me cum hard Jen.”

“As you wish~” Jen said with a flutter of her eyelashes, and bent to take her in once more. Suzy cried out as Jen worked her magic, but never once begged her to stop. She vibrated like a broken washing machine, and more than once Jen had to physically hold her legs down until Nix stepped in to help. Soon Nix sat behind Jen, holding Suzy’s legs in a pin as Jen went ever faster, and Suzy writhed in Maisy’s lap.

“Fuck me, fuck me oh fuck!” Suzy cried, any shread of the once sleepy, then shy girl long lost. Jen pushed in ever harder. “Ohmygod, ohmygod gonna cum, gonna cum fuck cumming, fuck, cumming fuck!”
She thrashed as she came, her lips glistening as Jen moved her head back and rubbed her to climax after climax, until she stopped writhing and lay across Maisy, panting hard.

“Oh my god…”

“Was that nice?”

“Is, it ok if I pop round and just, hang with you guys more?”

“Any time.” Nix smirked.

“Oh my god…”

“You said that.” Jen said, straightening up and giving her a joking raised eyebrow.

“Hah, sorry yeah I guess I did. Wow.”

Chapter 30 - Letting Out And Taking In

“Any fetishes we should be aware of?”

“Does hentai count? Haha I dunno, hah…”

“We’re cool with most stuff.” Jen said, exchanging a look with Maisy.

“Me too, even if it’s more in theory than anything, anything concrete…” Suzy straightened up.

“Anything else come to mind?”

“Hah, guess it depends on your gross out tolerance.”

“Try us.”

“Um, well I guess er, pee.”


“Sorry I know it sounds weird, but, I like being peed on. Obviously I’ve only ever done it by myself but…” Suzy trailed, looking a bit abashed. “Sorry I did say-”

“May I?”

“Huh?” She looked at Nix. For her part, Nix was pulling her own clothes off, until she stood naked in front of their neighbour.

“If you’d like?”

“You, you would? But what about the sofa?”

“Scotchguarded.” Maisy said, patting it.

“So that means-” Suzy began, but she cut off as Nix gave a small groan, and shot a small burst of pee over her chest. “Oh wow…”

“You want us all to?” Maisy said. She looked at Jen. “Well, obviously you can’t just yet but-”

“I could, if I was careful.” Jen said, pulling the lip of her underwear down to just below the hole.

Suzy looked at them with wide eyes. Jen straddled up her until she squatted just in front of her face. Suzy gazed up at her, and Jen began to pee. The stream caught Suzy’s cheek, but she opened her mouth, and began to drink, passive at first, then leaning forwards to lap up the last drops.

“Always the quiet ones.” Jen smirked down at her, and while Suzy was beet-red, she managed to look up and return the grin. She slambered off of her neighbour, and Maisy stepped up beside her face. Suzy turned, and Maisy let out a long stream that forced Suzy’s eyes closed. Jen watched her sister smirk down at Suzy, and felt a welling of pride. That was her girl. Maisy stepped back, and Suzy opened her eyes, pulling herself slowly upright and blinking up at the trio.

“Thank you…”

“Any time.” Jen smiled. “You wanna use our shower?”

“Is, it ok if I stay like this for a while?”

“Of course.” Jen said. “Just say if you want the heating turned up.”

“I feel pretty hot right now.” Suzy said, and then snorted at her own accidental innuendo. “Man I wish I’d been more social with you sooner.”

“Heh, well before this week I might not have had the confidence. It’s been, an eye opener.”

“So, how did you all meet?” Suzy asked. Jen felt a sudden pinch in her gut. She turned to exchange a look with Maisy, who looked a little pale at the question, but met her eyes all the same.

“Well, Nix and I have been friends since childhood. How um, open minded would you say you are?”

“I don’t care, you three just accepted me on the spot. How come?”

“Well, Maisy is, my sister.”

“Oh!” Suzy looked at her with wide eyed surprise. “Have you always been sexual with each other?”

“Hah, only since Monday.”

“You’re joking?” Suzy’s jaw dropped.

“You’re not bothered by it?”

“You just fulfilled a lifelong fantasy for me with no questions asked, no I’m not that shitty that I’d care. Also like, you’re both women so what’s the harm, long as you’re happy.”

“If everyone is this accepting I feel like we won’t have to worry at all!” Maisy said, no longer pale and beaming. “Thank you Suzy. You’re always welcome here.”

“I still can’t believe we just did all that.” Suzy said. She looked down at her own dripping body, at the orbing pools of pee on the sofa that bobbed about.

“You said lifelong fantasy?”

“Um, yeah…”

“Was it how you dreamed?”

“Yeah, it really was.”

“When Nix asked to move in, I made her eat me out while I stood over her, and peed all over her.” Jen said, Nix giving a bashful smile as she rubbed the back of her neck. “Seems like you two would get along better than I thought.”

“And here I was thinking I was happy just finding a good jungler.”

“A, what now?”

“Is a moba thing.” Nix said.

“Ohhhh. I’ve, never really been that into games to be honest. Maisy is a bit but yeah, Nix is our resident gamer girl.”

“I don’t know if I’m gonna be up to much gaming after that, look,” Suzy held up her hand, the tremors so sharp that Jen felt compelled to take it, “I’m still on such a high.”

“You sure you don’t want a dressing gown or-”

“I just, like being coated. I dunno if that sounds gross but it just, it feels nice.”

“OK, just making sure you’re alright.”

“More than.” Suzy said, and there were no nerves in that smile. “You, guys said it was cool to just masturbate yeah?”

“Totally! Go for it. You want some brunch?”

“Oooo, er sure, just let me know what I owe you.”

“Hah, that’s not necessary, whatcha feeling?”

“You got burgers?”

“Oh shit we totally do, let’s do burgers!” Nix said with glee. She and Maisy moved to the kitchen and got to work, while Jen sat by Suzy. She watched as Suzy lay back, fully nude, and swirled her finger through the urine. She brushed down to her cunt, and slid a finger right inside.

“No clit play?”

“Nah, I like to just go in.”

“Fan of toys?”

“Oh god I wouldn’t wanna impose like that.”

“No imposition, we got a few. What do you like?”

“Um, I like the big ones…” Suzy gave a sheepish smile and couldn’t quite meet Jen’s eyes.

“Oh yeah? What about, unconventional ones?”

“Fine, yeah I’m one of those freaks.”

“Wanna try one from another freak’s collection?”

“Wait, we on the same page here?”

“If by same page you mean Bad Dragon then, yes we are.”

“Oh shit what do you have?” Suzy spoke in such casual terms, even as her speed was already fast enough that the rhythmic pap of fingers against wet pussy filled the room. Jen bid her a brief reprieve, and returned with the large tentacle. Suzy gaped at it.

“I always wanted that one! But I worried it might not fit.”

“Lie back, let me.”

“Oh my god you seriously not even gonna let me pay for food with this service?”

“Hehe, it’s a pleasure.” Jen squatted on the floor, and let Suzy spread her legs. Now she was able to take a few moments to look closer, she saw Suzy hadalmost a bright pink vulva, pale towards the labia majora. The words ‘showroom pussy’ popped into Jen’s head, and she had to forcibly banish the intrusive thought, even if it was funny. She looked so small compared to the tentacle, but Jen pushed the tip against her opening all the same.

“I’m gonna insist on lubing this ok? I know you like pee and all-”

“No no please, haha I um, would rather this hurt a bit less.”

“Same safeword. Which is?”

“Banana, I remember.” Suzy smiled.

“Good.” Jen narrowed her eyes, letting the tactile response guide her as she pushed, gently squeezing the lube over the tip as it entered Suzy, deeper by milimetres at a time. She luxuriated in the moans of satisfaction and pain, knowing the latter was a sign of trust, and honoured that Suzy chose to open her heart like this, not just her legs. She managed to get to the halfway point before a small gasp and a sudden resistance told her she’d reached as deep as she could for now.

“Oh my god this one’s amazing…”

“You want one?”

“I think I’m gonna have to save up yeah.”

“I don’t mind buying you one, gal pal favour.”

“Ooooh my god you are, unng-” Suzy couldn’t keep the words formed as Jen began to move the tentacle back and forth, gentle, slow, but forceful motions that followed her inner contours and stroked her every inner inch.

“Oh wow you got it deep!” Maisy said, walking round to take a look. “Doesn’t that hurt?”

“Y-yes, but really good…” Suzy said, her eyes scrunched into a beautiful cummy face.

“Did I mention this one vibrates?” Jen said. Before Suzy had a chance to respond, Jen twisted the switch, and watched as Suzy too vibrated with sudden gasps.

“Oh fucking hell that’s so nice…”

“I bet.” Jen said, grinning up at her as she shuddered and moaned. Jen gave the tentacle a few light twists with each push, and took the liberty of leaning in to take a few gentle laps at her throbbing clit, which soon proved all too much for poor Suzy. Her orgasm hit so hard that it forced the tentacle right out, seeming to cascade her into a whole new climax atop the first. Jen lost her grip on the tentacle that clattered to the floor, but had eyes only for her pulsing neighbour. Suzy arched her back, and let loose a stream of pee of her own, splattering Jen’s chest.


“Pee away!”

Suzy didn’t need telling twice, spraying Jen with two more short bursts before she just lay there twitching and sighing.

“Ready for some food?”

“I, my brain isn’t working.”

“None of us have working brains. Can still eat burger.”


Jen helped Suzy sit upright, and pulled her into a hug.

“You ok?”

“Yeah, I really am.”

“I hope that wasn’t all too much.”

“I feel safe with you guys. Is ok.” She already looked a lot less flustered, her breathing remarkably under control for someone just railed with a giant tentacle. This time she did accept the shower and dressing gown, re-emerging as Maisy and Nix finished laying out the fruits of their cooking.

“So, what do you guys do for work?” Suzy asked, any sense of embarrassment long gone to be around the three women in their underwear. Her own dressing gown - Jen’s really - hung open without much care. Jen got there first.

“Well, I work in an office, Nix is an artist, and Maisy’s studying.”

“Oh neat, what you studying?”

Jen watched as Maisy started talking all things her degree, and then Nix talking about her love of art.

“What else do you draw?”

“Whatever I feel like. And, a lot of porn.”


“Yeahh, weird shit too.”

“...Can I see?”

“Course!” Nix guided Suzy to her various galleries, and saw the telltale widening of pupils that told her Suzy was very much into this.

“Oh my god you do futa too?”

“Haha, yeah futa’s fun. Just dicking around.”

“Booo.” Maisy said, sticking out her tongue.

“Do you do commissions?”

“Hell yeah I do. Why, you craving something?”

“I um, might have quite a few ideas…”


“Lemme have a think, but I like the way you do futa so, probably a few characters like that.”

“Sure thing! No rish, I don’t have any current commissions so you can be first in line.”

“Oh, well I might need to save up before I can-”

“I’m not charging you.”

“Are you being serious? How are you three this generous?” Suzy gaped around them. After steering the conversation away from the dangerous ground of the winnings, they seemed unable to steer from it forever. Jen shrugged.

“We just like giving.” She said. She could see Maisy studying her, but didn’t return the look; she liked Suzy, would be quite happy to drown her at her pleasure and grow their little circle of fucked up friends, but even living above her for a year and a half, Jen didn’t know-know Suzy.

“Well, I’ll think about it but, I’d rather pay artists for their work.”

“We can trade sexual favours.”

“You’re gonna make me have sex as payment?”

“Is that a problem?” Nix said with a shit eating grin.

“No but you are something else Nix.”

Jen gave Nix a light cuff on the head, earning a pout, but also a momentary unspoken confirmation. She’d done that on purpose to shange the subject. Jen didn’t know if it was out of agreement with her caution, or following her obvious lead, but for now she let that be enough, eating her food and enjoying the pleasant company. Once refuelled, Maisy insisted on taking a turn on the VR, while Suzy and Nix chatted away on the sofa about their favourite gaming memories. Jen watched Maisy play, and realised how nice it was to just watch her naked body in a non sexual way, how cute and pretty she really was.

“You could just live in here!”

“Wouldn’t your eyes go funny?”

“It just, it feels so natural you know! Hah, makes you wish there were like, attachments and such.”


“You know, like, toys that worked with VR.”

Jen blinked. She was the least gamer-ish among them, much less so than Maisy, and yet…

“Er, Maisy there are.”

“What?!” Maisy lifted the vizer with wide eyes. “You’re shitting me?”

“They’re called Lovence or, something.” Suzy called over. “Yeah there’s loads.”

“But, wait so like-”

“Maisy,” Jen said with a lower voice, “did you forget? The ones we have on the way have it built in.”

“O-oh. Oh my god so, I can get fucked in VR?”

“Why’d you think I picked it up?” Jen smirked.

“Oh my god you are the literal best…” Maisy said. Jen kept a finger pushed to her lips, so Maisy dropped it and the vizer back onto her head, as letting Suzy know about the trio of toys might not be fair. She meant what she said about buying Suzy some Bad Dragon swag, but the urge to splurge was one to try and contain; that was how you ended up in those ‘won lottery - one year later broke’ articles. She suspected they’d be becoming Suzy’s sugar mommies, and already Jen was wondering if she should ask if Suzy rented; buying her flat so she could live in it rent free would be a nice little investment, but did warp the power dynamic quite hard.

“What do you do for work Suzy? Forgot to ask back.” Nix said, the words breaking through Jen’s introspection.

“Oh I work in web dev, all from home. It’s pretty good pay and I get to be a hermit.”


“I literally have a tee I keep by the PC for video calls and work naked most days.”

“Is there just something about this building that makes people allergic to clothes?” Jen said, and got a bark of laughter from Nix. “No seriously I’m scared to go knocking on doors now.”

“The fuck you wanna do that for anyway?”

“I, um.”

“You got a new fuckbuddy out of it?” Suzy pipped in.

“...I cannot argue with this.” Nix said, truly humbled.

“Maybe best we don’t start knocking on all the doors in the building asking though.” Jen said. Quite antisocial in many ways, she couldn’t actually remember who else lived in the building. At least one of the other flats was vacant; the town had a quite high turnover, London commuters who realised they could do better within months would uproot to house the next one.

“I was gonna hop into a gam with a few of my US friends in a bit by the way,” Suzy said, getting up and stretching. “Did you wanna join?”

“Sure! Maisy you mind if I-”

“Course!” Maisy pulled off the headset and plonked it back on the stool, running her fingers through flattened hair to tidy herself up. “Thanks for letting me have a go though!”

“It’s for all of us.” Nix said, smiling at Jen. “I’m happy with my PC being communal.

“Oh um, Suzy?”

“Yeah?” Suzy turned as she walked towards the door, her face dropping a little at Jen’s concerned tone. “What’s wrong?”

“You, feel like you’re forgetting something?”

“What?” She blinked. Then she looked down. “Oh yeah, shit I probably shouldn;t go out naked…”

“We have some special friends.” Nix said as she walked back.

“Shu-up.” Suzy squeezed back into her jeans, and chose to just pocket the underwear. “Consider yourself honoured I forgot I wasn’t in my own home. Well, minus the posters and body pillows.”

“Body pillows??” Nix choked on her laughter.

“Yeah, what of it. Wanna see?”

Nix as it turned out could not resist the prospect, but chose to just dressing-gown up for the trip; Jen wondered if they should just have a rack of them ready to go for guests. SHe smiled after them as they deaperted, and then turned to Maisy.

“We’re getting you a PC.”


“I saw all I needed to there. I think it’s nice Nix is happy making hers usable by everyone and all, but I think this is the phone all over again. Would you object?”

“No but, maybe lets pace it out. If we’re not telling Suzy…” She let the implication hang in the air, and Jen decided to snuff it at once.

“You trust her?”

“Yeah, she’s good people.”

“Then we can tell her.”

“Just like that?”

“Well, let’s talk to Nix first, it’s the same as any big spend, we all have a veto.”

“Pfft, unless it’s VR?”

“I bought that with my own money thank you.” Jen stuck out her tongue, Maisy’s giggle breaking the ice. “It’s, funny you know.”


“It feels like the incest test is the trust barrier. If someone accepts us for that, or how they react kinda, I dunno tells you if they’re the type who would give us a hard time over the money?”

“Maybe. There is the worry someone might change their mind and blackmail us. I don’t think she would,” Maisy hastened to add as her hands and Jen’s eyebrow raised in unison, “but I do wanna be careful. You know I wasn’t jusging you earlier right?”


“You looked at me like you were worried when you changed the subject from jobs and such. I was just making sure I followed your lead.”

“Oh, I didn’t think you were judging me.” Jen said, and then considered how honest that was. “I, thought you might not approve, but not judging.”

“I approved. But there is a part of me that wishes we didn’t have to be so cloak and dagger. I want to keep Suzy around, and maybe we could even offer to be her new landlord to make that easier?”

“I was thinking the same thing. Power dynamics though.”

“We wouldn’t charge her, and we could offer to put money aside if she ever wanted to move out. Heck we could just give her a fund for it so she didn’t have to ask us.”

Jen blinked.

“I swear you’ve planned this.”

“I’m a good problem solver, it’s why I get the grades I do.” Maisy beamed.

“I love you so much, you know that?”

“I do. This has been the best week of my life, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Jen had to laugh. It came slow, but all consuming giggles cascaded. Maisy started too, but looked quizzical all the same.

“What’s so funny?”

“It’s been a week. A freaking week! How the fuck did all of this happen in a week?”

“Life’s just like that I guess?” Maisy shrugged. “And I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

“Our new life starts tomorrow. How do you feel about that?”

“The money arriving?” Maisy pouted in thought. “I guess, I hadn’t thought about it as a big moment. I mean, I get it is a bg moment to get lifechanging money in your account, but it’s like, I have everything I want in life already. If it didn’t arrive, I wouldn’t care.”

“We might struggle with the rent for a while…”

“Right but, if we were on the street, I’d still have you. You and Nix are all I want. I want us to go and meet all sorts of people, more Suzys and Lucys, and just face the world together.”

“Then we will.” Jen pulled her into a hug. She felt the bare skin of her sister brush against her, nipples and all, but the moment was the furthest thing from sexual. She held Maisy close as a sister, and felt the gentle beating of her heart. A moment of calm in the most mindblowing week of their lives, and reflection on how if none of it ever happened, even the awakening between them, they would always have each other. That was, as it turned out, all that ever mattered.